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Where is that blond when you need him?

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Leon ended up following them along towards a larger medical bay. He had refused to let Rufus let a whole team loose on him but had reluctantly agreed to a doctor and Rufus taking some samples. He had to admit part of him was curious too, he might learn something about himself. Leon sat down on the recliner and watched as the doctor hooked him up to a monitor and then slowly drew blood from his arm. Leon didn't really mind it but Rufus' cold analytical look was eerie, compared to the soft thoughtful man he could be it was actually harder to look on him than their initial meeting when guns had been pointed. Was this the real face of the President?

"Scan him and then let the poor man get a coffee and meet me in my office." Rufus told the doctor and headed up the stairs. His view was to get a head start on reports based on Tseng's feedback, the information Reno had scanned on the way in and... He sighed. He was about to make a mental note to get Dark Nation fed but it turned into note to ring up to try to determine if the hound was going to survive.

Rufus flicked his lights on and sat down before picking up the phone to find out. There in the only lit office on the 70th Floor he sat in his office. He listened trying to maintain his composure when they finally told him that it looked unlikely the animal would survive due to an unknown virus in his system. Rufus could only see enough to request that he was made comfortable and to be told of any change in the situation.

Rufus finally gave in to emotion and got a mug of coffee which he cradled in his hands. He didn't keep friends... well Reeve but that was mostly situational with work. He didn't like to burden his Turks with personal talk and he certainly couldn't venture casually out on to the nightclub strips to pick someone up. Rufus looked out of the windows as he stood and watched the city move. If Dark Nation went that was the last of his companion's deceased.

"I'm done." Leon walked into the office and looked over the city. "I don't think it would be easy to look over this place and not feel a sense of pride President."

"Yes it is." Rufus told him softly and explained about the events surrounding Sephiroth's defection, Zack Fair's death, Genesis' degradation and a whole series of events that he had learnt of over the years. It kept him talking until the early morning by which time Ada and Tifa had grown bored of waiting and gone back to Tifa's bar. "It's not a glorious rise to power and the planet suffers."

"Geostigma sounds like it left its mark on you." Leon said softly and looked at him. "Rufus you need to save your pet and we need to save a lot of people from what could be a madman."

"Well let's just hope we find him and an antidote fast." Rufus said yawning as Tseng came through the door and handed him a dossier. "What is this?"

"The intel- from Modeoheim." Tseng told him. He grabbed a coffee for himself. "Good morning." He bowed his head to Leon. "Sir you need sleep."

"Morning." Leon nodded to him; he looked like someone very capable of holding himself in a fight. Leon didn't intend to test that unless it was necessary.

"I'll sleep when there is a point at which I feel relaxed enough too." Rufus turned the pages in the dossier. "What is this?" He pointed at the maps and surveillance. "Is this the underground complex through the bath house out there? Is there a chance we have the base of operations right near the point we held up? Damn it... we could probably have gone in there."

"I don't think that would have been wise President Shinra. You didn't have any back up from SOLDIER or us." He pointed out but nodded, he was quite correct there was an underground base they had been close to.

"I had three perfectly capable people and myself." Rufus muttered and looked at the base a little more. "What is this passage?" He didn't spot the grateful look from Leon for mentioning he felt they were capable.

"It's a possible escape point. If that is the case then we need to get someone out to investigate. I'll send Elena and Rude." Tseng moved out to make his calls and get people moving.

"He's efficient." Leon smirked looking down on the maps. He found a picture of one of the bodies and looked at it. "Where did the host's creature go? There is a sign it's moved off but no notes to say anyone took the creature down."

"TSENG!" Rufus shouted him back in. "There is a potential for more disturbances. I know it's been cleared but ask them to be careful just in case."

"Yes sir." Tseng nodded and headed down to their floor.

Tifa woke Ada the following morning though there really hadn't been much need. She heard a variety of children's voices as Tifa helped out the local orphans and gave them something to eat. She'd dreamed of making an extension to the bar once, Cloud and herself could have helped the streets children and alongside the bar she’d be able to keep an eye on them. Denzel yawned as he got his school bag together and passing the room Tifa went into he looked at Ada with a mild curiosity before heading off out.

"Hi Ada." She smiled to her warmly. "I set your clothes out since I got them washed up last night." The two women looked much better for the nights sleep and Tifa left Ada to dress and get ready.

Ada came down the stairs and smiled. She made herself a decent mug of hot coffee and then sat on the barstool looking around the place. Tifa cleaned the sides and readied opening the place for her friend Cid to come in. He helped out when he wasn't busy or if she called in a favour and Tifa felt that it would be best to try and keep on top of the situation. Ada saw her glance at the phone again, whoever this Cloud was she was ready to tell him he was a pile of shit for not even answering. It seemed so unfair to her that such a pretty woman would wait around when most sensible men would jump at a chance for even a passing interaction with her. Tifa seemed to be unaware or chose not to acknowledge Ada's roaming eyes.

Cloud stumbled in slowly from the long trek and slid off his bike before pushing it into the garage. He had forgotten to charge the phone yet again and expected the lecture about him not telling her when he was due back. He stretched his weary limbs and grabbed the packs from the back of Fenrir. He shut the garage down and headed up the stairs with a hot bath and a days sleep in mind. He didn't expect the pretty newcomer to turn her head as he walked in and regard him with contempt as Tifa said his name and got ready to move from behind the bar to welcome him home.

"Cloud this is Ada she's um... you didn't get my messages did you?" She put her hands on her hips.

"Phone ran out of battery." Cloud ignored her look. He'd suffered enough of them over the years. "I'm sorry Tifa." He said softly and went to kiss her.

"Go shower then I'll explain." She said avoiding his attempt. "And charge your damned phone." She sat next to Ada and picked up her drink.

"Okay." He muttered kicking his bags into the corner of the bar and heading up. Ada looked to Tifa when he was out of sight.

"Okay he's cute but really; you gotta kick that man into shape. Can't you put a homing device on him?" She chuckled.

"Maybe if he joined Rufus' crew I'd get to know more about where he went." She smiled and nodded to her.
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