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Chapter #7:Part 2-Comedy & Tragedy

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the continuation of chapter 7

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Chapter #7:Part 2-Comedy & Tragedy
:Joker POV:
I began firing into the crowd of people as I jumped out of the truck. My men were jumping out all around me and handing machine guns to each other. I let out a laugh of pure joy as I watched a man jump in front of a woman, I assume his wife, and take a bullet to the midriff. I chanced a quick glance around for Tragedy, but I couldn’t see her anywhere. I lowered my gun and turned around to look more thoroughly. I saw her in the back of the truck looking at a gun in confusion.
“What are you doing?” I asked exasperated yet amused.
“Trying to figure out how to use a machine gun,” she replied simply.
“You don’t know how to work a GUN?!” I said unable to hide my disbelief.
“No! Of course I know how to work a gun! Just not a machine gun. Give me a hand gun or shot gun and I’ll go crazy.” She said with a smile.
“Well I don’t have one right now, and I don’t have time to teach you so just sit here and enjoy the show, K?” I said and turned around to begin firing again.

:Tara’s POV:
Joker told me to stay in the truck and just watch so that’s what I did. I watched, I watched as he struck down a mother and her child, I watched as he kicked a man in the face and blew his brains away, and I watched as a police officer tried to sneak up on the man who had suddenly become my best friend over night. The police officer snuck up behind the Joker, pulled out his pistol and took aim. And that’s when I lost it. I always carry a knife with me in my pocket and I pulled that out and flicked it open. Then I jumped…
I flew out of the back of the truck with an animalistic snarl accompanied by, “Over My Cold, DEAD BODY, Mother FUCKER!” and with that I landed on the police man’s back and started pulling out his hair. He streamed in agony as I stabbed him repeatedly in the back in places I knew would hurt but would not kill him. Then when he was weakened, he fell down and I flipped him over onto his back. I looked at him, then I straddled him and took my blood covered knife and slowly inserted it into his forehead about a centimeter. Then I slowly, painstakingly, dragged it across his forehead in a pattern. When I was finished I stabbed him in the chest and twisted the knife. Then I pulled it out, wiped it on his shirt, and got off him to walk to the Joker who was just staring at me.
“Wow… What was THAT?!” he asked my looking surprised.
“That was me assassinating a man trying to assassinate you,” I said calmly. We walked back over to the body and looked down at the mangled corpse. In the middle of the forehead was the words ‘Comedy & Tragedy’ with the acting masks used in theatre with them. The masks were separated so that the smiling one was drawn next to the C in Comedy and the frowning after the Y in Tragedy.
“You said you wanted to introduce us to the world, so I did,” I said with a shrug.
“You’re a very good artist,” he said with a little surprise soaking into his words.
“And I’m also insane,” I said and grabbed his wrist. “I wanna go home now,” I said with a pouty face.
“OK. EVERYBODY IN THE TRUCK!” the Joker Yelled. Everyone piled in and Chuckles took the driver’s seat. I was the last one in and as I went to take my spot Joker grabbed my waist and pulled me down into his crossed legs.
“Oh, you get to sit with the Boss man. You lucky girl,” said Giggle with a wink. Then she giggled and I realized why her name was Giggle. She had the most unique and melodic laugh I had ever heard. I leaned back into the Joker’s chest and closed my eyes. Then I felt him lay his head down on mine and I fell asleep.
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