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Nudity, love triangles, pregnancies and death, coupled with Quidditch, deceit, injustice, adventure and mystery. Sounds like another tranquil year at Hogwarts. Join me for Hogwarts Too Exposed - A ...

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Chapter Three

Winners and Losers

"This has been the most glorious week of my life," Ginny said, as she stood naked looking out the balcony's sliding glass door. "The view from here is breathtaking."

"As it most certainly is from here," Severus responded lustfully from their bed as he took in all of the redhead's radiant beauty.

"Why can't we just stay here?" Ginny asked. "Forget about Hogwarts and family, just you and me."

"Because my love, we are not five year olds," Severus answered. "We cannot shed the responsibilities of life as we would a shirt in order to go off and live in a make-believe world. But much of what we have here could become reality; it's simply a matter of choice."

"A choice that should be so simple, but yet I remain hesitant."

"Hesitant because you cannot come to terms with the past. One's future is built on plans and dreams, not sad memories."

"Not all my memories of times with him are sad," Ginny responded defensively.

"No, I imagine they aren't. If they were, making a decision would not be that difficult. The only thing I'm certain of is that I love you, but for a relationship between us to work; you must be able to enter into it with no lingering ties to the past."

A knocking at the door interrupted their conversation.

"That must be room service, may I get it?" Ginny asked, her voice almost begging naughtily in anticipation.

"You find it exhilarating to drive these poor muggle room service clerks virtually crazy don't you?"

"I love the way they stutter and shake when a naked girl answers the door. They don't know where to look. Besides, you should be happy; it saves you money. They're usually so frustrated and eager to get out that they forget to wait for a tip."

"Have your amusement, my beautiful little witch."

Samantha was driving herself crazy with apprehension. Why did Draco feel that the very mention of his name alone would create a wedge between her and Ron? If only Harry or Hermione were available to talk with, but they were still on vacation. Each day that passed without discussing Draco's visit with Ron made her feel guiltier.

As she lay there in Ron's arms she realized she could put it off no longer. "Ronnie, something happened that I've been hesitant to tell you about."

"I know," he answered sweetly.

"You know?" Sam answered, startled.

"Well, I don't know what happened, but I know that you haven't been yourself since Monday. You've been here physically, but your mind has been off in another world. I've missed you. What is it that you've been so tentative to share?"

"Ron, you know I love you. I made some mistakes in the past; namely being naïve and allowing myself to become pregnant because of a one-night fling. I was brainless; I thought I was in love. Truth is, I never found out what real love was until I met you. Part of me wishes I could totally expunge that past and make believe it never happened. Another part of me could in no way do that because it would mean losing Timmy and I love him as much as I love you. I wish it could have been you that first time. I wish Timmy was actually your son."

"Sam, I love you too. Like you, I didn't know what love was until I met you. Would I have liked to be your one and only partner? Certainly, but that's not realistic in today's world. Guys can hardly sow wild oats until they're ready to settle down, and then expect to find a virgin. You've forgiven me my sordid past and although you have nothing that needs to be forgiven; your past is just that, your past. As for Timmy, we've discussed him before. I know he doesn't have my genes, but I love him as much as I love his mother. The day you become my wife is the day he officially becomes my son."

"Ron, I was visited by Timmy's dad on Monday," Sam said hesitantly and then held her breath waiting for Ron's reaction.

To Sam's great surprise Ron remained calm, only saying, "What did he want?"

"He admitted that he never loved me. Came right out and said that he looked upon me as nothing more than a one-night stand. He didn't have any feelings for me at all. Yet he asked me to marry him."

"What did you say?" Ron asked, the nervousness in his voice now extremely evident. "How - how did he find you?"

Sam looked at Ron, as if hurt that he should even feel it necessary to ask what she had said. "I told him that it was egotistical of him to think that I would even consider marrying him when I had you. He seemed extremely upset at the idea of you raising a son he had conceived. As to how he found me, I'm not sure. I think it was through you. I believe he knows you somehow." Sam was extremely anxious, but knew she had gone this far and had to finish.

"He threatened that he would not stand by and let you be a surrogate father to his son. Then he said he doubted that you would want any part of Timmy or me when you found out his identity."

Ron looked at Sam with trepidation. He knew he loved both this woman and her son. There was not anything he could envisage that could alter that sentiment. Yet he had to know the name of Timmy's father. "Who is this guy? What's his name?"

Sam answered with consternation. "Draco Malfoy is Timmy's father. Do you know him?"

Ron voiced not a word in reply, but merely buried his face in his hands.

"All day? People have seen me nude all day! Why didn't you say something?" Hermione asked, actually demanded.

Jamie was taken aback. "I thought you knew. I figured you had canceled the charm and I didn't want to make you more self-conscious by making a big deal out of it. I told the girls not to say anything, either."

"But Harry said it was working in the hotel room," Hermione moaned. "I can't believe he lied to me."

"He didn't." Jamie quickly said in Harry's defense. "I saw you when you first came out and sat down. The charm was working. You looked as if you had your swim costume on."

Hermione deliberated for a moment. "Something happened during the brief time I was asleep. Either someone said 'Finite Incantatum' or this spell has another glitch. Quick Jamie, find me a towel or something to cover myself with before anyone sees me like this."

Jamie at first just looked at Hermione in disbelief and then said sternly, "Hermione, all vacation you have been saying that this is what you wanted. You've sought the reflection in the mirror to become real life. This is your chance, don't dash off and hide now. You've been exposed all day. You even said that people paid less attention to you. That was because you were nude and not covered."

"You defeated Voldemort. You're strong enough to do this. I know you are," Jamie pleaded. "I'm here to help you. So are Harry and the girls."

Hermione realized that Jamie was right. She knew she could do this. Actually she had done it all day. To run and hide now was silly.

"You're right. I can do this. Where is Harry? I want to take a swim before dinner." Hermione's voice sounded firm and resolved, but Jamie could tell she was shaking.

"Here comes Harry now. Are you going to tell him that you didn't know the charm was off?" Jamie inquired.

"I'm naked and I intend to stay that way," Hermione said with resoluteness in her voice. Why don't we let it remain our little secret that it happened by accident and not knowingly?"

Jamie smiled and nodded. "A secret between two sisters."

Thursday, August 19, 2004

"Why does your competition start so early today?" Hermione inquired. "There won't be anyone out to cheer for you girls this early on."

"They realize that, but the panel of judges wanted to conclude by eleven so that they could do the crowning before lunch and so that we wouldn't be running in the blistering afternoon sun. Besides, there won't be much to watch," Jamie added. "The running all takes place on the beach."

"How exactly do they plan to give two scores for one event?"

"The first score will be given for the fastest time completing the four mile run. We must run from the hotel one mile north on the beach. Then back passing the hotel to a point one mile south. The order of finish getting back to the hotel from the south determines the first set of points," Jamie informed Hermione.

"Four miles is rather a long distance, especially when you take into account that you are running on soft sand rather than firm ground," Hermione interjected.

"If only it were only four miles, that's just the first part." Jamie said ominously. "Then we continue running until eleven o'clock with points awarded to the contestants who log the most additional distance."

"I'm sorry, but I think that is ludicrous," Hermione said angrily. "This is just a local contest, not a high profile marathon. None of you are skilled runners. Jamie, I wouldn't think poorly of you if you decided to drop out of the competition."

Caitlin and Emily only entered the room in time to hear Hermione propose that Jamie drop out. Emily face turned a ghastly white as she shouted, "She can't; she just can't! Jamie you have to win! You have to beat Roz!" Emily clutched her hand to her mouth and ran to the bathroom.

"The unfortunate girl. The food here simply doesn't seem to agree at all with her stomach," Hermione said dolefully.

"She'll be fine after Jamie beats Roz, today," Caitlin said encouragingly. "Jamie you can't drop out and let that bit... You just can't let Roz win."

"I'm not dropping out," Jamie said sneeringly. "I'd just as soon see Chantal or Felicite finish in first, but if Roz wins, life will be unbearable."

"Especially for Emily," Caitlin thought to herself. "Especially for Emily."

"We best get down to the pool for the start of the race," Hermione suggested.

"Where is Dad?" Caitlin asked.

"He was asked to help keep an eye on the race route to be sure that none of the contestants are given external aid," Hermione answered. The regular judges will be at the hotel and the north and south boundaries, but they needed some extra eyes to watch the remainder of the course."

Hermione smiled to herself, as they rushed in the direction of the pool. She was naked, but with all the discussion about the contest she had completely forgotten about it. Yesterday she was nude by accident and when she finally found out, she was exceptionally panicky. But Hermione came back to the pool and spent an hour swimming with Harry and the kids. She even sat and talked briefly with Michelle and a couple to whom she had been introduced during the week. By the time they left the pool area she knew she would be going nude today. What she hadn't realized was how easy it would be after that initial time.

As they neared the pool, the contest MC motioned for Jamie to hurry, they were about to begin. As soon as she took her place on stage, he announced, "This morning we have the final two events of our program. As expected, the pool area is rather sparsely occupied at the moment, but I'm sure that will change by the time we are ready to crown this year's Miss Nude Teen."

"Before we start the race I would like to announce the current point totals and positions. Number nine; Rosalind with two hundred points is our current leader followed by number ten, Jamie with one hundred seventy-five points. In third place is number one, Chantal, with one hundred twenty-five points.

"Felicite, number five, completes the top four with one hundred points. Yvonne, number four, and Sydney, number six, follow her, both tied with seventy-five points. And although they have yet to score, with two hundred points available in today's events, Odetta, number seven, and Fluffy, number eight, should definitely not be counted out.

"The first part of today's contest will be a four mile run. The start, halfway point and finish of the race will be on the beach just outside the pool fence. If the contestants will please follow me, we will get the event underway."

As the contestants left the stage and headed for the starting line, Caitlin asked Hermione, "Who do you think will win this phase of the running?"

"It's difficult to say," Hermione replied. "Roz is definitely the strongest of the contestants and we know Jamie can run long distances. Chantal and Felicite are the big question marks. They both did well in the swimming and their lightweight could be an advantage running on the sand. We'll just have to keep our fingers crossed."

BANG! They all jumped as the starter's gun signaled the beginning of the race.

"How long do you anticipate before they return for the halfway mark?" Emily asked Hermione.

"Well if the girls were professionals and running on a firm surface, we'd be seeing times under twenty-five minutes for the entire race. These girls aren't professionals and running on sand will indubitably slow them down. I'd estimate fifteen to twenty minutes for the first half."

Emily looked at her watch. "If that's the case we have plenty of time to get a beverage. I'm thirsty."

"I could go for a tea," Hermione responded. "The bacon at breakfast was delicious, but rather salty. My throat is dry."

"I wonder why muggles don't make pumpkin juice?" Caitlin asked.

"I've often wondered that myself," Hermione replied as she paid for their beverages. "They're missing out on a tasty drink. That and butterbeer."

"Oh! I love butterbeer," Emily exclaimed. "It tastes so good and you can drink it and drink it and never get drunk."

"Not unless you're a house elf," Hermione interjected. "Butterbeer affects elves the same as muggle beer affects humans. I knew a house elf at Hogwarts named Winky who had a very serious drinking problem."

"My grandparents had house elves," Caitlin added, "but I never saw any at Hogwarts."

Hermione smiled, "Who do you think does all the cleaning and preparing of food? When we get back to Hogwarts, remind me to take you girls to the kitchen area and introduce you to Dobby."

"We better get back," Emily said looking at her watch. "The runners should be passing by soon."

As they walked by the pool area, Hermione noticed that it was still virtually empty. Then she remembered that it wasn't even half past eight yet. As they approached the starting line, Daniel Weber yelled out, "Look, here comes someone."

Emily looked in the direction Daniel was indicating and saw not one, but three runners approaching. "They look like their running together, not really racing."

"At this point they might just be running together." Hermione answered. "The best runners sometimes stay together if they are comfortable with the pace; saving strength for the last mile when they will try to break loose."

Caitlin yelled excitedly, "It's Jamie. She's the one in the middle."

As they came nearer Hermione was able to identify Chantal and Felicite as the girls running on either side of Jamie. As the girls neared, Daniel yelled, "Here comes someone else."

Someone else was quickly identified as Roz.

As Jamie passed she gave them a brief, but certainly not confident smile. Emily checked her watch then and again when Roz passed. Roz was a good minute behind. Baring a complete collapse by someone; Roz should do no better than fourth. Sydney was directly behind Roz followed by Yvonne, but then five minutes passed and no additional runners appeared. Finally, Emily saw Odetta and Fluffy walking toward them; the two girls had evidently quit the race and were merely taking their time walking back to the hotel.

The race was now down to six runners and none of the spectators could pull themselves away from the finish line despite the fact that it would be quite some time before the girls reached and returned from the southern limit of the course.

Each minute seemed an hour as Emily found herself constantly checking her watch. Finally after what seemed like hours; the runners were seen in the distance. Felicite seemed to be flying and undoubtedly would finish first. Jamie and Chantal were battling it out for second place. Roz had lessened the distance between her and the frontrunners, but would have to settle for fourth place. Yvonne and Sydney were lagging behind and had no chance of finishing in the top four.

Hermione winced as she saw Jamie's breasts gyrating wildly with each stride as she tried vainly to stay even with Chantal. Jamie finished third.

As Sydney finished in sixth place, the MC announced that the second portion of the event would start in ten minutes. Contestants were allowed to get a drink, refresh themselves with a shower and relax, but not leave the pool area.

Jamie cradled her breasts in her arms as she approached Hermione and the girls, the tears in her eyes becoming apparent. She looked first at Emily and Caitlin and then at Hermione. "I'm sorry," she said. "I have to drop out, my boobs are killing me."

Emily was panic-stricken. "Jamie please, you don't understand! It's more than a contest. If you lose...."

No one heard the end of Emily's comment as she ran off to the nearest trash container, quickly regurgitating breakfast.

"If she does that one more time, we're going to a French muggle doctor whether she likes it or not," Hermione said resolutely. Then she turned her attention to Jamie. "There's no disgrace in quitting when you've given your best, and you have."

"No!" Caitlin screamed. "You can't quit. For Emily's sake you can't quit."

"I don't know what Emily has to do with this, but I can't run anymore. My breasts are too painful," Jamie answered.

"But Mum or I can remedy that. You know I can. Ten minutes is plenty of time," Caitlin begged.

"Caitlin, I don't want to quit the contest, but there is no other option," Jamie declared, frustration evident in her voice. "I know you and Hermione have the ability to alleviate the soreness, but as much as I love you both; there is no way I'm going to allow either of you to touch my breasts in public and I'm not allowed to leave the pool area."

Caitlin thought hard and then said, "Mum, you and Madam Pomfrey said that you thought in time I would be able to heal without touching. What if you and I held hands and both concentrated? Perhaps our combined powers could achieve the necessary results. Its not like we're trying to regenerate tissue, we're just trying to mitigate the soreness."

"You're so young and you've never even attempted this before." Hermione looked deeply into Caitlin begging eyes. "But on the other hand, we've naught to lose. Jamie you must just sit and be very quiet. Caitlin you must hold my hand and concentrate deeply. You have to let your mind return to yesterday when you treated Jamie. In order for this to work your mind must join with hers. She has to feel your touch. Jamie, if we succeed, you will feel Caitlin touching and rubbing your chest just as she did yesterday. Difficult as it may be, try not to react. Quickly! Caitlin, take my hand. We have little time."

Jamie watched as Caitlin and Hermione sat side by side on the lounge chair next to her. They grasped each other's hand and closed their eyes. At first Jamie could only think about how grateful she was that it was not yet nine o'clock and the pool area was so sparsely occupied.

She watched as Hermione and Caitlin seemed to enter into a deep trance, their bodies rigid. Jamie waited, first a minute, then two minutes. Nothing happened. Her breasts ached as much as every. Then suddenly, without warning someone reached from behind her and cupped her breasts in their hands. Jamie turned, startled, but no one was there. She looked at her chest. No one was touching her, yet she felt two small hands cupping her breasts.

Jamie could suddenly hear Caitlin telling her to lean back and relax, but Caitlin hadn't opened her mouth. She was still in a trance.

Jamie relaxed and leaned back. She felt Caitlin's chest against her back supporting her, but Caitlin was still sitting opposite her. As she had yesterday, she fell into a tranquil stupor. Again her mind floated outside her body. She saw Hermione and Caitlin sitting on the lounge chair next to her. But then she saw herself leaning back against Caitlin.

How could Caitlin be at two different places? Then she realized that the Caitlin she was leaning against was transparent. Jamie watched as the fingers on the transparent Caitlin's right hand started tracing the nipple on the apparently comatose Jamie's right breast. She remembered having this feeling before, but again was either unable or unwilling to move or react. The transparency's hand moved outward until it was caressing the entire breast, then the entire right half of the chest from the upper shoulder to the side and under the arm. Then it once again cupped the breast and now using its left hand repeated the process on the left side of Jamie's chest.

Suddenly Jamie was awoken as if from a deep sleep by Emily's voice and being shaken violently. "Are you all right? Jamie, please talk to me."

"I'm fine," said Jamie mildly to Emily, as she noticed that Hermione and Caitlin had opened their eyes, but were still holding hands.

Hermione face literally glowed with pride as she hugged Caitlin. "You did it. On your first try you actually reached her telepathically." Hermione looked questioningly at Jamie. "Was she able to...?

Jamie looked at them both, still dazed. "I feel fine." She looked at Caitlin. "That was scary. Your powers, you're amazing."

"No! You had it right the first time!" Emily exclaimed. "That was freaking scary! I've been alternately shaking you guys for the last minute with no results. If you're going to take a trip to Never-Never Land, will you please take me with you, or at least tell me you're leaving? I was terrified."

"We're sorry," Caitlin said. "Time was rather limited and you were sort of occupied."

Emily just blushed. "Yeah, I guess I was. Did she...? Are you okay, Jamie? Will you be continuing?"

Emily got her answer as Jamie hurried off when the MC announced for all contestants to report to the stage.

"Since you guys were rather preoccupied, I don't imagine either of you noticed the two girls Roz was talking to during the break?" Emily questioned, concern evident in her voice.

Both Hermione and Caitlin indicated that they hadn't seen the girls. "Maybe I'm being obsessed," Emily commented, "but I don't trust Roz. After they finished talking, the two ran off in the direction the runners will be headed. I think Roz is planning some dirty strategy."

"Perhaps you are being a little paranoid, Emily. But just to be on the safe side, why don't you two take a two mile run?" Hermione suggested, trying to hide the concern she also felt. "It's an open beach. As long as you don't interfere with the contestants, there should be no problem with you running along with Jamie. When you return to this point, I'll take over."

"I'm sorry to announce that the field has narrowed down to only four contestants," the MC announced. "However, we couldn't come into our last event with much tighter scores. After the just completed contest, Chantal and Felicite both have two hundred points and Roz and Jamie each have two hundred twenty-five. It all comes down to this final event and anyone of our four finalists is talented enough to carry off the crown."

"For this challenge we will be using the same course as the previous race. The competition will last two hours with the goal being to complete the most full miles. Should there be a tie, the contestant finishing the most complete miles first will be declared the winner."

Hermione and the girls followed the contestants out to the starting line. Everyone started off the race at a rather relaxed slow speed; after all they would be running for two hours. Chantal took the lead, followed by Roz. Felicite followed Roz and Jamie brought up the rear. Emily and Caitlin were able to catch up with Jamie with little difficulty.

"Don't you think you should quicken your pace," Emily suggested as her and Caitlin caught up to Jamie.

"What are you guys doing here?" Jamie asked, surprised to see the girls.

"Mum's idea," Caitlin answered. We're your 'bodyguards' in case Roz tries to pull a fast one."

"She wouldn't dare," Jamie protested. "Okay, you can run with me, but no talking. Save your energy."

Emily wanted to gripe that the other three runners had rounded a curve and were out of sight already, but held her tongue not wanting to draw Jamie's wrath.

It was just after nine o'clock and the beach, as normal, was still rather deserted. In another three hours though, it would be crowded with a throng of sun worshippers. As they reached the curve, Jamie suddenly started to sprint. Laying just ahead of them, in apparent pain, was Felicite.

"What happened?" Jamie asked as she flung herself on the ground next to the girl who was rubbing her ankle.

"Some clumsy girl ran right into me," Felicite answered. She and her friend were playing Frisbee. I can't understand why it was thrown in my direction when they had the entire beach."

"Where are they now?" Emily inquired.

"That's the topper," Felicite said irritably. "After she plows into me and steps on my ankle with her size ten sneakers, the two of them just run off. No apology or offer of assistance. They just ran off."

"Do you think it's broken?" Jamie inquired.

"Nah! It would hurt a lot worse," Felicite replied. "But I'm afraid I'm done running for awhile. Speaking of running, you're in a race. Don't worry about me. I'll be fine until someone else comes along."

Emily couldn't have agreed more and actually tried to pull Jamie back to her feet. All she received for her effort was an annoyed glance from her sister.

"We're not about to run off and leave you here," Jamie answered stubbornly. Then Jamie made eye contact with Caitlin. "Caitlin is terrific at massaging. Would you mind if she worked on your ankle?"

Felicite gave Jamie a patronizing look, but agreed.

"Wow! You do have a magical touch," Felicite said after only a few minutes. "I bet you give a great back rub."

"I've never tried the back," Caitlin said as she gave Jamie a knowing grin. "Try putting some weight on your foot."

Jamie and Emily helped Felicite get to her feet. At first she just stared at Caitlin in bewilderment. Then she shook her head in admiration. "I don't have any idea what you did, but it doesn't even hurt in the slightest anymore. You're amazing."

"Ready to get back into the race?" Jamie asked.

"Do you mind if we just run together?" Felicite asked.

"That's fine with me," Jamie answered as the four started off.

For a time, they jogged along at a slow steady pace. Shortly after they passed the half-mile point, Emily saw something up ahead on the beach.

As Emily dashed ahead, the others pursued her. "It looks like someone else had a Frisbee accident," Emily shouted to the group sarcastically.

No one seemed shocked by the fact that the injured person was Chantal, nor that a girl chasing a Frisbee had in fact injured her.

"I'm positive that Rosalind put them up to it," Chantal grimaced. "She laughed when she passed me laying here."

"How long ago was that?" Jamie asked.

"Maybe fifteen or twenty minutes," Chantal answered.

"That means she'll be coming back this way soon. Emily, keep a look out for her while Caitlin checks Chantal's ankle.

As Caitlin reached for Chantal's ankle, the girl jerked it away and then winced. "Trust her," Felicite said, sincerely. "The girl knows what she doing."

Before Caitlin could commence, Emily yelled, "I see her in the distance."

Quickly, Jamie started giving out instruction. "Caitlin you work with Chantal. Felicite, you lie down and pretend that you're still in pain. I'm sure that if it hadn't been for Caitlin and Emily running with me, I would have been hurt also, so, I'll sit so that Roz thinks I am. Here she comes."

"Awe, now isn't this a pretty picture. Is this the annual meeting of the losers club?" Roz asked smugly.

"Roz, don't you think you're carrying things to extremes just to win a contest?" Jamie asked.

"Zacherley! You're certainly not suggesting that I had anything to do with the misfortunes that you and our fellow contestants suffered?" Roz asked, a smirk on her face. "I'm truly hurt to think that you would believe me capable of such a thing."

"If you weren't involved, please help us," Jamie begged sounding as if in a great deal of pain.

"I'm afraid I don't have time for that. You see, I have a contest to win." Before running off she turned toward Emily, stuck out her tongue and wiggled it. "You, I'll see later," she said.

As Roz ran off, Jamie turned toward Emily. "Okay, out with it. No made-up stories. I want the truth and I want it now. For what earthly reason would you be seeing that bitch later."

Emily looked to Caitlin for guidance. "Tell her. We should have told her the truth from the beginning," Caitlin said.

As Caitlin saw to Chantal, Emily told Jamie about the awkward bet in which she found herself trapped.

"Emily, I love you," Jamie said after hearing the entire story. "And I appreciate that you and Caitlin are so supportive of me, but you have to be careful who you associate with and what you bet."

"You should have told Hermione or myself about this immediately. Roz is seventeen, while you're only eleven. What she anticipated you doing is against wizard law. She is of age and you are a minor.

"The bet is history. Whether I beat her or not is inconsequential as far as that is concerned. However, Roz and how she has conducted herself with regards to you and this contest is disgusting. We can't let her win. Chantal how do you feel?"

Chantal was standing looking at Caitlin with distrust. "I'm fine, but how did she do that? A person can't just rub away an injury and the associated pain." Chantal backed away from Caitlin. "It's almost like she has magical powers. Like she's a witch."

Jamie laughed. "I've considered calling her a bitch when I've been angry, but never a witch. Aren't witches supposed to wear black, carry a wand and ride brooms? A nudist witch; that would certainly be a first."

Chantal suddenly felt extremely silly. "I know witches don't exist, but you must admit that what she does is extremely strange."

Jamie smiled, "I would consider it more wonderful then strange. In a way I guess you could say she does magic with her fingers. But let's not dwell on Caitlin. I for one don't want to see Roz win this contest after what she's done."

"But she has at least a mile lead on us," Felicite said, discouragingly.

"She also thinks the three of us are out of this race," Jamie added. "If I know Roz, she is taking her good old time. We have over an hour left; let's give it our best."

The girls were back in the race, but with renewed enthusiasm. They were no longer running as individuals, but side by side with the single goal to catch and pass Roz.

Jamie was correct about Roz taking her time. Once she had gotten out of sight of Jamie and the others, she had slowed her pace to a leisurely stroll. Even though just walking, she had easily made it back to the starting line and logged two miles before the others were able to resume the race.

Roz had barely left the starting line, now headed for the southern point of the race route when a voice yelled out to her, "Do, you have time for a beer to celebrate your victory?" It was Bertha. The other Frisbee player, Angie, was standing next to her holding an ice cold twelve-pack.

"It won't be official for another hour, but thanks to the job you two did on those three losers, the contest is as good as over. Sure, I have plenty of time for a brew," Roz said with confidence.

Angie looked at Bertha with a somewhat confused expression; they had only eliminated two runners from the race. Perhaps the third participant had an accident without their assistance. Bertha signaled Angie to keep her mouth shut.

"Let's take the beer down behind that sand dune," Roz suggested, pointing toward a hill of sand about one hundred yards away. "I don't want anyone to hassle us and ruin my perfect day."

They hadn't even reached the dune before Roz had chugged her first beer. "This is my day," she said, smiling as Angie tossed her another can, the empty discarded on the beach. "Not only do I get crowned Miss Nude Teen, and beat precious Barbie doll in the process, but I get pleasured by her sister. That little girl has no clue as to what is in store for her."

As the quintet of runners neared the hotel, Emily asked, "Jamie, how far ahead of us do you imagine Roz is?"

"I've got no idea, but I'm sure Hermione will be able to tell us soon," Jamie answered.

Hermione had been both relieved and surprised when she spotted the runners approaching. She was comforted that everyone seem to be okay, but rather stunned to find them all running in concert. As they neared the hotel, Hermione ran to them; her arms filled with bottled water.

"I can't talk now," Jamie said between swigs of water. "We have to catch up with Roz. Caitlin and Emily will be staying behind; they'll explain everything. How far ahead of us is she?"

"Roz left here about ten minutes ago, but I doubt she has gotten that far," Hermione said. "She was taking her good old time as if she wasn't the least bit worried about the rest of you."

"I doubt in fact that she was concerned, but that's all changed thanks to Caitlin. I can't wait to see her expression when we catch up," Jamie said, a grin on her face.

As Jamie ran off with Chantal and Felicite keeping pace, Hermione pulled Emily and Caitlin to the side. "What happened out there?" Hermione inquired. "And I want the whole story, not the abridged version."

"This doesn't make any sense," Jamie said as they neared the southern turn around point. "Where is Roz? We should have caught up with her or at least passed her going the opposite direction."

Chantal checked her watch. "We made that last mile in less than ten minutes. With just under an hour left, we should be able to finish five more miles. What do you guys think?"

"I can handle five more," Felicite said, "but what about Roz?"

"At this point we can't worry about Roz," Jamie answered. "All we can do is complete as many full miles as possible before the time expires. At least we'll be finishing at the hotel so we can collapse in the pool."

They thought about asking the judge at the turn around if Roz had checked in, but the fact that he was Swedish made conversation rather difficult. They just grabbed water and departed.

In order to save time they just waved as they passed the hotel on their way back north. That gave them each four miles to their credit. They continued running together mainly for the camaraderie, but also because they no longer had a yearning to beat each other.

When they reached the northern turning point for the second time, Felicite again checked her watch. "We have forty minutes left," she said. "On land three more miles would be a snap, but sand is a lot tougher to run on."

"We're going for eight miles," Jamie responded encouragingly. "I know we can make it. All of us."

"Guys, I have to get going, otherwise I'll miss my crowning," Roz said laughing as she staggered to her feet. "Besides, I really should finish at least two more miles."

Roz checked her watch as she started running toward the southern point. Two miles in forty minutes, no problem, I wonder if the losers will show up for my crowning.

As she neared the northern turning point, she once again checked her watch. Twenty minutes, right on schedule. Maybe I should pick up the pace a little.

When she reached the turning point and started back toward the hotel, she saw a sight that made her pick up the pace quite more than a little. Less then three hundred yards away and approaching swiftly was not one, but all three of her competitors and none of them seemed to be limping even slightly.

As they passed, angry glances were exchanged, but no confrontation took place. Roz was panicked, she thought the others were on her tail; she had no idea that she had already lost. Likewise, Jamie and the others felt that somehow they had missed Roz and that in fact she was ahead of them.

When they initially sighted Roz, the girls had increased their pace, but were still running in tandem.

Until this week Jamie had always enjoyed the feeling of her breasts undulating as she jogged. Of course, when she jogged with Hermione it was usually at a rather leisurely pace, all out running to win a race was a totally different matter. As she glanced first to her right and then to her left, she realized that there were times when being flat chested or having small breasts was a distinct advantage.

As they made the turn and started the last mile back to the hotel, Jamie yelled to Chantal and Felicite, "Break off and go for it. You guys are faster than me."

Neither girl increased their speed. "What are you waiting for?" Jamie yelled. "You two can catch the bitch, I'm not sure if I can."

"Shut up and run!" Felicite screamed back. "You're not quitting!

"We're doing this together or not at all," Chantal yelled.

The minutes were soaring by, as they got closer to the hotel. Jamie was surprised that Roz was still leading, but the distance separating her from the trio was shrinking rapidly, as was the distance to the hotel.

With less then two hundred yards remaining, Jamie noticed Emily at the finish line frantically jumping up and down and pointing to the tote board where the contestants names were listed along with how many miles they had finished. She was too far away to read the board.

It was going to be close, but even without Jamie slowing down Chantal and Felicite, it was evident Roz was going to win. One hundred yards, and finally Jamie could read the board and now realized why Emily was so excited.

Jamie couldn't comprehend why Roz was running as if her life depended on it; she was out of the race. If the trio kept running as they were, they would tie and since Jamie was leading in points that meant she would win the overall contest.

Roz crossed the finish line and started jumping up and down frantically as if she had just won a million dollars. Jamie couldn't comprehend Roz's actions, but was happy in the knowledge that all three of them were going to beat her. Just mere feet from the finish line Jamie backed off on her pace allowing Chantal and Felicite to cross together ahead of her.

"Will you stop jumping up and down like an idiot?" Rosalind's dad yelled at her. "You didn't win anything. You placed fourth."

"Fourth! But they... How could...?" Roz was confused, frustrated and angry.

"How could they beat you?" her father said angrily. "Is that what you want to know? Possibly because they completed eight miles and you only finished four. What the hell did you do? Have a lie down? Over-confidence. That's the same thing that caused you to lose the Olympic trials. When will you get it through your thick head that a competition isn't over at the halfway point?"

Roz started to walk away.

"Just where do you think your going?" Her dad yelled angrily. "They haven't announced the winners yet. I expect you to go up on that stage and congratulate those girls."

Roz looked at her dad as if he was asking her to cut off her arm. "But Dad."

"No buts, get you ass up there now," he demanded.

Chantal grabbed Jamie's arm. "Why did you do that?

"Yeah!" added Felicite. "We were all supposed to finish together."

"Yes, I know," answered Jamie with a smile. "But if we had done that, I would have won the contest and would have had to parade around all afternoon with that Miss Nude Teen sash having my picture taken. Now you two get to share it and I can go swimming."

"But neither of us would have even finished the race if it hadn't been for you and your sister," Chantal argued.

"If I hadn't have been running with you guys, I'm probably the one that would have dropped out," Jamie said honestly. "Besides, one of you would have won if it hadn't been for those Frisbee girls. This way you both win."

"You're okay Jamie," Felicite said. "You can't imagine how excited my parents are."

Jamie thought back to last year and remembered the look on her Mum and Dad's faces when she stood on stage and was crowned the winner. "Yes I can," she said, her eyes moist. "This afternoon when you get tired of being photographed, remember how proud they are. It'll make it all worthwhile."

Before they could say anymore, they were all ushered on the stage for the presentation. The host smiled as the girls lined up. "Before I announce the winner, I think all the girls that entered the contest deserve a round of applause."

By now the area surrounding the pool had become quite crowded and the applause was extremely generous. "The scores for these four girls are extremely close and each has shown themselves to be a champion. Roz finishes in fourth place with a total of two hundred fifty points. In third place with two hundred seventy-five points is Jamie.

"Chantal and Felicite tied for first in our last event and so we have awarded each eighty-seven and one half points. Added to their previous scores of two hundred gives us another tie. Normally we would have some sort of tiebreaker, but the judges have instead decided that this year we will have two Miss Nude Teens. Congratulations, Felicite and Chantal."

Roz quickly shook both their hands and then practically ran off stage. Jamie exchanged hugs and kisses with the winners as they all made plans to have lunch together tomorrow. As the photographers started taking pictures, Jamie decided to make a graceful exit. At the bottom of the ramp her family greeted her.

"Jamie, I just don't understand you," Emily said, extremely frustrated. "I was jumping up and down like a fool so that you would break away and win the contest. Instead you throw it."

Hermione had tears in her eyes. "Emily, some day you'll understand that it's not always about winning. Jamie, I'm more proud of you for what you did than I would have been if you'd have won."

Harry gave Jamie a hug and kissed her on the cheek, "Remember, the true winner doesn't necessarily finish in first place."

"Do your breasts hurt," Caitlin asked sympathetically. "Do you want me to...?

"Yes,' Jamie interrupted. "My breasts are as sore as hell. But no, I don't want you to heal them. Other than myself when I wash, I want the next hands touching my breasts to be a male's."

"Anybody special in mind?" Emily inquired, giggling.

"Are his initials A.L.E.X.? teased Caitlin.

"Girls, leave Jamie alone," Hermione, said. "I don't know about you three, but I'm starving. Shall we go to lunch?"

"I'm hungry, too," Harry agreed. "Let's go change."

As Harry was about to start off, Hermione grabbed his hand. "Harry, we're leaving directly after breakfast on Saturday, aren't we?"

"Yes, why?" he asked.

That means we only have tomorrow and the balance of today left to..." Hermione hesitated. "Harry, in the car Jamie said that her family didn't wear clothes from the time they got here till they left. Would you think I was crazy if I suggested that we stay this way until after breakfast on Saturday?"

"Even for dinner and going shopping for souvenirs at the mall?" Harry asked, surprised at Hermione's suggestion.

"Way to go," Emily said, enthusiastically. "Now you're talking like a real nudist."

Jamie and Caitlin both gave Hermione a hug and kiss. "I guess that means we're not going to our room," Harry said with a smile.

"Why did I let you guys talk me into this?" Jamie moaned as Caitlin and Emily poured even more sand on her. "I'll have sand in every crack and crevice for a month. What are you doing now?"

"We're giving you a boob job," Caitlin said. "If you think you had big ones before, wait till we're done molding your sand mounds."

"Caitlin," Emily said frustrated. "I think you best scale back a tad bit or there will only be room for one boob in the middle of her chest."

"Well, well, that's the best I've ever seen you look Zacherley," Roz said as she came upon the girls, startling them. "A couple of buckets of sand to cover your face would make it perfect." Roz reached for the bucket, but Emily grabbed it away from her quickly as Caitlin rushed to help Jamie, who was struggling to get out from under the heavy sand covering her.

Jamie hadn't realized just how much sand the girls had thrown on top of her, or how defenseless it had made her. She was greatly relieved when she was once again standing on her feet.

"You didn't have to get up for me Zacherley," Roz said arrogantly. "I didn't come to see you. I was looking for your sister. I still haven't figured out how you did it, but I pay my debts."

"Keep your filthy money," Emily spurted out. "I had no intentions of keeping my part of the arrangement if you had won."

"Oh yes you would have," Roz said threateningly. Then she smiled. "Admit it. You were looking forward to burying you head between my legs and you know it." Suddenly with out warning, she reached out and grabbed Emily's shoulders with both hands and forced the girl to her knees. "Do it baby, you know it's what you want."

Anger and rage, unlike any she had ever experienced in her life, surged through Jamie's body. She shoved Roz away from Emily as she shouted. "Leave my sister alone!"

"And just what are you going to do about it if I don't, Barbie?" Roz said defiantly. "Slap me in the face with one of your tits?"

Jamie didn't answer. She didn't even think about the consequences. Instead Jamie stepped forward and socked Roz directly in the face with all the strength she could muster. The blow caught Roz completely by surprise and she fell to the ground, out cold.

Emily yelled enthusiastically, "Jamie, you knocked her out! She's unconscious! You rule girl!"

Jamie had done something utterly out of character, she loathed violence and yet she had just hit another girl hard enough to render her insensible. To make matters worse, her sister found it awe-inspiring.

Caitlin got on her knees and placed her hand on Roz's head. She moved her hand about as she closed her eyes in concentration. "There's no concussion," she said after a few moments.

"I'm glad she's not hurt," Jamie said in relief. "I think I may have broken my hand."

"I didn't say she wasn't hurt," Caitlin said. "You broke her nose."

"Way to go Zacherley!" Emily shouted as she looked at her sister with renewed pride.

"No!" Jamie protested uneasily. "It can't be. Harry and Hermione will kill me. Caitlin, can't you do something?"

Caitlin gave Jamie a dejected look. "Probably, but must I?

"Yeah! Must she?" Emily agreed. "I think she looks better with her nose pointing toward her ear."

"I'm serious," Jamie pleaded. "Hermione and Harry will be upset enough if they find out I was in a fight. Please, do what you can."

"I just hope she doesn't come out of it before I've completed," Caitlin said as she cupped Roz's nose in her hand and began to concentrate.

Jamie watched in amazement. This was the first time she had seen Caitlin use her Hyperempathic skills that she wasn't the patient. "She really zones out when she does that?"

"That's why she has to be comfortable with the surroundings," Emily answered. "She is extremely vulnerable when healing."

After a few minutes, Roz began to stir and then her eyes opened. "Get away for me!" she yelled pushing Caitlin aside. As she stared at Jamie, there was a look in her eyes that had never been there before. Roz looked nervous and intimidated.

She jumped to her feet. "I guess you think you're tough because you surprised me with a lucky punch. Make it a fair fight and I could take you anytime," Roz claimed, her voice sounding not nearly as confident as her words.

"At least next year I won't have to be bothered by the likes of you; we're going on a real vacation." Roz backed up a few steps and then turned and hurried off in the direction of the hotel.

"I hope that's the last we see of her this year," Emily said, earnestly.

"On that we agree," said Jamie. "How did it go with her nose, Caitlin?"

"The bone is set and healed; no sign a break ever existed," Caitlin answered. "But she came out of it before I had a chance to relieve the soreness and swelling; that will take care of itself in a few days."

"Maybe a little pain and suffering will make a better person of her," Jamie suggested.

Emily shook her head. "Little chance of that happening with Roz."

"Now that felt really strange," Hermione commented as she and Jamie rejoined Harry and the girls after browsing in a lady's dress shop.

"What was strange?" Harry asked.

"That shop had no dressing rooms," Hermione answered. "In a way I understand; after all Jamie and I walked in there totally naked. But still it's weird to just try on clothes in the middle of the store with others watching."

"It is odd how people here don't pay you any notice when you're totally nude, but the act of dressing and undressing seems to get their attention," Jamie commented.

"You certainly got attention from those two boys when you tried on that skirt topless," Hermione said with a laugh.

"That's exactly what I mean. Neither seemed to notice me when I was starkers, but when I put on the skirt it seemed they couldn't stop staring at my chest," Jamie said slightly annoyed.

"It must be awful to have problems like that," Caitlin said, sarcastically. "You and Mum have bodies that most witches would kill for. Emily's only eleven and already has a figure, meanwhile..." Caitlin pinched one of her puffy little nipples between her thumb and finger. "I've got nothing. If I cut my hair and put on a pair of shorts, I could play on the skins side of a boys shirts versus skins basketball game and no one would notice."

Hermione wrapped her arm around Caitlin's shoulders. "Yes they would," she said. "Your face is much too pretty for you to ever pass as a boy. I wish you would stop worrying so much about your breasts. The mirror showed us how lovely a woman you'll become. I have a feeling your body has a lot of changes in store for you this winter. Next year when we come here the friends you made won't even recognize you."

Jamie had a very satisfied expression on her face as Emily excitedly squealed, "Do you mean it? You'll actual come back without being tricked?"

Harry put his arm on Emily's shoulder as she nestled closer to him. "Hermione and I were talking about it last night before we fell asleep. We've made a number of new friends and had a great time. We'd consider coming back without a doubt, but only if you girls agreed."

"Can we think about it for a few months or do you want our answer now?" Jamie asked, laughing.

"I have a feeling we already know the answer," Hermione replied. "Harry and I are going to take a walk on the beach. Do you girls want to join us or go back to the rooms?"

Emily squeezed her legs tightly together. "I'd like to go with, but I have to pee bad."

"You don't think it has anything to do with the three Cokes you drank during dinner, do you?" Harry asked.

"Probably," Emily responded meekly.

"I'd also feel more comfortable if I relieved myself," Jamie admitted.

"Why don't you girls run the packages back to the hotel and then join us?" Hermione suggested. "We'll walk to the north so you can find us easily."

It was a perfect night for a stroll on the beach. The clear sky was filled with a multitude of stars, and the wind that sometimes blew the sand about annoyingly had calmed to practically nil.

"I'm glad there is no one else around," Harry said as he held Hermione in a tight embrace.

"I love the girls, but it's nice for it to just be the two of us once in awhile." Hermione agreed.

"That's not exactly what I meant," Harry said nervously. "Holding you closely against me, well, it sort of had an affect on me."

Hermione looked into Harry's beautiful green eyes and smiled. "It's nice to know that I still have that effect on you." She reached below his waist and took him in her small hand. "Goodness," she said slightly startled. "You weren't exaggerating."

"Oh my god," Harry said, panic stricken. "Here comes Jamie."

Hermione looked in the direction of the hotel and saw Jamie jogging their way.

"What am I going to do?" Harry asked, obviously flustered.

"Hold me tight," Hermione suggested.

"Yeah! Like that will help," Harry moaned. "Holding you tight is what got me in this condition in the first place."

"I know it won't eliminate the problem, but at least it will conceal it from Jamie," Hermione suggested.

"Right." Is all Harry said before pressing Hermione as close to him as circumstances allowed.

"I thought you guys would be further up the beach by now," Jamie declared as she ran up to them. "Caitlin and Emily stopped to talk to a couple of their mates. They'll be along in a minute."

Harry and Hermione remained pressed against each other as Hermione nodded her head. "Fine," she said, nervously.

Jamie studied Harry and Hermione. They were acting extremely strange. "Is something amiss?" she asked. Is there a problem that I could do something to help alleviate?"

Hermione couldn't help herself. She continued to stay pressed against Harry, but she broke into uncontrollable laughter. "I'm sure you could help alleviate the problem," she said. "But as much as I love you, there are some things a woman won't share, even with her sister."

Jamie blushed, as she comprehended what the problem was. "Harry, you don't have to be embarrassed. I've seen men in that condition before. I'm not going to stare or make fun like Emily would."

Now Harry blushed. He didn't care if Jamie had seen a hundred men this way; she wasn't about to see him.

Jamie seemed to sense this and said, "The quickest solution would be to run into the ocean. I'll turn my head. If you two prefer a more gratifying solution, I can stand watch to make sure no one happens to come upon you."

Hermione was bowled over. Last year at this time her relationship with Jamie was purely that of a professor and her student. Jamie was a very special student indeed, but still only a student. They were so much more now to each other. Most people, upon first seeing them, thought they were sisters. At a quick glance, despite the age difference, they could almost pass as twins. But in the last few months they had become even more than sisters. Now they were now best friends.

Suddenly Hermione felt like a teenage girl, out with her boyfriend. They both wanted each other sorely and her best friend had just offered to stand guard while they had a quickie. Hermione and Harry had never had sex outside and the thought of being with Harry here on the beach was extremely enticing.

As tempting as the prospect was, Hermione recognized that she could never make love to Harry with Jamie standing only a few feet away.

"Harry, what Jamie suggests is a very tempting idea," Hermione whispered. "Believe it or not, I find the thought of the two of us making love here on the beach extremely exciting, but not with Jamie ten feet away."

"I know what you mean," Harry said. "Maybe tomorrow-night we can sneak out after they've gone to bed."

"Sneaking out at night reminds me of our school days. It seemed we were always off to somewhere hiding under your invisibility cloak."

"Shame we didn't bring that along on the trip. It might come in handy tomorrow night. I guess for now though I'm going to have to settle for a cool dip."

"Just for now," Hermione said lovingly. "Jamie, Harry decided to cool off with a dip."

Jamie was already facing away from them and remained that way as Harry took a brief plunge in the sea.

"Jamie, would you mind awfully, checking on what's keeping Emily and Caitlin," Hermione asked.

Jamie smiled. "No problem. You act more like a Mum everyday." She said before running off to see what was delaying the girls.

"Where is Jamie running off to?" Harry asked as he emerged from the cool water.

"I asked her to check on the girls," Hermione replied as her eyes surveyed Harry. "Cold water certainly changes things, doesn't it?"

"Thanks for noticing," Harry countered with a smile.

"Would you consider us both officially nudists now?" Hermione asked.

"Yes. I'd consider us second and third class nudists."

Hermione looked a Harry somewhat puzzled. "Since when are nudists classified."

"Since yesterday when I developed the Potter Classification System."

"The PCS of nudists?" Hermione laughed. "Harry you definitely need to get a hobby. How many groups are there and what qualifies you for a particular class?"

"It's a simple system composed of only four groups," Harry said, quite seriously. "The girls are first class nudists. If they could, they'd never wear a stitch. They don't care who sees them nude. They're not the least bit embarrassed. Given the freedom and safety to do so, they wouldn't hesitate to go anywhere starkers even if everyone else were fully clothed."

"I can see why we didn't qualify for first class," Hermione said. "I could never do that."

"Nor could I. Fourth class is the private nudist. That's someone who likes to be in the buff, but only when alone. They're always dressed if someone else is about. The exception being that some fourth class don't mind being nude in front of their mates.

"Do you intend to publish the results of your research Professor Potter?"

"I'm not sure if the world is ready to know the truth," Harry said, jokingly as they continued their walk hand in hand.

"And what, pray tell, is the difference between a second and third class." Hermione eagerly inquired.

"I thought you'd never ask Mrs. Potter. Both are recreational nudists who have no problem being nude in a public nude environment. The third class tends to play it straight when out of the nudist atmosphere, where the second class continues to be nude as much as possible as long as they are comfortable with the people they are about."

Hermione gave Harry a disappointed glance. "Does that mean that tomorrow is the last the girls and I will see of nudist Harry until next year?"

Harry wavered at first and then said, "Not completely, but not purposely. This will likely sound ridiculous, but I would still find it weird to walk around our quarters naked if front of the girls. Maybe if they were actually our daughters and had grown up seeing me nude, I'd feel different about it. On the other hand if one of them walks in on me naked or the sheet falls off when we wrestle, I'm not going to panic and cover myself."

Hermione nodded her head. "I'm somewhat disappointed, but I understand your position. Maybe in time you'll grow more comfortable."

"Perhaps, but I doubt it."

Harry seemed slightly depressed and so Hermione asked, "And what makes me a second class?"

"Hermione, had you been brought up like Emily and Jamie, you'd be a first class. You love being nude. This summer you were naked as much in our quarters as the girls were. Please don't take this wrong because I'm certainly not complaining. I love you being in the buff most of the time."

Hermione looked at Harry questioningly. "You really think I would have been like Jamie?"

"Yes. You two are so alike that at times it frightens me. When is the last time you wore knickers?"

Hermione didn't answer, but simply blushed.

"You've come to hate clothes as much as the girls. You're barely in the door before you're out of yours. I think it's just a matter of time before you don't bother dressing for selected visitors."

Hermione was about to disagree when she heard yelling and turned to see the girls running toward them.

"I thought Jamie's breast were tender?" Harry asked. "How can she endure running and them bouncing like they are?"

"I think she changed her mind this afternoon and allowed Caitlin to treat her."

Harry tightened his hold on Hermione's hand. "Have you told Caitlin about the dark side of her power yet?"

"No" Hermione shook her head despondently. "Pomfrey and I hoped that we had years before we had to be concerned about that, but after yesterday it may only be months. Harry, her healing powers are almost equal to mine and she's only just twelve. We thought she would be out of Hogwarts before her telepathic abilities even started to develop."

Harry gave Hermione a hug. "She has to be told. Neither of you will be able to live with yourself if she harms someone."

"Look at her, Harry. It seems inconceivable that someone so sweet and innocent could potentially be evil and dangerous."

Unexpectedly Harry and Hermione were almost knocked off they feet by three girls hugging and kissing them. After the assault died off, Harry put an arm around both Hermione and Jamie. "What was that all about?" He asked Caitlin and Emily.

"We just wanted to tell you both how much we loved you," Caitlin responded, with a bright smile.

"And how we're glad you didn't ruin the vacation by deciding not to stay here," Emily added

Jamie sighed. "She has such a way with words."

"We understand," Harry said. "Both Hermione and I are glad we stayed."

"Oh! Look!" Hermione said as she pointed toward the sky over the sea. "A falling star. Everyone make a wish."

Harry gave Hermione a brief kiss. "Look around you and then think about the mirror's reflection. I think we've already received our wish."

"Okay, who wished for rain?" Emily scolded.

"What are you talking about?" Jamie questioned.

"Somebody must have wished for rain," Emily answered. "I just saw a flash of lightning. It came from that direction." Emily pointed toward a group of sand dunes.

"I think you had one too many Cokes today." Caitlin said, in a joking sort of way. "I didn't see anything. Besides, the sky is as clear as can be. Look how good you can see those two owls."

"Look out!" Jamie yelled, as she ducked her head. "They're headed right for us."

The owls delivered their messages, one for Harry and one for Hermione, and then flew off with out even waiting to be offered a treat.

"They seemed to be in rather a hurry," Harry observed. "Didn't even wait for a treat."

Caitlin laughed, "Maybe they know that nudists don't have pockets to carry treats."

"I think mine wanted to take part of my shoulder as a treat," Hermione winced.

"Mum! You're bleeding." Caitlin yelled after looking at Hermione's shoulder. "Let me take care of it."

Caitlin covered Hermione's shoulder with her hand, held it there briefly and then removed it.

Hermione was staggered. "Caitlin, you healed that in under thirty seconds."

Caitlin shrugged her shoulders matter-of-factly. "I know."

Hermione looked at Harry in disbelief. Changing the subject, Harry said, "I wonder who would be owling us on vacation. Open yours first darling."

"It's from Samantha, but it doesn't say much." I know you still have one day of vacation left. Sorry to bother you. Urgent you contact me the moment you return to Hogwarts. "You don't think anything has happened to Ron, do you?" Hermione asked Harry.

"No. My letter is from Ron, but he gives a little more information. I'm afraid there's trouble in paradise. It seems that Timmy's birth father is Draco Malfoy."

"Oh! No!" Hermione howled, "Not Malfoy. Anyone but him."

End of Chapter Three


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