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Chapter 6

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after the shows jeph came with me to get a couple of things off the bus so i could stay with him. i should have gone to get my stuff while the guys weren't there because it was chaos when i went.

"i still don't understand why you and jackie are leaving us," brent said sitting on the bunk across from mine.

"because the true nature of you guys has been revealed and i'm scared to stay here," i said grabbing a bag and throwing some clothes in it.

" oh come on. it can't be that bad," brent said.

"it, it can't be that bad?! are you hearing yourself? can't be that bad bull shit!" i said.

"well i don't see what the big deal is," he said.

"well the big deal is jackie and i are scared as hell to be here because we don't know how many times we've been drugged and fucked. now tell me, if you were in my shoes wouldn't you be scared too?" i asked.


"of course you wouldn't. well you know what now you can just jack off to porn instead of having a sex doll to play with," i said zipping my bag and walking to the bathroom.

"where are you going?" d.j. said nervously.

"to get my make up why? is there something you don't want me to know about in there?" i asked.

"umm... no." he said.

"i swear d.j. if i go in there and find chloroform or some other shit i will kick your ass!" i told him.

"well then let me get your makeup for you," he said running past me.

"you motherfucker! son of a bitch! i'm going to kick your motherfucking ass!" i screamed going after him.

"sophie no!" jeph said holding me back.

"arrgh! bitch! d.j. get your ass out here!" i screamed just as jackie walked in.

"oh dear what did they do now?" she asked as frank followed her in.

"well they are hiding chloroorm in the bathroom and i am going to kick d.j.'s ass," i said.

"well then i will be out of here in two minutes, i;m just getting clothes," jackie said.


Gerard's POV

"hey bert! we're back!" quinn said walking onto the bus.

"fuck!" i moaned. bert stopped and came up from under the sheets.

"we can't do it while they're here," he said.

"yes we can!" i moaned. "come on bert please, i was so close!" i said.

"no gee, i'm sorry, but thy're back so sophie will be here soon and we can't do it with her here for sure," he said rubbing me.

"mmmm, bert that feels soooo good!"

"i know it does baby, but we have to stop now," he said pulling the curtain to the bunk open getting out and shutting it leaving me sitting in the bed.

"damn!" i whispered.

is that to short? sorry if it is. i hope you guys are liking the story.

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