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Something was not right.

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Chapter 1.
I sighed as I walked up the flight of stairs to my apartment. Another long day at Reprise,don't get me wrong I really do enjoy it,it's just not fun when you have to come home and not only write a term paper but also study for an exam that starts at 7:30 am the next morning. I'm studying to be a pediatrician because I really enjoy working with kids. I also intern at Reprise records,doing album covers,scheduling interviews,tours,Etc. I didn't always get to meet all the bands that I would like to,but I have met Fall Out Boy and even Estelle who was very nice.Between them both it could be pretty tiring. But lately I have a strange feeling that i'm gonna have to choose one or the other soon or later. I unlocked the door and grabbed the piece of mail that was dropped from it and walked in to the warm kitchen."Bob?" I called.I waited a minute and when I got no response I figured he must've had to tech today. The cool thing about Bob's job,is he gets to pick his own hours,but sometimes he has to go in anways. I put my purse on the counter and reached toward the fridge handle when I saw a piece paper hanging by a striped magnet. I unfolded the note to read the neatly written print.

Hey babe,
Simon called so I have to tech for Green Day & The used,
so probally won't be home until 7.I'll call you
as soon as I get a chance...Love you,

I smiled and crinkled the paper and tossed it in the trash can. I looked at the zebra clock on the wall and it read 5:00.I let out a deep sigh as I should get started on my damn paper. I grabbed a bottle of water and changed into my sweats and tossed my dirty clothes in the hamper;Bob's too. I grabbed my book bag that had my laptop in it and stretched out on the couch. I waited patiently for it to get turned on and get going and gasped when a small figure jumped on me. I looked down at the white and black and orange furball that looked up at me with filmed up eyes."Hi Calico!" I cooed. He meowed and rubbed his head on my hand and I smiled as I scratched his ears while my laptop loaded. When it finally loaded I shooed Calico off my lap and watch him run and attack his catnip ball. My term paper had to be atleast 3000 words and the topic was to look at child diseases and pick a disease that I would interested in treating I chose Congenital Thyroidism.I wrote about what causes it and it's effect on a child. Time went by and I was actually suprised that I was pretty much finished. I had one more sentence to write when 'Right Round' starting playing. I grabbed my cellphone and looked at who was calling,it was Bob [yay.] "helloooooooo" I mumbled. He laughed. "Miss Alissa may I ask what you are doing?" he said regally. I giggled.
"I am finishing my term paper and studying for my exam tomorrow."
"Fun!" he said sarcastically.
"I know riiiight?" I mocked back.
"How's it going over there? you must be pretty psyched to be with GD."I asked.-Bob was a total fanboy when it came to Green Day,I mean he has every single song on his iPod. But who could blame him? Green Day is awesome,they had been to reprise before,but I was working with an upcoming artist at the time so I didn't get to talk to them.

"It's really cool! the guys are so down to Earth,I had alot of fun,anways I was calling to let you know that I should be home soon." I looked back at the clock where it read 6:45.
"okay,are you hungry or anything?" I asked incase he wanted me to make something,but normally we're both aren't hungry when we get home.
"Nah not really sweetie, but thank you, i'll see you in a few,I love you."
"I love you too,bye."
"Bye." we both hung up. I was just about to put my phone down when it began to buzz again,I checked the screen and once again an unfamiliar number flashed.I don't know what it was but for the past two weeks I've been getting mysterious calls from numbers I had no Idea existed. But every one of them had the same area code. I pretty much ignore it though,I mean if it was someone I knew they would leave a voicemail right? Everytime a number called they left nothing so I assumed it was not meant for me.But still, the numbers bugged me at night I mean late at night. Now I know what you're thinking...change your number! I could,but that sort of thing is extremely aggrivating to have to give out your number to your doctors,friends,family,and whoever you have listed in your phone so,no thank you. After my phone went silent I rested it on the coffee table in front of me. I let my mind wonder on for a minute since I had nothing to do.I looked at Calico who was now sleeping soundlessly on the carpet,his catnip ball was on the other side of the room.The sound of keys and the door knob rattling shook me out my thoughts. Bob came in with a with a red gift bag and closed and locked the door behind him.

"Hey love." he called from the kitchen I smiled and walked over to him as he set the bag down next to my purse.
"Hi." I said hugging him.He squeezed me and kissed me. I giggled as he pushed me back against the counter where our lips still touched. His hands were at my waist when he pulled back."hi." he said softly.
"Good day?" I asked. He nodded.
"Yeah,it was really cool the guys can rock out though,The Used was pretty sweet too." I nodded.
"Oh! I almost forgot the guys gave me some merchandise to give to you." He said grabbing the red bag and pulling out a t-shirt,green day eyeliner,a wristband, autographs and pictures.
"Awesome! that's so nice." I said smiling I always have heard that Green Day we're pretty cool dudes.
"Told ya." he said grinning."So what's on your agenda for tomorrow?" he asked grabbing a mountain dew from the fridge and cracking open the lid.
"Well,I have my exam at 7:30,I get out of class at 9:00 and go to Reprise until 2:00.You?"
"I have to tech The used again,also a new band called Genocide Lips and The guys want to get together for band practice at 2:45 or something." I gave a small nod. It's been awhile since i've seen Ray,Gerard,Frank,and Mikey who Bob plays with. They created a band called My chemical romance. Bob plays drums,Mikey is Bass guitar,Gerard is the singer,Frank plays rhythm guitar and Ray is lead guitar.I've been to a couple practices and they're really good. I know they all want make it big,and they will.
"Well I was thinking that since it's friday tomorrow maybe we could do something?" he came closer to me.
"I'd love too." I leaned in and kissed him.
"Great."he smiled and I stared into his beautiful blue eyes.Till this day it never ceases to amaze that after two years I feel like I'm with him for the first time. We both walked back to the living room where I resumed my position and grabbed my notes to study. I tried my best to get in as much information as I could for tomorrow's sake. My frigging test is worth; well a whole grade. Bob turned the tv on where he changed it to Fuse, which was playing Emergency by Paramore. Calico yawned as he opened his eyes and stretched his paws before taking a seat on Bob,who gladly accepted. I was on the last page of notes when my mind began to slow down. My vision became blurred and I dropped my notebook a couple inches from falling off the couch. I relaxed into the couch and tried to stay awake but I found myself dreaming about stuff that makes you sleepy,and it was only when I felt warm hands pick me up,that I fully fell asleep.

A girl the age of 17 was hiding in her closet to escape the drunken terror that her stepfather stewed everyother night. She shivered as she heard glass shattering and voices yelling at one another she prayed that her sisters were okay,since she directed them to hide under they're bed where only they're small bodies could fit in.She hoped they weren't scared like they always get. She was unable to reach them,if she walked out that door she would only become face to face with the drunken mess that stood only a couple meters from her bedroom. Her mother was drunk too. Her straining voice got louder and louder as another object fell to the floor,this time it made her crouch down into her closet as the sounds were closer. Silent tears fell from her big brown eyes as the door opened with a slam. She heard him breathe as he took large gulps of the bottle of whiskey that was firmly placed in his hand.

"where r ya,you little whore." he slurred he stammered to her bed and checked under it. He tossed the bedspread on the floor and looked around until he spotted the closet. A smirk stood proudly on his face as he staggered to the closet. She put a hand over her mouth to stop the whimpers that escaped her mouth.Tears poured out of her eyes as she could feel his presence near by.With one quick movement he slammed the door back and she screamed.
"Aww lookie what I found." he said grinning. Sweat leaked down his neck and forehead and the poor girl cried.

"Please no!" she begged. Not another night! She looked at her arms that had small purplelish-blueish bruises,some were burns from cigars. He stepped closer and she fell back into the dark aura,she did all she could to stay in the darkness,it was the only thing that could protect her.
"Shut it!" he yelled. He threw the bottle down and with force,yanked the petite girl off the floor by her dark hair.She screamed as he threw her down on the ground. His boot collided with her ribs as she cried out in agony. They were already sore and the pressure hurt her 10 times more. He kicked her two more times before grabbing her up and watching him raise his fist to her jaw and she fell right back to the floor where she screamed louder than before. She mustered up the little strength she had and tried to scramble towards the door.This only made him madder,and he quickly grabbed her by the shoulders and tossed her back. She fell down once more,this time giving up. He laughed as she prepared for another hit. He raised it once more. "NO!" she yelled.
"No!" I yelled. I woke up in my bed. Tears poured from my cheeks as my whole body shook. I wiped my forehead and my cheeks. It took me a moment to realize where I was. I cried as the memory haunted me.

But why? why was it coming back? "Why?" I whispered into the dark room and tried to swallow but it hurt. My throat was dry and my eyes hurt. My eyes widened as I extened my arm out. I checked but those dark spots were not there,I rubbed it but it did not hurt. "It's gone,it's's over." I repeated to myself quietly. I wasn't there anymore.He couldn't hurt me anymore. I squrimed as Calico scared me to death by jumping off the bed and running out of the room.I whimpered as I heard my phone go off.I looked at the number and ofcourse it was unfamiliar,angry,I answered it.

"Hello?!" I mumbled. I heard muffled noises and voices. It sounded like girls but I wasn't sure. I whispered hello again as the line went dead. I looked at my phone that blinked telling me the call had been dropped. I stared confused. I replayed the noise over and over in my head. I looked at the alarm clock that blared 2:35 am and I sighed. I took several deep breaths until I felt much calmer.
"Relax."I whispered. I turned to Bob..Bob! I looked over at him and was so grateful that he was still asleep. I sighed as he couldn't imagine how much I needed him. I carefully wiggled myself into his chest and froze when he moved and I sighed with relief as he wrapped his arms around me and soft snores escaped his lips. The last of the silent tears had subsided and I was left to think about the strange noise I had just heard. The calls,the dreams,something was NOT right.
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