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Who knew evil teachers could be so evil?

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I doodled idly on the back of my notebook while Miss Hardwicke lectured. I rubbed my eyes and felt the purplish bags under them. After the man had left last night I could barely sleep. I had had nightmares and woke up often. Uh! I'm so exhausted!!! I continued to doodle until Miss Hardwicke slapped my hand with her ruler. I immediately looked up. "Miss Miller, would you like to tell the class what I have been saying for the past half an hour?"
"Uhh..well...I'm not exactly sure..." I stuttered. She came close to me.
"Do you want to be expelled? Do you want to be killed, Penny?!" she asked.
"No, ma' am!" I said. Not one student said anything about her threatening to kill me.
"Then pay attention!!" she shouted. She walked back up to the blackboard and smiled.
"Alright, students, please turn in your text books to page 57," Miss Hardwicke said pleasantly. I fought the urge to scream at her. I pulled out a serene expression and turned to page 57. I pretended to pay attention for the rest of the class.

I was instructed to go to classroom 12 after my last class for detention. I braced myself before entering the classroom. I walked through the door and just as I had expected I saw the man standing at the front of the classroom. "Ahh..nice of you to join us, Miss Miller," he said even though he and I were the only people in the room. "It has been exactly 5 minutes since class let out...where exactly have you been this whole time?" he continued.
"What?! This place is huge!!! I had to walk across the whole school to get here!" I nearly shouted. Wrong move! He walked swiftly to me, glaring the whole way. He grabbed the collar of my sweater and dragged me over to a desk. He roughly set me down.
"There will be no back talking in my classroom! Understood?" he said. I didn't answer. He viciously slapped me. "I said..understood?!" he yelled.
"Yes, sir! Understood!" I said, rubbing my cheek. I fought back tears. Hopelessness washed through me. I'm never going to get out of here...they'll kill me first... I thought in desperation. He walked back to the front of the room. He smiled pleasantly at me.
"My name is Mr. Inkwell," he said. I restrained a giggle. His smile disappeared. Am I going mad?! Why in the world am I laughing?! I couldn't stop myself. The giggles broke out and they continued for some time. To my surprise he didn't come to me he just stood at his desk. Once the giggles had stopped he asked, "Finished?"
"Yes," I said after one last chuckle had escaped out of my mouth. He opened the top drawer of his desk and pulled out a vial of black liquid. He moved a glass of water that was on his desk closer to him and then opened the vial and poured a drop of the liquid into the water. He took a sip of it.
"Do you know what this is?" he asked me, motioning to the vial.
"No." Even though I had my suspicions about it being acerbus.
"It comes from a spring in the's quite tasty...would you like some?" he asked politely. It didn't make sense...wouldn't he be mad at me... There has to be something wrong with that drink, but he drank it too...should I drink it?
"No, thank you," I answered politely. He smiled again but his eyes narrowed.
"Why don't you have some anyways," he said and picked up the glass and walked towards me.
"No! I don't want any! I'm not thirsty!!" I shouted as he walked to me, my voice going an octave higher after each sentence. He didn't listen. He pried my mouth open and proceeded to pour the blackened water down my throat. I tried to push him away but he was very strong. I kicked and clawed at him but nothing seemed to effect him. He poured some of it into my mouth but it also got on my face. I choked on it and spit it in his face. It tasted awful! I was very careful not to swallow any of it. I shoved my finger into his eye.
"Ahh!" he screamed in pain. He backed away. I looked at my finger. Something blue was stuck on it. I looked back at him and one eye was black and the other was blue. He glared and lunged at me. I scrambled out of my chair and ran to the door. He grabbed the back of my jacket. "Let go of me!!" I screamed. I slipped out of my jacket and ran out into the hallway. I ran outside and came to the gate. I pushed and pushed on them but they wouldn't budge. The fence surrounding the school was much too high to climb. Especially when I'm so short. "Help!! Please let me out!!" I screamed, hoping that someone on the road would here me. I waited but no one came. I turned my back to the gate and sunk down. I put my head on my knees. Tears started to run down my face. Before I knew it I was sobbing.
I sat there crying until my eyes dried up. I lifted my head and saw that it was dark. Pitch black except for the two dim lamps on either side of the gate. I looked to the sky, searching for the moon but there was heavy cloud cover. I didn't want to go back inside, but if I didn't I would get in serious trouble for missing the bed check. I began to get up when I heard a voice behind me.
"Penny?" the voice asked. I turned around, and outside the gate stood Robert. I sighed with relief.
"Oh, you don't know how glad I am to see you!" I said and tried to hug him but my arms weren't long enough to reach very far through the gate.
"I said I'd come and visit you," he said in his naturally charming voice. He smiled. "What are you doing out here? I thought you'd be inside."
What he said brought me back to the present time. "You need to leave," I said, not wanting him to be trapped here too. "Why? Are you not allowed visitors?" Rob asked. He looked confused.
"No, no I'm not...sorry," I said. It wasn't exactly a lie because I was sure that we weren't allowed visitors. I need to get him away from this place!
"Oh...well," a grin appeared on his face, "we could break the rules a bit.." My brow furrowed.
"Well..." I hesitated.
"Oh come on! What are they possibly going to do to me if they catch me?" he said, trying to convince me.
"Ok, I guess you can come in but just for a little while..." I said. I really did want someone I felt I could trust with me. I don't believe I'll be able to sleep very well tonight...I can't miss the bedcheck...he could come inside for a while...but what about the fence?
"But the gate's locked," I said.
"No problem!" he said and walked to the side of the gate and easily climbed the fence. I gaped at him. How did he do that? He jumped down right in front of me. He smiled at me for a minute but then it faded. "Have you been rolling around in the dirt or do they make you sleep out here?" he asked. He wiped something off of my face. He pulled his hand away and it had traces of something black on it. He held his hand up as evidence.
"Oh, was nothing...just a prank that someone pulled on me..." I said, making up an awful excuse.
"You look like you've been crying..are you sure you're okay?" he asked with concern.
"Does it look like that?" I faked a laugh. It didn't quite sound right. "Why would I be crying?" He looked at me skeptically for a moment, but he let it go and shruggged.
"So, are we going to go inside or are we just going to stand out here?" he said in his naturally charming voice.
"Oh, let me show you my room," I said reluctantly, not wanting him to go inside. I walked toward the door. He followed me.
"This place looks a little...strange..." he said, shuddering as a chill wind wind whipped around us.
"You have no idea..." I said, so low that he couldn't hear. I opened the door as silently as I could. It was completely dark inside but by now I knew the way to my room.
I silently opened my door and tip-toed inside. He did the same thing. "Are you sure we won't wake up your roommates?" he whispered.
"Nah, they sleep like rocks," I answered. I walked over to me bed and sat down. I glanced at the clock. It was 2:10. I missed the meeting.
"This is a nice room," Rob whispered.
"Yes, it is," I replied. He came to the side of my bed. He gestured to the space on the bed beside me. "May I?" he asked.
"Sure," I answered. He sat down beside me on my bed. We started to talk. I completely lost track of time, but I was ubruptly brought back to the present when the door swung open...
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