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If were not careful, we’ll turn into alcoholics

by olinda_13 4 Reviews

basically one shots, short stories ect of gerard and his chemical romance with Alcohol

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A/N:ooo here we are and im doing a kinda like "moments" for gerard but instead its all based on alcohol related things if that makes sense ahaha most of what i write is true cos it happened to me but i changed it around to fit into gerard and tried to put a more male vibe to it there will loads of different stories on here hence why im always putting the warnings up with all of themj some stories might be funny some might be sad and some might be violent sexual and physical but hey thats the life of a fucked up person..aint it?
so anyway read review and be nice about it,it took alot of people to get me to post this and here we go this ones called First Time oh and before i forget i got the name from my 3 cheers for sweet revenge vynil if thats how you spell it because i got a little sheet with original written lyrics and that was like a name to a song yeah i know strange when i get the chance ill take a pic and show you guys

I guess you could say I started drinking when I was 13 I remember that time very clearly it was dark and both my parents, and brother were asleep.

Slipping past my bedroom door I quietly closed it, careful not to wake my family, making my way to the kitchen. I surveyed the room, a gloomy light illuminated the room, it was truly creepy. Slipping out the back door, I walked silently around the backyard until I found myself in front of my mom’s favourite rose bush.

(Past tense)
“Take the fucking bottle already!” Tony harassed, thrusting the paper bag into my hands.
“No dude if my ‘rents caught me with that shit my ass would be grass,” I stated, shoving the bag back into his hands.
“Aww c’mon dude they won’t find out,” he begged following after me.
“No now shut the fuck up, my mom might hear you.” I whispered back angrily walking around to our back door.
“Fine but I’m going to leave the bottle right here for you,” he grinned cheekily placing the bag underneath my mom’s rose bushes. I glared at him.
“See you at school tomorrow.” He waved walking around the side of my house
(End past tense)

Walking over to my mother’s rose bush I thrust my hand into the plant, ignoring the searing pain I felt. I hated to admit it but it felt really good after a few minutes of weaving my hand through the barbed branches. I heard the crinkle of the bag pulling it out. I rolled down the bag to have a better look at the bottle my heart began beating like crazy. While my mind became excited and yet scared at the prospects of teen rebellion, while also contemplating the serious consequences if we ever got caught. Carefully concealing the bottle underneath my shirt I walked back inside automatically freezing at the sound of the stairs creaking. Looking up I saw my mom frowning at me.

“Gerard what the hell are you doing up? It’s three in the morning!” she whispered angrily at me.
“Sorry ma, I thought I heard something outside, so I went to go check it out,” I whispered back trembling.
I bet I looked like a deer caught in headlights right now.
Her face softened immediately.
“Go back to bed honey.”

I simply nodded, not trusting my voice. I waited until she reached the top of the stairs before bolting to my room. I jumped onto my bed and I let the bottle roll next to my pillow, for a second there I though I was done for. Twisting the lid of the bottle I brought it up to my nose and I gave it a whiff, it smelt like my one of mom’s cleaning products. Bringing the bottle to my lips, I took a quick gulp.
Big mistake.
It felt like fire was burning my throat.
Who the fuck seriously likes this shit? Honestly.
I didn’t stop; I quickly took another gulp, this time coughing, then another and I began to feel the tears prick my eyes after a few more swigs. I had to stop looking at the bottle, it was half full.
I think I should stop
The room was beginning to spin.
I really don’t like this feeling.
Stumbling off my bed I tried I regain my vision, I managed to walk a couple of steps before another wave of vertigo sent me to the floor
“Ugh,” I groaned trying to stand up again.
Eh fuck it, I’ll crawl.
Crawling across my bedroom floor was not one of the best ideas. I once found a school sock of mine that had turned green from mould. My mother was not happy about it and for the whole of summer I was stuck in my room cleaning and sifting through the piles of comic which I have collected over my 13 short years. I had to laugh at this situation; here I was on the floor crawling all military type, I felt like Rambo. My happiness was soon short lived as I felt my stomach give another jolt and rumble. Blah thank fuck I have my own bathroom. I managed to get to the bathroom just in time as I felt my gag reflexes kick in, it was a good ten minutes before I resurfaced from the toilet. I could still taste the bile and vodka, but I didn’t really care, I felt better resting my head against the cool tiles I slowly drifted to sleep.

[Morning Gee welcome to your first hangover :D]

“Gerard honey, wake up.”
“Nooo, sleep,” I mumbled groggily.
“Gerard its morning, baby you got to get up for school.”
Ah I know that voice it’s my mommy. Whoa did I just call her that? Am I still drunk? Wait, what did she say about school?
Oh hell fuck no, I am not going to school like this.
“Mom I don’t feel well,” I whined, squinting up at her. I tried best to adjust my eyes, but god damn it was bright in here. She looked me up and down.
“Well you do seem paler then usual.”
I wonder if I should take that as a compliment.
“Stay home dear, I’ll go make you some soup,” she cooed, stroking my forehead. I nodded watching her walk out the door.
“I am never drinking again” I moaned as soon as I heard my bedroom door shut.

A/N: *rolls eyes thats what we all say lol well i do when i get hangovers ummm lets see i feel like having a rant but i dont know what to be mad at so ill tell you about my day...well for starters my laptop broke even though i had vowed to never write again and look what happens my laptop broke my only link to myspace DX so im stuck on my old computer stalking ficwad and mcr's site because thats all this computer will let me on then i decided to wear a leathermouth shirt today and since i umm.....have quite big lady lumps? in the front lol it kinda made them look bigger so this seedy old guy that works for my parents kept on staring ew i know right? not that he doesnt stare in the first place so after all that im at work and these lil shits come in and they take forrrreeeevvverrrrr to pick out a lolly and im just like O.o i have better things to do here and now im here writing for god knows why cos i dont think i can write and ...yeah
be merciful in your reviews im off to go play some mario kart on my wii
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