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T-Virus, Zombie... check

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They get back to the penthouse, time to work it out.

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Once they had landed Rufus arranged for them to come back to the large penthouse and ordered a room to be made for his guests. Tifa ended up following along as Rufus asked her not to tell anyone about the developments other than Cloud. Dark Nation was eased into a large basket and carried to the vets. Rufus hated to leave him but the beast had whimpered the whole flight home. Tifa slid on to the sofa and called Cloud, another message left. Rufus slid into a hot shower and came out in a loose shirt and white jeans. Ada looked at him and sighed, Leon was her lover but boy he looked good.

"Okay I'm going to search our database for anything close to those damned awful creatures and see if we can make a reference point. If not I am probably ordering Tseng out to look into it." Rufus pulled up the touch screen on the computer on the wall. The terminal kicked into life.

"Welcome to Shinra Manufacturing." The automated female voice responded. "How may I help you President?"

"Good day, please search for T-Virus, Zombies, Undead, Plagas and remove media reports, just Shinra ones please." He turned the screen out as the reports came up in the room projected around him. Leon looked at it in awe. Ada wasn't far behind. Rufus pulled them out one by one. "Nothing... Nothing... Pirate Zombie." He looked at it. "Oh well honestly, that's not real." He opened the last file and shrugged nothing of worth.

"I suspected that would be the case." Ada said pushing her hair behind her ears. "We'll help where we can then."

"Can I have one of those too?" Leon whispered to her. Ada smirked and shook her head. Boys and their toys.

"One of you will have to explain this to Tseng I think. Ada would you go with Tifa? Leon can you come with me to the Medical Department?" He pushed the computer back into the wall. "Tseng will want to know the intelligence on them and if we can get SOLDIER out to Modeoheim they can invade that area and remove anything left walking."

"Rufus." Tifa softly interjected. "What if they can be saved?"

"Not easy." Leon told them. "I mean it can be but you need and antidote and any where the host has been fully taken means they don't have a chance."

"Plus we would have to develop it." Rufus added with a slight sigh. "I'm going to order SOLDIER out and we should have some samples to work from perhaps. Tifa please don't bait Tseng either you know he rises to it because it's you." He smiled at her softly.

"Okay but please work on an antidote okay?" She nodded and took Ada's hand. "Tseng's okay he just needs to get laid or chill out. Too many years working for the company and not thinking about himself."

"I'm sure he's not that bad Tifa." Ada smiled as they got in the car Rufus had ordered for them. "Leon and I have had our run-ins with all sorts. I think I can come across as a bitch to be fair." She watched as Tifa pulled off and nodded, she knew the feeling well. "So is Rufus hooked up with anyone?"

"Are you interested?" Tifa looked at her. "No he's not. He's probably very high maintenance. He can't seem to do a lot unless there is someone holding his domestic candle for him."

"Oh well no thanks, I have Leon." Ada chuckled. "I just thought he looked rather cute."

"Oh he is." Tifa giggled. "But he can be a heartless bastard too." With that the conversation went silent as they headed to meet Tseng.

Tifa had never really learnt to like or trust Tseng on any level. She had however softened to hear that he had kept Aerith's letters to Zack and that he had wanted to save him from his fate. Perhaps there was something left of his humanity after all.

Meanwhile Leon took out a car from the garage and reversed out so Rufus could get in. Rufus was still pondering over what happened to his car and silently hoping that Dark Nation was okay. Leon pulled out and followed the given directions towards the Headquarters in the centre of the strange round city. He was again almost distracted by the Mako reactors and their amazing sights but shook his head, with things the way they were Ada and he might have time to see more of it than anyone expected. Hell this adventure might even be permanent.

"You are thinking too much." Rufus broke a lengthy silence.

"I do it sometimes. Guilty as charged."

"Don't... it's really all I have left lately." Rufus looked at the reactor and steeled himself again. He was right in many ways, it was thinking about problems or rising ones that kept the loneliness from taking hold at times.

"I think you're wrong about that but then again I hardly know you." Leon concentrated on the road again.

"Not many people do Leon." He smiled. "It has its advantages. People can't really plan ahead around me or plot against me if they can't be sure what my reaction will be."

"No children or anything?"

"No they are a liability to be kidnapped if you ask me. I wouldn't want my children to grow up hating their father like I hated mine either." He added quietly.

Leon thought of what Ashley Graham, the Presidents Daughter on his world had been through. Even though Rufus might have a point it occurred to him that seeing the young lady and her father united also held great value too. He heard Rufus shift in the seat... he was lying but Leon knew better than to point it out. What a strange world and why did he have such an issue with the father and son thing? Leon decided he would like to hang around long enough to work that mystery out. Damn him for being curious. He changed gear and headed over the highway with another lengthy silence.
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