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Chapter fourteen.

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By noon the next day, Ryan was exhausted. He had been working pretty hard to reach the deadline on an article about his top bands for the year, as well as help a co-worker with some serious writers block out. He thought he was doing a fairly decent job handling the added extras on his plate at the office, as well as everything going on with his new blushing bride and their unborn baby.
"Hey Ry, wanna grab some lunch?" His friend, Caleb asked as he stood in the entry way of Ryan's small but immaculately neat cubicle. He ran his hands over his face before tearing his eyes away from the computer screen.
"Um, yeah, that sounds good." He sighed before saving all of his open documents and putting his computer on sleep mode.
"I was thinking Thai food." Ryan smiled. That was his favorite. He could eat Thai food everyday of the week. He and Caleb exited the building that was placed in a busy down town section before walking the few blocks to a favored Thai restaurant. "So Ross, what have you been up to? I feel like we haven't talked in years."
"Well, my girlfriend and I spontaneously got married." Caleb raised his eyebrow.
"Spontaneously? You and Holly spontaneously got married?"
"Yeah, she asked me in the doctors office parking lot after our appointment and since I had planned on asking her anyway I agreed and we went to the chapel. Luckily I was carrying the ring around with me."
"Why did you have an appointment? Are you in couples therapy or something?"
"We're also expecting a baby."
"Wow. Okay," Caleb chuckled in disbelief. "I guess I'm way out of the loop." Ryan bit his lip and smiled. It did sound kind of ridiculous, even to him. "How far along?"
"About three and a half, four months."
"Well congrats man. What do your parents say about all of this?"
"My mom was thrilled and her parents don't know...about either things. In fact, I'm pretty sure they think she's dating Brendon still. We want to tell them but we're both scared shitless of her parents. Her dad especially since he's in the army and could easily kick my sorry ass."
"Ryan Ross, you have gotten yourself into one hell of a pickle."
"I know." He sighed, running his fingers though his messy brown locks before his phone went off on the table. It was a text. From Holly. He flipped the screen of his black Sidekick LX (Holly just so happened to have the same one, but in purple. Can we say lamewads?) before laughing at the picture she had sent him.
"Holly just sent me a picture of everything she's having for lunch because she thinks her appetite as of late is hilarious." Ryan explained before showing the picture to his curious friend. The picture consisted of a piece of s'more pie, peanut butter crackers, slices of cheddar cheese, celery sticks, and a variety of cut up fruits placed in a pink ceramic bowl.
"She's going to eat all of that?"
"Probably." Ryan laughed before their waiter set down their food. A few minutes later Ryan got another text. This time he couldn't help but smile widely at the second picture she sent him. She was standing in nothing but a pair of his baggy grey sweats that hung low on her hips and a blue tank top she had pushed up over her growing belly that had a big heart drawn over it in red lipstick with the words "Baby loves daddy and I do too." Ryan's heart swelled in his chest. It was hard to believe that just a few short weeks ago, if that even he and Holly were terrified of this baby. Now they were too excited for their own damn good.
"I don't even want to know." Caleb said as he took a bite of his lunch. Ryan just bit back a grin before shoving his phone into his pocket.
"She's just being cute." Caleb nodded.
"You look happy, Ross."
"I am, I really am." He smiled at his friend. They finished their lunch with the occasional chatter before heading back to work.


Finally, after two hours of overtime, Ryan was let go at 7:30. There was a noticeably happy step to his walk as he made his way to his car before heading home to his wife and their unborn baby; his world. Holly was sitting on her, which was really now their bed with a bowl full of ice cream in her lap.
"Hey sunshine." Ryan smiled as he threw his bag down and joined her on the comfortable bed that was almost too short for his tall frame.
"Hey yourself." She smiled as she leaned in to kiss him hello a few times. "How was your day?"
"Uh, it was good. I had Thai food for lunch and I finished editing that article that Jones fucked up." Said fucked up article was the reason why Ryan had stayed two hours longer.
"Your boss is pretty helpless." Holly giggled referring to Jones.
"Yeah, leave it to me to save his ass...again." He said before stealing the spoon out of her now blue ceramic bowl and helping himself to a hefty scoop of her chocolaty snack with added chunks of cookie dough. "What are you watching?"
"Golden Girls."
"I should have known." He chuckled. That was her favorite show after all. Once the ice cream was gone Ryan quickly ran out to put the bowl in the dishwasher before stripping off his shoes, green pants and tan corduroy vest, leaving him in his white v-neck t-shirt, navy boxer briefs and socks as well as his beaded and leather bracelets and the obvious silver ring before joining Holly in bed for an early evening of relaxation, stolen kisses, tummy rubs on both parts and all around closeness before they fell asleep cuddled up together at 10:00 with the TV silently glowing in the background.


Twenty four hours had passed and I still hadn't gone home. my apartment at least. After I checked out of the hotel Brendon insisted on going over to his apartment and since I wasn't ready to face anyone besides him yet, I agreed.
"So not that I don't love having you here, because I do...but when do you think you're going to go back?" Brendon asked as we crashed on his couch.
"Honestly Brendon, I don't know if I can go back."
"What do you mean?"
"It's not my apartment anymore, it's theirs."
"You have more of a right to be there than Ryan does, babe." He told me as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder and pressed my head to his.
"I don't feel like I'm home when I'm there anymore. I feel like a guest even though everything I own is there. I just...I need to get out of there but I have no place to go." I started freaking out. "I guess I could stay at a hotel until I found a place and ask my parents for a little more money so I can continue to pay rent until our release is up...ugh! This is just so frustrating! It shouldn't be happening!" I shouted before leaning forward to put my head between my knees.
"No, you won't stay at a hotel, you'll stay with me. And you won't pay rent when you won't even be there. Just ask Ryan to take over your half of the rent. I know he'd be more than happy too. He already contributes anyway, doesn't he?"
"Yeah." I sniffled.
"Well then there you go. We'll go over there first thing in the morning and explain to them what's going on and then we'll move your stuff in here and then we'll spend the entire day making up for lost time." He said the last part in a lower, sexier voice than usual. "How does that sound?"
"Great." I smiled at him before leaning in and kissing him. It was amazing how one minute I was freaking out about being potentially homeless to excited to be staying with Brendon in his cozy little apartment.
"It's been a rough few days so why don't we go to bed?"
"That sounds great." I sighed, relieved that I could finally rest easy before following Brendon into his room and collapsing in his warm, soft and all around heavenly bed. I didn't even care that I still had my jeans on, I was that exhausted. Right before I fell asleep Brendon turned on his side to face me.
"I'm really glad you're here Cait. I'm excited that you're going to stay with me."
"Me too Brendon, me too." I yawned. "I could really get used to falling asleep with you every night." He smiled the sweetest smile I had ever seen before kissing my forehead. Right before I fell asleep I could have sworn I heard him whisper "love you always". That night I dreamt of a future with Brendon and it was beautiful. We were happy and carefree and more in love than two people had ever been before. We even had two kids and a dog! I hope more than anything that that dream will come true, and I have a feeling it will.

Again, I apologize for my lack of updates. There's been a lot going on lately with the school I applied to out here. They lost everything so I've been dealing with that and now they're telling me I might as well apply to an entirely different school so I don't have do to every little thing over again. It's a mess, but thankfully I finished this chapter for you guys and I'm working on the next one right now. I'm hoping to get it out before I head home again next week. As always, read and review lovelies. :]

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