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The Unintentional Nudist

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Nudity, love triangles, pregnancies and death, coupled with Quidditch, deceit, injustice, adventure and mystery. Sounds like another tranquil year at Hogwarts. Join me for Hogwarts Too Exposed - A ...

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Hogwarts Too Exposed - A Slytherin Among Us Chapter Six

The Unintentional Nudist

Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Emily stretched and squinted at her watch in the dimly lighted dorm-room. The alarm would be sounding in less than five minutes. She sluggishly reached over and turned it off and then stared intently at the windowless wall. She was going to miss seeing the sun. She had to remember to add living underground to the ever-increasing list of negatives to being a member of Slytherin House.

She hadn't officially met her dorm mates last evening. Everyone was too tired to talk much. Emily had simply said good night to Kim and closed the dark green, velvet curtains around her four-poster bed. She didn't even remember undressing although her nakedness made it evident that she had. Besides her own, she counted five other beds in the room; she appeared to be the only one awake.

Emily reached for her robe; held it fleetingly in her hand and then threw it on the bed. She swung her legs over the edge of the bed, slipped on her slippers and headed for the bathroom. Emily Zacherley was a nudist and these girls were just going to have to get accustomed to seeing her in the buff. She was not about to live a lie for the next seven years.

Emily was surprised when she entered the bathroom to find that she was in reality, not the first to arise. A rather tall, thin read haired girl was standing at one of the sinks combing out her wet hair. Evidently she had been up awhile and already showered.

The girl didn't turn, but instead looked in the mirror as she addressed Emily. "Obviously, you're not the shy, timid type," the girl said, with a snicker.

"Actually in some ways I am," Emily responded. "But not when it comes to wearing clothes. I prefer to be nude"

"From the looks of that tan, you must have had your preference a good deal of the summer. I'm Becky, Becky Reynolds," the girl said pleasantly.

"Emily Zacherley," Emily replied.

"Oh! You're the one they were chatting about last night at the sorting. It must be horrible being sorted into a different house than your sister," Becky said, actually sounding sincere.

"It would have been nice to be in the same house, but since my grandparents came from all four houses; we were prepared for any contingency," Emily answered.

"My dad was in Ravenclaw, but Mum was a Slytherin," Becky said as she finished her hair and prepared to leave the room. "They say opposites attract and they certainly are opposite. I just hope the hat put me in the right place. We'll have to talk more later."

Emily watched the door close behind Becky and then brushed her teeth before taking care of business and then jumping into the shower.

She had just finished toweling off from her shower and was about to return to the dorm when two girls dressed in dark green Slytherin robes entered. Upon seeing Emily, the one girl, a blonde, blushed and turned her head away. The dark haired girl said angrily, "Don't you have any modesty, tart? Why do you think we were all given robes? No one wants to see your bare ass."

"I'm sorry if my bare butt offends you," Emily answered. "But you best get used to seeing me like this. I prefer to be in the buff as much as possible. We're all girls, so I don't see that it's that big a deal."

"It probably isn't to an exhibitionist tart like you," the blonde responded. "However, some of us had a proper upbringing and find looking at your exposed parts to be vulgar and offensive."

"Then I suggest you learn to turn your head," Emily said, her voice rising. "My being naked hurts absolutely no one and I have no intention of wearing clothes in the dorm."

"We'll see about that, Tart!" the dark haired girl responded as Emily departed the bath to return to the dorm.

Emily was miffed and not paying proper attention as she collided with the slightly chunky girl who was standing just inside the door. "I'm sorry!" Emily said as the girl grabbed her, preventing Emily from falling.

"No need to apologize," The girl said as she continued to hold Emily. "My name is Marta."

Finally the girl released her grip and Emily backed slightly away. "Hi! I'm Emily Zacherley. My mind was elsewhere. I'm sorry I bumped into you."

Marta's eyes surveyed Emily's body appreciatively. "Think nothing of it," Marta said. "It was my pleasure."

As Marta headed for the bath, Emily noticed that Kim's drapes were still drawn closed around her bed. Becky was already dressed and concentrating on writing a letter, so Emily went over to Kim's bed and whispered through the drapes.

"Kim, are you awake?" Emily asked in an urgent fashion.

"Yes, but I'm not coming out." Kim responded. "They were talking about me."

"Who are they?" Emily asked, with concern. "The other girls?"

"They didn't know they were talking about me, but they will as soon as I come out of here," Kim said, distraught.

"What exactly are you going on about?" Emily asked, frustrated.

"They were talking about the girl on the train yesterday. None of them got a good look at my face. One of them commented on how childish it was to wear Powerpuff knickers. I can't let them see me."

"That's an easily solved problem," Emily said. "I'll get you another set of underwear out of your dresser. You can change in your bed and ditch those in the trash. No one will ever be the wiser."

Emily's suggestion was followed by silence. Kim didn't say a word, but rather just sat with a defeated expression on her face as Emily went to the girl's dresser. She search the underwear drawer and then after checking that Becky wasn't watching, gathered all the garments and walked back to the bed.

"Do all of your bras and knickers have Powerpuff Girls on them?" Emily asked, already knowing the answer.

"No. Some have Barbie and Scobby Doo," Kim said shyly.

Emily sighed. "Well I certainly don't have any to loan you." Emily deliberated a short time and then said, "Kim! There is only one choice. Quickly, before the other girls return; take off you bra and knickers."

"What?! I can't.

"You have to do it." Emily said. "And you have to do it right now. Kim, the hat gave me a choice of houses. I'm here because I want to be your friend and help you, but some stuff you have to do on your own. One of those things is to get out of that underwear and I mean right now."

It was extremely hard for her to do, but Kim followed Emily's orders and ducked down under the sheet. First she removed her bra and then after taking a deep breath, she slid her knickers down her legs and off. "What now?" she asked.

"Give them to me. I'll dispose of all of these. You can owl your parents to send you unadorned ones."

Kim sat nervously on the bed, the sheet drawn to her chin as she watched Emily discard her bras and knickers in the trash chute. She was about to question Emily concerning what to do next when the three girls that were in the bath area reentered the dorm room.

"Are you still walking around exhibiting yourself, Tart?" the blonde inquired.

"No one is forcing you to look," Emily countered angrily. "And the name is Emily Zacherley, not Tart."

"Well Zacherley, Denise and I don't like having to look at your ugly butt, so from now on wear your robe," the dark haired girl declared.

Kim tried to dissolve into her sheets as the girls squabbled. She was naked, nervous and had to pee in the worst way.

"I don't have a problem with her being in the buff," Marta said in defense of Emily. "The fair thing would be to put it to a vote."

"What do you think Denise?" Janice inquired of her friend. "I guess voting is the democratic thing to do."

Denise was accustomed to having her way and not bowing to the will of the majority, but reluctantly nodded her head in agreement. "But she shouldn't have a vote because the question is about her," Denise insisted.

Kim sat with her legs squeezed tightly together; this was taking way too long.

"I'll abide by the majority decision," Emily agreed. She had Marta's vote, although she wasn't exactly sure how she felt about the girl. Hopefully Kim would vote with her, so it seemed Becky who was barely paying attention to the conversation would be the deciding vote.

"Okay then," Janice declared. "We put it to a vote. You already know how Denise and I feel." Janice looked disgustingly at Marta. "I assume you vote to allow her to remain naked?"

"Most definitely," Marta said her eyes stroking Emily.

Kim found it difficult to think about anything except that she was on the verge of peeing all over her bed.

"How do you vote Becky?" Janice asked.

"It doesn't bother me," Becky answered, giving Emily a supportive smile. "Actually, I'm more relaxed because of it. I was a little nervous about changing clothes and showering in a dormitory environment, but who's going to look at me with Emily parading around naked all the time."

Denise gave Janice a sickened look. The vote was tied and the verdict rested in the hands of the timid girl who was still sitting in her bed with her sheet clung to her neck. On the other hand what were the odds of this coy mouse being supportive of an exhibitionist?

"What's your name?" Janice haughtily asked Kim.

"Kim Thatcher," was the panicky reply. Kim couldn't hold out any longer. The dam was on the verge of bursting.

"Should Zacherley be required to dress when in the dorm or is it okay for the tart to parade about naked?" Janice asked.

She received a very unexpected answer.

"I gotta pee!" Kim yelled as she threw back the sheet, jumped to her feet and streaked to the loo.

Marta smiled as she watched the door close on Kim's bare bun. "I'm not completely sure but she looked to be supportive of Zacherley."

Denise's face was fired with anger. "Let's get dressed and go to breakfast, Janice. I need some fresh air."

"Harry, it's so quiet," Hermione said dejectedly. "It's only the first day of the school year and I already miss the girls."

"I know what you mean," Harry answered, gloomily. "There were so many times this summer that I wished I could shuttle them off some place in order to be alone with you. Now that they're gone, I feel guilty."

Hermione shook her head in disbelief. "Will you listen to the two of us? You would thing the girls were off in a different part of the world instead of a different part of the castle. We'll be seeing them in a few minutes at breakfast and then again for class."

"It's not the same," Harry said, a trace of sadness in his voice. "They've become such a huge part of our lives. Seeing them across the Great Hall is so unlike seeing them across the table. Just like winking to them in class is nothing like wrestling with them."

Hermione but her arms around Harry and drew him into a hug. "You've become quite the loving father, haven't you, Mr. Potter?"

"Father doesn't properly describe my feelings. Maybe it's because the girls entered our lives as adolescents, but I feel more like an older friend, a big brother. I only know that this last year having you and the girls in my life is the first time I've truly been content and happy. I love you Mione. Will you marry me?"

Hermione laughed. "Funny, but I thought we already did that last spring. Now, if the question were, would I marry you again if I had it all to do over again? The answerer is a categorical yes."

They kissed once more and then embraced. Then without warning, Hermione felt a hand gradually lifting her skirt and sliding up her leg. Quickly the hand reached its objective and its fingers went to work.

"Harry, you are so bad," Hermione complained, but she made no effort to back away. "You know I have to go deliver the house rosters to Severus before breakfast. We don't have time..." Hermione just stared at the ceiling, her body quivering as Harry teased her unmercifully. "Is it your goal to drive me crazy, Mr. Potter?"

"This is all your fault you know. I'm the one that's driven crazy knowing that you are so easily accessible under that skirt."

Hermione grudgingly backed away. "Harry, I really must go see Severus. If you keep fondling me like this all the time I'm going to be forced to go back to wearing knickers."

"That, my dear, is what is referred to as an empty threat. But now that we're on the subject of your attire, what are you wearing to dinner Saturday night?"

"I'm not sure," Hermione said blushingly. "Jamie offered to let me borrow a dress she thought you would find sexy. But you know me, I'm not big on sexy clothes."

"Your husband is!" Harry said eagerly. "I wish we were back on vacation, so you could wear my favorite outfit."

"Me too! It's amazing how you can't picture yourself doing something, but once you done it; you can't wait to do it again. Unfortunately, I don't think the Hogsmeade Inn would serve me if I arrived in the buff and I doubt the Hogwarts' Board of Directors would approve of one of their professors running around starkers."

"They do have a tendency to be a bunch of old fuddy duddies." Harry laughed. "On a more serious subject; do you have it in mind to talk to Severus about Emily?"

"Harry, I just don't know what to do! /Hogwarts, a History /does mention instances in which the headmaster overruled the hat and the student was put into a different house, but they are rare. I even discussed Emily with the hat and it feels she would do well in either house. The problem is that Emily made the choice to be in Slytherin and her reason for making it was Kim."

"I don't see that girl making it as a Slytherin without the support of someone like Emily. And although Severus perhaps would go along with switching Emily because of us, I doubt he would switch both girls."

Harry rubbed his eyes and then shook his head in frustration. "I imagine then it's best we leave it alone and do all we can to give her our support and love. It was her choice. The hat says she will do well. Let's have confidence."

"My thoughts exactly," Hermione replied. "I'm anxious to see her in class." Hermione glanced at her watch. "I have to hurry and catch Severus. I'll see you at breakfast, dearest." Hermione gave Harry one last hug and a brief kiss before rushing from the room.

Hermione hastily headed to Severus' quarters and reached there just as he was opening the door to head for breakfast. "Severus, I have the house rosters for you," she said waving them practically in his face.

"So I see," he said, giving her a smile. "Good morning, Hermione. You could have waited and given those to me at breakfast."

"I wanted to get them to you as soon as I possibly could," Hermione answered.

"Of course, you would. Let me put them on my desk first and then I'll walk you down to breakfast," Severus suggested. "That reminds me. I have something that I keep forgetting to give you."

Hermione followed Severus into his quarters, stopping midway between the door and his desk. Severus laid the rosters down and then picked up a folded piece of parchment. He returned to where Hermione was waiting and handed it to her.

As Severus watched, Hermione unfolded the parchment and began reading. When she reached the bottom of the page she turned a deep red. "Severus, I'm sorry. You must have been so embarrassed. Please forgive me."

Severus started to put his arm around Hermione, but hesitated. "Is it safe," he asked.

"Yes. It's safe," answered Hermione, self-consciously. "You must think me a tart."

"Not at all. Although I was a bit surprised that you of all people would not have completely researched a charm before using it."

"I thought I had. I was conscious of the fact that when I touched someone they could see me at the time. I was not aware that they could see me for up to a minute afterwards. I can't imagine what you think of me."

"I think of you what I've always thought of you. And that is that you are unquestionably the most beautiful, most intelligent and most loving witch in the entire world. Are both you and Harry now naturists?"

Hermione was caught totally off guard by the question. "How did you know?" she asked.

"Mostly by deduction, but the job of Headmaster also seems to come with the perk of improved perception."

"Do you think that we're outlandish?" Hermione asked, deeply valuing Severus' opinion.

"I don't think any of us is so faultless that he or she should stand in judgment of others. Could I personally ever be a nudist? I doubt it, seriously. But I do know a little about the lifestyle. I would, however, suggest that you and Harry be discreet. I'm sure some parents might object to nudists teaching their children"

"That's absurd," Hermione, said frustrated. "It's not like either Harry or I teach our classes in the nude. What business is it of anyone's what we do on vacation or in the privacy of our quarters?"

"It's none of their business whatsoever, but some people have a propensity for sticking their nose where it doesn't belong." As they left Severus' quarters and headed toward the Great Hall, Severus got a naughty glimmer in his eye. "If you ever do decided to teach in the nude, you will inform me, won't you? I dare say I'd like to sit in on one of your classes."

Hermione blushed as she slapped Severus playfully on the arm. "I promise, you'll be the first to know." She hesitated a moment. "When you were researching the concealment charm, did you read anything about it begin canceled if the person it was on fell asleep or got wet?"

"No! It has those few glitches I listed, but the only way to remove it completely is to say /Finite Incantatum/."

Hermione had hoped there was an anomaly with the charm. Since there wasn't, she was faced with a quandary. Who removed it? The end result was appreciated, but it bothered her to think that Harry or one of the girls would take such liberties. She tried to erase the thought from her mind.

"How was your vacation, Severus?" Hermione asked. "Have you and Ginny reached a meeting of minds yet?"

Abruptly Severus' demeanor changed from pleasant to somber. "I'm afraid it's over between Ginny and me. I was a fool to think she would ever love me in the way I love her."

"What happened?" Hermione asked, her voice filled with disappointment and compassion. "She did accompany you on your break?"

"Yes, and we had a wonderful time," Severus said and then sighed. "Draco asked her to marry him."

"He what?! When? I can't believe it." Hermione said with astonishment.

"Nor could I. Nor for that fact, could even Ginny." The bogus smile that Severus had worn earlier as he talked with Hermione was now replaced with a heartrending expression. "Draco, Apparated from London and arrived here last evening shortly after the sorting. The first thing he did was search out Ginny. Shortly thereafter, she gave me the news."

Hermione threw her arms around Severus and hugged him tightly. "I'm so sorry, Severus. I know you really care for her. She's a fool. I can't believe that gadabout actually asked her to marry him."

"Evidently he wants to start a family immediately," Severus added. "Instead of the usual 'will you marry me?' he asked her if she 'would be the mother of his child'."

"Not exactly the most romantic way to ask someone to marry you," Hermione commented.

"I agree, but it worked," Severus said miserably. "She said yes."

"Kim, I'm the only one here," Emily pleaded. "You have to come out of there now if we're going to have time to get breakfast before class. I don't know about you, but I'm famished."

Slowly the door opened a crack and Kim peeked out. "But you're dressed already and I'm naked."

"Kim, get a grip on yourself. I've seen hundreds of people naked. We have to get moving." Kim could hear agitation mounting in Emily's voice. "Just open that door and come out here. I've organized your clothes."

It took all the courage Kim could muster, but she opened the door and allowed herself to be fully exposed to Emily. Emily was stunned, but resisted making any comments. Instead she grabbed Kim's arm and pulled her over to the bed. "Quick get dressed, we'll barely have time to eat."

Kim didn't need encouragement to get her clothes on, but leaving the dorm was another matter. "Emily, I've gone without a bra before. That's no big deal. I don't think I even really need one, but how can I go through the day going up and down stairs and sitting in class without knickers?"

"The same way I can." Emily lifted her skirt, exposing her bare knickerless body. "Now come on." Emily grabbed Kim hand and they were soon both running through corridors and up staircases toward the great hall, their robes billowing behind them.

They no more than entered the Great Hall before Jamie and Caitlin seized upon them.

"Where were you guys?" Jamie asked, concern evident in her voice.

"Come sit with us at the Gryffindor table and bring us up to date," Caitlin begged.

Emily was about to agree, but then glanced over at the Slytherin table. Spending your first breakfast with the Gryffindors was definitely not a way to win friends in Slytherin.

"Caitlin, I really want to; please believe me," Emily beseeched. "But I don't think that would go over extremely well with the Slytherins. Why don't we all meet in your parents' quarters after classes? Then we can have plenty of time to talk."

Caitlin had a look of disappointment on her face, but it vanished when Jamie agreed with Emily.

"We'll see you at four o'clock," Emily said as Kim and her hurried to the Slytherin table.

"I wish she was in Gryffindor," Caitlin said disappointedly to Jamie.

"So do I, but everything will work out," Jamie said as she put her arm around Caitlin's shoulder. "The three of us have a special relationship that being in different houses will never destroy."

As Emily and Kim sat down, Denise looked at Emily smugly and said, "Where do your loyalties lay, Zacherley? True Slytherins never associate with Gryffindors."

"We were sisters and best friends long before I became a Slytherin and we will be long after we depart this school. No childish house rivalry is ever going to destroy the love we have." Emily said tersely. "But I guess it's hard to understand something you've never known or felt."

One thing was lucid. Making enemies in Slytherin would be much easier than making friends.

"What class do we have first?" Kim asked Emily between bites of food.

"Potions with Professor Malfoy. Hurry and finish that so we can get a move on, its takes place down in one of the dungeons," Emily advised.

"We certainly won't have to worry about gaining weight will we? No matter how much you gorge yourself at a meal; you immediately work it off running up and down stairs," Kim said with a laugh.

Emily was please to see Kim talking and actually joking. She even seemed to have forgotten her lack of underclothing. As they entered the dungeon, Emily shivered; she wasn't sure whether it was because it was colder than up in the main castle or because of the creepy atmosphere created by the glass jars all around the walls with pickled animals floating inside them.

Professor Malfoy, started the class by taking the roll call of the Slytherins and Gryffindors, finishing with Emily.

"Miss Zacherley," he said smarmily. "I assume that I can expect great things out of you in this class. After all, you have the advantage of having a sister who is a school prefect and guardians who are Hogwart professors."

"All the class looked intently at Emily, Professor Malfoy's comment surprising both the Slytherins and the Gryffindors. Actually it had surprised Emily also. She was under the impression that her relationship to the Potters was supposed to be kept hush-hush.

"What is the difference between wolfsbane and monkshood, Miss Zacherley?" The Professor asked.

"I don't know, sir," said Emily

"You disappoint me; haven't you read /One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi? /Let's try again. "What is a bezoar?"

"I'm sorry, sir. I'm afraid I don't know the answer to that either. Perhaps you should ask someone else," Emily suggested.

"Perhaps I should," Malfoy snarled. "I simply wanted to make it clear to the class that hard work is the key to success when learning the subtle science and exact art of potion-making. Your famous connections will be of no help to you in my class. Two points from Gryffindor for Miss Zacherley being unprepared."

"Take out your quills and parchment and I..." Malfoy was interrupted by the unrelenting hand waving of a Gryffindor student. "Mr. Sanders, this better be important. I detest being interrupted."

"I'm sorry, sir" Ian stammered. "It's just... I was wondering why you took two points from Gryffindor when Emily Zacherley is in Slytherin house."

Draco's face suddenly turned paler than usual and he faced away from the class. He hadn't been at the sorting and had just naturally assumed that Emily was in Gryffindor. After a few moments he regained his composure.

"My apologies to Gryffindor; the two points for Miss Zacherley's ill preparedness should be charged to Slytherin," Professor Malfoy said curtly. "Oh! And Mr. Sanders, you've lost Gryffindor ten points for having the sheer audacity to correct a Hogwarts Professor."

"Now unless someone else would like to correct an error in any statements I've made, it's time you begin copying precise notes."

No one murmured a sound.

Although Malfoy was an egotistical bastard and treated all students like dirt, especially the Gryffindors, at least his class was interesting. Unfortunately it was followed by what was easily their most boring class, History of Magic. Professor Binns, a ghost who had refused to retire from schooling even after retiring from life, taught it. He droned on and on as they wrote down names and dates of various Goblins and wars.

The classes that Emily was really looking forward to didn't occur until after lunch and neither of her guardians disappointed her. Hermione started off the class by giving them all a brief lecture on how she wouldn't abide any messing around in her class because Transfiguration is a complex and dangerous magic. Then to the amazement of all, she transformed into a wolf and prowled around the class with her sharp teeth glistening in the sunlight.

Next she demonstrated transforming various solid objects into animals and back again. Finally after taking a lot of notes, the class got the opportunity to try and transform a match into a needle. Professor Granger left no doubt that although she might be young and attractive, she was also strict and clever and no one to be crossed.

"I think I'm really going to like your mum's class," Kim whispered.

"Me too, but she's..." Emily never finished the sentence. She would never forget her real mum, but she also could no longer deny that she loved Hermione like a mother.

Hermione made an excuse for Emily to remain after class so that she could verify how she was doing in Slytherin house and give her reassurance.

The class everyone had really been looking forward to was Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Professor Potter did not disappoint them. After lecturing briefly about fears, he led them to an old wardrobe in which a boggart was hiding.

After discussing the boggart's shape-shifting abilities and teaching the charm that repels one, Harry left each of the students have a go at it. When it was Emily's turn; Harry, Emily and the entire class got a massive shock. The boggart took the shape of Rosalind, a very naked Rosalind. Harry stepped in front of Emily and dispatched the boggart quickly, but not before the boys got an unexpected lesson in female anatomy.

"Who was that?" Kim asked as soon as she had the opportunity.

"Someone I unfortunately see practically every summer when I go on vacation," Emily answered.

"I bet the boys wish your greatest fear was built better and wasn't quite so bushy," Kim said jokingly.

"I'm sure you're right," Emily answered. "I'm trying to figure out how I explain to one and all that a naked girl is my greatest fear."

After class, once everyone with the exception of Kim had left, Harry pulled Emily aside and gave her a hug.

Emily had no idea how the next seven years in Slytherin house would go, but she knew she had the love and support of her family.

"Are you sure it's okay for me to accompany you to the professors' quarters? Kim asked uncertainly as her and Emily head toward the hidden staircase.

"Sure, Emily quickly answered. "They don't mind if we have friends there. Besides I doubt they'll be around. Hermione said something about a faculty meeting. This will be a good opportunity for you to get accustom to being nude in front of people."

Kim stopped in her tracks and gawked at Emily. She was flabbergasted. "And why exactly would I want to get acclimatized to being nude in front of people? You're the nudist, not me."

Emily leaned against the stonewall of the empty hallway and looked at Kim with dismay. "You don't understand what happened this morning, do you?"

"Nothing happened this morning," Kim said. "You're not talking about me streaking to the loo? I didn't have any other alternative. You had thrown away my knickers and I was about to piss all over the bed. I was totally embarrassed, but I had no choice."

"The other girls didn't see it that way," Emily said, tentatively. "Kim, you might want to take a seat while I tell you the conversation that took place after you ran out of the dorm.""Is it that bad?" Kim asked as she slid her back down the wall and sat on the floor, her chin leaning on her knees. "What happened?"

"I gotta pee!" Kim yelled as she threw back the sheet, jumped to her feet and streaked to the loo.

Marta smiled as she watched the door close on Kim's bare bun. "I'm not completely sure but she looked to be supportive of Zacherley."

Denise's face was fired with anger. "Let's get dressed and go to breakfast, Janice. I need some fresh air."

"Damn," Janice said as if disappointed. "I thought for sure she was the girl from the train. You know the one with the infantile knickers."

"I wouldn't be so sure she isn't," Denise answered. "Unlike Miss Tart here, she didn't exactly take her time walking to the loo. That looked more like a panic streak. Maybe she heard us talking and slipped them off. Janice, you check her bed while I check her dresser."

"You have no business going through her dresser," Emily said in panic. First because it was true, but secondly because she was afraid she might have missed some garments.

"Mind your own business tart," Denise said nastily. "This is Slytherin House. If you want to keep others out of your personal belongings, you better learn some good locking charms. Otherwise what's yours is mine."

"The bed is empty," Janice said. "It appears she slept nude."

"I don't believe this," Denise said frustrated. "No bras or knickers. No one will ever convince me that shy, fearful girl goes without undergarments. She has to be the girl from the train. I bet she just chucked them."

"I think she looked rather nice naked," Marta responded. "I think we have to give her the benefit of the doubt."

"That's correct," Becky added. "We'll be able to tell. If she acts all shy and tries to hide herself from us then there is a good chance she is the Powerpuff girl."

"But what if she shows off herself like Emily?" Marta asked.

"Then she's not the girl from the train," Denise answered. "We'll know tonight. One way or the other."

Kim looked like she was prepared to weep. "So if I choose to be modest, they'll identify me as the girl on the train and make my life a living hell. My only alternative is to live a living hell by presenting myself naked in the dorm for the next seven years. I have no choice, I'm too bashful to go naked and have everything exposed. Maybe I should give up and leave school like I originally intended." Kim sighed. "I was actually starting to like it here."

As they had talked, Kim had relaxed her legs and at the same time allowed her knees to spread apart. Had it interested Emily, she could have had a wide-open view.

"Kim, are you conscious of the view you're giving me?" Emily asked.

Kim had forgotten that she was knickerless and blushed as she realized how unladylike she was sitting. She started to change positions and then stopped. "Why bother? You've seen hundreds of girls and women naked and you've already seen me totally starkers. There's not much sense in getting all flustered and shy now."

"Are you saying that you wouldn't be embarrassed to be naked in front of me?" Emily asked excitedly.

Kim became indecisive. "I'd still be somewhat embarrassed, but the first time was the worst." She smiled. "I don't think I'd make you bang on the door fifteen minutes before coming out."

"Kim, hurry, get up. I want to get to my parent's quarters before my sisters. I would like to try an experiment."

Emily grab Kim's hand and helped her up, but then didn't let go as they ran down the hall and they climbed the stairs to the staff quarters.

Emily canceled the locking charm and they hastily entered. Kim started looking about and before she realized it Emily was practically undressed. "What are you doing?" she said in a panic.

"What I always do when I'm here," Emily answered. "Take my clothes off and get comfortable. Get undressed."

"Me!" Exclaimed Kim. "Perhaps you have me confused with some other Kim. I'm timid shy Kim, the girl that likes to keep her clothes on."

"Kim! I'm trying to help you," Emily said extremely perturbed, as she finished undressing. "Sit down."

Why she obeyed Kim wasn't sure, but her butt had scarcely touched the chair before Emily was on her knees in front of her pulling off her shoes and socks. "What are you doing?" Kim protested.

"What I asked you to do. I'm undressing you. And stop looking at me like that. I'm trying to help you." As she had talked Emily made fast work of Kim's shoes and socks. Kim hadn't helped her, but surprisingly she hadn't hindered her either. "Okay, stand up!"

Kim slowly obeyed and got to her feet. "We don't have a lot of time," Emily said. "Will you do this or must I?"

Very slowly Kim started to undo the buttons on her shirt. "Darn girl, you are slow," Emily said as she loosened Kim's belt and pulled down the zipper on her skirt. The skirt immediately fell to the floor as Emily helped Kim with her last buttons and then helped her out of the shirt.

Kim stood there frozen. She didn't try to hide herself, but she didn't move or say anything either. Emily picked up all of Kim's clothing and put it on a neat pile. "I'm thirsty," Emily said. "Would you like a soft drink?"

"Yes please," Kim answered warily. Still frozen in place. "But first tell me why you did this."

"First answer me three questions," Emily said. Kim nodded her head vaguely in affirmation. "Does it bother you that I'm naked?"

"Not really," Kim answered. "I've gotten accustomed to seeing you that way."

"Are you less anxious being nude in front of me now than you were this morning?"

"Much less. Mind you, I'd rater be dressed, but it's not anywhere near as bad as this morning."

Emily thought a while before asking her last question. "Your own personal experience with me has taught you that the more you see a person naked the less attention you pay to them. And although you've only been naked in front of me twice, I think you'd agree that each additional time would be easier."

"I see where you're headed with all this," Kim said. "But there are four of them. I'm sort of getting used to being this way around you, but a group of people is a bit different."

"I know, Emily said reassuringly. "That's why you're going to stay naked when my sisters arrive."

Kim turned pale white, but had no time to respond before the door opened and Jamie entered the room.

"Professor Malfoy kept us all an additional fifteen minutes after class or I would have been here sooner," Jamie apologized as she shed her clothes.

Kim fleetingly forgot her own nudity as she looked in envy at Jamie. Once Jamie was undressed, she walked across the room and put her arm around Kim. "I don't know about you guys, but I need something to drink," she said as she guided Kim in the direction of the pantry. "Don't be nervous," she said reassuringly to Kim. "This is your initiative, isn't it?" Jamie said as she gave Emily a stern look. "My sister better not have pressurized you into trying naturism. It's not for everyone."

Kim didn't answer. She was too distracted by the sensation of Jamie's breast rubbing against her bare shoulder. Jamie grabbed four butter beers and did a chilling charm on them before handing one to Kim.

"Beer? I'm too young to drink beer," Kim exclaimed, pushing the beer away.

"It's not that kind of beer," Jamie said reassuringly. "If it was, you wouldn't find it in these quarters. Try it. I'm sure you'll like it."

"One of those better be for me!" Caitlin yelled as she closed the door and started undressing.

Kim shook her head, "You guys are incredible. Every one of you has the same priority of taking your clothes off as soon as you get in the door. Is being nude all you think about?"

Hardly!" Jamie said with a laugh. "To you it probably looks strange because you're not habituated to a nudist setting. In the winter, what is the first thing you do when you enter your home?"

"Take off my coat and boots," Kim responded.

"And you don't even think about it, do you? Jamie asked. "It's the most natural thing to do because you don't wear a coat in the house. We don't wear clothes, so we just undress without thinking about it."

Kim nodded her head in understanding as Caitlin approached the group. Caitlin took one look at Kim and was ready to burst into tears.

"Look at her! Why is life so unfair to me?" Caitlin cried. "She's only eleven. I'd kill to have that body at fourteen. She has a waist, a nice butt, great legs and look at her chest. Whereas I have skinny legs, no butt and breasts that look like Hershey Kisses."

Emily put her hand on Kim's. "Don't take it personal. She's great and you'll love each other. She's just rather envious when it comes to physical appearance."

Kim looked at Emily questioningly. "Is she serious? Does she actually think I'm built nice?"

"Haven't you ever looked at yourself naked in a mirror?" Emily asked. "It was the first thing I noticed this morning, but I didn't want to make you any more nervous by commenting.

"Kim, I'm sorry," Caitlin said with sincerity. "It's not you. I like you. It's just that... Well, if I knew a charm to switch bodies, I'd have yours and you'd have mine.

Time passed quickly as the girls discussed boys, school, boys, the various houses, boys, the different professors, boys, Kim's dilemma and finally boys.

Although she would have been more comfortable fully dressed, Kim enjoyed the time spent with the girls. There were a lot of nice people at Hogwarts and she was sure she knew three of the nicest.

The girls were just discussing that it was about time that they got dressed and went down to dinner when the door opened. At first Kim wished she could become part of the sofa. She didn't want Professor Granger to she her nude. But the person entering wasn't Professor Granger. Kim wanted to die. It was Professor Potter and he was looking directly at her.

"The last time I counted there were only three of you," Harry said with a smile. "Has the student population of nudists increased at Hogwarts?"

"I think we might call her the unintentional nudist," Jamie said as she explained Kim's plight to Harry.

Harry listened intently being careful to look mainly at Emily, Caitlin and Jamie so as to not make Kim any more nervous than she already was.

"Friendship is the key," he said as Jamie finished. "I never would have made it through school if I hadn't had Ron and Hermione by my side. You two stick together and it won't surprise me if we see some changes take place in Slytherin house. Now if you ladies will excuse me I want to wash up and head down to dinner. You four might want to consider dressing for dinner. We don't want any riots the first day of classes."

The girls all laughed, even Kim. "He's amazing," Kim said to Emily as they dressed for dinner. "I wanted to die when he first walked in and saw me naked, but he put me so at ease that I was sorry when he left."

"He's great. You'll love Hermione, too. She's so very different outside the classroom."

"Can we all walk down to dinner together or will you two receive twenty lashes for fraternizing with the enemy?" Jamie inquired.

"We can always walk together," Emily said emphatically. "And I'd like to see anyone mess with us. Especially after what you taught us today."

"Just remember," Jamie said. "You never go looking for a fight, but you should always be prepared if one comes looking for you."

"They already all went up to the dorm. Are you ready?" Emily asked encouragingly as her and Kim lingered in the Slytherin common room.

"No. But then I never will be, so we might as well go up," Kim answered. "I know I did it this afternoon, but you're the one that undressed me. Tonight I have to do it all by myself."

"Definitely. My undressing you would send signals that we really don't want to send," Emily said assertively.

"Remember to take off you shirt and skirt first. That way it won't look like you're scared and rushing. Then sit down and take off your shoes and socks. Take your time walking to the bathroom. Drop something if you feel you are hurrying. I'll be undressing at the same time, so they might not all be concentrating on you. But remember, I get out of my clothes rather hastily."

"Do you think anyone will follow us into the bathroom?" Kim asked nervously.

No. But if they do, don't let it bother you. Just brush your teeth and whatever else you need to do. Imagine yourself dressed."

"I don't have that good of an imagination. Do I have to leave the stall open when I pee or have a movement?"

"Heavens no. Nudists might not wear clothes, but when it comes to bodily functions or having sex, we're as private as the next person," Emily assured Kim. "Everybody is a little different when it comes to that. If I'm outside and have to pee, I'll just squat and do it. Jamie will travel six miles into the woods before relieving herself. When it comes to a bowel movement, I also prefer privacy if it's easily available."

"What do we do after we're done in the bathroom?" Kim quizzed.

"That depends how nervous you are at that point. If you're really feeling brave, we could sit up and talk awhile. If you're not, simply slowly hang up your towel and get into bed. But no matter what, don't be in a rush to close the drapes around your bed. You can't look like you're hiding.

"Should I lie on my front or back?"

"After tonight, which ever way you normally sleep. But tonight I think you should stay on your back. Somehow you have to wipe the shy timid imagine they have of you out of their minds. The quickest way is by being as bold as you have the guts to be."

"It would be easier to go to your mum and ask to be sent home?" Kim said, sounding much too sincere.

"You're not mean enough to do that and leave me to face Denise and Janice all by myself," Emily said with a smile.

"Don't be so sure of yourself," Kim said with a weak smile. "After all, the hat did sort me into Slytherin. Kim looked toward the staircase and took a deep breath. "Let's go. Time for me to strip away all my modesty."

As they entered the dorm, they were given a weak smile by Becky, which they both returned, but Denise and Janice totally ignored them. Marta wasn't anywhere in sight.

Without a word Emily sat down on the side of her bed and started to remove her shoes and socks. Kim remembered Emily's instructions and took a deep breath. She opened her belt, pulled down the zipper and left her skirt drop to the floor. After she stepped out of it, she, in a very unladylike fashion bent from the waist to pick it up, in the process giving Denise and Janice quite a show of her butt.

Marta entered the dorm from the bath just as Kim was leaning over. She was quite taken-back by the view that greeted her. Kim tried not to make eye contact with any of the girls. She didn't even check to see how far Emily had gotten with undressing. She was bottomless and wanted to get this over with. She hung her skirt of the hook next to her bed and then without thinking about it, removed her shirt as quickly as possible.

Denise and Janice looked at each other is disbelief as Kim stood next to her bed in only shoes and knee-high socks. Kim went to hang the shirt, but realized she would be wearing a clean one in the morning. Emily was watching Kim's progress out of the corner of her eye and almost cheered at the bold move Kim took next. Wearing only her shoes and socks she walked over to the dirty clothes hamper and deposited the shirt. On the way back Becky commented to her. "You and Emily are quite something," she said, a smile on her face.

Kim said, "Thanks." But the friendly encouragement only made her more nervous. It was evident that all four girls had stopped all activity and were intently watching Kim's strip tease. Kim returned to her bed probably faster than she should have and started removing her shoes and socks. She had to get out of their scrutiny as soon as possible and at this point didn't care if they thought she was rushing. She pushed the shoes under her bed as she reached for and slipped on her slippers. Then after grabbing her toothbrush she dropped the socks into the laundry before entering the bath. Emily was following her.

As the door closed behind her, Kim started to tremble uncontrollably and wrapped her arms around Emily. "I've never been so nervous in my entire life," Kim said, visibly shaken.

"You did great!" Emily said proudly. "The walk across the room in nothing but your shoes and socks was brilliant. That alone should have sold them on the fact that you do this all the time."

"I have to sit down," Kim said as she entered a stall. She closed the door, not that she had any business to attend to, but after all she was naked and sitting on the john. "I'm not sure if I can go back in there," she said after a time. "They stared at me the entire time. None of them were even sneaky about it."

"Kim, you're thinking about it too much," Emily commented. "Get out here and brush your teeth, so you can get it over with."

"It wasn't nearly this bad with your sisters."

"That's because we were naked, too. Many nudists even feel strange when others around them are clothed. You have to have extremely strong feelings to be like Jamie, Caitlin and I.

"I still can't believe that you'd be comfortable in a crowd of clothed people if you were naked."

"I'll make you a deal," Emily said, a grin on her face. "If you stick it out and make it through all seven years, I'll see you off at the train station at the end of the seventh year."

"I was sort of hoping that if you didn't ride the train, you'd at least see me off every year," Kim said looking rather disappointed.

"Oh! I'll see you off every year, but at the end of the seventh I'll do it starkers."

Kim opened the stall door and stared at Emily. "I think you'd actually do it."
"I'd do it this year if it wasn't for Harry and Hermione, plus I'd probably get kicked out of school."

"I actually believe you would," Kim said, as she started brushing her teeth.

After she finished and washed her face, she gave Emily a smile, "Let's do it."

Kim was actually the first out the door and they both smiled at the other girls as they sauntered to their beds.

When she reached her bed, Kim put her arms up in the air and stretched, "It's been a long day, she said. "Good night everybody."

Marta and Becky returned her good night, but Janice and Denise ignored her.

Kim pushed her slippers slightly under the bed. Then brushed the bed clothes aside and laid down on her back leaving herself open to the inspection of any one who walked by the bed.

"How long do I have to wait before I can close my drapes and have some privacy," Kim whispered to Emily,

"I'd give it at least five or ten minutes," Emily suggested.

Marta just looked at Becky and shook her head. "I don't know what Denise and Janice have against those two, but one thing is clear. Neither of them was the Powerpuff girl."

"I agree," Becky quickly replied. "You don't get the confidence to walk around starkers like that overnight. I bet it has been years since either of them wore knickers. I'd like to be friends with both of them, but Denise and Janice sort of make it a 'them or else us' decision. I'm not sure if I have the guts to go against those two."

"I know what you mean,' Marta said. "They look like they could be extremely nasty and Denise knows a lot of the sixth and seventh years."

"Emily. Are you still awake?" Kim whispered.

"Yeah. What's up," Emily answered.

"I was just thinking. At ten months a year for seven years, I only have to do that two thousand one hundred twenty-one more times."

Emily didn't answer at first as she mentally recalculated Kim's number in her head. "I hate to be the barer of bad news," Emily said, "but you only calculated once a day. You have to be bare in front of them both in the morning and at night."

"Oh! Shit!"

End of Chapter Six

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