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The School Play

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Chapter 6
The School Play

Last Time:
Hana: (she barges through the door) Hi Minaaaaa!! XD

Mina and Fang are completely shocked and silent. Hana stares at Fang and Fang stares at Hana. Mina looks at both of them back and forth. Hana sees Fang’s hands on Mina’s hips.

Hana: ……………………………..O.O…………………………..
Fang: ……………………………...--‘…………………………..
Mina: ……………………………...o.O …………………………. Sooo, Hana……… wanna see my new phone? o.o

Now: This chapter’s date is Sunday and Monday Feb. 24-25, 2008
Hana: WTF!! Mrs. Aya!! There’s a rap-!!
Fang: (he runs over to cover her mouth)Shut up!
Mina: This is not what it looks like. He’s here because…. o.o
Hana: (uncovers her mouth) He’s here cuz you invited him, but not me! Do you like him or something?!
Mina: (blushes) What! No! It’s just… um…
Hana: (pushes Fang away from away from her) Get lost rapist! XO I don’t even want a explanation for this. (she walks out the house and slams the doors)
Mrs. Aya: Bye Hana? (she walks upstairs to Mina’s room) Honey, did you make Hana mad? o.o (she get’s closer to her room)
Mina: Fang quick! Get in the closet.

Fang runs in the closet.

Mrs. Aya: (she opens the door) Mina, I just saw Hana run out madly. Is everything ok?
Mina: Yea, it’s just that time of the month for her.
Mrs. Aya: Oh, ok. You’ve been acting weird lately. Are you ok?
Mina: Yea Mom! Why so much questions?! >.<
Mrs. Aya: I’m sorry. I’ll leave. (she walks away)
Mina: (sigh) Fang, Lets call it a day.
Fang: Yea.
The next morning at school there’s was a commotion in Mr. Nagami’s homeroom. Mina and Fang walk into class.

Class President: Calm down class! It’s just a school play.
Mina: School play! I wanna join! President Karin, what is it about?
Kairn: It’s Beauty and The Beast. :D
Fang: What’s Beauty and The Beast?
Mina: A romantic story. I wanna be Bell!! XD
Karin: We’ll be picking names from this homeroom from a hat.
Fang: I don’t wanna do this. _
Mina: I hope I’m Bell! There’ll be dwarfs and kissing! XD
Fang: Kissing? He thinks about Mina kissing another guy. (This thought is in a bubble. He gets frustrated and pops the bubble.) On second thought I’m hoping to be a crew worker.
Karin: Ok class! The names are ready to be pulled.

She’s almost done calling out the names.

Karin: The Witch is Suki, The Beast is Kai, and Beauty is Mina.
Suki: What!!
Kai: (he sits next to Fang) Yes!! I knew it!
Mina: Yea!!
Fang: (he turns head)

The class starts talking.

Karin: Everyone work hard on your parts, especially Kai and Mina.
Mina: (she sits down and thinks) Before Fang came here all the girls thought Kai was cute. I still think he is. XD
Fang: (he looks at Mina and thinks) Why is she laughing? -_- Stupid girl.
Karin: Well, here are the scripts. (she gave them to the actors) The backstage crew, get supplies for the sets. We have permission to work on the play in class. That’s it. :D

Kai and Mina look the scripts then look at each other. Mina smiles and Kai smiles with his teeth. Mina turns to look at Fang.

Mina and Fang: Well, I… You 1st! …… Umm. (Mina: xo Fang: _)

The lunch bell rings.

Mina: I guess I’ll be going now. See you at home ok. :) (she leaves)
Fang: Sure. _

Mina is at lunch with Hana. Hana is asking questions about what she saw.

Hana: Why was “Fang” in your room? He was even on your bed. _
Mina: He was in my room because I had to help him study. He was on my bed because I slipped on a marble and was going to fall on my beautiful face. He saved my face by pushing me on the bed.
Hana: ……. Fine. I believe you. -_- If he ever tries to rape you I’ll kick his ass!
Mina: (she looks behind Hana) Umm, I don’t think Fang would do that. o.o
Hana: (She turns around and sees Fang. She gets up.) Yea you heard me I said I’ll kick your ass! XO (she walks away)
Fang: (he kicks Hana’s butt) I kicked yours before you kicked mine. _
Hana: See! I told you he was a perv! XO (she goes to her class)
Mina: (looks at Fang) Please don’t make her hate you more than she already does. -_-
Fang: She called me rapist. _
Mina: (sighs) What do you want?
Fang: (he sits down) I don’t understand this beauty and the beast crap. (he takes Mina’s pizza from her tray and eats it) I mean who names their kid Beast? What a piece of shi-
Mina: (she jumps out her seat and yells) Don’t insult my dad’s favorite book to read to me when I was a child! He loved that story! He said there were mystery creatures that nobody respects! Don’t make fun of the memories of my dad!

The cafeteria gets quiet and everyone looks at Fang and Mina.

Fang: …..oooooook.

Mina storms out the cafeteria crying.

Fang: (he continues eating Mina’s pizza) ……… This is nasty.

Mina is sobbing near 10th lockers. Meanwhile in Principle Wasaubi’s office, a new student is coming to the school.

-To be continued-
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