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Just part two of the pilot.

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Simon was walking to Tokyo Cram College. A homeless guy was offering him a textbook.

“Can for some free education?” he asked.

“F**k no!” Simon replied.

“F**k you!” the man said. Simon paused and turned to him.

“How was the holiday[7]?” he asked.

“Shit!” his friend said. “I was arrested in Osaka! Spent the night in jail! A hostel was much better than that! This world is crap now!” Simon smiled at him lightly.

“Later!” he said as he walked onto school. The man smiled back at him and tried to offer another student the textbook.

His friends were waiting for him on the yard. They were already waiting for him.

“/Look here he comes!/” Nick called out. Simon made his way over to them. They were all still talking about him. The alpha dog took a good look at his friends. They were a mixed sort. At the moment, it was Ando, Lucas, Fujisaki, Hiro, Shuichi, Lexie, Emma, Nick, and Shawn all sitting on the yard. Most of Simon’s friends were English. Ando, Fujisaki, Hiro, and Shuichi were Japanese. Emma was Australian. Lucas and Lexie were American. It was a weird combination, but it magically worked somehow.

“So what’s you been doing with your personal time?” Ando asked him. Ando was a little Buddhist boy. However, he wasn’t a very faithful one. The fifteen-year-old smoked pot, did pills, drank, and wanted to screw anything that had boobs and an ass. His hair was really short and black. Ando had blackish-brown eyes and looked like a typical Asian boy. However, he always dressed like a Westerner. Today, he had on a navy t-shirt and classic blue jeans.

“This and that,” Simon replied as he sat down with his mates.

“#Yeah right man,#” Emma argued with his with her blunt between her fingers. “#You were just trying to score some pussy! Ha! Dream on, you’ll never get them! They will never sleep with the likes of a middle-class poor English boy like you! No matter what muscles you flex or what trick you pull, they’ll just ignore you!#” Emma was a wild party girl. She would smoke, screw, rob, and snort anything. She was the messiest foreigner in Tokyo. But, Emma did look pretty cute. Her hair was long and messy blonde. Her eyes were a lovely caramel brown. She always through on whatever she liked at the short moment and not care about it for the rest of the day.

“/Maybe the boys for you, Emma!/” Simon argued. “/I say this world is like a casino and the bets are for us today! That’s how I see it that way!/” Emma just looked at him lost.

“#What’s he on about?#” she asked.

“+He’s quoting, Emma,+” Fujisaki cut in. “+It’s philosophy!+”

“#Is it like that Confucius shite?#” she asked.

“+Sakura Bomb TV,+” the keyboardist replied. Emma snorted and rolled her eyes.

“#Well, I don’t know what that is,#” she went on. “#But, you lot waste your lives watching television?#”

“+Wait,+” Ando said. “+You don’t watch television, Emma?+”

“#Nope!#” the Aussie said aloud. “#I don’t watch television, yeah? You’re brain dead and you can’t think of anything better to do than to entertain yourselves with!#”

“+Such as?+” Fujisaki challenged her. Emma thought about that for a moment.

“#Like…#” Emma began. “#Pills!#” The others seemed to be smirking at that one.

“+Is that it?+” Fujisaki asked her.

“#No!#” she said. They all waited for moment. Emma thought about her other answer for another minute.

“#Having a naughty[8]!#” she replied at last. Hiro handed Simon his cigarette.

“/Cultural!/” Simon replied.

“/+Yeah!/+” the others agreed. Emma pointed out to him.

“#Yes, that is cultural!#” she said.

“+You’re full of shit, Emma!+” Fujisaki said to her. “+Nobody’s going to sleep with you with a crotch like that!+” They all burst into laughter.

“+He’s got a point, Em!+” Ando agreed. “+You shouldn’t have gotten it out!+” Emma looked at him slightly annoyed.

“#It was strip poker!#” she yelled. “#For f**k’s sake! What do you want me to do?!?#”

“+You weren’t even playing, you idiot!+” Ando fired back. They all laughed again

“+Shouldn’t have taken it off, Em!+” Ando said again as he was putting his hand out for a high-five. “+Shouldn’t have taken it off!+”

“#Yeah, alright, yo! Just because you lot are a bunch of pussies!#” she yelled back as she pointed at them. “#Anyway, enough of that! Got to get going because we’ve got English and we don’t want to miss Ken-san, now do we?” Simon froze up quickly.

“/Hey, what about the party tonight?/” he asked his mates. They all sighed in disappointment.

“+No,+” Ando said.

“+Sorry!+” Fujisaki replied.

“+Can’t!+” Lexie spoke up. “+The gay night out, remember?+” Simon rose to his feet quickly.

“/Come on!/” he said quickly. “/There’s going to be drugs! It’s going to be a blast!/”

“#Look man, we don’t need any, okay?#” Emma replied. “#The city’s a wash! It’s like someone planted up f***g Lithium or something!#”

“/Oh Christ!/” Simon mumbled as he rolled his eyes annoyed. “/Sid’s going to get the stuff!/”

“#Well, call him up and tell him to cancel!#” she cut in. “#We have it supplied!#” Simon whipped out his cell phone and dialed up Sid. But all he got was his answer phone.

“/Sid! Answer, you twat!/” he barked.

At the pimp’s house, the hooker was painting her toe nails. Sid was waiting around in silence. The hooker was singing to herself softly. She then looked at her watch.

“I’ve got to walk in on him accident now,” she said. Then she stood up and began walking to the stairs.

“You want a coke or something?” she asked. Sid looked around for a bit.

“/Naw,/” he said. “/You think it’ll take long?/”

“Not when I burst in half-naked, it won’t!” the hooker replied.

“/Naw,/” Sid said again. “/I meant the guy I came to see./”

“You mean Snake?” she asked.

“/Snake,/” the boy replied. “/Is that his real name?/”

“Oh yeah!” she said. There was a moment of silence. Then, Sid rose to his feet.

“/You know, I think I’ll come back later,/” he said. But then, the hooker stopped him.

“It’s fine!” she insisted. “Just don’t stare; he doesn’t like people staring.”

“/Right!/” he said.

“He’s sensitive, you know?” she said. “Just don’t stare at him.” Then, she walked away. Sid looked up quickly.

“/Uh…/” he said aloud. “/What?/”

“Hello?” the hooker called out from upstairs. Sid sat on nervously. “I’ve unexpectedly come home by accident!” Sid looked around again.

At school, Simon was still trying to contact him.

“/Sid!/” he yelled in the phone. “/For Christ’s sakes don’t buy the dope! The party is canceled! Sid! Answer your message you utter lower twat!/” Then, he hung up stressed and went to class.

Sid looked at his phone in his hand as the lustful sounds went on upstairs. At long last, he could wait anymore.

“/Oh f**k this!/” he mumbled to himself as he rose to his feet to leave. But when he did, Sid found a man standing right in front of him. He looked about twenty-nine to thirty years old. His hair was short and black. He was dressed like a cross between a cowboy and a Japanese warlord. The man had a huge bushy mustache on his feet. He looked Sid up and down. He pointed to himself.

“You staring at me?” he asked the boy.

“/No, no!/” Sid said quickly. “/So, uh… your Snake?/”

“Yes I am,” the man replied. “Snake Charmer Cock!” The man walked closer.

“PHD!” he went on. Sid looked at him even more as Snake walked closer.

“Got a problem?” he asked.

“/No!/” Sid replied quickly. “/No, no! Um… so you’re a doctor, then?/” Snake looked at him with an eyebrow raised.

“Who said?” he asked.

“/Well, the whole PHD thing,/” Sid replied.

“Yeah, you could say that!” Snake replied. “Or you could pretty huge dick!” Sid looked on at him. Then, the drug dealer burst out into laughter. “Yeah!” he yelled hollowing. Sid relaxed and laughed as well.

“Which?” Snake asked. Sid stared on quietly.

“WHICH?!?” the man demanded. “DOCTOR OR PRETTY HUGE DICK, WHICH?” Sid stared on getting a little nervous again.

“/Both!/” Sid said. Snake smiled at him pointing.

“I like you,” he said. “What can I do for you? You want to get laid?”

“/How did you know that?/” Sid asked. Snake smiled and pointed to his head.

“/I mean…/” Sid went on. “/I was uh… hoping… maybe uh… to get some spiff!/” Snake put a cigarette into his mouth and lit it. Sid stared at him waiting for an answer.

“You think I’m f***g funny?” Snake asked.

“/Absolutely not!/” Sid said quickly.

“Show me some money!” Snake said to him.

“/Right,/” Sid said with a giggle. “/Well… uh… That’s the thing, cause… someone said I could get the stuff and pay later…/” Snake listened as he took another puff of his cigarette. Sid froze up nervously. Big mistake! Snake stormed over to him. Sid quickly put up his hands.

“/Whoa!/” he called. “/Oh f**k!/” Snake grabbed him by the shirt. Sid was really scared now.

“Credit, huh?” Snake snapped. “F***g shark attack there, right?”

“/I can’t understand!/” Sid spoke up. “/That’s just…/”

“F*k it! F*k it!” the drug dealer yelled. “Your game, if you want to play it! You want to play?” There was a moment of silence. Sid stared at him freaked out again.

“/Yeah!/” he said quickly. “/Yeah!/” He looked down nervously. Snake let him go instantly.

“/How about…/” Sid spoke up. “/An ounce of spiff?/”

“Three ounces of spiff?” Snake asked.

“/No,/” he said. “/An ounce./” The drug dealer shook his head.

“No, no,” he said. “Three ounces is 3,000 yen. Easy credit. So, you’ve got forty-eights to pay me.” Sid fell back onto the couch. He looked up at him with big eyes. Snake flicked ashes onto the boy. Then, he sat down with him and put his arm around him.

“You the boss,” he said.

“/Yeah,/” Sid replied softly. Silence passed for a moment. Snake grabbed Sid in the crotch. Sid was caught off guard by this. His mouth opened wide in shock. The drug dealer drew back his hand. He took another puff of his cigarette. Sid breathed out in shock.

“Just checking ya,” he said. “Your balls are your collateral. You know what I mean?” Once Sid got his breath back, he turned back to Snake. He nodded a bit. Snake nodded back.

“You do look, my son, in a moved sort, as if you were dismay'd: be cheerful, sir. Our revels now are ended. These our actors, as I foretold you, were all spirits and are melted into air, into thin air: and, like the baseless fabric of this vision, the cloud-capp'd towers, the gorgeous palaces, the solemn temples, the great globe itself, ye all which it inherit, shall dissolve and, like this insubstantial pageant faded, leave not a rack behind. We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep. Sir, I am vex'd; bear with my weakness; my, brain is troubled: Be not disturb'd with my infirmity: If you be pleased, retire into my cell and there repose: a turn or two I'll walk, to still my beating mind.” Fujisaki read aloud in English class. Today, the class was reading the Tempest by Shakespeare. Their sensei, Ken-san was getting to sucked into the drama. Fujisaki had this annoying from time to time, but he would keep on reading like he normally would. Ken-san was crying in passion for the part.

“Oh yes!!!” he cried out. The students all looked at each other uneasily. Here he went again. Ken-san was still crying. He was a fairly young sensei. He was only twenty-seven years with short black hair. He had a nice tone body to him. The man always dressed nice. It was safe to say that Ken-san was very in touch with his emotions. Sometimes on days like these, he showed them in front of the class. Fujisaki and the rest of the students forced themselves to continue. Emma smiled at the sensei.

“#More pathetic heartbreaker girls in your life, Ken-san?#” she called. The man wiped his tears and nodded.

“I know,” he said.

“#Hey,#” the Aussie girl said. “#No matter how great in bed she is--#”

“Emma!” Fujisaki interrupted. “Drop it!” Ken-san wiped his tears away again.

“You’re all so great to me,” he said. “I need your coursework in next week by the deadline. It’s okay. It’s important for my department in school. In a…” He broke down crying again. The students all left quietly. Some of them were whispering about him. Ken-san just cried even more. Emma walked over to him. She lightly tapped him on the arm.

“You know, I can say that you touched me up in the shower or something,” she offered. He looked up at her with tears in his eyes.

“Could you?” he asked.

“Yeah,” she said. But then, Fujisaki hurried in, grabbed her, and dragged her away. Emma looked around confused.

“#What?#” she asked. Then, they hurried out of the classroom and shut the door behind them.

Meanwhile, Sid was roaming the busy halls. Simon came right over to him.

“/Where the f**k have you been?/” he asked.

“/Doing what you said!/” the other boy replied. “/My f***g nerves are still on. You got Arisu?/”

“/Yeah, but…/” Simon said.

“/I’ve got the spiff!/” Sid cut in.

“/Did you get my messages, you twat?/” his mate asked him. Sid paused and pulled out his phone. He opened it up and looked at it. There was a list of missed calls on it. He scrolled through them on. Sweat drop on Simon’s head as he sighs stressed by Sid’s incompetence His looked up at him.

“/Problem?/” he asked. Simon shook his head. He just sighed and walked away. Sid looked at his phone again.

Ken-san was coming out his office with paperwork in his hands. He leaned against the wall and sighed out stressed. Emma came around the corner and found him.

“Hey Ken!” she said to him. The sensei looked up at him. Emma came around to him in semi-decent way.

“Another day another dollar, eh?” she asked. The Aussie smiled at him sweetly. Ken-san smiled back at her.

“Yeah,” he said. Then, he began walking on. Emma watched him excited. She quickly wanted more. She quickly turned around to him.

“Can I carry your books?” the Aussie girl asked him. Ken-san froze in his tracks. He smiled again.

“Um,” he said. “Sure.” He completely turned to her.

“You know Emma,” Ken-san said. “You don’t have to do any of that every day.”

“I do!” she said. Then, she took his work and held it for him. But before she actually could, his phone rang. She grabbed it and answered.

“No,” the sensei said. “There’s no need!” But it was too late.

“Ken’s phone!” Emma replied. She listened for a few seconds.

“Okay,” she said. “Stop ringing him you f***g whiny tart!” Ken-san became completely nervous and tried to take the phone from her.

“Emma! No!” he called. But, the girl turned away quickly.

“Let me have it!” the sensei said. Emma quickly held up her hand.

“This is Emma Miles here!” she said. “Ken’s friend! He’s got a lot of friends, you hear what I’m saying, you whore? What? Right, he’ll have the course work in by Thursday. Can you call by extension? Yeah. And don’t ring him again! Yumi!” Then, she hung up and handed to phone back to Ken. Emma turned to her man smiling.

“Sorted her out!” she said. Ken breathed in some.

“Right,” he said softly. Emma’s happy glow faded away when she saw his face.

“I’m not sure you’re supposed to…” he began. Emma looked down nervously. Ken-san smiled at her anyway.

“Thanks Emma,” he said. The Aussie girl cheered up again. She laughed a bit.

“Pleasure is all mine, Ken!” she chirped. Ken smiled at her again.

“Shall we?” Emma asked. Ken kept his smiled. Then, the girl took the books and they walked down the hall together. Ken-san looked at her as she walked. He started to have some fantasies about her, but then he came back to Earth just in time.

In the student lounge, Shuichi, Hiro, and Shawn were sitting near the TV looking at all of the other students. Hiro and Shuichi noticed that the Brit Goth was in a good mood today. Of course, this was the day that his clingy girlfriend was in her drama class and Shawn was free from her for fifty minutes. But, there had to be something more. They were curious to find out way.

“Hey Shawn,” Shuichi spoke up. The Goth looked at him.

“Yeah,” he replied. (He too spoke Japanese very well.)

“You’re in a good mood today,” the singer commented. Shawn smirked at him. This boy called himself the prince of darkness. Nearly everything on him was black. His black-brown was always spiked up. He wore black eyeliner every single day. His t-shirt were black with some sort of heavy mental reference to them. The English boy’s jeans were tight and black as well. His sneakers were always messy as well. Shawn also wore chains and skull jewelry on his pants and around his neck receptively. He was scary-looking in appearance. But, the crew accepted that anyway for some strange reason.

“I’m good right now,” he said. “Top young artist in the city, high grades, making my own money, and everything just fall into my hands. Hell, I could get anything I wanted right about now.” Shuichi smirked at those last words.

“Really now?” he asked.

“Hell yeah!” Shawn said. Then, an idea came into Shuichi’s head. He looked around the room for a moment. Finally, something caught his eye. The singer was smirking to himself.

“Shuichi,” Hiro spoke up. “What are you thinking?” His friend turned to Shawn grinning.

“Okay then,” Shuichi challenged. “I want to see you seduce her over there at the bar.” Both Shawn and Hiro looked up at the direction their friend was pointing at. A girl was standing at the bar ordering a drink. Her hair was long with a mix of blonde, black, and pink. She looked about sixteen years old. This one was a very pretty girl. Her profile was quite charming. This girl was dressed like a punk rocker and black. Shawn smiled as he admired what he saw. A smirk came across his twisted face.

“Alright,” he said. “I’ll do it!” The boys looked at him slightly surprised. Then, Shawn rose to his feet and walked over to the girl. Shuichi leaned over to Hiro.

“You think he’s going to win her?” he asked.

“We’ll have to see,” Hiro whispered back. Both boys watched on. Shawn was chatting up[9] the girl at the bar. She smiled and nodded at him. Shawn returned back grinning. Shuichi and Hiro were amazed.

“Well?” Hiro asked. Shawn grinned at them boldly.

“She said yes!” he replied. The boys looked at him confused.

“Yes?” Shuichi asked. “Yes to what?” Shawn smirked at him wickedly.

“I tapped her on the shoulder and said to her, ‘You have such a pretty face. I’d like to draw it.’ She thought about it and said yes and I gave her my card,” he replied. “See? Told you I could get what I wanted right now.” Shuichi and Hiro looked at him amazed as he sat down. Once again, the creepy Goth pulled a shocking scheme on them all.

Nick was wandering the halls out of boredom. This part of the day was his alone time. He could do as he pleased at the moment. But to tell the truth, he was looking for the new girl today. Ever since Simon called him this morning and told him that someone had moved into the Wisteria House in his block, Nick had a strong curiosity to find out all about her. But first, he had to find her. After a few minutes of searching, Nick finally hit a jackpot. He came across the young skinny English girl wandering the halls as well. His first thought was that he wanted to pump the girl’s stomach some. Then, a smirk came across the English boy’s face. “Jackpot!” he thought. Then, he made his way over to her. Nick lightly grabbed the new girl on the shoulder. She looked up at him quickly. A boy was grinning at her like a Cheshire cat. The new girl got a good look at him. Nick was a fairly decent bloke[10]. His chestnut deep brown hair came down to his ears. He had the loveliest sea blue-green eyes that any girl had seen. The boy was in casual dress today. Nick smirked at her.

“/I’m Nick,/” he said. “/And you are?/” The girl smiled at him cheerfully.

“/I’m Cassie!/” she said. There was a moment of silence between them.

“/I heard you moved into the Wisteria house in the east British slum,/” he said. Cassie’s eyes lit up brightly.

“/Yeah!/” she said. “/Andy Warhol wanted to expand his factory out here in Japan so I came here with him. I’m part of his entourage after all!/” Nick at her like she was out of her mind.

“/How old are you?/” he asked her.

“/Sixteen,/” Cassie chirped. Nick was really looking at her like she escaped from the funny farm now. Even a moron with a quarter of a brain would figure out that: this was 2009, she sixteen, and Andy Warhol died in 1987. She wasn’t even born then! Still, Cassie was new here. He couldn’t let a good corruption go to waste, now could he?

“/Say Cassie,/” Nick spoke up. “/How would you like to come with me to a party tonight? There’s going to be free smack and booze./” There was another pause for a moment. Then, Cassie smiled at him again.

“/That’s really lovely!/” she called. “/Of course, I’ll come with you!/” Nick smiled at her wickedly.

“/Great!/” he said. “/I’ll pick you up tonight!/”

“/Want to walk with me?/” Cassie asked. Nick looked at her for a moment. Then, he shrugged at her with a smile.

“/Sure,/” he said. “/As long this doesn’t turn into an everyday thing!/” Cassie smiled at him lightly.

“/Okay,/” she said. Then, they headed down the hall together. She bragged all around how she was very close to Andy Warhol along the way. Nick just listened in silence.

The night zipped into night quickly. It was now party time. Sid and Simon made it all the way to Gabby’s house. The boys looked around for a moment. Sid was amazed.

“/Jesus is that it?/” he asked.

“/Yep,/” Simon replied. “/It’s Gabby’s party and we’ve got to sell an ounce of dope./”

“/Yeah, but I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that…/” Sid spoke up.

“/So what I reckon is,/” Simon cut in. “/We tell her it’s like, I don’t know, Mongolian or hallucinogenic or something. They’re all so dim they might just buy it./”

“/Yeah, but you see,/” Sid tried again. “/That’s the…/”

“/Simon!/” a girl called out to the charming English boy. The boys looked up quickly to see Casper running towards them with Arisu.

“/Hey!/” Simon said.

“/Hey!/” Casper said back. The girls made it right over to him. Casper embraced her boyfriend happily. They kissed over and over again. Sid watched on in discomfort. He then looked over at Arisu. She currently looked high out of her mind. She was a cute-looking girl. Arisu had her short black her cut like a boy’s with short messy little ponytails in it. Many shiny colorful hair clips invaded her hair as well. People would notice her from a mile away. Arisu’s face had been done up rather nicely this time. Usually, she looked like a clown geisha in make-up or didn’t wear any at all. Tonight, Arisu have a black mini-dress with a dark blue business jacket. She looked at him for a bit as well. Casper broke off the kiss and looked around.

“/Um, where is everyone?/” she asked.

“/Not coming,/” Simon replied. “/And Sid has to sell or he’s in shite with his dealer./”

“/Hang on!/” he shouted. “/My dealer?!?/”

“/Uh… anyway, I brought Arisu!/” Casper cut in just in time. She walked over to the dazed girl.

“Arisu you remember Sid, right?” she asked her.

“Yeah,” Arisu replied with a light laugh. “Wow! Lovely! No. But, I like that you’re funny-looking. It’s cute. Like, wow man!” There was a slight pause. Everything that came out Arisu’s mouth was always mixed up beyond belief.

“So how’s treatment going, Arisu?” Simon asked.

“Oh, it’s cool!” she said. “I wear a white dress and I’m on happy pills in the morning and night. Some I have to take at night, because I fall asleep right after I take them. If I’m not sick, they let me play with the cats. Yeah, it’s like… being in a hazy Toyland on a good day. You know?” Sid looked at her as she had escaped from the funny farm. “This is the girl I’m supposed to f**k tonight?” he thought in slight worry. He looked over at his friends.

“That’s encouraging,” Simon said at last. Arisu became overjoyed.

“Oh thank you!” she called as she hugged him happily. “You’re so nice!”

“Right, right!” Simon said to her. Then, Arisu gave him a big kiss on the lips. She didn’t stop there. More kisses followed.

“Arisu!” Casper called out as she pulled her friend again. “Arisu! Arisu!” The hippie girl turned the Japanese girl to Sid.

“Sid’s going to be looking after you tonight!” Casper said. Arisu’s eyes lit up brightly.

“Oh, witty!” she called. “Wow!”

“And Sid has got a whole bag of drugs!” Simon added.

“Wow! That’s so nice!” Arisu called. “And I bet you won’t let me near anything sharp.” Sid looked around for a moment.

“No, no!” he said.

“Thank you!” she called as she hugged him tightly. Then, she let go of him smiling.

“/Hey!/” a voice called out to the crowd. Everyone looked up to see Nick and Cassie rushing over to them. They were walking as fast as they could. Simon smirked at him.

“/Nick! You bastard!/” he called out. The pair made it over to the crew.

“/That’s me!/” he said. “/Shawn and his new model are coming on the way as well./” Simon smiled at him.

“/Sweet!/” he said. “/He’s got another model?/”

“/Yep!” said Nick. Then, he pointed over at Cassie. “/This is Cassie by the way,/” he said. “/Girl who moved into the Wisteria house./”

“/Hi,/” she said.

“/Hi!/” the other said. Nick turned to Arisu.

“Hi Arisu,” he said.

“Hi!” she called back.

“All better I see,” he said. “How was the hospital stay?”

“Good!” she replied. “Sid’s going to take care of me tonight!”

“I see,” Nick replied. “Trying to get the boy to pop his cherry, huh?” he thought to Simon. The charming devil stepped forward.

“/Right, great!/” he said. “/Let’s go in and shift this ounce, yeah?/”

“/It’s three ounces,/” Sid cut in. “/I… got… three ounces,/” Simon looked at him for a moment. Then, Sid took out the drugs and showed them to him. Simon just looked at him again. Oh shite…

The crew all made it inside. Gabby opened the door. Simon smiled at her in a charming way.

“/Hi Gabby!/” he said. The girl smiled at him brightly.

“/Simon!/” she called. “/How lovely! These must be your friends!/” Casper looked at her confused.

“/Sorry?” she asked.

“/Yeah,/” he replied. “/This is Casper, Nick, Cassie, Arisu, and Sid./”

“/Super!/” Gabby called.

“Wow!” Arisu called as she rushed forward and hugged the rich schoolgirl. “You’re lovely!” Gabby was a little shocked by this. This was rather random.

“/Oh super!/” Gabby said.

“Where’s the bathroom?” Arisu asked. “I want to see the bathroom!”

“Through there,” the hostess said pointing to her right. Arisu rushed off that direction. Gabby turned back to the other guests.

“/Come in!/” she said.

“/Cheers!/” Casper said. Then, they all proceeded inside. Gabby led them into the living room. She paused and quickly turned around.

“/Oh!/” she said as she remembered something. “/Shoes! It’s the culture here, yeah? We’ve got to respect that. You know?/”

“/Fine, fine,/” Simon said. “/Sure./” Then, the guests began taking off their shoes and placing them near the doorway.

“/Fine,/” said Casper.

“/Yeah,/” Nick replied. Gabby looked and noticed Sid’s damaged and worn socks. She just burst into random laughter at the sight of them. She had to force himself to turn away.

“/Um, can I get you some punch?/” Gabby asked them. “/Um, I’m afraid you might not be used to this type. The mix came all the way from India./”

“/We’d love Indian punch!/” Simon replied. Gabby served them all kindly. Simon turned to his girlfriend.

“/Don’t we, Casper?/” he asked. She didn’t answer and just looked at him. The hippie took the punch without any questions.

“/Super,/” Casper said softly. They all drank quietly. After the punch, Gabby led her guesses further into the living room. She stepped forward to her other guests.

“/Everyone!/” she said aloud. “/This is Simon and his friends!/” Then, she turned to her new guest.

“/Simon,/” she said. “/This is Susan, Bill, Suki, Lynn, Dave, Tom, Sebastian, Jill, Tommy, Tish, and Pam!/”

“/Hi!/” the other guests called out. Gabby turned to Sid.

“/What was your name again?/” she asked him. The boy looked up quickly.

“/Sid!/” he said quickly.

“/Sid, is it?/” Gabby asked. “/Is that German or something?/”

“/No, I don’t think so,” the boy replied.

“/Hilda is German!/” the rich girl said. “/Hilda!/” A big German girl dressed in all black looked up at them. Sid looked one shocked.

“/She doesn’t speak English or Japanese,/” Gabby went on. “/But you can speak to her in French./” Sid looked at her confused. Then, Gabby spoke to the German girl in French like a socialite from Paris. More than likely, it was about Sid himself. Hilda took one good look at the English boy. Then, she smirked and said something back to her that was just as sharp as a double-edged samurai sword. She held up her pink finger as well. Both girls laughed. Sid looked around confused. Casper and Simon were mingling already. Nick just rolled his eyes just himself. Cassie was looking around of course.

“/She likes you,/” Gabby said to him. Sid smiled at that one.

“/Oh,/” he said. “/Cheers!/” Then, Hilda walked away smiling. Now, it was time for business.

“/Gabby,/” Simon spoke up. “/We were wondering… uh… wondering if your friends would like a little treat or something?/” Gabby looked at him for a moment.

“/A treat?/” she asked.

“/You know,/” Simon replied. “/The good stuff!/” He mimicked smoking a joint.

“/Oh!/” Gabby said. “/Yeah, that would be so cool and all!/” Sid looked up happily.

“/Great!/” said Simon. “/Because we’ve got some really great stuff!/”

“/But,/” Gabby cut in. “/We can’t smoke anything in the house./”

“/The house?/” Simon asked.

“/Yes,/” Gabby answered. “/Our maid has asthma and she gets really sick with cigarette smoke. And plus, mummy is very strict on odors in the house./” Sid dropped his head down in defeat. Simon looked on a little disappointed.

“/That’s too bad,/” he said. Then, the intercom came on loudly. Everyone looked up quickly.

“/What’s up all?” the DJ asked. “/This is DJ Mike with you! And we’re going to rock this house out, yeah?”

“/Yeah!!!/” the crowd said.

“/So let’s rock it with jam and party down!/” the DJ said. Then, he turned on the music. Some “I Like to Move it” by Reel 2 Real came on and everyone started dancing. Sid, Nick, and Casper looked around like they had all lost their minds. Cassie just stared on. Simon had struck out tonight.

“/Isn’t that something?/” he asked his mates. Nick just glared at him. “/I’m going to kill you later, you big dummy!/” his eyes seemed to say.

“/Right!/” Casper said trying to humor him. Then, Gabby walked over to the couple.

“/Come on, Simon!/” she called out. “/Join us!/” Then, she went back to the crowd and danced. Casper took off her jacket.

“/Whatever,/” she said. Then, the hippie went out into the crowd and danced as well. Simon took off his jacket too. Sid looked around for a moment. He was watching Casper dance. She looked great in her black and white Jackie O-inspired party dress. The make-up and hair was just as hot as well! The dancing was really sexy too. Simon dancing with her made it even hotter. He wanted to join in so much. But that was just it. Sid couldn’t. Casper only had eyes for Simon. They even looked like the perfect fit. Meanwhile, Cassie came over to Nick and sat down. She was amused by the shining lights.

“/Why aren’t you out there dancing?/” Cassie asked him. Nick just snorted.

“/I don’t dance at parties!/” he hissed. “/I just drink and get high!/”

“/I see!/” the new girl said. Cassie looked at Sid, Casper, and Simon.

“/That Sid boy seems to really like Casper!” she remarked. Simon snorted again.

“/Ha!/” he said. “/He just wants what he can’t have!/”

“/Oh,/” Cassie said. They kept on watching. Sid turned away and headed into the downstairs bathroom. He walked inside and looked around.

“Hello?” he asked aloud. Arisu paused from the medicine cabinet and turned around.

“Oh hi!” she said. The Japanese girl looked all around again. “This is so, so wicked!” she called out. “She’s got so many pills! Look at it all! Wow!”

“Right,” he said. “Are you trying to cut yourself again?” Arisu turned back to him again.

“Oh no!” she said. “You mustn’t do it! Just arrange stuff!” She keeps on doing so with the pills. Sid looked at her work. That girl was really busy tonight.

“I haven’t gotten them all organized at all,” she said. Sid still looked around nervously. This girl was a fanatic. She then fixed the last bottle.

“There,” Arisu said. “That’s it! Giggle I don’t feel sad now!”

“Cool,” Sid said at last. There was a moment of silence. Arisu smiled at him again.

“So, you going to f**k me later?” she asked him cheerfully. Sid looked up quickly at that question.

“Pardon?” he asked.

“You know,” Arisu said. “Like Casper said!” Sid looked around a bit.

“She said that?” he asked.

“Oh yes!” Arisu said. Sid sighed out in stressed.

“Look, I’ve got all of this f***g weed!” he said. “You want a hit or something?”

“No,” she said. “I can’t have any. It messes with my meds and makes me depressed.” Sid looked up for a moment.

“Oh, I don’t mind,” he said.

“I do,” she said. The English boy paused.

“Sorry,” he said. There was another pause. Sid then gently leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. Arisu smiled at that.

“Oh,” she said being flushed. “Well… You can keep me company. Yeah?”

“Yeah,” Sid agreed. Meanwhile outside, the people were still dancing. Nick and Cassie were still watching the people do so.

Downtown Tokyo, Shuichi, Emma, Lexie, Ando, and Lucas were in a gay bar out a gay night out. It was all Lexie’s idea really. She wanted to get Shuichi to make some gay friends. So far, that was looking like disappointment tonight. There weren’t many people there, the food wasn’t that great, and the only thing exciting to do was karaoke. The only thing good tonight was the sake. (Lexie had some ginger ale. She can’t have any alcohol; she gets sick from it too easily.) The crew was looking very bored.

“#Jesus!#” Emma called. “#As far as gay nights go, this is not that big!#”

“+Sorry guys,+” Lexie said. “+I just wanted Shuichi to make some gay friends as well. You know?+”

“+I appreciate the gesture,+” he said. “+But…+” Lexie just sighed. There was a moment of silence.

“I’m definitely not turning gay!” Ando declared.

“#Me either!#” Emma said. Lexie looked at the two men at the karaoke. They looked like the loser slacker type with no jobs at all.

“+Well, it could be a lot of fun!+” she tried again. “+They had the Tokyo All Boy’s Dance team here last week!+” No reply.

“+What a blast!+” she called. That didn’t work at all. Emma finished her drink. She sat it down on the table.

“#Well,#” she said as she got up. “#I just have to imagine that!#”

“+Where are you going?+” Shuichi asked aloud. The Aussie turned back to him grinning.

“#To that party!#” she called.

“+Naw,+” Lexie said.

“#Look, it’s posh kids! Every one’s going to be there!#” Emma reasoned. “#All of the boys are gay or bi!#” (Okay, it was lie. But, Emma was desperate to take time with them for some better action by this point!) That could Lexie and Shuichi interests.

“Yeah?” Shuichi asked. Emma nodded.

“Are the girls gay too?” Ando asked. The Aussie paused for a short moment.

“#Everyone’s gay!#” she yelled. Everyone looked on happy. Emma was overjoyed at her work.

“#Now, let’s get the f**k out of here!#” she called. Everyone left in a rush.

Meanwhile, the party was still going on. Morning was slowly coming. Shuichi, Emma, Ando, Lexie, and Lucas met up with Shawn and his new model, Nicole, and walked over to Gabby’s house.

“This is the place?” Shuichi asked.

“Yep!” Shawn replied. “I think we found it!”

“+Double posh!+” Lucas said.

“And it only to five buses, four hours, and two bottles of sake!” Ando summed up. Inside, the party was still kicking. The boys and girls all looked around the place. Emma swiped a couple of IPhones and put them in her backpack. They all headed into the living room. Ando helped himself to one of the half-empty punch cups.

Casper and Simon were still dancing on the dance floor. Shuichi, Emma, Ando, Lexie, Lucas, Shawn, and Nicole found the couple.

“#Simon!#” Emma yelled out. “#Changed our minds, man! The crazy bitch is here!#” Then, she took off her jacket, hat and shirt and the crew pounced on them in a rush. Casper yelped out loud.

Meanwhile outside, Arisu and Sid were on the trampoline. Arisu was jumping up and down having blast. Sid watched her as he smoked another cig.

“Arisu!” he said to her. “You okay?” The Japanese flopped backwards laughing.

“Come up here with me!” she called. “You got to got to bounce! Whew!” Sid looked at her for a moment. He threw aside his cigarette.

Meanwhile inside, the party was getting really wild. Gabby tried to get it back under control, but Ando kept trying to molest her in the process. The boys were cheerfully aloud as well. Emma pulled down her skirt when Gabby was yelling at her to take off her shoes. The boys were really happy then. A fight broke out as well. Even Hilda was happy at the action. She took off her shirt and kissed on Shawn. Outside, Sid was jumping on the trampoline as Arisu was lying down. He nearly fell over and on top of the girl. Arisu reached up and kissed him on the lips. The English boy seemed to enjoy it so much. They slowly pulled away.

“It’s no good though, Sid,” she said.

“Huh?” he asked as Arisu was playing with his hoodie.

“Is it?” she asked.

“What?” he asked. “What is?”

“You like me,” Arisu explained.

“Uh…” he said. “Sure,”

“But, you really love Casper!” she said lightly tapping him on the nose. Sid lied down beside of her sighing in stress.

“It shows?” he asked.

“F***g right it shows!” Arisu called. “Anyway, she told me!” Sid looked at her again.

“She told you?” he asked. Arisu smiled at him.

“Aw, f**k!” her crush mumbled to himself.

“She said, Simon doesn’t lover her properly,” the Japanese girl pressed one. “Like you do. And it’s too f**e up, because she totally loves him and she thinks you’re sweet.”

“Sweet?” Sid asked. “She’s thinks I’m sweet!” He sighed again. “I’m in so much shite!” Arisu lightly held his hand.

“No, you’re not,” she said. The girl sighed.

“No?” he asked. “I mean what would you do if everything was just so f**d up and you just don’t know what to do?” Arisu smiled at him softly.

“I’d keep swallowing pills until they take me to the hospital,” she said. There was a moment of silence. Arisu breathed in again. She looked up at the sky.

“Look at those clouds!” she called out. “Wow!” Sid looked up for a moment and then looked at her. Then, he looked at the sky again. Arisu slowly shut her eyes as if going to sleep.

“You want to do it with me now?” she asked. Sid looked over at her again.

“Huh?” he asked.

“I won’t mind,” Arisu spoke again. “But you’ll have to be quick,” Sid looked at her confused.

“Why?” he asked.

“Because,” she answered. “I told a shit load of pills earlier.” Sid at up at those words lighting fast.

“Pills?” he asked. “What kind of pills?”

“Oh you know,” Arisu said in a tired voice. “Just pills.” A smile came across her face as she said no matter.

“Arisu!” Sid called to her. No answer. He began shaking her.

“Arisu!” he called again. She still didn’t answer. He looked around in a panic.

“Oh,” the English boy said. “Oh f**k!” So, he got up and dragged the out-cold girl off of the trampoline. This was real shit now!

Inside, everyone was still partying. Actually, more fighting than partying by this point Lexie was getting beaten up by three prep girls. Sid walked in slowly with Arisu on his shoulders. Casper hurried over to him.

“/Shite! Sid!/” she called. “/What happened to her?!?/” Everyone hurried over to Sid and Arisu. Emma mumbled something incoherent as Simon was dragging her away.

“/Shuichi, Ando! Come on!/” he yelled out. They all quickly ran out of the house. The Aussie was holding her clothes in her hands.

“#Good party!#” Emma remarked.

“/Guys, can we get going in case Arisu is dying or something?/” Sid asked as he set her on the green grass slowly. Hilda ran out to the crew.

“/They had an all-night walk in at the city hospital,/” Casper spoke up. “/That’s where we normally take her./”

“/That’s miles away!/” Simon called. Hilda blew a kiss at Ando.

“I think she likes you, Ando!” Shuichi said to him. The boy smiled.

“Safe!” he said. “Yes, but…we have no bus or taxi, we are stuck. Yeah?” Then, Hilda held up some car keys and waved them around.

“We steal car and then me f**k Japanese boy, yes?” she asked. Ando nodded at that one. Anything to save Arisu by this point.

“Yes!” he said aloud. The car ripped through the streets rushing to the hospital. It was literally a race against time. Simon was driving as fast as he could. His friends were all yelling at him to hurry.

“/I’m driving as fast as I can! But this thing is crap!/” he yelled out. Casper had Arisu cradled in her lap. Ando and Hilda were making out in the back seat.

“It’s a f***g old model, Simon!” Shuichi yelled at him. The English boy swiveled to miss a van coming towards them. They all kept screaming out as Simon was driving as fast as he could to the hospital. Time began to tick even faster.

“/She’s not breathing!/” Casper screamed out. Simon sighed out stressed. This was not good at all.

“/There it is!/” the hippie yelled out as she pointed to the hospital. Simon pulled in front of the entry doors.

“/Okay, quick!/” he said “/Get her inside!/”

“Yeah, but what do we tell them?” Ando asked.

“/I don’t know,/” the alpha male replied. “/Improvise! Go on, we got the stash in the car!/” Right then, Arisu came to and sat up. Simon didn’t notice and got stressed.

“/Come on, what are you waiting for--?/” he asked aloud as he turned around to the back. He was surprised to see Arisu alive and well again. She smiled at them brightly.

“Oh,” she said. “What a strange and lovely dream. Wow!” Everyone relaxed. The crisis was over, for now anyway. Simon drove everyone to the park. Ando got out of the car to take a leak. Arisu leaned out the window smiling. The alpha male turned to his mate.

“/Get it out!/” he ordered. “/We can at least have a couple of joints before you are taken out in the bollocks,/” Sid got the weed out and looked at his friend.

“/Oh nice!/” he called. “/Thanks, Simon!/”

“/Relax,/” Simon replied. “/We’ll sell it tomorrow!/” Sid looked up at him quickly.

“/Where?!?/” he snapped.

“/We just will,/” Simon answered.

“I like the boats,” Arisu said aloud to no one in particular. “They just go places. Like to the sea and everything.” A tour boat was sailing by along the river. Today was very peaceful. Everyone was just in a quiet mood at the moment. Simon looked out the window.

“/You okay, Ando?/” he asked. The Japanese boy was still at the tree trying to take a piss.

“Shut up!” he yelled. “I can’t f***g pee if you’re looking!” Everyone was still watching him. There was a moment of silence.

“You’re looking, aren’t you?” he asked aloud.

“No!” the others called. Then, they all faced forward. Ando was finally reliving himself.

“/Whose got any paper?/” Shawn asked.

“/Aw me,/” Simon replied. Then, he began looking around on him.

“/Are you sure you have any?/” Casper asked.

“/Stop worrying!/” Simon remarked. “/Had enough screwovers today!/”

“/You put them in your back pocket!/” Sid called.

“/When?/” he asked.

“/Come here,/” Sid said. Then, he buckled himself and reached over to help his friend get the wrapping paper for the pot. But unfortunately, Sid put the car in drive and the station wagon rolled straight forward into the water!

“/Got it!/” Sid called.

“/SIMON!!!/” Casper screamed out as they headed into the water. “/SIMON, DO SOMETHING!!!” But, it was too later. The car fell straight into the water! Ando turned around when he heard the splash and ran straight to the edge.

“Oh f*k! Oh f*k!” he yelled out as the car sank all the way to the bottom. Ando looked on in a panic. He waited for any life to resurface. This looked pretty bad! (But me being a merciful writer, I wouldn’t kill them off in the pilot, now would I?) But then, Casper swam back up to the top.

“/Oh my god!!!/” she screamed out. One by one, they all swam back up to the surface again. They all were coughing and gasping for air.

“/SIMON!!!/” Casper screamed out. Her boyfriend just panted at first.

“/Could have been worse,/” he said. “/Don’t you think?/” But, it did. Sid looked around quickly. He swore to himself under his breath.

“/The dope’s gone!!!/” he yelled out.

“/At least we got our health!/” Cassie called as she swam around in the cold water. “/That’s the important thing!/”

“/Shut up!/” Nick hissed.

Everyone except Ando of course walked home in cold and wet silence. They all had enough adventure for one day. Sid took off his hat and rung it out. The dope resurfaced from the water.

Simon’s neighbor across the street began her daily strip show as usual. She opened the blinds and looked out. This time, the blinds across the street were closed. The woman looked out as she dried her hair.

“/For god’s sake!/” her English husband yelled out as he sat up in bed. “/What are you doing, Suki? Why do you have to get up so early?/” Suki just smiled to herself tenderly.

“Just getting ready, dear,” she said. “Just getting ready!”

“/Anyone would think that you wanted the neighbors to see you!/” the husband said. “/Do you heard me, woman?/” Suki turned to him smiling.

“Yes, darling!” she said. Then, she came away from the window and back into the room. On the other side, Simon and Sid were both in Simon’s bed. Simon yawned aloud.

“/Simon,/” Sid called to his friend.

“/Yeah Sid?/” he asked.

“/Emma and that German girl,/” his friend spoke up as he turned to his friend. “/They got out at that hospital, right? I mean, they got out before the harbor, yeah?/” Simon thought about that for a second. Then he turned to his friend.

“/Yeah,/” he said pretty sure. Sid turned back to the ceiling.

“/Yeah,/” he said. There was a moment of silence. Simon turned back to the ceiling.

“/You still a virgin, then?/” he asked his friend.

“/Yeah./” Sid answered. Just another wild day with this lot.


[1] Pants are underwear in the British English language

[2] Answer Phone is voice mail or answering machine in England.

[3] Mobile is a cell phone to the English

[4] Wanking is jerking off to the English

[5] Trainers are sneakers to the Brits

[6] Cheers=Thanks

[7] Holiday=Vacation to English

[8] Having a naughty=Sex in Australian

[9] Chatting up= hitting on/pick up to the Brits

[10] Bloke=Guy to the English
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