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Sid has always screwed up everything in his life. This one though, is the worst.

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Key Notes:

"Text"= Japanese talking

"+American English talking+"

"British English talking"

"#Australian English talking#"

Grey and brown eyes looking out in a daze behind black-framed glasses. Sid was looking out across from the school at the Nursing home across the street. An elderly couple was making out in the window. Sid stared on in wonder and blank thoughts.

"Sid!!!" a voice called out to him. The English boy quickly returned back to Earth. His parents and Amuro-san were all looking at him. They weren't looking too happy. In fact, they were all here to discuss Sid's grades. Or rather, Sid's failing grades.

"+See,+" Amuro-san spoke again. "+This is part of his problem. Wilson-kun does not focus too well in class. I have to redirect his attention many times in class.+" His father was really pissed off at the moment.

"Lazy little twat!!!" he shouted at his son. "How the f**k did you let this happen?!?" Amuro-san and Mrs. Wilson sat there quietly. Amuro-san shoved the record of his grades forward. She was the geography teacher for Sid. The sensei waited until Wilson-san went quiet again. She took in another breath.

"Anyway," she said. "Sid is not even close to passing grades now." Wilson-san looked at her confused. He didn't understand Japanese too well.

"What?" he hissed at her. Amuro-san paused to catch her breath again. It was so easy to forget that the parents didn't understand Japanese sometimes. Time to switch to English.

"+Wilson-kun isn't even close to passing in any other his classes,+" she explained. "+He is the second from the bottom on the school scores.+" She showed the father his son's last paper.

"+His paper has no grade,+" she explained. "+Wilson-kun has basically failed the course.+" Wilson-san turned to his son glaring coldly. Sid shrank in his seat again. He was screwed now! Could this get any worse for him? Amuro-san firmly pushed her palms together.

"+However,+" she spoke again. "+There is a way to save his grade.+" The whole family looked up at her desperately. Amuro-san sat up some.

"+If,+" she said. "+And only if he redoes his paper on Southeast Asia. Three to five pages with at least three different resources.+" Sid relaxed a little bit. But Wilson-san was glaring at his son again.

"You are grounded until you bring your grades up!!!" he yelled at his son. "/You hear me? F***g grounded!!! Say goodbye to sunshine, sunshine!!!" Sid looked down red in the face. This was always had it was with his father. Wilson-san saw his son as a failure. He would constantly verbally abuse the boy because it. His mother could only watch on in pity. Wilson-san brutally grabbed his son.

"You understand me?!?" he yelled.

"Yes, sir!!!" Sid cried out. Wilson-san slowly let go of his son. He managed to calm down a little bit. But only a bit!

"You are to go straight to class and then come home for your homework!" he hissed. "What is your next class?"

"Drama," Sid replied. "And then English!" Sid's father glared at him coldly.

"Fine," he hissed. "You go straight to drama class and English, you got me?" Sid nodded at him quickly. Wilson-san sat back some. He turned to the teacher.

"Anything else, ma'am?" the man asked her. Amuro-san shook her head.

"+No sir,+" she replied. "+Nothing at all.+" Wilson-san nodded at her.

"Okay then," he said. "Have good day ma'am." The man turned to his wife.

"Ready to go?" he asked. His wife nodded at him in embarrassed silence. Then, they both got up and headed out of the classroom. Amuro-san turned to Sid out of pity. The boy sank into his seat once again. This was only an hour of his pathetic life.

Subject: Sid

Sid walked the halls in defeat. His day had started off as crap already. The boy had to do everything in his power to keep it from going to the dogs anymore. Ha! Good luck with that one, pal! Sid made it over to his drama class. He looked into the classroom. The students were acting in their roles in the mini "play." It looked...

"That is so crappy, isn't it?" a voice asked behind him. Sid slowly looked behind him. Shuichi was standing looking at him with red glittery devil horns on his head.

"Why not go out on the yard and get stoned?" the vocalist offered. Suddenly Ando came up on the other side of him. He had on a silver tinsel halo. He grabbed Sid by the shoulder.

"No!" he called. "It would be bad! You're a good boy, really! You should go to your drama class."

"F**k it!" Shuichi argued back. "Be bad!"

"Be good!" Ando said."Drama!"

"F**k it!" the devil vocalist called.

"Drama!" the angel screamed.

"Shut up!" Sid barked at last. Ando and Shuichi laughed.

"You like these?" Ando asked. "We nixed them from the supply room!" Sid rolled his eyes.

"Yeah," he said. "Really funny!" Then, he and Ando began heading into drama class. Shuichi held up his hands.

"Hey," he called. "Where are you guys going?" Sid and Ando paused and looked at him.

"We're going to class," Sid explained. Shuichi shook his head.

"F**k it!" he said. Then, he walked down the hall. Sid thought about it for a moment.

"F**k it!" the boy said at last. Then, he followed behind Shuichi. Ando took one more look at the class. He sighed and shook his head.

"F**k it!" the angel said at last. Then, he hurried to catch up with his friends. The boys were walking down the hall when Arisu rushed over to Sid. She was waving right at them.

"Hey!" she called out. The boys stopped so that she could talk to them. Arisu grinned at them brightly.

"Hi everybody!" she called. She turned over to Shuichi. "Wow Shuichi, you look all horny!"

"You can tell?" the vocalist asked in a dirty tone. The Japanese girl looked back over at Sid.

"Anyway," she said. "Don't forget about our date!" Sid looked at him blankly.

"Uh..." he said. Then, he quickly remembered. "Oh!" Sid called. "About that... I can't!" Arisu looked at him for a moment.

"Oh," she said in a small voice. "Okay..." Sid shook his head lightly.

"I'm sorry," he said. "I'm grounded because of my grades." Arisu shuffled a bit.

"Okay," she said. "Well, I'll just sit in your room tonight then." Sid shrugged at her.

"Okay," he replied. "Whatever." Arisu smiled at him cheerfully.

"Oh wow!" she said. "Great!" Then, the Japanese girl hugged him tightly and went to class. Sid watched after her in silence. Shuichi and Ando were smirking at him.

"Oooo!!!" Shuichi called. "Sid has a date! Sid has a date!" The English boy looked at him confused. To him, that seemed like an odd thing to hear. Sid didn't really have any feeling for Arisu. She was just a friend to him. He didn't understand what she saw in him. He probably wouldn't even fall for him either. It was just... odd. That's all. Sid just shook his head and headed to the yard. Shuichi and Ando followed behind smirking. Their English friend was just so clueless! He just could not see.

Sid was lying on the grass in the yard smoking pot. The sky looked so heavy and blue. His mind was on Casper again. She was the girl of his deepest desires. But yet, he could never have her! Life can be so cruel! And such a bitch! Meanwhile, Casper was sitting on the bench all alone. She was waiting for Simon. He told her to meet her at lunch. So far, he hadn't shown up yet. Casper became really worried. "Oh!" she thought. "I hope he didn't forget!" The hippie looked over at the clock. Lunch would be over in ten minutes. Casper fidgeted some. This wasn't good. Then suddenly, someone covered up her eyes from behind. The hippie smiled to herself richly. She giggled some.

"Hello Simon!" the girl called. Her boyfriend moved next to her. Casper smiled at him brightly. Simon smiled back at her.

"Hey," he said. Then, he sat down next to her. He gave her some yogurt. Casper looked at him happily.

"For me?" she asked him. Simon nodded at her smiling. Casper was flattered.

"Why Simon!" she called. "Thank you!" Her boyfriend smiled at her in a charming devilish way. He knew how to win his bird"[1]":#_ftn1 over. Simon was cool like that. Sid watched on in envy. Maybe Nick was right. He just wanted something he could never have. And that something was Casper's love for him. Or so it started out...

Back at the bench, Simon and Casper were talking. The hippie had two big shopping bags with her. She pulls out two dresses. One was black and the other was red. Both were pretty sexy. The black one only had one strap with a black flower with it. The red one was strapless.

"Simon," she said. "Which one do you like more? The black one or the red one?" At that point, the charming bastard was looking across the street. The girls at White Dove's School for Girls were getting out for their lunch. Simon had his eyes on Gabby. She looked so cute in her school uniform. There was little secret to be known here. Simon had slept with Gabby a couple of nights ago. In fact, they were in a secret relationship together. This had gone on for weeks now. Nobody knew a thing. In fact, Simon was thinking about Gabby right now.

"Hello?" someone asked him. Simon quickly looked up. Casper was looking right at him with the dresses in her hand.

"Hm?" he asked. Casper looked at him in stress.

"The red one or the black one?" she asked again. Simon smirked at him in seductive way.

"Keep the red one," he said. "Wear the black one for my pageant tonight!" Casper looked at him confused.

"Pageant?" she asked. Simon nodded at her casually.

"Yeah," he said. "I have a pageant tonight at White Dove's School for Girls that I was telling you about." Casper looked at him blankly for a moment. Then, a light bulb went off in her head.

"Oh!" she called. "That's right! Who's all coming?"

"You and Sid, of course!" Simon replied. Casper looked at him puzzled.

"He is?" she asked.

"Yeah!" Simon replied. "It'll be like good old times!" Casper smiled a bit again.

"Okay," she said. Simon kissed her on the forehead. The hippie cuddled up close to him. Simon smirked to himself coldly. His plan had set itself into motion. There was only one more pawn to this game to add. Simon knew how to achieve that one already.

Sid made home after school just as his father demanded. His father waited for him at the door glaring at him.

"You're late, you doozy f**r!" he barked. Sid just kept his head down and went upstairs. His mother, Matilda, looked on in pity for the boy. The whole time, she kept back in the shadow while her husband, Norman, dealt with their son. She hated the way his disciplined Sid. Mind you, Norman wasn't abusive at all. But he sometimes proved to be too hard on the boy. For years, Matilda sat back and took it in silence. But this time, she couldn't take it anymore. Sid was going up the stairs to his room when he heard his parents arguing with each other.

"I just don't get why you have to be so cruel to the boy!!!" his mum yelled at her husband.

"He's a lazy little bugger!!!" his father shouted back. "You always try to spoil him by making him soft!"

"Yelling at him all of the time doesn't help either!" Matilda fought back. Norman snorted at her bitterly.

"You're the reason why he is the way he is!" he yelled back. Sid just couldn't stay for anymore. He forced himself up the stairs. Once in his room, Sid closed the door behind him. He took in a deep breath. Did his father have to be such a jackass? He might as well have been a drill sergeant. That's all he did after all. Bark abuse and orders to his wife and son. But, Norman hit them. He didn't seem to have the balls to do that. Good thing for everyone all around. But, can't worry about that now. How the Hell was he going to get out of this latest mess? The solution proved to be too obvious. Well, time to get to work then.

Sid turned on his radio and booted up his computer. The boy got right to work on his make-up paper. However no sooner had he got straight to work, footsteps stormed straight up to his door. Sid began typing faster in hopes to make the sound go away. Instead, the footsteps got louder and louder. Sid's fingers became faster and faster. Something ugly was going down.

Suddenly, the door blew open wide. Norman looked in all pissed off. Sid kept his head down at his laptop. Oh uh! Here comes another ugly storm. Norman looked around for the source of the music. He spotted the radio in seconds.

"SID!!!" the man yelled out. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!?" Sid didn't look up at all.

"I'm writing my paper," he mumbled.

"WHAT?!?" Norman yelled out.

"I'm writing my paper, sir!" his son yelled out. Norman's glare got colder. He yanked the plug right out of the wall. Sid jerked his head up almost instantly.

"Hey!!!" he yelled out. "I was listening to that!"

"While you're writing your paper, you're not!" his father barked. "You're grounded!!! No music or anything until you bring your grades back up! Now get back to work!!!" Sid nodded in fear. Then, Norman took the radio downstairs with him. But, the cord got stuck in the doorway and snapped in half. Norman tripped and fell down the stairs because of it. He landed with a crash.

"Dear!" Matilda screamed out. "What happened?"

"What the f**k do you think happened?!?" Norman yelled out. "I fell down the stairs, you stupid cow!!!" Sid lowered his head and sighed.

"Bugger!" he mumbled to himself. Could this get anymore shitty?

The next few hours proved to be slow and dragging. Sid could barely focus at all. He kept getting bored every time he started on his paper. He certainly didn't get much accomplished. This was no use. No use at all! So now what? Sid stopped working all together close to dinner time. He sat back in frustration. The boy found himself stuck once again. Lucky for him, he found a way to fix that right away. Sid got up from his laptop and walked over to his bed. He reached under his pillow and drew out a picture of Casper. This one had her in a yellow two-piece swimsuit and she was standing in the water. The picture had been taken last year over the summer. Sid managed to sneak this away from Simon one day from his room when he wasn't looking. This picture became Sid's point of reference when he needed an "escape." Today, the English boy was in great need. Sid stared at the picture for a long time before getting right to work.

But no sooner had he started, a knock came on the door. Sid jerked his head up in a rush.

"Who is it?" he asked aloud.

"It's me, Simon!" his best mate called. Sid relaxed some and tried to hide Casper's picture.

"Uh, come in!" he yelled out. The door slowly opened up. Simon looked all around. He spotted the picture of Casper in his friend's hand in seconds.

"Is that a picture of my girlfriend?" he asked. Sid looked in his hand embarrassed. He hadn't put away the picture like his thought he did.

"Uh..." he said. Simon just shrugged.

"I was wondering where that went!" he said. "Anyway, come let's go!" Sid looked at him confused.

"Why? Where are we going?" the underdog asked him. Simon turned to him grinning.

"My pageant, remember?" he replied. "Don't tell me that you already forgot!" Sid looked at him blankly again. Then, a light bulb went off in his head.

"Oh, that's right!" he said. Simon nodded at him as if he was stupid.

"Yes," the charming bastard replied. Sid froze for a moment.

"But Simon," he spoke again. "I'm grounded and I have a paper due!" Simon smiled at him richly.

"Not to worry!" he replied. "I'll help out!" He walked straight over to his mate's laptop. Sid looked on uneasily.

"Uh... no..." he began to say. "That won't be necessary." Simon didn't listen. He moved the mouse to return to the home screen.

"So where are you so far?" he questioned his mate. Sid looked on again.

"Uh..." he said. Simon looked at the screen. He read the opening paragraph to himself quietly. The charming boy looked at the screen with a raised eyebrow. Sid's first paragraph read the following:

The region of Southeast Asia is a nice land of Southeastern people. There many different races and cultures of people there. Many crops grow in Southeast Asia. Eight or nine countries make up this area.

Simon looked over at his mate.

"Is this all you have?" he asked. Sid looked on with him.

"Yeah," he replied. A moment of silence passed. Simon just smirked at the entry and shook his head.

"Oh Sid," he said trying to sound nice. "This is no way to write an entry." Sid was puzzled at that statement.

"It isn't?" he asked.

"No," Simon replied. "Here, let show you." He deleted the whole paragraph. Sid watched closely. The charming bastard got to work right away.

"Okay," he said. "Here goes." He began with the first sentence.

"Southeast Asia is a land of exotic beauty and rich culture," the Brit said as he was typing it out. "Even though tore with hardships, the region has risen back up its culture. Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and the East Timor all make up Southeast Asia." He turned to his mate once again.

"Like that," Simon spoke up. "You understand?" Sid nodded at him confused.

"Yeah," he said. "I guess..." Simon rose to his feet in a heartbeat.

"Right!" he spoke again. "Let's go!"

"But," Sid spoke again. "What about my homework?"

"It's okay," Simon spoke up. "I sorted it out with your father!" His mate looked at him confused again.

"You did?" he asked.

"Yeah!" Simon replied. "Now, let's go!" Then, the boy headed out the door. Sid looked behind him confused. What just happened there? He could not be sure.

"Come on you, doozy prick!" Simon yelled out in the hallway. Sid quickly returned to Earth.

"Oh right!" he said. Then, he hurried after his mate.

White Dove's School for Girls was packed tonight. The pageant had been advertised all over Tokyo. They said it would be as big as the Tokyo Cram School music festival. Simon had invited Casper and Sid out tonight because he had something up his sleeve tonight. His pals were surprised to see Emma there with them.

"Emma," the hippie spoke up. "What are you doing here?" The Aussie girl turned to her with a huge smile on her face as they were walking to their seats.

"#I was bored,#" she answered. "#So, I thought that I would tag along. Plus, there are going to be guys coming to the pageant!#"

"Ah," Sid replied. "I see." They all took their seats in the front row. In twenty minutes, the auditorium curtain rose up and the lights came on. Everyone went quiet right away. The music teacher stepped out on stage.

"Welcome everyone!" she greeted the audience. "Welcome to our 45th music pageant! Please enjoy the show!" Then, she stepped away from the stage. The singers and Simon came on stage and began the pageant. At first, the show was fairly innocent and going as planned. The singers kept their pitch beautifully on the opening song of the night, "Yama Yama." Casper, Sid, and Emma found themselves impressed with the show. The hippie herself glowed in pride that Simon landed a part in this show.

But then, things started to go down South. The highlight of the show, "Sakura Sakura," came on. Gabby and Simon stepped forward singing. Fairly innocent enough. Maybe it was Casper's imagination, but Gabby and Simon seemed to be flirting with each on stage. Part of the act, maybe? Whatever it was, she didn't like it one bit. The song went on. Simon knew what he was doing the whole time. This was part of his great plan after all. He just put stage two into motion. Now to raise the stakes higher up some.

Simon turned Gabby in a heartbeat and grabbed her by the waist. He started rubbing on her thigh under her skirt. Casper glared at him in anger. She knew too well what was coming next. Sid noticed her face.

"Cas," he whispered to her. "What's wrong?" The hippie didn't answer him. She just glared on at the on-stage couple. But the worst part had yet to hit. At the end of the song, Simon grabbed Gabby in close to him and kissed her on the lips. This wasn't a pretend acting kiss either. Simon gave his mistress a deep passionate real kiss. She kissed him back just the same. Casper sailed through the roof because of it. She rose to her feet outraged.

"SIMON, YOU PIG!!!" she screamed out. All eyes turned to her. Simon and Gabby out into the crowd at her. Casper looked like she wanted to kill somebody right about now.

"YOU JERK!!!" she screamed out. Then, Simon and Gabby walked off of the stage as if it was all part of the act. The plan had proven successful so far. Now, to let the chips fall into place.

Casper and Sid followed the on-stage couple to the dressing room. Gabby and Simon were waiting for them. Gabby sat at the vanity while Simon stood beside of her. The charming bastard smiled innocently at Casper.

"Casper!" he called. "What are you doing here?!?"

"Simon!" his girlfriend yelled. "What the f**k?!?" Her boyfriend shrugged at her.

"Oh, come on!" he said. "It was all part of the act!" Casper didn't buy it at all. Rage stayed perfectly still in her eyes. She looked like she was about to kill somebody. Simon and Gabby seemed like the perfect target. Sid stood behind Casper in case she did do something that she would regret later. Silence sat heavy on them all. Anything could snap at any moment.

"Teddy?" Simon asked Casper as he handed her a small stuffed pink bear from off of the vanity. Casper snatched it out of his hand and ripped its head right off. Simon looked at her slightly nervous. Gabby slowly rose up to her feet.

"Okay, calm down," she cut in freely. Casper glared at her coldly. Sid stayed close to stop her. Gabby clapped her hands together.

"You obviously need to see someone about some anger management," she went on. "Mummy is a very skilled shrink. She can help you out in days. You'll just as right as..." Casper couldn't stand hearing her voice anymore. She slapped the other woman like the bitch she was. Gabby cried out in pain.

"Ow!" she screamed. "You f***g cow! You evil little bitch! You common little tart!!! You... You... You bitch!" Casper just broke down into rage. She stormed off in tears. She didn't seem to know what else to do. Simon, Gabby, and Sid watched as the door slammed loudly behind her. Silence followed behind that moment. Sid turned back to the couple.

"She's not a common little tart or a f***g cow," he said in Casper's defense. Gabby just rolled her eyes in silence. She fixed her hair and went back on stage. Sid turned to his mate.

"Now why would you do that?" he asked him. Simon shrugged at him.

"Chaos theory," he reasoned. His mate looked at him confused.

"What?" he asked. Simon stepped forward.

"Shite happens in the chaos theory," his friend explained. "I just had to cheat on her in public so that you could go after her." Sid was really lost now. His face gave it all away too well. Simon smiled at him and shook his head. He lightly put his arm around his friend.

"The world is filled with many possibilities," the charming bastard went on. "If you let them slip through your fingers, you'll regret it later. You get me?" Sid nodded at him uneasily. Simon smiled at him in false kindness.

"Great," he remarked. "Now go after the girl!" Sid nodded at him boldly. Then, the poor dope went after the heart-broken hippie. Simon watched behind smirking. The plan was proving to be successful. Now to let all of the pretty dominoes fall right into place.

Casper walked out into the streets with tears in her eyes. Simon had cheated on her yet again. Sure, he was a flirt. But, he never stooped this low before in their relationship. This... was just unforgiveable. She had never been so humiliated before in her life! Could this night get any worse?

Sadly, it did in seconds. Casper ran straight into a Japanese school girl. The hippie backed up some nervously.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" she called out loud. The other girl looked at her with a smirk.

"You did that on purpose, didn't you?" she asked sharply.

"No, no!" Casper screamed switching to Japanese. "It was an accident, I swear!" The Japanese girl didn't believe her at all. She turned behind her. Five more Japanese school girls joined in seconds. Casper looked around in fear. This was not looking good.

"Look!" she called. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to bump into you!" The girls weren't going to hear it. The lead girl turned to her gang.

"Rude and getting me lame excuses!" she called out. "It makes me really sad, girls!"

"Ooo!!!" they all called out.

"Now she's going to get it!" one of them said out loud. Casper looked around frightened. She didn't know what else to do.

"Hey!" a voice yelled to them. "Leave her alone!" The girls all looked up and saw Sid. Casper looked overjoyed. It was Sid to the rescue. The leader of the pack stepped forward. She smirked at the English boy coldly.

"You hear that girls?" she asked. "We've got another bold one disrespectin' me!"

"Ooo!!!" they all called out again. The leader at her victims with ice.

"What should we do with them, boss?" one of the girls asked.

"Beat the little rich bitch up!" the leader ordered. "And do worse to the boy!"

"Yeah!" the girls called out. They suddenly circled around the British pair. Sid and Casper looked on in fear. The fight was not pretty. The girls started beating up on Casper as planned. But then, Sid jumped in front of her and took most of the beatings. The hippie took off running as fast as she could. The girls beat Sid down to a pulp. When they got bored with him, the girls all left Sid on the ground bleeding and injured. Sid was just about to help himself back to his face when he felt something wet on his body. He looked up and saw a homeless man pissing on him. He quickly put up his hands to block him in vain.

"Stop!" he yelled out. "Stop! Please stop!" The man didn't listen and kept peeing on him. Sid just lied there and took it. He didn't have any strength left. A nice way to end a crappy night. Well, almost...

Sid finally managed to drag himself home really late that night. He unlocked the door in pain. He found his parents waiting for him at the stairs. Matilda ran to her son in motherly worry. She hugged him tightly at first. But then, she backed off due to the stench.

"Sid!" she cried out. "Where have you been? What happened to you? And why do you smell like urine?" Sid looked down at the floor in silence.

"It's a long story..." he mumbled. Norman stormed forward in anger.

"You great twat!!!" he yelled out. "I leave you with Simon for two hours and you get into God knows what! You pathetic little f**r!!!" Sid held up his hand to stop him.

"Dad, please," he said. "I'm too tired for that. I just want to take a shower and go to sleep!" Norman went quiet right away. Sid walked up the stairs in defeat. His parents watched him quietly. Halfway up the stairs, his parents started arguing again.

"See?!?" Norman snapped at his wife. "This is all of your fault!!!"

"My fault?!?" Matilda snapped.

"Yes!!!" her husband yelled. "You're too soft on him!"

"You're too cruel to him!!!" she snapped back. The argument went on louder. Sid just shook his head to himself. Typical night for him at his house. But tonight, there was another element to this. Sid opened his bedroom door and found Arisu sitting on his bed waiting for him. She was dressed up in a dark navy blue short party dress with a black jacket. Baby blue hair clips decorated her boyish hair cut. She even had her Goth make-up done up right for the wasted night. Sid looked at her slightly confused.

"Arisu?" he asked. "What are you doing here?" The girl looked at him slightly worried.

"Sid!" she called. "Where have you been?" Sid lightly shut the door.

"I was out at Simon's pageant," he replied. "With Emma and Casper." Arisu looked at him hurt.

"Casper!" she wailed out. "Casper! Casper! Casper! It's always about Casper!" Sid looked on confused.

"Uh... I guess..." he replied. Arisu didn't want to hear that at all. Her heart was really crushed now. She looked down at her feet for a minute. Sid looked at her in concern.

"Arisu?" he asked. The girl looked up at him with tears in her eyes.

"It's always about Casper!" she cried. "She doesn't love you! I love you! Why don't you ever see me?!?" Then, she pulled out a water gun and shot him in the face with it. Water hit his glasses and nose. Arisu tried to stop herself from crying.

"Wake up, Sid!" she cried. "Wake up and see life! Me or her! Me or her!" Sid looked at her really lost.

"Uh..." he said. That reply hurt Arisu even more. She stormed off in tears. Sid looked after her confused. The door slammed shut. The English boy looked on blankly.

"Bollocks!" he muttered under his breath. What a way to end a ruined night.

The next morning was no different. Sid walked through the halls in pain. Last night still haunted him. Simon's cheating, the girls beating him up, Arisu's meltdown just wouldn't leave him. His life just sucked today. He needed... He needed someone to talk to. Sid found himself at Amuro-san's classroom before class time. The boy peeked inside. The sensei was in her classroom preparing for the next lesson. Sid knocked on the door. Amuro-san looked up right away. She saw Sid looking in. Curious, the sensei walked over to the door. Her eyes grew big in shock.

"Sid?" she asked. "What on Earth?" The English boy signaled her to open the door. Amuro-san did so right away. Sid looked at her in desperation.

"I need someone to talk to!" he said. Amuro-san was looking at worried.

"Okay," she said. "Come and sit down!" Sid nodded at her. They walked over to the table and sat down. Amuro-san took in a deep breath.

"Sid," she spoke up. "You promised me that you would make progress this is not progress. Tell me what is going on." Sid looked at her reluctantly. He suddenly wished that he hadn't come here at all. But, Sid had no choice by this point. So, he might as well talk.

"My best friend wants me to make a move on his girlfriend who I love," he explained. "But she still loves him, but he just cheated on her in public at his pageant last night." Amuro-san blinked on confused.

"Okay..." she said. "Well... that's... oh wow... that's going to take a while..." Sid looked at her blankly. This was not helping at all. Amuro-san was nerdy like this. She was super smart in geography, but clueless in people skills. Sid had forgotten that for a moment. Too late now. He just had wait and grin and bear. Amuro-san finally caught up enough to help.

"Okay," she said. "Here we go!" Sid waited for her to speak. Amuro-san took in another deep breath.

"I don't know what to say," she replied. "Just go with what you think is right." Sid looked at her like she had lost her mind.

"Go with what I think is right?" he asked. "What kind of advice is that?" Amuro-san shrugged at him.

"Trust me," she said. "It'll work out in the end!" Sid nodded at her to humor her. The sensei smiled at him warmly.

"Great!" she called. She held up her fist to him.

"Come on," she said. "Give me some skin!" Sid looked at her again as if she was crazy. The sensei looked at him innocently.

"Come on!" she said. "Don't leave me hanging here!" Sid sighed to himself and bumped his fist against hers. Amuro-san smiled at him.

"There you go!" she said. "See? No harm done!" Sid nodded again just to humor her. Amuro-san was just out of it. There was just no hope for her at all.

Sid walked out into the hallway again. He met up with Simon yet again. He looked just as right as rain.

"/Hey there mate!" he called. Simon noticed his friend's face!

"Oooo!" he called. "Had a rough night with Casper? Grasshopper must take time with girl!" Sid looked at him slightly pissed off.

"No!" he hissed. "I didn't get with Casper!" Simon shook his head in disappointment.

"Come on, Sid!" he said. "Get the girl before someone swipes her up!" Sid looked at him uneasily.

"I'm not sure..." he said. Simon patted him on shoulder.

"What are you not sure about?" he asked. "She's right then and available! Grab her before someone else does!" Sid nodded at him. Simon smiled at him boldly.

"Great!" he said. "Now, go get her!" Sid nodded and went on his way. Simon smirked to himself once again. The plot thickens now.

Sid found Casper at her locker. She had tears in her eyes from last night. Sid really did feel her pain. He walked over to her slowly. Sid lightly put his hand on her shoulder. Casper turned around in a flash. Sid stood behind her nervously.

"Hi..." he said. Casper looked at him for a moment.

"Sid," she said. The boy nodded at her.

"I'm sorry for last night," he mumbled. Casper looked down at the floor.

"It's okay," she said. "You did try your best."

"No!" the English boy cut in. "It wasn't enough! I want to make it up to you!" Casper looked at him slightly surprised.

"You do?" she asked. Sid nodded at her in a rush.

"Yes!" he blurted out. "Would you like to come out for a drink with me this afternoon?"

"Sure," Casper replied. Sid breathed out easily.

"Great!" he replied. "I'll see you at noon."

"Okay," Casper said. Then, the bell rang. The pair went to class. Arisu stood on the end of the row of lockers. She had heard the conversation. That really broke her down. She burst into tears and left the school.

Time flew on quickly. Sid couldn't wait until noon. When he was helping out to the parking lot. His mum was waiting in the car for him. Sid found that rather strange. She never really picked him up unless she had some bad news to give. Sid walked over to her confused.

"Mum?" he asked. "What are you doing here?" Matilda ran forward and hugged her son. Sid hugged her back uneasily.

"Mum," he said once they let go. "What's going on? Is there something wrong? Who died?" Matilda shook her head at him.

"No," she said. "It's nothing like that." Sid looked at her confused.

"Then," he began again. "What's the problem?" Matilda pressed her lips together firmly. She really didn't want to say to him. Sid watched her in silence. He could tell that this was really bad. Her lips pressed together always gave her away.

"What's wrong?" Sid asked again. "Come on, you can tell me!" Matilda looked up nervously. She found herself trapped now. The woman had no choice but to tell the truth now. Matilda lightly took Sid by the hands.

"Sid," she spoke again. "Have I ever done anything wrong to you?" Sid looked at her confused.

"No," he replied. "Why?" Matilda breathed some. She nodded at him.

"Good," she replied. "I'm happy to know." Sid looked at her confused again.

"Mum," he said. "What is going on?" Matilda looked down at her feet again. This was going to be the hardest part. She made up her mind this morning. There was no point of backing out now. She just had to keep going. Matilda hugged him again.

"Oh, my little boy!" she said. "I love you so much!" Sid looked at her again.

"Mum," he said. Matilda looked straight into his eyes.

"I really do love you," she said. "I want you to have a good life and grow up well!" Then, she let go of him and they walked back to the car. They drove the rest of the way home in silence. Sid still didn't understand what was going on. Only Matilda knew the answer. But, she didn't want to tell him at all. The hardest part was almost over. Now to break away clean.

That afternoon, Sid made it over to the pub. He and Casper agreed to meet at the Golden Dragon bar in downtown Tokyo. Sid stepped in quietly. The place was just opening up for the afternoon. The English boy looked around for a bit. He spotted Casper over at the bar. She was sitting over drink crying. Sid felt great sympathy for her. He walked over to her. Casper slowly looked up. Sid sat down beside of her.

"Hi," he said.

"Hi," Casper replied. Silence came between them again. The bar tender came over to him. Sid looked up at him.

"Just an Orion," he said. The bar tender nodded on him. Sid looked over at Casper again. She just took a drink of her sake in silence. Sid took in a deep breath.

"I'm sorry for what happened last night," he apologized again. Casper quickly held up her hand. She shook her head at him.

"No," she said. "I'm happy you saved me." Sid smiled a little bit.

"Thanks," he said happily. Casper reached out and patted him on the shoulder.

"I like you, Sid," she said. "You are so sweet." That seemed to burst the English boy's bubble. His face dropped almost instantly.

"Sweet," he mumbled to himself. "That's all I am. Just sweet." That compliment was not what he had in mind for himself. Oh well. At least she was talking to him now. Something good could come out of this.

Meanwhile, Arisu sat on the park bench alone. She was dressed up in a long lacy white dress with matching white clips in her hair. Her make-up was all rainbow colored than usual. She held onto Sid's water gun tightly in her frail pale hands. Arisu's last meal was a teriyaki burger with curly chips. The poor soul thought that it was the best meal that she had ever had in her life. Arisu didn't really care by this point. She looked up at the sky with tears in her eyes. Her crush had pushed her right to this point.

At the Golden Dragon, the jukebox kicked on. "Velvet Divorce" by the Sneaker Pimps weaved through the air. Sid looked over at his crush.

"Want to dance?" he asked her. Casper gave him a little smile.

"Sure," she murmured. Then, they got up onto the dance floor and began to dance slowly. Meanwhile, Arisu pulled out a small bottle of sleeping pills and opened them up. She put vodka into the water gun. The Japanese girl shut her eyes tightly. She began to swallow up the pills like they were just pieces of sweet tarts. Arisu was taking each pill faster and faster. She was shooting the vodka into her mouth. All just to make the pain go away forever. Sid had broken her spirit to that point. Arisu stood up on the bench and spun around a bit. She stood her eyes to wish away the pain.

Sid and Casper danced around the floor a little while longer. The English boy was slowly taking in the hippie's beauty. Such a shame that Simon took advantage and for granted this amazing girl. Maybe, it could work between Sid and Casper. This could be the start of a beautiful relationship. The dream was finally becoming a reality.

But then, the dream died once again. Simon walked over to the couple causally. Casper and Sid looked up slowly. The charming bastard cut in without warning. He took Casper into his arms and began dancing with her. Sid watched on confused. "Okay," he thought. It clicked to him right away. This was all a part of another one of Simon's sick little head games. He just wanted to dangle Casper over his best friend just like he normally did. Sid sighed in crushed defeat and walked off.

The boy made it outside of the bar and whipped out his mobile. He dialed a familiar number. The phone rang on the other line.

"Come on," he mumbled to himself. "Come on, pick up!"

"Hello?" a boy's voice answered on the other line. Sid had a confused look on his face.

"Arisu?" he asked in Japanese.

"No," the boy replied.

"Uh... Is Arisu there?" Sid asked hoping that he didn't hit the wrong button while calling his female friend.

"Sid?" the boy asked her. The English boy quickly began to recognize who it was.

"Hiro?" he asked.

"Yeah," the guitarist answered. Sid began to get the feeling something wasn't right here.

"Uh... Where's Arisu?" he asked.

"In the back of an ambulance with me!" Hiro shouted out slightly annoyed. Sid's eyes grew big in surprise.

"What?!?" he asked. "What happened?!?"

"She tried to commit suicide again!" Hiro exclaimed. "She overdosed on pills and vodka!" Sid eyes grew big in shook. He hung up right away.

"Hello?" Hiro asked. "Hello? Hello?" The guitarist hung up Arisu's phone and looked down at the Japanese girl fighting for her life. Hiro shook his head at her. Sid had really messed up this time! It was going to take all of his self control not to punch the English boy's lights out for his latest mistake.

Sid made it to the hospital just in time. He came over to room 117. The boy opened the door and went inside. Arisu was out cold in bed with Hiro by her side looking at her. He looked up when he heard the door close. Sid looked at the pair of them in guilt that he had let this happen. Hiro tried his best not to leap out and attack the boy. Sid could see the hate in his eyes.

"How is she?" he asked in Japanese.

"She's going to be fine," Hiro replied. "They had to pump her stomach." Sid came over to the girl's side. She looked so peacefully lying there with a mask over her face. The English boy sighed in distress and guilt.

"This is all my fault," he mumbled in English. Hiro heard that one too well.

"All you had to do was to go on the date with her!" he hissed.

"I know," Sid said nodding in sorrow. By this point, Hiro couldn't beat up him about it as much as he was beating himself up about this latest screw-up. He really screwed up this time.

"Excuse me!" a voice spoke up to the boys. Hiro and Sid looked up right away. A nurse was standing in the doorway glaring at them. She was tapping her foot at them in annoyed anger.

"Only family members are allowed here!" she barked. Hiro held up his hand at those words.

"It's okay," he lied. "I'm her brother." The cold-hearted bitch didn't seem to believe him at all, but she decided to humor the guitarist just to shut him up. The nurse turned her attention to Sid.

"And I suppose you're her brother as well?" she questioned sharply. Sid shook his head.

"No," he replied in Japanese. Then, he quickly walked away. It was just better if he left now. He had done enough today.

The walk home wasn't any better either. He felt like a loser all over again. The predictable outcome for him. Sad really. Sid was always the loser of the group. The one girl he wanted was with his jerk of a best mate. The girl that loved him almost committed suicide because he ignored her. Nick was right all along. Sid just wanted what he could never have. He always screwed everything up. Everything he touched was destroyed in seconds. His life could be summed up in one word: failure. That was just typical of him. No wonder his father saw him as a loser.

Speaking of which, Sid came home to find his dad sitting on the living room sofa crying. Curious, the English boy walked right into the living room.

"Dad," he said. "What's going on? Where's mum?" Norman looked up at him with tears in his eyes.

"She's gone, Sid," he said. The boy looked at him confused.

"What do you mean?" the son asked. "Gone where?" Norman shook his head.

"She's left me," he said to Sid as if the boy was his best friend in a pub. "She's gone to live with her relatives for a while. I really screwed up this time!" Norman broke down crying again. Sid was at first shocked. Matilda left them? That's why she was picking him up from school today and talking like she was going to leave forever. She left them with possible plans for a divorce. Now, Sid might be stuck with his father until he moved out.

Suddenly, anger filled the boy's soul. He clinched his fists tightly.

"You let her get away?!?" Sid yelled out. His father looked up at him in surprise.

"Yes..." he whimpered out to his son. The boy became really angry now. It turned out what he had suspected all along. His dad was an utter coward. No wonder he yelled at him and Matilda all of the time. That was all just an act to make up for the lack of confidence that his father never had. Now, that was really sad!

"So you're just going to roll over and quit just like that?!?" Sid yelled again. "You're just going to let her walk away just like that?!?" Norman nodded at him in pale surprise. His son was never this angry at him. Usually, the roles were the other way around. Sid was usually the passive one and Norman was the dominate one. Today, it seemed that everything had changed. Sid's anger shot up even more.

"That's not acceptable!!!" he shouted. Sid picked up the cordless phone and chucked it at his cowardly father. Norman was really confused now.

"Pick up the phone and call her!" Sid yelled out.

"But, she'll hang up on me," Norman whimpered again. Sid glared at him even colder.

"I don't care!!!" he yelled once more. "She's my mum! And you chased her off!!! You are grounded until get her back! Say goodbye to sunshine, sunshine! Now get her back!!!" Norman just sat there in stunned silence. Sid glared at him coldly again.

"DIAL HER, YOU DOOZY F**R!!!" he screamed at the top of his lungs. Norman picked up the phone and began dialing Matilda. Sid walked up the stairs to his room. When he made it inside, his mobile rang. Sid flipped his phone open to answer it.

"Hello?" he asked.

"Sid!" Simon, his so-called mate, said on the other line. "Great laugh, wasn't it? Come on, you have to admit! It was great fun!" Sid glared on coldly. Now, the sound of Simon's voice only pissed him off. The English boy was finally seeing the light of his sick mate's true colors. Sid hung up his mobile with a loud click. He walked over to his laptop and booted it up. He typed in his password. Once Windows came up, Sid clicked on Word and opened up his paper. He read over the first paragraph that Simon had written. The English boy sneered at it in disgust. Sid deleted the whole thing and got right to work. His time to grow up came right now.

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