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The Transformation #5

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“What’s wrong” I said. He breathed in, and sighed heavily, then gritted his teeth into a painful grin, his pupils had one big, staring at me still. “ I can smell you.”

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Now, I didn’t know if I was alive or dead, but I knew I could hear the world again. The pain had gone, that’s one or the main reasons I thought I was dead, and second, I felt unnaturally fantastic. I was afraid to open my eyes, one, because I was afraid the sun would burn my eyeballs out of their sockets and two, I was scared that the first thing I would see would be a man on a cross. I took a deep breath in, which made my head feel weightless and made my body buzz, then I slowly opened my eyes. The first thing I saw was Gerard, crouching in the furthest corner away from me, staring at me. His body was in the shadows, but his face was laminated by moonlight. His eyes were coal black staring at me. He lifted one of his hands to his mouth and covered it and squeezed his eyes shut, as if he smelt something terrible. When he opened his eyes again they were watering, he lifted his hand slightly to speak.

Don’t move. Um. You should feel good now, it’s… it’s over.” He forced.

“I feel different, what’s wrong with me?” I said.

Jekyll your talking too fast. Your not used to the advanced changes, just, try and slow down.” He pointed out.

I thought for a bit. I thought I was talking perfectly normal. “Advanced?” I said, trying to talk slow, but not enough to make myself feel stupid.

I’m not in a state to talk about it now, please try to move less.” He breathed.

“What’s wrong” I said.

He breathed in, and sighed heavily, then gritted his teeth into a painful grin, his pupils had one big, staring at me still. “ I can smell you.” He shut his eyes again. “Come outside I can show you.” He said. He was out of the room in a second.
When I had gotten outside, he was standing on the other side of the lake, looking straight at me still. I went to step forward, but he told me to stop. He was standing far away but I could still hear him talking normally to me. Which was strange.

“I can’t explain what you have become, I don’t even know myself. The chemical you ingested, has given you advanced senses and “powers”, but, um, it seems the amount you ingested wasn’t enough for your whole body to be effected, so the chemical has somehow effected your personality, umm, let me give an example, its like having extreme multiple personalities, half normal half “super”."

I was actually gob smacked, I wasn’t scared or upset, I was sickly pleased, and exited, but then worry followed. But I just went along with him, I trusted him.

“So, will I be normal again” I asked.

He hesitated.

“Yes, you’ll be normal, but certain thing and emotions trigger off you other side, most commonly those emotions will be anger, sadness, fear, worry, the bad emotions really.”

“But I’m not any of those now.”

“I know, but after about a day it’ll be like that.”

“Will it be as painful?” I heart sank and thudded in my head.

No, but when you change to this you’ll be less clam, and it will be almost impossible to control your emotions, which is the most dangerous thing. And you’ll have… Earges.” His voice went quite.

“Like what?”

“ All the bad earges, to kill, tear things apart, even people, you could turn on your best friend without thinking. That’s why you have to stay with me for a while.”

“Then what earges do you have?” My heart was pumping out my chest.

He didn’t look at me.

“You… and umm.. Blood.”

His eyes were shut tight.

“Uh.” I peeped.

“That’s why I’m so far away, I can’t get close to you, your scent was driving me crazy in the house.” His head was facing the floor while he looked up at me, his pupils had gotten smaller and his skin glowed less.

“Your like me, you have this multiple personality thing.”

“Yes, but there are others like us, and others that are totally transformed by it, but their smart enough to stay away from public areas, to reduce the temptation.”

I looked at him more, his hair had even gotten lighter and he seemed perfectly okay now.

“What emotions put you back to normal?”

“The good ones, Happiness, acceptance… um.. Love.”

“Your normal now aren’t you?”


“Okay, I understand.”
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