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Chapter 15.

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Kinsie woke up to the sound of light snoring, unnaturally close to her face. A little startled, she looked up and saw Mikey's face, his mouth partly open and his thick-rimmed glasses knocked askew. She giggled at the sight, he looked pretty cute. Snuggling back into his warm chest, she listened to the sound of his steady breathing. For the first time in a long time, Kinsie really felt like she belonged. Looking up at him again, she placed a light kiss on his thin jawline, not really sure what possessed her to do so. Mikey's eyes fluttered open and he looked down at her, a smile spreading across his face.

"Good morning, sunshine." Mikey grinned, yawning. Kinsie smiled up at him. Suddenly, her eyes widened.
"Oh, shit.." She said, looking worried. "the first show, it's today.." It began to feel like someone was breakdancing in her stomach. Mikey looked into her eyes, and a warm feeling spread through her that she couldn't quite understand.
"Kinz, you'll kick ass. The crowd will love you, and you're an amazing drummer." He grinned at her reassuringly and she smiled back.
"Thank you, Mikes. And thank you so much for last night. I think I'm gonna talk to Bert, I want to be friends again." Mikey smiled.
"No problem, and I'm glad. I'll help you out if you need me."

Kinsie nodded, about to open her mouth. But the curtain of their bunk was torn open, and something cold, smelly, and sticky was suddenly sprayed all over them.
"MOOORNING LOVERS! FIRST SHOW TODAY!" A voice screeched, obviously Gerard.
"What the fuck!?" The two yelled in unison. The object sprayed onto them was pink silly string. Frank ran up from behind Gerard, looking a bit..jealous?
"You two have hot, dirty sex last night?" He spat, sounding more angry than playing around. Mikey sighed and rolled his eyes.
"No, unlike you guys, I was there for her when she needed me, instead of getting wasted." He snapped back. Sensing the tension, Kinsie awkwardly slid out of the bunk, leaving the boys behind to bicker quietly.
"Errm, I have to go to the bathroom.." She muttered.
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