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Chapter 1: Walking.

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Jon tries to get Evie to walk.

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Chapter one: Walking

‘Come on baby, walk to me.’ Jon said with a big smile in a language he though Evie could understand. She just looked at him as she sat on the floor attempting to stuff a beach ball into her mouth.

‘Honey, don’t rush her. She’ll walk when she’s ready.’ Cooper said as she walked through the living room smiling at her little girl who wore a little pink jumper and a black onsie underneath.

‘Coop, she’s going to be one in a week and she’s not walking yet.’

‘Jon, its fine, she’ll walk when she’s ready.’ Cooper stressed as she began to make dinner.

‘Evelyn, come on sweetie, I know you can do it. You pull yourself up all the time. Just walk to daddy.’ Jon mumbled holding out his arms to her again. Evelyn clearly had no idea what he wanted as she dropped the ball and held her hands out for him as well. She wanted to be held. ‘No baby, walk to me.’ Evelyn might not have known that Jon wanted her to walk to him but she definitely knew what ‘no’ meant. Evelyn puffed out her cheeks and stuck out her bottom lip.

This is the point where fathers realize that their little girl has them wrapped so tightly around their fingers that it is no use attempting to be a disciplinary because it’ll never happen.

‘No, no, no sweetie, don’t cry.’ Jon said scooping her out of the floor before any of her tears could fall. ‘I’m sorry sweetie; I didn’t mean to push you. I just want you to be normal and walk.’

‘JONATHAN! Just because she’s not walking yet doesn’t mean she’s not normal!’ Cooper stressed as she walked out of the kitchen.

‘Mommy always knows everything doesn’t she?’ Jon mumbled to his little baby who was tugging on the necklace that he was wearing.

‘Jon, I’m serious. Just because she’s almost one and isn’t walking yet does not mean that she is behind in anyway it just means she’s not ready to walk yet.’

‘Are you sure?’

‘Yes baby, she has a doctor’s appointment next week if you want to ask the doctor about it but she’s fine.’

‘Alright. Wanna go back and practice baby?’ Evelyn just looked at him. He wanted to melt at how beautiful she was as a baby.

‘Jon, don’t push her.’ Cooper said as she began stirring the soup she was making for Jon. Jon turned around and walked back into the living room. He set Evelyn back down in the floor and sat across from her.

‘Alright baby, walk to me.’ Cooper couldn’t help but laugh at her husband. He expected Evelyn just to get up and walk to him. Cooper shook her head chuckling silently.
Jon spent another hour with Evelyn attempting to her to walk but the only thing that happened was the fact that she had finally figured out that the ball she had been trying to stuff into her mouth, for the past six months, was too big to fit into her mouth.

Jon watched as Evie crawled away from him sighing deeply before falling back onto the floor. Evie turned around and began to laugh as Jon rolled around on the floor rolling over and picking her up and holding her over his head. Jon brought her down and kissed her softly on the cheek.

This was a normal evening for Jon and Evie; they spent their days playing together, laughing, and cuddling.
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