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Part two.

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The sensei watched them quietly. Amuro-san turned to Ken-san.

“Isn’t this great?” she asked aloud. The sensei just looked outside the window. Once again he was stuck with the dorkiest sensei in Tokyo Cram College. The plan went like this: do some sight-seeing and maybe some shopping first, lunch, and then a tour of a modern Cambodian factory. Simple right? That wouldn’t be fun if it did. No, something has to go wrong!So far, everything went decent. Nick was taking loads of pictures with his camera. Cassie stayed by his side the whole time. She went on and on about, what else? Andy Warhol, of course! Nick tuned her out as usual.

“/You know,/” Cassie went on. “/Andy Warhol would like it here,/”

“/Uh-huh,/” Nick replied. He took a picture of another market.

“/I’ve been here before,/” Cassie went on. “/M. Night Shyamalan was shooting a film out in Cambodia./”

“/Right…/” Nick mumbled to her as he took more pictures. Cassie went quiet for a second. Nick went right back to work. She cuddled up close to the bitter English boy. Nick tried to ignore her. Cassie looked up at him sweetly.

“/Nick,/” she said. “/What are you doing?/”

“/What does it look like?/” he asked. “/Taking pictures?/”

“/For class?/” Cassie asked. Nick didn’t even look up at him.

“/I’m not going to even answer that question!/” he said. Cassie leaned in close to him again. The English boy slowly became annoyed.

“/Cassie,/” he said.

“/Yeah,/” she replied.

“/Why are you leaning on me?/” the English boy asked.

“/Why?/” Cassie asked. Nick just sighed and rolled his eyes. No point of telling her off. She was just determined to follow him no matter what. This pin head seemed to have developed an infatuation with this bitter English boy. So what could he do? She refused to take no for an answer from him. So, he might as well let her stay.
Shuichi, Hiro, and Jake were looking around the music store to kill some time. Two Cambodian teenage girls recognized to two Japanese boys. They were giggling right away. Jake looked up and saw them. He leaned over to Shuichi.

“+Hey Shuichi,+” the American boy whispered to him. “+I think you have some fans over there!+” The vocalist had a little smile on his face. He nudged Hiro lightly. The guitarist looked over at him.

“What is it?” he whispered to him. Shuichi pointed forward. Hiro looked up and saw the girls giggling at him. The guitarist smiled as well. The girls were still watching him. Then they all started to walk over to them. Shuichi and Hiro’s smiles grew even more.

“+Oh!+” Jake called blushing. “+They’re coming over here!+” The girls made it over to the boys. They were pretty cute. These little girls looked about fourteen years old. One of them leaned in close to Shuichi.

“Are you from the band Bad Luck?” she asked in strong Japanese. Shuichi stepped forward proudly.

“Yeah!” he said. The girls became excited. They began acting like hyper-active fan girls. They began asking for Shuichi and Hiro’s autographs and flirting with them. The boys just looked on impressed. Jake suddenly felt very uncomfortable.

“+Uh…+” he said. “+I’ll go over here for a while.+” Then, Jake walked over to the magazine section near the display window. Apparently, Bad Luck was just as big in Cambodia as they were in Japan. Jake smiled a bit at that one. Everyone was enjoying their free time. The girls went on shopping for souvenirs. They all came out with bags of goodies. Lunch was better as well. The smells of the food on the street were highly seductive. Everyone was now willing to try everything. Casper mostly stayed away from anything with meat in it. However, Shuichi and Ando still didn’t talk to each other. They really began to miss each other so much. But the issue with Ando’s faith and beliefs still stood firm. Would they ever get through this rough path?

The trip went back to dull at a meat factory. This was Amuro-san’s pick. (Shocker, I know!) Everyone felt like they were roasting in an oven. They just couldn’t escape the Cambodian heat. It was just all around them. It was just torture. Their current location wasn’t helping either. The meat hanging everywhere made Casper want to puke.

“Setsuko!” she wailed. “I don’t eat meat!” Amuro-san just shrugged at her.

“Oh come on,” she said. “It can’t be that bad.” Then the owner of the factory came out to the class. He greeted them in Cambodian. Then, he began to explain the whole process of how they make the meat in the factory. No one had a single clue what he was saying and all. Casper tried her best to keep down her lunch. Simon tightly held her hand. The poor hippie girl looked so pale. She thought that she would die in misery. Translation didn’t help it either.

“First,” the woman in the factory said translating for them. “We sedate the animal, then we break its legs off, then chop off its head, cut it up into little pieces, then we take the meat piece by piece and clean it up, and we market for sale!” The class looked on sick and pale. Her cheerful voice didn’t help at all. Casper looked as if she would pass out at any second.

“No wonder you’re a vegetarian,” Fujisaki whispered to Casper. The hippie only nodded once. Then came the sound of hooves in the entry. Everyone looked over to the door at the sound. One of the men from the factory was bringing in a fresh cow. This was a huge and fat piece of meat. The factory man led the cow behind the group and over to the back room to be slaughtered. Everyone watched in silence.

“Sweet!” Jack yelled out. “The little heifer gettin’ whacked big time!!!” He turned to his fellow classmates. “You know what I’m sayin’?” he asked aloud. The cow let off a cry of pain as it was getting slaughtered in the back room. A loud gun shot rang out in the factory. The girls all looked startled. The factory came to live with its fresh new kill. The raw and unclean meat came out in seconds. Blood was everywhere. The guts were still fresh and intact. Everyone cried out in disgust. Casper tried her best not to cry.

“Alright, alright,” Amuro-san called out. “Like I said, this is the real world. Real things happen! Deal with it!” She just shook her head to herself. Shuichi looked at her in disgust.

“Come on,” the geography sensei called. Then, she went right out the door. The students looked at her sickly. That evening, Emma came by Ken-san’s dorm. She was about to knock on the door when she heard Ken-san shouting at Amuro-san.

“That was just disgusting, Setsuko!” he yelled at her.

“I thought on this trip we could explore,” she explained softly. “You know, explore each other…” Ken-san just shook his head.

“Setsuko,” he tried to reason. Amuro-san nodded at him sweetly waiting for his answer.

“F**k off!” Ken-san yelled out to her. Then, he pushed her away. Amuro-san looked at him hurt.

“Oh come on!” she called. “Why do you think I brought you on this trip?” Ken-san looked at her in disgust.

“You are totally, totally out of order!!!” he cried. Emma listened on quietly. A little shock was on her face.

“Oh yeah!” Amuro-san called out. “And… and maybe you… are impotent!”

“Yeah?” Ken-san called out nodding. Amuro-san nodded at him.

“Well f**k you, Setsuko!!!” the English sensei yelled. Emma’s face grew on in more shock. Then, Ken-san leapt off of the bed and stormed off pissed off. Amuro-san sat there in silence.

“Yeah…” she mumbled to him. Ken-san came out into the hallway and nearly ran into Emma. The Aussie girl backed away quickly.

“Jesus Emma! What are you doing here?” he whispered to her.

“She can’t talk to you like that!” Emma protested. “I’m going to get the f***g whacker!” She began to march straight over to the door.

“Emma, no!” Ken-san called as he tried to block her path. “It’s fine! It’s fine!” Emma froze in her tracks. Then, the English sensei kissed her on the lips quickly. The Aussie kissed him back pleasantly surprised. The kissing didn’t stop there. Emma was finally getting work she wanted. But then, Ken-san broke off the kiss in slight worry.

“What are we doing?” he questioned. Emma looked at him quietly. Then, Ken-san kissed her again. They didn’t stop kissing again. The English sensei pushed his student up against her door. Emma pushed open the door and dragged her boyfriend into her dorm. The sensei shut the door right behind them.
Back in Simon’s dorm, Jake was fixing up a leaky pipe.

“/Come on!/” Simon pleaded with his shirt off. “/Why not?/” Jake ignored him.

“/It won’t take long!/” Simon went on. “/I’ll be good! I promise!/” Jake paused and turned to him.

“+No,+” he said softly.

“/Why not?/” Simon asked. “/You’ve done everyone else! Phil, Lucas, Sid./” Jake looked at him confused.

“+How do you know?+” he asked.

“/I’ve seen,/” Simon answered. “/I’ve heard about the one with Jack and his nan[3]. Now, come over and fix something at my house sometime./” Jake turned back to the leaking bed over his bed.

“+Just stop it,+” Jake mumbled to himself. Simon unzipped his jeans. Jake whipped around quickly to see his English friend starting to take off his jeans.

“+Stop it!+” Jake called again. Simon paused and looked at him.

“/Come on man,/” he said. “/It’s hot in this place. I just want to cool off some. Is that a crime?/”

“+Just stop it!!!+” Jake cried as he leapt off of the bed to his pal. Simon looked offended.

“/You’re a f***g idiot!/” he called. He pointed over at the pipes.

“/You’ve got a boyfriend that is only interested into women!/” Simon called out. “/You do anything for him, but not for me!/” He turned back to Jake. “/I’ll give you
head,/” he went on. “/That’s love./” Jake stormed off offended. Simon looked after him confused.

Jake made it all the way to Shuichi and Hiro’s dorm. The boys noticed his stressed out face.

“+Jake,+” Shuichi spoke up. “+What’s wrong?+” He raced all the way over to his friends.

“+It’s Simon again,+” he called. “+He just won’t quit hitting on me!+” Hiro and Shuichi looked up at him seriously.

“+Has he touched you?+” the vocalist asked. Jake shook his head. Hiro held him close.

“+Shhh,+” he whispered. “+It’s okay. We’ll talk to him.+” The American “boy” looked up at him with big eyes.

“+Really?+” he asked. Hiro nodded at him. Jake felt much better now.

“+Thanks guys!+” he called out. Shuichi felt warm for a second. Then, his smile went away in seconds. For some reason, he felt so lonely again. He reached under his bed and pulled out his photo album again. The boy began looking at the pictures quietly. All of the photos of his friends, family, Japan, and Yuki always filled the emptiness in his heart. The good old trick was working at first. But then, one picture in particular stopped him in his tracks. This one was of Ando with the girls eating outside on Casper’s porch. He had a goofy grin up to his ears. His expression seemed to say, “Yes, I am the pimp at this table!” Shuichi’s smiled faded away. Ando’s words still hurt him. But yet, the vocalist still missed his friend. A friendship can’t be ended over something that petty, now could it? Shuichi made up his mind right then and there. He rose to his feet and walked out of the room. Hiro and Jake looked up at him.

“Shuichi,” Hiro called. “Where are you going?” The vocalist didn’t answer. The boy had the album clutched tightly in his right hand. He made it all the way across the hall to Ando’s room. His friend was sitting on the bed looking at some tablets. The bathroom to Shuichi’s left was closed.

“The packet says it should flush you out within at least twenty-four hours,” he read aloud to Sid in the bathroom. “Because believe me Sid, we need those drugs!” Shuichi looked on in anger. How dare he say such a thing! Gay was wrong, but drugs were okay? Shuichi opened his photo album and pulled out the picture of Ando with the girls. He stormed over to his frienemy. The vocalist shoved the photo into Ando’s face.

“Look!” Shuichi yelled out. “No drugs, Buddhist boy!!!” Ando looked at the picture slightly startled.

“Okay Shuichi,” he said.

“You f***g jerk!!!” the vocalist at the top of his lungs. “I can’t believe you’re putting all of that Buddhist bullshit on me!!!” He began tearing the picture up into pieces.

“What?!?” Ando asked him confused.

“What I do is a disgrace?!?” Shuichi yelled out even louder. “You’re the f***g worst Buddhist ever!!!”

“I meditate five times a day!!!” Ando tried to reason with his friend.

“For what?!?” Shuichi screamed. “For more drugs?!? Aw, f**k it! Let’s get a drink! Yeah! Of course Buddha wants you doing coke from Sid’s ass!” Ando became angry at that one right away.

“Just shut up!” he barked. “You’re talking about my religion!”

“How can I always have a friend who’s such a f***g hypocrite?!?” Shuichi asked aloud. Ando sat in silence at that one.

“I’m done f***g around with this!!!” Shuichi yelled out as he threw the torn picture down on the floor. Then, he stormed out of the dorm. The vocalist slammed the door shut behind him.

“Well, you’re such a little diva!!!” the Buddhist boy shouted at him. He sat all alone on the bed with that one. Ando kicked the torn pieces away. Shuichi stormed the halls in rage. How could Ando be such a f***g liar?!? Shuichi must have been wrong about him! He kicking on the doors in response. The inhabitants were screaming out at him. Shuichi didn’t care by this by point! Ando made him do this. Shuichi pushed open a random door. He found Emma and Ken-san having sex in bed. The couple looked up right away. Shuichi looked on in shock. Clearly, he wasn’t expecting that one! Ken-san and Emma stared on at him. The vocalist quickly shut the door. He leaned up against the wall in distress. What was he doing? This wasn’t like him at all. Shuichi sat right down on the floor hopeless.
“What f***g else?” he mumbled to himself. Botum was coming into the hall to check on everything. She spotted Shuichi sitting on the floor. The hostel keeper raced all the way over to him. She stood over him enraged.

“My house!” she screamed. “No break! No break!!!” The big woman picked Shuichi up by the shirt and stood him up to his feet. The vocalist looked at her with sorrow in his eyes.

“I’m so sorry!” he whimpered out. “I’m so sorry!!!” He began to break down into tears. Botum noticed the sorrow in his eyes.

“Okay,” she said softly. Then, she let him go. Botum looked down and noticed his t-shirt. “Nittle Grasper?” the woman asked in amazement.

“Yeah,” Shuichi replied softly.

“Nittle Grasper!” Botum said again impressed. Shuichi nodded at her again. A smile came across her face. She felt like a teenage girl again. Then, she motioned him to follow her. Shuichi did so in silence.

“/So why are you with Simon again?/” Nicole asked Casper as they were doing their make-up for this evening in Casper’s room. The girls planned to go out tonight. Earlier they got invited by some boys to a club. They had been warned to stay away from strange men. But, what’s one night in another country? I mean, it’s only one chance.

“/He’s exciting,/” Casper reasoned as she worked on her mascara. “/And he must love me because he can have anyone he wants./”

“/You think he ever wants anyone else?/” Nicole asked as she touched up her black eyeliner. Casper thought about that for a moment.

“/Maybe sometimes,/” she replied as she pinned back her long wavy brown hair into a ponytail. “/He always wants me the most though. I’m his girlfriend. That’s special, isn’t it?/” Nicole looked at her for a moment. Then, she looked away silently.

“/Yeah… I suppose,/” the dancer replied unconvinced. “/Listen, I need to talk to you about him./” Casper sighed to her new friend.

“/Look,/” she said. “/I know I annoy everyone in our group with him. I don’t mean to, Nicole./” The Goth dancer rose up to her feet.

“/Look,/” she said. “/Can we just get out of here? Do you hear me?/” Casper hugged her gently.

Meanwhile, Ando was watching his hot neighbor next door. She was getting into a fight with an older man in her house. “Shit,” he mumbled to himself as he watched on. The screaming was getting louder and louder. The man was shaking the Buddhist’s dream girl wildly. Ando couldn’t stand by and watch her get hurt like this. He had to do something.

“Sid!!!” he called turning to his friend. “SID!!!” The English took out his earphones and looked up from his hentai mag.

“Her dad’s turned up and he’s like shouting at her,” he said. “It’s like abuse, man!”

“/Oh so there’s a dad now, is there?/” Sid asked unconvinced. Silence came once again. Ando turned back to the window. The English boy rose to his feet and joined his friend. The man was shaking the dream girl still. He even slapped her right in the face! The boys watched on in shock. The man slapped the girl around a couple more times than walked off.

“/Oh f**k me!/” Sid mumbled. “/She’s real!/” The girl looked out the window and saw them.

“He’s going to come back!” Ando called. “We’ve got to help!” Then, he raced out of his room to the girl’s rescue. But first, the Buddhist grabbed his suitcase and dug for some supplies.

“/What are we going to do?/” Sid asked. “/And he’s going! Her dad’s going./” The man was walking out of his house to the sugar cane fields.

“Come on!!!” Ando yelled out. “We’ve got to save her!” Ando packed up his gear into a smaller backpack. On the way, Sid and Ando ran into Casper and Nicole. The girls were laughing when they paused and saw the boys.

“/Where are you going?/” Casper asked them.

“/Nowhere!/” Sid said quickly. “/Where are you going?/” Nicole looked at Casper.

“/Nowhere!/” she said. Then, the four of them left the hostel. It felt like sneaking out of the house back in Japan.

“You sure you’re not going anywhere?” Ando asked them.

“/Yep!/” Casper called as they were all heading out of the lobby. Amuro-san came out into the lobby and saw them. Confused, she asked, “Guys!” The four of them paused and turned around.

“Going somewhere?” the sensei asked them.

“No!!!” the four of them called. Then, they all hurried away. Amuro-san still looked on confused. The kids all made it outside of the hostel.

“Bye,” Ando said. Then, the girls walked away. Once they were gone, the boys ran right across the street.

Meanwhile, Botum led Shuichi back into her own room. She showed him an old poster of Nittle Grasper.

“Nittle Grasper!” she called out. Shuichi looked on impressed.

“Sit down!” Botum called out. “Sit down!” Shuichi complied. Botum turned on her CD player. Usually, Shuichi would be over the moon to hear his idol/rival singing. But the Ando gap, just seemed to be a damper on everything. Even his photo album wasn’t helping much either.

“What is problem?” Botum asked bringing the boy back to earth. Shuichi looked up quickly. He shook his head.

“You wouldn’t understand,” he said. “I mean you can’t even speak Japanese.” Botum smiled at him out of sympathy.

“No trouble!” she called. Then, she reached over and pulled out some banana wine and a glass. A smile came onto his face.

“Banana wine!” she boomed. The hostel opened the bottle and poured herself a glass. Then, she poured him a glass as well.

“Now,” she said handing his glass. “You tell me problem!” Shuichi looked at her in despair. Botum kept her smile.

“With drink, problem fixed! Eh?” she said in a booming voice. Shuichi nodded a bit once.

“Okay,” he said softly. Botum smiled at him. “To Cambodia!” Then, she drank up.

“To Cambodia,” Shuichi mumbled. He looked at his glass uneasily at first. Then, he took a drink. Botum poured him another drink. Shuichi drank that as well. Such a bitter taste for such a bitter time.

Meanwhile, Emma and Ken-san were getting dressed after that hot ride. It was good, but Ken-san felt completely guilty about it. He decided to say something now.

“Emma,” he spoke up. “Uh… this was… a one-time deal! I don’t have sex with seventeen year old students!” The Aussie looked at him innocently.

“How old are they normally?” she asked in a cheeky way. Silence paused over them. Ken-san sat down next to her on the bed.

“What are we going to do about Shuichi?” he asked in a panic. Emma looked up at him grinning.

“What?” she asked. “Oh! You should hear about the things he gets up to with Yuki! It’s some kinky shite, man!”

“Emma!” the sensei called out. “I’m serious, here!!!”

“Don’t worry,” she said innocently. “I’ll have a word!”

“And you don’t know that this can never ever happen again!” he called out. “Don’t you?” Emma looked at him slightly confused.

“Yeah,” she said in a small voice. A long pause came between them. The couple stared at each other for a long time. Ken-san kissed her again on the lips. Emma kissed him back. He pushed her back onto the bed for another make-up session.

Outside, Sid and Ando were watching between the tree watching. They watched the house across the street. Operation rescue had begun.

“/Okay,/” Sid called. “/So the plan is…/” Ando swallowed some.

“We get in,” he began. “Rescue her, get out, and Sid’s a big hero!” Sid nodded at that one.

“Ando gets his cherry popped!” the Buddhist boy went one. “Simple.” They raced all the way to the house. They came around to the backyard. The boys tried to open the gate. The damn thing wouldn’t budge. Sid yanked the side window right open. Ando looked at him slightly amazed. “Why didn’t I think of that?” he thought. Then, he hurried over to the window and climbed in. They made inside the house. The boys looked around some.

“Hello?” Ando asked aloud. “-Hello?-” The boys walked through the house looking around. They came right up the stairs. Ando slowly took off his book bag. They processed onwards.

“Hey!” someone called to them. Ando quickly looked into the room on his right. His dream girl was sitting on the bed staring at him. Ando felt as if he had just found the Promised Land. The Buddhist rushed straight to the door.

“Hello!” he breathed out in joy. The girl looked at him for a while. Ando walked over to her. Then, the door slammed shut downstairs. The girl looked up in worry.

“-Sopheap!!!-” the man yelled out. Sid looked behind him as the man began walking through the house. The woman, Sopheap, said something to Ando quickly in Cambodian as she tried to hide him from the man. Sid hid in the closet and Ando hid out of sight behind the dresser. The girl straightened herself up some and pretended to be sewing up his pants. The man came into the room. He looked around for a bit. They began to argue again. The girl spoke again to him. He grabbed her by her pretty little face. Ando watched on worried for her. The man slapped her again. Ando looked at her with pity. The man walked right out of the room. The crows squawked outside. The girl threw down his pants on the bed. The boys slowly came out of hiding.

“-Shhh!!!-” the girl whispered to them. Ando hurried over to his dream girl.

“We’re going to get you out of here!” he said to her. The girl looked on worried as he got out his gear. He pulled out the ladder rope.

“-Shhh!!!-” the girl whispered to him. She began saying something to him in Cambodian. Sid looked out the window at the hostel.

“Sid!!!” Ando called out.

“-Shhh!!!-” the girl said again. The English boy turned to him.

“Take this to the boy!” Ando called. “Hurry up! He’s going to come back!” Sid stared at him blankly for a minute and then hurried to get to work. The girl looked on worried.

“Come on!” Ando said to her. The girl nodded and grabbed onto his hand. Sid placed the bed on the ladder to hold it in place.

“Come on, come on!” Ando called. “Slowly!” The girl said something to him in Cambodian again. But, Ando didn’t listen. He just threw the ladder out the window. It landed perfectly outside.

“Come on!” he said.

“No!” she replied quickly.

“Trust me on this one!” Ando replied. He pushed her over to the window.

“Go!” he said. The girl protested again in her native tongue.

“He’s going to get you!” Ando pleaded back. The girl finally gave in and began to climb out the window. Ando looked on frantically.

“Come on!” he said quickly. Sid watched on in a panic. He looked over at the door.

“Trust me!” Ando said again. The girl nodded at him quickly. She climbed out to the ladder as fast as she could. Ando climbed out the window as well.

“Sid!” he yelled. “Keep watch!” The English boy stood up from the bed confused. But when he did, the bed was pulled by the weight of both Ando and the girl on the ladder. The two dropped further to the ground. Both screamed out loud in surprise. Suddenly, shouting came from downstairs. Sid looked around nervously. He turned back to the window. He grabbed the ladder and threw it down. Ando and girl watched him before he ran away.

“-Sopheap!!!-” the man yelled out again. Sid moved the bed back into position. The man yelled out again. The English boy looked up in a rush. He panicked as he tried to figure out what to do next. He quickly got into bed and covered himself up.

“-Sopheap!!!-” the man yelled out again. He said something else in Cambodian. He came right into the room and looked over Sid in the bed. A warm smile came across his face. Then, the doorbell rang downstairs. The man gave Sid one more smile before walking downstairs to answer the door. Sid just lied there in misery. The man was talking to someone else downstairs.

“/Every time…/” Sid mumbled to himself. “/Every f**g time! ‘Buy three ounces of weed, Sidney!’ Oh yes sir! ‘Shove a bag of pills up your ass, Sidney!’ Oh right away! ‘Come help me save some random bird!’ Oh can I? What have we learned Sidney? Your friends are shiteheads!/” He breathed out in distress. “/Oh f*k it!/” he mumbled to himself. He looked up right away. The man was back and standing over him. He screamed out loud. Sid quickly leapt out of bed and raced to the window. He jumped right out of it. The man looked over the balcony at Sid. He raced after him enraged.

Meanwhile, Ando and the girl made it back to his dorm. Ando closed the door behind him. The girl sat down on his bed. Ando packed up his stuff pretty quickly. His guest watched in silence. The Buddhist turned back to her smiling. The girl smiled at him some. He sat now right next to her right away. Awkward silence came first. He got her. Now what to say to her?

“Great!” Ando started off. The girl giggled some. It went flat from there. He really didn’t know what to say to such a beauty. Oh well. Guess it wouldn’t hurt to try. He swallowed hard.

“Um…” Ando began again. “Me name… Ando…”

“Me name Sopheap,” the girl replied. The Buddhist boy breathed out some.

“If only you knew the things I’d love to do to you!” he said. “Rub my fingers through your hair… kiss your lips… kiss your neck… cum in your tits…”

“That sounds like fun,” Sopheap said softly. Ando leapt up in surprise.

“You speak Japanese?” he asked aloud.

“Yeah!!!” Sopheap called out happily. Ando sat right down in front of her on Sid’s bed. Sopheap turned right to him.

“I learned from some of the best anime ever!!!” she called out. Ando looked at her amazed.

“How you doing?” Sopheap asked him in a cheerful tone.

“I’m like horny…” Ando replied. The girl giggled at him. Ando laughed with her.

Meanwhile, Casper and Nicole were heading out to the night club that the boys had invited them out to earlier. They needed the escape badly. Any longer in that hostel and they both would’ve snapped. Clubbing tonight was there escape. The girls looked around for a bit. Casper finally spotted their friends across the street waving at them. The English hippie became overjoyed.

“/Come on, that’s them!/” she said. The girls hurried over to their new friends at the night club. Every color of the rainbow flashed in the lights. Inside, the music was pumping. Teenagers were dancing fiercely on the dance floor. The bar tenders served everyone drinks left and right. It felt like Saturday night in here. This was just like home. The boys walked the girls inside. Casper and Nicole looked around for a moment. They weren’t really impressed.

“/This sucks!/” Nicole whispered to Casper. “/Let’s go./” She turned around to leave. But the hippie stopped her in her tracks.

“/Nick,/” she said. “/I have never left a club without being chatted up in my life and I’m not about to break that record now./”

“/There’s nobody even decent-looking here anyway,/” the Goth princess tried to reason. “/They all look like kids!/”

“/If you flaunt it, they will come,/” Casper replied. Nicole sighed.

“/Fine,/” she said. “/Go do it!/” Then, they walked right onto the dance floor and began to dance. All of the boys in the club noticed them right away. A couple of soldiers stared right at them. Casper winked and blew a kiss at them. Nicole winked at them a bit. The soldiers all gathered around quickly. Nicole leaned over to her friend.

“/Unbelievable!/” she whispered.

“/Let’s mix it up some!/” Casper replied. They began to dance a little bit nasty together. The soldiers rushed in to join them. The hippie beckoned them over to them. The men were more than happy to join. Nicole and Casper giggled at their results.

Meanwhile, Ando was still bonding with Sopheap. It really blew his mind that she knew Japanese very well. She lightly took his hand and moved it between her legs. Her heart raced at the feeling. Ando’s heart was racing as well. Sopheap slowly inched her hand over to Ando. She began touching along his package. Shock met her right away.

“Can you be any harder?!?” she asked aloud. Ando shook his head quickly.

“Nope!” he said aloud. Sopheap giggled at him softly. Sweat drops all over Ando’s back as he blushes His guest giggled again.

“Friends?” she asked.

“Yes!” Ando said quickly. “Friends!” He felt himself getting even harder again.

“Ando’s a f**g liar!!!” Shuichi cried out to Botum in her back room as she looked at his photo album on the coffee table. “He lied to his mom all the f*g time! No, no! F*k that! He makes me lie for him!” The vocalist was trying her best to fight back his tears. Botum looked at him confused.

“Who’s Ando?” she asked.

“Friend,” Shuichi replied.

“Who is homo?” Botum asked.

“Me!!!” Shuichi cried out. “Ando hates me because I’m a f***g homo with Yuki!” Botum stared at him for a moment.

“Ando hate homo?” she asked.

“Yeah,” Shuichi replied uneasily.

“Ando is friend?” Botum asked.

“Yeah,” the vocalist replied.

“So, Ando is problem! No Shuichi!” she summed up. The vocalist nodded at her.

“Botum help Shuichi?” the hostel owner asked cheerfully.

“Yeah, thank you,” the vocalist said as he bowed his head at her. Botum smiled at him warmly.

“Now, Shuichi help Botum!” she called out.

“Of course,” he said without thinking. She looked at the photo album and tossed it right to him. Shuichi caught it right into his lap. He turned his head up at her confused.

“You want me to take your picture?” Shuichi asked. “Okay.” Then, turned to some blank pages in his album. When he looked up, Botum posed for him in a sexy way. The poor soul silently freaked out. But what choice did he have? She helped him after all. So, he could be rude and turn her down. He drew out his cell phone camera from his pocket.

Back at the club, Casper and Nicole were singing along with the drunken soldiers. The girls were wearing two of soldiers’ hats. All eyes in the club were on them. Drinks were all coming to the girls and the soldiers. They all seemed to be having a great time! Back at the hostel, Ando and Sopheap were curled up in bed together. They both had a really great time with each other!

“Three rolls down, nineteen to good!” she called happily. The girl rolled over and found something inside the bed. She pulled it out and opened it up. She had in her hands the beach photo of Ando, Shuichi, Hiro, and Lexie.

“Did you take this?” she asked.

“No,” Ando said as he pointed to Shuichi in the photo. “He did.” Sopheap looked over at him for a second.

“He must be a good friend,” she said." He'll be there when the rain starts to fall.” Ando shook his head in slight sorrow.

“Maybe not,” he replied. “He’s probably angry with me.” Sopheap looked at the photo again.

“Why?” she asked. Ando sighed.

“Because I told the truth,” he said. “And that’s important.” Sopheap folded up the picture again.

“But what about you?” Ando asked. “You’ve got bigger problems.” Sopheap instantly became uncomfortable.

“Sopheap,” Ando called to her. She turned over back to him.

“You can’t go back home to him!” Ando told her. “You should come home with me. I’ll look after you.”

“Ando, don’t lie to me. It’s not possible.” Sopheap said to him seriously. They both sat up together in bed.

“It is!” the Buddhist boy cried. “Look, we can live in my house! I’ll look after to you. There may be one or two little hiccups with my mom and grandfather, but I’m sure it will be fine.” Sopheap lightly stroked his cheek. Ando smiled as he looked into her sweet brown doe eyes.

In his dorm, Simon was reading the book, Maurice. He became distracted when he heard giggling through the walls. Curious, he looked up. The charming bastard bookmarked his page and went to investigate. He came right into Ando and Sid’s dorm. He looked over at Ando’s bed at the Ando and Sopheap going at it again. He peeked under the sheets. The movement stopped and the Buddhist slowly drew back the sheet a bit. He sat up really fast. Simon backed away some. He quickly left the dorm and shut the door behind him. Ando and Sopheap looked up in confusion.

Simon ran down to the game room where Emma, Jack, Nick, Shawn, Fujisaki, and Lucas were all playing the different table games.

“/Guys, guys!/” he yelled out. “/Kumi Koda has finally arrived!!!/” They all stopped what they were during and all looked up at the English boy.

“/Ando’s in there with a bloody Cambodian girl!/” Simon yelled out. Whispers were all around. The Buddhist boy rushed down to the game room with his clothes in his hands trying to get dressed.

“+Are you serious?+” Lucas asked aloud.

“Shhh!!!” someone said in the crowd.

“/Don’t act like you don’t want anyone to see!/” Simon called to him. Ando smiled at them in pride.

“She’s fit though, isn’t she?” he asked. Then, Amuro-san and Ken-san came into the game room.

“Yo, yo, yo!” Amuro-san called out. “What’s happening?” Then, Sopheap came into the room as Ando was getting dressed. She only had on a white oversized t-shirt. All of the guys in the room whispered and sneered at her.

“/She is fit!/” Shawn remarked.

“#You must have paid for her!#” Emma called.

“Oh yeah, Ando!” Jack said. “Aw, you pimp!” The Buddhist held his dream girl close to him. Suddenly, shouting echoed from down the lobby. Everyone looked up startled. Jack smiled at her richly.

“Hey, what’s poppin’, baby love?” he asked. “Perhaps you want a taste of Black Jack?” Sopheap looked uncomfortable with that one. Ando began walking with his girl back to the dorms.

“Alright, that’s enough!” Amuro-san called. “Not to be boring old teacher here. It’s all gravy with me, you know…” Then, Sid raced straight into the game room. He looked pale with fear.

“Sid!” Ando called out.

“/You will not believe what I had just been through!/” he cried out. “/I jumped out of a window, got chased into a bush, wade through a mucky river, all the while being chased by your nutter of a dad!” Sopheap and Ando looked at each other for a second and then turned back to the miserable English boy.

“/But it’s okay though,/” Sid went on. “/I reckon I lost him./” But then out of nowhere, Sopheap’s dad ambush Sid from behind and knocked him right in the head with a rifle. The Cambodian girl gasped out in fear. The man turned right to her. Ando held onto her to keep her safe. He began shouting at her in Cambodian. He pointed his gun right at her. The girls in the room screamed out in shook. Ken-san gasped aloud. Emma and Amuro-san looked on nervously.
“Oh shit!” Amuro-san cried out. Shuichi was looking at his pictures of Botum in his camera in her room when he heard the sounds from down the hall. He quickly looked up. The vocalist put down his photo album and camera and left the room. Botum was sound asleep snoring on the couch.

The man was still pointing his gun at the students. Sopheap pushed aside the gun. She began pleading with him in Cambodian. She turned the man to her. The girl began kissing him many times on the lips. The man look unfazed, but she still kept on.

“#Ewww, why is she kissing her dad?#” Emma asked as she watched on in shock.

“Sopheap!” Ando called out. The couple turned right to him.

“He’s my husband!” Sopheap cried.

“Your husband?!?” Ando asked with wide eyes of shock. Sopheap kept her eyes on him.

“We were on a break,” she explained. The girl then tried to stop her husband away, but he pushed her away into one of the couches. The angry man cocked his shotgun. He pointed his gun at Ando. Everyone else started backing away. The Buddhist backed away in terror as the man followed him with the gun.
“I’m sorry!” he cried out. “I didn’t know!” The man spoke to him in Cambodian once again. Ando began to say his prayers in his head. Then suddenly, Shuichi came out of nowhere and grabbed to shotgun right out of the man’s hand.

“Leave him alone!” he yelled. “Leave him alone!” The vocalist cocked the shotgun and pointed it at the man. Ah, there was something to be learned from K-san’s gun obsessed ways after all! The Cambodian man looked at him confused. Amuro-san screamed out as she hid closely behind Ken-san.
“Oh my lord!” she cried. “Can’t we talk about this?” The man chuckled to himself. He whipped out a hand gun and pointed it right into Shuichi’s face. The vocalist was now scared. He wasn’t expecting this! The man muttered something to him in Cambodian. Shuichi couldn’t understand him, but it wasn’t good.

“Stop it!” Ken-san yelled as he ran forward to the two guys. “Stop it now! That’s enough Shuichi!” He then pushed the rifle downwards and turned to the other man.

“Now,” he said. “Can we talk? Can we talk?”

“Yes!” the man called out in a twisted irony. Then suddenly, three soldiers put guns to his head. More came in seconds. The man wisely lowered his gun. He even threw it on the floor. The soldiers arrested him and carried him out of the hostel. Ken-san breathed out in relief. The rest of the students looked on confused. Casper and Nicole came in giggling. Casper winked and looked at the main soldier’s ass as he left the hostel.

“/Honestly, we leave you alone for two hours!/” she called out drunk.

“/And look what happens!/” Nicole finished. Both girls laughed aloud. Sopheap turned around to the group after talking to two of the soldiers.

“Um…” she said aloud. “He totally like wants to know who is the leader here!” Everyone was quiet for a moment. Then, Amuro-san popped up from behind Emma as she raised her finger in the air.

“Yes, yes,” she said. “Uh… yes. Clears her throat” Then, the sensei made her way over to the soldiers.

“Officer,” she said aloud. “I wanted to thank you, because before you arrived I was about to step in and kick some ass, and…” Then, the soldier cut in and started talking.

“There is a charge for armed response,” Sopheap translated. Amuro-san looked at her confused.

“Wha-What?” she asked.

“It’s like you so totally will have to pay them,” Sopheap explained. The soldier said something else. Amuro-san spoke up. She turned back to Sopheap and sighed. Once again, this trip was a nightmare.

And sure enough, Amuro-san found herself in town at the nearest machine making a withdrawal to pay for the fine with anime-style tears in her eyes. She gave the money over to the head soldier. He counted up the money. The soldier muttered something ugly to her in Cambodian.

“You Japanese pig hooligan problem!” Botum translated for him. “Tomorrow you leave Cambodia!” Amuro-san nodded in misery. Then, the hostel owner and the soldiers departed. Amuro-san hung her head in defeat. She looked at her receipt and sighed. The sensei was almost broke now.

Unfortunately for her, Amuro-san wasn’t the only one with problems tonight. Shuichi and Hiro were spending their last night in the city alone. Jake wasn’t with them tonight. The vocalist had convinced Fujisaki to lie to the American boy and tell him if Jake wanted to go out on the city tonight with Shuichi, that the vocalist was sleeping for an early night due to this afternoon’s events. Shuichi thought that a night in the city would help clear his head. But sadly, he felt even worse than before. It wasn’t as cool without Ando with them as well. Hiro had been such a good sport on this trip as per usual with listening to him whine about Ando. Normal people would have told him to shut up by now. But, Hiro just listened in silence. Maybe that was all Shuichi needed from time to time. Just someone to listen to him whine and moan until he felt better.

“Hey Hiro,” Shuichi said in sorrow as they were walking to the nearest noodle bar.

“Yeah,” the guitarist said to him.

“You’re been so good to me with the whole Ando thing,” the vocalist replied.

“I know,” Hiro said softly.

“No listen,” Shuichi pressed on. “Dinner and drinks are on me tonight.” Hiro didn’t know what to see. It was must have been that bad with Ando now.

“Shuichi, you don’t have to…” Hiro began.

“No!” the vocalist cut in quickly. “I insist! You’ve been so good to me on this trip.” Hiro went quiet at that one.

“Okay,” he said. Shuichi bowed his head.

“Thanks Hiro!” he breathed out. His friend put his arm around him and held him close. The boys came to the noodle bar after a couple more blocks. They walked over to outdoor booth and took their seats. Both of them ordered what they wanted. While they were waiting, Shuichi looked around and spotted Ando leaning against the wall of a closed book store across the street looking down at his feet. Shuichi felt pity for him. When the drinks came out, Shuichi picked up his bottle walked across the street to Ando. Hiro watched on quietly as he opened his sake. Ando looked up when he saw Shuichi coming towards him.
“Hey,” the vocalist said. “You okay?” Ando sighed at bit.

“Shuichi,” he said. “You tried to save me.”

“Here,” the vocalist said as he handed the bottle of banana wine to his friend. “It tastes great.” Ando took the bottle in his hand and looked at it. Then, he turned back to his pal.

“You were right Shuichi,” he said. “I am a hypocrite.” He handed the wine back to Shuichi. He took it back softly. The vocalist looked up confused.

“Don’t want it?” he asked.

“No,” Ando replied as he shook his head. “I can’t. It’s not right.” Shuichi looked as if he would cry once again.

“It’s religion, Ando,” he pleaded. “It’s just stuff! You don’t have to believe in it!”

“Then where does that leave me, Shuichi?” the Buddhist asked looking at his feet again. “I’m a Buddhist boy, I don’t get to choose.” He too was about to cry.

“But where does that leave us?” Shuichi questioned with tears trying to fall out of his eyes. Ando looked away in sorrow. That just really crushed Shuichi yet again.

“F***g hell!” he mumbled to himself as he began to walk away. Ando kept staring at the ground.

“I lost my virginity tonight,” he said to no one in particular.

“Yeah?” Shuichi asked. “I took pictures of an old fat lady.” Ando looked away again. Shuichi turned back to him. He offered him the wine again.

“At least try it,” the vocalist insisted. Ando shook his head again. Shuichi lowered the unopened bottle. “Okay,” he mumbled. “I’ll see you man.” Then, he walked back across the street. Hiro looked at him in pity at as his friend came back over. Shuichi just felt worse than he did before talking to Ando. But that, was only part one of his troubles.

“Still haven’t fixed anything?” Hiro asked. Shuichi shook his head.

“Here,” Hiro said to him softly. Then, he hugged his best friend closely. Shuichi hugged him back. But then, his problems became even worse. For the vocalist looked up and who to his wandering eyes should appear? Jake coming towards the noodle bar with Nick and Cassie. Shuichi went really pale. Now, the tower called trouble was crashing down to the ground. Hiro noticed that something was wrong.

“Shuichi,” he said to him as he let go. “What’s wrong?” The vocalist didn’t answer. He just pointed forward. Hiro turned his head and saw Jake, Nick, and Cassie coming towards them. Hiro whipped back around to Shuichi.

“Didn’t you tell him that you would be asleep tonight?” he questioned his friend. No sooner was that question asked, Jake looked at saw his two Japanese friends.

“+Oh, Shuichi!+” he called out in surprise. The vocalist stepped forward.

“+Uh… hi Jake…” he said in nervous English. Jake looked at him with hurt and upset in his eyes. One of his dearest friends had lied to him. Nick and Cassie looked around quietly.

“+Fujisaki told me that you were sleeping,+” Jake spoke up. “+I guess you must have woken up…+” Shuichi just looked down at his food in shame. This trip just got worse for him. The American “boy” turned to the English kids.

“+I don’t think I’m really hungry any more,+” he said. “+Excuse me.+” Then, he bowed his head and walked away back to the hostel. Nick and Cassie turned to Shuichi.

“/Not cool man,/” Nick spoke up. “/Not cool./” Hiro glared at him with an icy stare. Nick just shrugged at him.

“/What?/” he asked. “/He lied to Jake, that wasn’t cool!/” Shuichi didn’t say a single word. He knew that Nick was right. This moment was the final straw that broke the camel’s back. Could this trip get any worse? Sadly, yes! But how? With yet another poor decision.

Back at the hostel, Casper was asleep on Simon’s bed. Jake came into the dorm quietly.

“/Hey,/” Simon said. “/Been waiting for you./”

“+Shut up!+” Jake said bitterly as he sat down on his bed. He looked over at the English hippie.

“/Poor girl’s all totally out of it,/” Simon spoke to Jake. “/She’s completely wasted./” The American boy rose up to his feet.

“+Simon,+” he said. “+You’ve got to stop f***g around.+” Simon lightly shushed him.

“/I do,/” he said. Then, he yanked off his shirt. He kissed Jake on the lips. Almost unconsciously, Jake kissed him back. The English boy slowly began undressing him. Jake was trembling in guilt and desire. This was wrong, but yet it felt too good to stop at the moment. He just wanted to feel anything at the moment. Simon kissed him again on the lips. He slowly moved down his neck, chest, and abdomen. Jake softly whimpered at the feeling. He felt dizzy all over. Simon continued to move downwards. He grabbed the other boy by the jeans and slowly undid them. Jake felt himself getting “harder” as the other boy’s touch. The American “boy” could barely keep still. Simon sank down to his knees and got to work. However, Casper awoke was watching the whole thing for herself. She just couldn’t believe her boyfriend the pervert would sink so low.

Afterwards, Jake stood Simon up to his feet in front of him. “+Simon,+” he said. “+I finally found something you’re not good at.+” The English boy looked at him confused.

“/What?/” he asked. Jake slowly got dressed again. Casper watched on in silent disbelief. She shut her eyes in sorrow. The hippie tried her best to fight back her tears. The American “boy” turned to leave.

“+Good night Simon,+” he said. “+I’ll find somewhere else to sleep.+” Simon watched on in confusion.

“/What?/” he asked. The next morning, everyone was on the plane back to Japan. Cambodia turned out to be a dismal failure. It was just poor planning from start to finish. Casper just looked out the window in sorrow. She couldn’t get what she saw last night out of her head. The hippie was close to crying again. Casper looked over at Simon again. He was content in his own little world again. She looked back over at the window again and tried to fight back her tears. Emma came back from the bathroom to her seat. She waved at Ken-san in a flirty way. The English sensei looked away at her nervously.

“Oh god!” he mumbled to himself. Amuro-san looked up at him.

“Problem?” she asked. Ken-san turned back to her.

“Setsuko just shut up,” he said in misery. Amuro-san turned back to the journals. Meanwhile, Sid was looking at Shuichi’s photo album. He was surprised to see a picture of Arisu in there. She would have done CLAMP proud with her short white lacy dress and glittery white clips in her hair. This picture was taken at night six weeks ago. Arisu had her arms open wide and standing on the edge of a fountain grinning. Sid really did love the picture.

“/Hey Arisu!/” he called. Shuichi looked with him.

“/It’s good!/” Sid called. “/She really looks… beautiful!/” Shuichi shrugged at him.

“Well, she is beautiful,” he said. Sid nodded in agreement.

“/Simon,/” Casper spoke up. Her boyfriend turned back to her.

“/Yes, Treehugger!/” he said. Casper looked at him hurt.

“/Have you got something to tell me?/” she asked.

“/No…/” Simon replied. “/Maybe… No. I like your hair./” Casper was still hurt. He just didn’t get it.

“/No,/” Simon replied confused. “/Your top’s nice. I love you. Any of those?/” Casper looked as if she would cry now. She shook her head at him.

“/No,/” she said sadly. Simon looked back down at his journal. Suddenly, Sid moaned out in pain. Simon looked up quickly. The English boy hurried to his friend.

“/Hang on!/” he called. “/I think I’m about to deliver!/” Emma became overjoyed. Simon rolled his eyes annoyed.

“/Great!/” Simon called. “/Just in time for Tokyo security!/” Sid’s face dropped at that one.

“/Huh?/” he asked.

“/Yeah,/” Simon replied. “/You know that they are very strict. Better keep it up there!/” Then, he turned back to his journal. Emma snickered at him.

“/Oh god!/” Sid muttered to himself as he sat back down in his seat. “/Oh god!/” This was going to be a long plane ride! Shuichi just looked at the window in sorrow again. Would he and Ando ever get back to good?

“/Oh god!/” Sid muttered again. Ando looked out the window wondering the same thing as Shuichi. Meanwhile back in Cambodia, Botum, Sopheap, her husband, and the soldiers were celebrating their latest victory in their scan. It had been going on for years now. Wine and food were all around in the private dining area of the hostel. Everyone was dressed up nicely. Botum raised her glass in the air.

“-A toast! To the stupid foreigners!!!-” she called.

“-The stupid foreigners!!!-” they all called. They all clinked their glasses together merrily. They all drank up to that. Sopheap’s husband kissed her on the cheek hard. Then, she got up to get more drinks.

“-To my darling, Sopheap!-” her husband called. “-They were all idiots! But rich idiots!-” Sopheap went around the corner out of plain sight and took out the beach photo. She placed it up against the wall and kissed Ando’s face in the picture. The girl unfolded it to stare at the whole picture. Mostly of Shuichi and Ando.

“-To idiots everywhere!-” Botum called. Then, they all laughed the night away.

[1] Riel is Cambodian currency
[2] Get a leg up= Have sex
[3] Nan=Grandma to the Brits

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