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Be Careful What You Bet

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Nudity, love triangles, pregnancies and death, coupled with Quidditch, deceit, injustice, adventure and mystery. Sounds like another tranquil year at Hogwarts. Join me for Hogwarts Too Exposed - A ...

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If you haven't already read Hogwarts Exposed, it is strongly recommended that you do so before attempting the sequel otherwise you will be completely lost.

Chapter One

Be Careful What You Bet

Saturday, August 14, 2004

It resembled any other minivan as it sped along the highway, definitely not the slightest bit magical in appearance. There was absolutely no reason for anyone to imagine that the two passengers seated in the front were the most powerful witch and wizard in the world. The wizard at the age of twenty-four, was enjoying the first vacation ever of his life.

From his expression, Hermione could tell that her comment had hurt Harry's feelings. "It's not that I didn't enjoy myself, Harry. It was a lot of fun, but the lines were rather lengthy and there wasn't near as much to do as I thought there would be. I guess I'm just spoiled because my parents took me to Disney World when I was younger. It's so much larger and has many more attractions than Disneyland, Paris; I know you'd love it there."

"Actually some of the rides were pretty lame," Emily interjected. "The Peter Pan carts that were suppose to look like little ships didn't really fly, they were attached to the ceiling. Also, I can't believe they had the nerve to call that one ride Aladdin's Flying Carpets. They weren't carpets and they most certainly weren't flying."

"Emily," Jamie said, the irritation evident in her voice. "That was a muggle theme park. They couldn't charm the miniature ships to fly and as for the carpets; they don't even know that real magic carpets exist. You have to use your imagination. The little muggles seemed to greatly enjoy the rides."

"Okay," admitted Harry. "I agree that they were way off base with some things, but I thought the ghosts looked comparatively realistic in the Phantom Manor, and the Big Thunder Mountain ride was pleasurable."

"My favorites were The Temple of Peril and the Rockin' Roller Coaster," added Caitlin.

"Oh, yes," exclaimed Jamie. "That roller coaster was awesome. So was Space Mountain-Earth to the Moon."

"Sounds like you two like coaster type rides. How about you, Emily?" Harry inquired, comforted that the girls enjoyed some parts of the park.

"I'd have to agree that they were pretty neat. Almost as neat as flying a broom," answered Emily.

Hermione laughed. "My kind of broom. One with a padded seat and safety harness."

"Are you sure you're a genuine witch, Aunt Hermione?" Emily jokingly asked. "I can't believe you detest flying."

"I'll fly if need be, but this witch prefers to keep her feet on terra firma," Hermione replied.

"You and me both, Mum," Caitlin, agreed. "What time do you foresee arriving at the beach resort, Dad?"

"Well, we can't get access to our rooms until three o'clock. I figure if we stop for lunch just up ahead, our timing should be just about perfect," Harry answered.

"Did I hear you say rooms? Jamie and I always slept in the same room as our parents. Do we have reservations for more than one room?" Emily questioned, quite excitedly.

"Didn't Jamie tell you?" Hermione responded. "Harry and I thought it would be more comfy if you girls had your own room."

Emily gave Jamie the evil eye and said, "Would it be okay if just Caitlin and I shared the room? Couldn't Miss 'snores-a-lot' sleep with you guys?"

Hermione laughed as Jamie good-humoredly pretended to strangle Emily. "No, Harry and I might want a little time alone, Jamie's snoring isn't that ghastly."

Caitlin whispered to Emily, "Sounds like Mum and Dad are planning on shagging."

Emily giggled before saying, "So what else is new."

"Jamie," Caitlin whispered. "Are you going to enlighten them or just let them be surprised?"

Jamie answered quietly, "I'm frightened to tell them. This seemed like such a first-rate idea at the time, but now I'm not so positive. They could both become rather angry when they find out."

"Why?" Asked Emily. "It was their suggestion to let us choose the location. You even asked if there were any restrictions and they mutually said no; that they would go anywhere we wanted."

"I know, but it's just that I'm positive they aren't expecting a resort town with forty thousand nudists. If Harry is on schedule we should arrive in about fifteen minutes." Jamie looked nervously from Emily to Caitlin. "We better explain the situation to them before it's too late."

Caitlin said, "I'll tell them. After all it was my inspiration to come here after you told me about the place."

"Caitlin, it was undisputed. We all wanted to come here. Make sure you tell them that," added Emily.

"Mum, Dad, there is something I need to tell you both," Caitlin announced, her voice shaking.

"What is it, honey?" Harry and Hermione both said practically simultaneously.

"When Jamie first told me about Cap d'Adge, I knew it was somewhere I wanted to vacation, but doubted I would see it till after I left Hogwarts. Then you both decided to permit us to select our vacation destination. There was no squabble among us; Cap d'Adge was the primary choice for all three of us." Caitlin paused momentarily to gather the strength to drop the bombshell.

"I'm glad you're pleased with our destination. Harry and I wanted this to be a unique family vacation for the five of us." Hermione said. "I too am looking forward to a tranquil week of swimming, sunning and reading."

Caitlin took a deep gulp of air, "Dad, as you enter the city of Cap d'Adge, watch for the road signs directing you to the "Naturisme" quarter. That's where we are staying; it's the nudist section of town.

When Harry's brain absorbed what Caitlin had just said, his body almost lost control of the car. He sputtered, but was unable to articulate intelligibly.

Hermione had no difficulty speaking as she shouted. "What?! I thought we were going to a resort with beaches, restaurants and a shopping mall, not a nudist campground! Whatever possessed you girls to do such a thing?" Hermione sat nervously twitching her head as Harry reduced speed, awaiting more information.

Caitlin was about to carry on, but Jamie placed her hand on the young girl's shoulder and indicated that she would make an effort to clarify. "Cap d'Adge is not a nudist campsite. It is a nudist community. At this time of year we can doubtless expect over 40,000 people in the naturist quarter. L' Hotel Eve, where we are staying, is the only hotel in the quarter, but there are an abundance of condominiums.

"No one will compel anyone to go nude although the beach is 99% nudist and you must be naked to swim in the pools. You will be amazed at the wonderful mix of ages from babes-in-arms to the very old. There is a shopping mall as well as many shops. There is a grocery store and many fine restaurants and lots of bars and clubs. You are free to wear as much or as little clothing as you want. Some people dress to go to dinner or shopping, my family always took their clothes off upon arrival and never put them back on until it was time to depart."

Harry wished he weren't driving and that he could thrash out this quandary in private with Hermione. As it was he couldn't even get a look at the expression on her face, but maybe that was for the best.

"Hermione and I did say anywhere and I remember Jamie inquiring if there were any restrictions," Harry acknowledged. "But don't you believe it would have been nice to clue us in on the fact that this was a naturist resort? Just in case we had any uncertainties, which we most certainly do."

"Harry, would it be feasible for us to get a refund and try to get accommodations at another resort?" Hermione's voice seemed calm, concealing the panic she felt inside. Her stomach was doing flip-flops at the notion of being in a jam-packed place with the biggest part of the populace nude.

Before Harry could speak the van was filled with the sounds of moans and groans coming from the girls. "I'll ask when at the check in, but if I remember properly the cut-off date for asking for a reimbursement was nine days before arrival. This is also the peak season on the Rivera. I doubt that we will have much success getting accommodation somewhere else."

Hermione raised her voice somewhat. "Are you suggesting that we in fact stay at a nudist resort?"

Harry answered in his most consoling voice. "Mione, we may not have an option. It's not like you and I are being required to remove our clothes. Maybe we can make the best of it for the sake of the girls."

This remark, of course, encouraged the girls to begin a chorus of whining and beseeching. Hermione pressed her fingers to her temple trying to defend against the headache that she felt rapidly approaching. "Okay, we'll stay, but I want absolutely no argument from anyone if I opt to spend most of the time in my room reading."

"But Mum," Caitlin begged, "it's a family vacation. I want to spend it with you. Can't you at least read in the vicinity of the pool?"

Hermione turned to make a negative comment to Caitlin, but stopped when she saw tears in the young girl's eyes. Her eyes, also, straight away watered. "We'll see." Is all she ended up saying.

As they entered the city of Cap d'Adge, Emily right away saw a sign indicating the directions to the "Naturisme" quarter. Harry followed the signs through a few roundabouts until they came to the entrance. After registering for a gate card they drove toward the parking lot for the L'Hotel Eve.

Just prior to them reaching the parking lot, it happened. Hermione saw her first nude people and, of course, it had to be two men. They were merely standing by a vending machine enjoying a beverage. Hermione yelled, "Caitlin, get down!" Hermione hastily slouched down in her seat and hid her face.

Jamie and Emily giggled, but not at the men. They couldn't get over Hermione's reaction. The men were naked, but Hermione was the one with her head virtually wedged under the instrument panel.

Caitlin, on the other hand, wanted no part of hiding. She had never seen a man naked and was not about to let pass her first opportunity. She forgot that staring is considered ill mannered, as her eyes remained glued on the two men.

Jamie gave Caitlin a little nudge as she said. "They come in all sizes and shapes. After a day or two, you won't even notice them."

As Harry guided the van into a parking spot, Hermione lastly uncovered her eyes and looked about. It was evident that it was check in time as she noted at least three cars quite near them unloading. All three contained families. The adults were still fully clad, but evidently the children couldn't wait because they were all either nude by now or in the course of undressing right there on the parking lot.

Caitlin found herself both checking out the girls and the boys, especially one boy who was about twelve. She whispered in Jamie's ear, "Is that what Matt looks like?"

Jamie smiled. "Now, how would I know? Although I imagine quite similar."

"May we disrobe, too?" Emily promptly asked.

Hermione was still bewildered, but Harry responded. "I'm astonished you waited this long."

The girls all took this as a yes and hurriedly shed their shorts and shirts before piling out of the car. Hermione slowly surveyed the parking lot and became slightly more comfortable when she realized that all the adults were fully clad.

"Harry, the majority of these people seem to have very little luggage compared to us?" Hermione observed.

Jamie answered before Harry had an opening. "For the most part people only bring a couple of changes of garments and perhaps a cover-up in case it gets cold. For the last three years, Emily and I haven't worn a stitch the entire time we were here."

Caitlin beamed. "You mean we can even go to the restaurants and mall nude if we want?"

"Clothing is not obligatory any place with the exception of the pools, there you must be nude," Jamie replied.

Hermione grabbed Harry's hand and squeezed it firmly. "I presume that means you and I won't be spending time in the pool?"

Harry nodded in concurrence, but as he did, he couldn't help but observe that all three of the men unloading cars were overweight, one actually rather corpulent. He wondered to himself if these men actually went nude or if they were just here for their families. Then he observed the women. It was evident that this was not a resort for only people with faultless bodies.

As they started unloading the minivan, the young boy walked over to them and addressed Jamie. "You're Jamie Zacherley, aren't you?"

Jamie nodded her head at the boy who was obviously somewhat taken by her. "Yes I am. I'm sorry, but did we meet last year?"

"No, we didn't, but I saw you in the Miss Nude Teen contest." The boy blushed. "My name is Daniel, Daniel Weber. I thought you were pretty last year, but you're gorgeous this year. Is that why you came this particular week? Are you taking part in the competition for a second time?"

Jamie blushed at being referred to as gorgeous, even if the admirer was merely twelve. "I had no idea the contest was this week, but I won't be participating this year, I'll be one of the spectators."

"That's a shame," replied the boy. "I hope you change your mind." He slowly backed away and then looked at Caitlin and Emily. "Hope I see you at the pool."

As he turned and walked away, together Caitlin and Emily stared at his butt. Jamie just watched them both and smiled.

"If we all grab as much as we can carry, I think we can make this in one trip," Harry recommended. The girls led the way as they walked toward the main entrance of the hotel.

Harry commented to Hermione, "It's amazing how natural this is to them, even Caitlin. They don't think twice about the reality that they are naked."

"No, they don't," Hermione, said. "They're naked and I'm the one trembling like a leaf. I don't know about you Harry, but there is absolutely no way that I am going to march around naked in front of a horde of strangers. I take pleasure in doing it with the girls and when we're alone, but I'm not about to be stared at by strangers."

As they entered the reception area, Hermione almost dropped the luggage she was carrying as she literally entered the nudist world. Not only were there couples in the lobby, totally nude, but also the young girl at the reception counter was likewise completely naked. Hermione, marveled as Jamie easily conversed in French with the girl; meanwhile Harry stood by trying not to gawk, but not succeeding well at all.

Soon armed with their keys and copious brochures they were on the way to their rooms. Hermione tried valiantly to smile and retain eye contact with the other guests they passed in route. She was exceedingly pleased when at last the door closed behind her and the nudist world was shut out. Hermione plopped the bags she was carrying down and waited for Harry to return from settling in the girls. She desperately needed a hug.

Hermione was startled as what she thought was a closet door opened and Harry stepped into the room followed by Caitlin. "We have adjoining rooms," Caitlin declared. And with a terrace overlooking the pool. Come look." Caitlin opened the drapes as Hermione gasped at the sight. She felt like a voyeur as she observed the naked people below.

One thing was immediately evident and that was that she and Harry would categorically stand out in this crowd. She found a couple of women with bathing costume bottoms on and a small number with towels wrapped around their waists, but there was not a single woman wearing a top or a one piece bathing costume. The men were all nude.

Emily suddenly burst into the room. "May we possibly go down to the pool?"

"I don't see why not," Harry responded. I'd like to take a stroll and decide where we are eating tonight, so please be back around six."

"Aren't the two of you coming?" Emily asked.

Harry glanced at Hermione who nervously shook her head no. "No, we don't have that much time before dinner. Hermione and I will just get our possessions organized here and checkout the pamphlets we were given. Where's Jamie?"

Emily shrugged her shoulders. "In all probability taking a shower before she goes to the pool."

"Why don't you and Caitlin do that, too? It seems appropriate etiquette," Hermione recommended.

"If we must. Come on Caitlin, we can both use this shower while Jamie is in ours. That way we'll be done sooner."

The girls both slipped out of their sneakers and socks and ran to the shower, giggling.

Harry looked at Hermione with a concerned expression on his face. "Are they going to shower together?"

"In all probability, yes, but they do it a lot," Hermione answered.

"Doesn't that worry you?" Harry asked. The nature of his voice indicated that it did him. "If two boys showered together at that age, I would be concerned they were gay. Aren't you concerned about Caitlin and Emily?"

"No, I'm not. Harry, a girl doesn't wake up one morning and decide she wants to become a lesbian. Its part of a person's makeup from birth. You are either homosexual or heterosexual just like you're either right handed or left handed. You can't modify what you are. From everything I've observed, they are both quite heterosexual, but they are also very close and very silly and extremely inquisitive."

Harry looked nervously toward the bathroom. "You don't think they sponge down and handle each other, do you?"

"With us right out here, I doubt it, but I'm sure they either have or will at sometime. They might even do it frequently"

"And that doesn't trouble you?"

"No, it doesn't because I love them both. You're heterosexual and so am I. It makes sense that we would prefer our children to be, also. But would you stop loving either or both of the girls if later in life they realized they were lesbians?"

"You know I wouldn't. Sexual inclination should have nothing to do with the way you think of a person."

"Precisely, so I say we just let them mature and develop and not try to persuade them that certain things are wrong or dirty. If they move in that direction, we want them to trust us and confide in us, not be fearful to tell us. But I wouldn't agonize. I've never seen them look at each other's butts the way they looked at that boy's out on the parking lot."

"Do you realize that you just called them our children?"

Hermione took her hand and placed it on her stomach. "Harry, I couldn't care more for those three girls if I had in fact given birth to them."

"I know how you feel. Each day I think I couldn't care for them more and each day I do."

Jamie stood at the door separating the two rooms with tears flowing down her face. "Neither of you could possible imagine how hearing what you just said makes me feel." Jamie rushed in the room and hugged Harry and Hermione. "I love you both, so incredibly much."

Emily stopped at the doorframe and just looked at Caitlin nauseatingly before saying, "I think maybe we should go and take another shower until they get all this hugging out of their systems."

Before Caitlin could counter, Harry said, "Oh! You two think you're too old to be hugged, well how about if I.... " Without another utterance Harry rushed toward Emily and before she knew what was happening he had literally tossed her over his shoulder. He then grabbed Caitlin by the waist and carried both girls to the bed. Harry hadn't even started tickling yet and both girls were screaming for help.

"Are we going to help them?" Hermione asked Jamie.

"Perhaps, but let them suffer a short time first."

While the girls went swimming, Harry and Hermione decided to enjoy a little water activity of their own. Although they had two showers available, they opted to use only one. One thing lead to another and by the time they stepped out of the water, they had both started to wrinkle.

Harry wrapped a towel around his waist and stepped out on the balcony to see if he could view the girls. All he had to do was look in the direction of the most splashing and screaming and he spotted them. Evidently they had made some friends already, both of the male and female persuasion.

"Hermione, come out here and observe the girls," Harry said invitingly.

"I'm not wearing clothes yet Harry. All I have on is a towel." Hermione answered.

"Hermione, that's more then everyone else has on."

At first Hermione hesitated, but at last she convinced herself to take a first step. She reluctantly walked out onto the balcony, wishing the towel, although quite sufficient, covered more.

"Harry, how can they do it?" Hermione inquired.

"Are you referring to the girls?" Harry inquired.

"No, not the girls so much as some of those other people. I expected everyone here to be young and built flawlessly, but they're not. Some of them are fairly elderly and out of shape. How can they possibly be at ease with everyone seeing them naked?"

"Jamie keeps telling us that naturism has naught to do with bodily form. I imagine I must agree," Harry said. "If all it took was a faultless body, then there'd be no rationale for you to be hiding up here."

Hermione blushed as she gave Harry a hug and then kissed him passionately. "Mr. Potter, you are very good for a girl's ego. I desperately want to make the mirror's reflection become factual, but I could never get up the nerve to go down there naked. Could you?"

"I'm not sure, but I intend to give it a go tomorrow," Harry said without shilly-shallying.

Hermione couldn't believe her ears. "You actually have it in mind to go down there exposed in front of all those people. How? What about the girls?"

"Actually the girls are the hitch. Undoubtedly I'll be panicky in front of strangers, but that's precisely what they are, strangers. I've never seen any of those people before and, since the odds favor them all being muggles, I doubt I will ever see any of them for a second time. If that chap with the Santa Claus belly has the fortitude to walk around like that, so do I. My dilemma is the girls. I will see them again. It just seems tainted to allow them to glimpse me naked."

"Harry, I'm amazed. I didn't think for an instant that you would even consider going nude." Hermione just stared at Harry with a blend of envy and disbelief. "I believe the girls will be quite encouraging. If you're able to do it, I imagine I'll be the only one on the pool side in a swimming costume?"

Hermione was totally perturbed with herself. She wanted so badly to just pull her towel off and run down to the pool with the girls, but she knew she couldn't do it. She despised her priggish side.

"I was thinking about that. Wouldn't you fit in better if perchance there were a little less to your bathing costume? Even on the textile beaches of the Riviera, many of the women go topless. I'm not suggesting you do that, but maybe if you wore a bikini."

Hermione just looked up at the sky and shook her head. "I never thought the day would arrive that I would deem a one piece swimming costume as over dressed, but as I look at these people I tend to be in agreement with you. My current costume will draw a lot of gratuitous attention here because I'm too covered; yet I lack the self-confidence to go nude. What do you advocate, Harry?"

"I'm not at all sure you'll like my proposal, but I feel we should see if we can find you a new suit tonight." Harry took a deep breath and then finished. "One that's so tiny that it hardly covers what in general needs to be covered."

Hermione felt despondent as she looked at Harry with a trodden expression. "You're correct, but it would be throwing away money. I'd be no more apt to wear a suit like that than go naked. Why can't I be more like her?" Hermione said, indicating Jamie. "She is so confident; not the least bit self conscious." Hermione turned and walked back into the room where she threw herself on the bed and buried her head in the pillow.


"Are you ready to head out for the night?" Harry asked Hermione.

"All ready. How do I look? She asked.

"You're a vision," Harry responded. "You should wear muggle dresses more frequently."

Hermione was wearing a shape pleasing summer dress that exposed more of her lovely legs than normal with robes.

"Thank you, sir. You look quite handsome yourself tonight. Are the girls prepared?"

"We've been ready for an hour," Caitlin shouted from the other room. "Are you guys at last geared up to go? I'm famished."

The girls entered the room each wearing new sandals and nothing more.

"Won't you girls be chilly when the sun goes down?" Harry inquired.

"We're tough," Emily replied. "Besides we have a bet and the first one to cover themselves loses. Of course, we all know that will be Caitlin."

"In your dreams," Caitlin argued.

Hermione looked questioningly at Jamie. "Now you are absolutely sure that you girls can be like that?"

"Yes," Jamie confirmed. "You will see people in all states of dress tonight. Some like you guys fully dressed. Others like us completely nude, and everything in between. Are we going to sightsee or eat first?"

Harry looked mockingly sympathetically at Caitlin. "Since poor little Caitlin is starving to death, I think it's paramount that we eat first. Jamie, you and Emily know your way around. Which restaurant do you suggest?"

"There are a number of great restaurants with a wide variety of good food. We can find anything from French to TexMex to Indian to American and lots and lots of Pizza." Jamie looked at Emily. "Which restaurant did you like best?"

"I think for the first night we should go to 'Le Mississippi'. Their menu is varied with selections in all nationalities. I'm sure everyone will find something they like."

"Sounds fine to me," Harry said. "If everyone is okay with 'Le Mississippi', would you girls lead the way?"

Sunday, August 15, 2004

"Good morning sleepyhead," Harry said as he gently kissed Hermione on the cheek. "Are you ready to get dressed and go out for breakfast or would you prefer to sleep in and have us bring you back something?"

"What time is it Harry?" Hermione asked in a startled manner. It was rare for Hermione to sleep past her normal wakeup time. "Is it too late for us to go for a run before breakfast?"

"It's only seven. We still have plenty of time to take a run on the beach before breakfast. Would you like me to inform the girls that we're going to do that?" Harry questioned.

"Would you, please? And Harry, do you care if I use the charm instead of wearing my running outfit?" Hermione asked bashfully.

"Certainly not. Actually I think you should do the same for a swim costume when we go to the pool later. That way you could become accustom to being naked around people with them not realizing your condition."

"That's a good idea. I might try that. At least I should have no worry of anyone saying 'Finite Incantatum' here." Hermione laughed and then looked at Harry thoughtfully. "Are you still intending to give it a try today?"

"Yes," Harry said in a firm tone. "I only hope I don't experience an erection. I'd die of embarrassment."

"Only if I don't hex you first for having sexual thoughts about another woman," Hermione said in a teasing way.

Harry looked apprehensively at Hermione. "Maybe I should reconsider?"

Just then Jamie stuck her head through the open door that divided the two rooms. "What are you reconsidering? We're not leaving are we?

Hermione smiled. "No, we're not departing; Harry is considering giving naturism a try today."

Jamie looked at Harry elatedly. "That's brilliant. Emily and Caitlin will be pleased. I know they want to attack you in the pool. Harry, it's not difficult at all. I'll help you. Hermione, how about you? Will you be making an effort, also?"

Hermione just shook her head despondently. "There is a part of me that wants to a great deal, but the prudish part is much stronger. I just can't do it. Harry did convince me to use the charm instead of wearing a bathing costume, however."

"That's a step closer," Jamie acknowledged. "Just be sure to use tanning lotion everywhere. The sun isn't fooled by a charm."

Suddenly the blaring voices of Emily and Caitlin were heard shouting, "Are we going to breakfast or are we running first?"

"We're running," Hermione called back. "Get on your sneakers and socks."

"Harry, I know Jamie warned us to get every place with suntan lotion, but if you continue to rub me there, I'm going to drag you into bed rather than go to the pool," Hermione said laughingly.

"Turn about is fair play. Here I am afraid of becoming excited and where do you decide to rub suntan lotion first?" Harry countered.

"I just wanted to insure that a sunburn didn't incapacitate you for the balance of the vacation."

"Can I come in?" Jamie yelled from the other side of the door.

"Just a minute until I put something on," Harry answered.

"No! Don't get dressed. Just cover yourself with a towel," Jamie instructed.

Harry looked at Hermione for guidance. "She's been doing this for sixteen years. It's best that you consent to let her steer you today."

Harry slipped a towel around his waist and then informed Jamie it was acceptable for her to enter the room. Caitlin and Emily who were both exceedingly anxious to get to the pool followed Jamie closely into the room.

When the girls entered the room Hermione appeared to be in her one piece bathing costume and Harry was standing fretfully next to her wearing only a towel and a smile. Jamie walked over and stood between Harry and Hermione.

"What are your biggest concerns about being unclothed at the pool?" Jamie asked Harry.

Harry looked at Jamie, extremely reluctant to answer until encouraged by Hermione. "My two biggest concerns are that I might have a reaction and I'm apprehensive about doing this in front of you girls."

Jamie nodded her head. "We were discussing that in the other room. In that case we should do away with one of those concerns before we ever reach the pool area." Jamie reached toward Harry and before he realized what was happening, she pulled his towel off.

Both Hermione and Harry couldn't believe what she had done, but as Harry went to cover himself with his hand, Caitlin said. "Dad, why are you trying to hide it? There were at least a hundred men and boys at the pool yesterday. You all have the same parts. It's no big deal."

Emily added. "Caitlin is correct. Jamie and I have seen nude men our entire lives. Although I must admit you do look better than most."

Jamie gave Emily an evil look. "Well he does," Emily replied.

"Okay," Jamie said after once again giving Emily the evil eye. "That's out of the way. We've seen you. Try to believe me when I say that no one is going to pay you any more attention at this pool than they would at a textile pool, in all probability much less. Don't wrap the towel around yourself just carry it in front. I reserved five lounges for us, although I doubt they'll get used that much. Are we ready?"

Hermione couldn't believe that Harry was actually going to go through with this. He had already gotten past what he considered the worst part. The girls had now seen him naked. Harry actually seemed less nervous than Hermione whose nakedness was hidden by a charm that made it look to others as if she had a bathing costume on.

Once they reach the chairs, Jamie said, "Hermione, unfortunately they won't allow you in the pool because to them it looks like you have a bathing costume on. Harry, you could sit or lie here with Hermione for a while, but you might feel more self-conscious doing that. I would advocate that you come in the pool with us for a time and get used to to being nude."

Hermione didn't like the idea of being left alone, the only textile in a sea of naked bodies, but she agreed with Jamie that it would be easier for Harry to adapt if he first spent some time in the pool.

"Harry, don't worry about me. I'll be fine here with my book. Go in the pool for a bit until you become acclimated."

Harry was unenthusiastic about leaving Hermione, but once Caitlin and Emily started dragging him toward the pool and Jamie tugged away his towel, he had little choice. Once he hit water Harry seemed to relax and before long was happily cavorting with the girls.

Hermione watched with envy for a time and then started to settle herself down to read when a pleasant voice interrupted her. "Is that your husband? The girls seem to like him quite a bit.

"Yes, they've grown extremely close," Hermione, answered as she turned in the direction of the voice.

The smiling face of a plump woman of about forty greeted her. "My name is Michelle, Michelle Wolfskill. My husband, Lloyd and I were friends of Jennifer and Carl. We always planned our vacations so that we were here together at the same time each year. I was extremely sorry to read of their untimely death. I wasn't aware Jennifer had a younger sister?"

"She didn't," Hermione replied. "Oh! You thought I was Mrs. Zacherley's sister. I wasn't related to either of the Zacherleys."

Michelle Wolfskill took a closer look at Hermione. "I thought for sure you and Jennifer were sisters. My god, you and Jamie look so much a like."

"We hear that a lot," Hermione answered. "My name is Hermione Gran... Potter. Excuse me; I'm not quite accustomed to the new last name yet. Harry and I were just married in May."

Michelle just looked at Hermione. She was extremely confused, but hesitant to be nosy.

Hermione gave her a knowing smile. "You're trying to figure out why Harry and I are here with Jamie and Emily, aren't you?"

Michelle blushed slightly. "It does have me mystified."

"Harry and I are both teachers at the private school that Jamie attends. Jamie is quite an exceptional student there and we both took an extreme liking to her. When Jamie parents died we learned she would have to leave the school for financial reasons and that her sister would most likely end up in an orphanage. Neither of us could sit by and let that come about and so we applied for their guardianship."

Michele looked at Hermione with admiration. "That's fantastic of the both of you. For you to give those girls a home and take on that responsibility, your hearts are definitely in the right place. Is the little blonde girl a friend of Emily's that you brought with so she would have a companion to play with?

"No. That's Caitlin, our daughter."

Michelle almost fell off her chair when Hermione said Caitlin was her daughter.

"My adopted daughter," Hermione added. "Caitlin was an orphan who was abused. I gave testimony at the trial and ..." Hermione hesitated, at a loss for words. "We needed each other. I adopted her and then when we got married, Harry adopted her also."

"You and your husband are certainly exceptional people."

Hermione blushed, "Not really, it's just that we've both lost our parents and wanted to help these girls."

"Believe me, you're special. Neither of you are naturists, are you?"

"No. Is it that obvious? Harry is giving it a go today, but I'm afraid I just don't have the courage. I was brought up rather priggish."

"You'd like to be out in the pool cavorting with your family, wouldn't you?"

Hermione glanced at Harry and the girls who seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely. "Certainly, but costumes aren't allowed in the pool and I respect your rules."

Michelle seemed to be looking for someone as her head turned from one direction to another. Suddenly she seemed to spot the person she was seeking. "Excuse me for a few minutes, Hermione. There is someone with whom I must speak."

Hermione, watched as Michelle got up and started to walk to the other side of the pool, but then turned back to her book out of fear that someone might think she was watching Michelle because she was naked. Hermione thought to herself that perhaps this wouldn't be as awful as she had originally thought. Michelle seemed nice perhaps they could talk while Harry and the girls swam.

After a few minutes she checked on Harry and the girls who were still splashing about, having the time of their lives. Then she happened to glance toward the other side of the pool where Michelle had headed. There seemed to now be a rather large gathering and much to her dismay, they seemed to be constantly looking in her direction, as if discussing her.

Hermione became extremely uneasy. Michelle had been so nice, that it seemed impossible that she would have complained about her being clothed, but why else would everyone be looking in her direction. She started to wonder if Jamie had been wrong about her being allowed to remain fully clad.

Hermione snuck another peek. Whatever the problem was; she was about to find out because Michele was headed back and a rather large man was accompanying her.

"Hermione, I'd like to introduce Claude Bardo." Hermione knew she should be polite and shake Claude's hand, but because of the charm she just nodded politely. Claude is the Manager of L' Hotel Eve," Michelle said.

"Claude doesn't speak English that well, so he's asked me to speak for him. What he wishes me to tell you is that L' Hotel Eve has certain rules that were established mainly to ensure that the hotel remained exclusively a nudist resort. Those rules were never meant to separate a family or to punish good people.

"The Zacherleys were well known and liked by many people in this area. Although we would certainly like you to eliminate your clothes and become one of us, the hotel doesn't want to castigate someone who has reached out such a warm helping hand to the children of a couple we loved.

Michelle held out her hand to Claude who handed her a bracelet with a green tag attached to it. "Please accept this and wear it during your visit. It gives you nudist privileges even if clothed."

Hermione wanted to shake hands and possible even hug Michelle and Claude in response to the kindness being shown her, but knew better and just smiled, nodded her head and even bowed slightly to show her respect.

Harry and Jamie having seen the trio approach Hermione had swam to the edge of the pool and overheard the tête-à-tête. Both of them smiled and beckoned Hermione to join them.

Michelle too smiled. "Please put the bracelet on and join your family. You deserve to have a wonderful vacation. I'm sure you have a tough year ahead of you."

When Hermione first entered the pool, some people seemed disturbed, but word quickly spread. Amazingly by mid day it seemed most people poolside had heard the story of the kind hearted Potters.

"Hermione and I are going to go take a shower before going out for the evening," Harry shouted to the girls.

"We'll be up in a few minutes," Jamie answered. "We want to check the events list on the bulletin board first."

The girls had just reached the board when a voice called out to them. "Well, well, look who is here, Barbie and Skipper. Who is your new friend? Wait don't tell me, I know. It's Midge."

All three girls turned, but Jamie and Emily regrettably knew who was talking without even looking. "Hello, Rosalind," Jamie said as she grudgingly turned to talk to the burly, black haired girl. "Imagine running into you again this year."

Rosalind gave Jamie an arrogant look, "I guess seeing me is like having your worst nightmare come true. Now you know you don't have a possibility of winning this years contest."

"Roz, I didn't even know the contest was scheduled for this week until we arrived. I have no intention of competing, but if you like, I'll be pleased to root against you," Jamie countered.

"Just like you, Barbie," Roz needled. "I imagine you chickened out when you saw that it would take more than big tits and a shaved pussy to win this year. It figures that you would be a pansy ass when it comes to physical fitness."

"My sister is as physically fit as you any day," Emily said. "Just because she doesn't have thunder thighs like you doesn't mean she can't beat you in a physical fitness contest."

"I'd watch my mouth if I were you Skipper or you might not have any teeth left to eat your dinner with tonight," Roz threatened.

"Roz, I don't know what your problem is regarding me, but leave my sister out of it," Jamie responded angrily.

"My problem with you is that you're a coward. You're afraid to take part in the contest because you know you'll lose," Roz said tauntingly.

"Jamie could thrash you easily, she just doesn't like contests and parading around on stage," Caitlin said defensively.

"Ah, isn't that sweet," Roz teased. "Your other cheerleader is hurrying to your defense."

"Jamie, please enter the contest and shut this braggart up," Caitlin pleaded.

"Do it Jamie. You can beat her. Please!" Emily begged.

"Zacherley, you're a gutless wonder. You're a loser, your sister is a loser and your little friend here is a loser."

Jamie looked nauseatingly at Roz. "The only loser here is you." Jamie put her hand on Emily's shoulder. "Emily, you and Caitlin wait here while I go in the office and sign up for this dumb contest."

The door had barely closed when Emily said, "My sister will flog your big butt."

"You sound pretty confident Skipper. Care to put your money where you mouth is? I'll bet you twenty Euros that I beat Barbie," Roz said, seeming quite certain of herself.

"I'm eleven. Where do you think I'm going to get that kind of money?" Emily asked, greatly perturbed.

Roz's face burst into an evil grin. "Since I'm such a kind person, I'll take it in trade. If your sister places higher than me, I'll give you the money. If I place higher, you'll be my bitch for a day."

Emily had a questioning look on her face, but agreed. She totally ignored Caitlin who was frantically shaking her head no.

"Don't even thing of backing out of this bet if you know what's good for you." Rosalind turned and started to walk away, then looked back. "Maybe you should start practicing on your friend."

Emily looked at Caitlin questioningly. "What did she mean by that? Practice what?"

Caitlin grabbed Emily's hand. "Do you know what she meant by being her bitch?"

"Sure. She expects me to be her slave. Wait on her, gets her drinks. That sort of stuff." Emily said and then shrugged her shoulders as if it were no big deal.

Caitlin shook her head. "I don't think that's what she meant. I think she expects you to be her girlfriend for a day if you lose. She expects you to... do certain things to her."

At first Emily didn't move, she didn't say a word. Then her face turned a pale white. "I can't do that, especially not to that malodorous bitch. I'm going to heave!" Emily barely made it to the nearest trash receptacle.

End of Chapter One


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