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A Friendly Date

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Ah, young love, lke a flower, it grows slowly, and takes effort, but when it's bloomed you get something wonderful.

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Atlanta kept her mouth shut, as she finished pouring her ceral. Archie came to stand beside her, and for a moment he seemed as though he would say something to her, but seaced to open his mouth. Atlanta turned on her heel and slumped down at the dining table, silently eating her breakfast. As the bowl became empty, and she realized she'd have return to the awkward feeling in the kitchen, Atlanta heard footsteps on the staircase. Releaved to have someone else to talk to, other than Archie, she turned in her chair to see who it was. Herry smiled at her and welcomed her with a cheery, "Good morning Atlanta!" Atlanta nodded in reply and drank the rest of the milk out of her bowl.

By 9:30, The Brownstone, was alive and buzzing. Herry and Odie at it again with foozball, Neil sat on the couch reading a beaty magizine, (staring at the picture of him), Jay was asking Archie's opinion on the group's next approch on Cronus, and Atlanta had started a conversation with Theresa upstairs. "So when are you going to tell Archie that you like him?" Theresa teased. "I'm not!" Atlanta nearly shouted for the hundreth time. "If I tell him that I like him then it'll be really awkward." Atlanta stared at the floor longingly. If only she could be a rug on her floor, she wouldn't have to worry about love, or crushes, or 'the dating scene.' (Which Theresa seemed to be running.)
"I'm going for a walk!" Archie annouced to the gang as he pulled on his blue hoodie and headed out the door. The sun was hiding behind the clouds as he made his way onto the sidewalk. Archie shved his hands into his pockets and began to walk towards the park. He wasn't sure why he always went to the park after an awkward moment with Atlanta. Maybe it was the calming view of busy buisness people and laughing kids that drew him there. Or amybe it was te way he ,subconciously, ran away from the stress of his crush. No, He thought. It's not a crush, I love her. He smiled smigly at the thought. He really couldn't be sure if he loved Atlanta or not. He was only sixteen. 'Too young to love.' As his mother always said. "Too young to love, yeah right." Archie muttered. "Too young indeed."
He stood from the bench he was sitting on. Funny, He thought. I don't even remember sitting down. Shrugging it off, Archie walked slowly back to The Brownstone, just as the rain began to drizzle down.
Atlanta bobbed her head to the music flowing hrough her ears as she walked down the now soaking wet sidewalk. She had offered to go shpping for Athena and knew it would be a good chance to get away from her troubled love life. As she looked down at her ipod to change the song, she bumped into a familiar figure. Looking up se noticed the hoodie right away. "Archie," She muttered. "I-I didin't see you." "Me eithor," Archie smiled. The two laughed awkwardly. "What are you doing out here?" Atlanta asked. "Thinking." Archie answered quickly. "You?" "Shopping for Athena." The girl smiled weakly. "Do you wanna come?" Archie nodded.
The two walked in silence until they had finished shopping. "Atlanta?" Archie nudged her as they headed home. "Yes?" Atlanta asked, taking her earphones out. "Do you wanna grab something to eat?" "Like...a date?" Atlanta teased. "No!" Archie's voices softened. "Unless you want it to be..." Atlanta was shocked. Archie? Asking her out on a date? "A friendly date right?" She asked nervously. "Sure, yeah..." ARchie trailed off, looking hurt. Not wanting things to be even more awkward, Atlanta agreed brightly. Archie seemed to brighten as well, and the two made their way to the closest McDonalds.
Archie cleaned off his tray quickly, while Atlanta stared out the window, seeming to be in a daze. He waved a hand in front of her face. "Earth to Atlanta!" He laughed. "You in there?" Atlanta blinked and turned to face him. "Y-yeah, Archie...I'm here." She muttered. Archie frowned. Are you OK?" "I'm fine." Atlanta answered, "Just alittle tired. You wanna gi home?" Archie agreed and the couple headed back to The Brownstone.
Ah, young love, lke a flower, it grows slowly, and takes effort, but when it's bloomed you get something wonderful.
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