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The Prank is aborted, Harry discovers some unpleasant truths about the Marauders and Riddle has a party.

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  • Harry Potter and the Distaff Side

    (#) adrianbdean 2009-05-07 10:39:28 PM

    Ok can't say that I like this story too much compared to most of the others you have written or are currently writing.

    Got some questions?

    When is the Sun Source going to get a new chapter? Technomage? Chance Meeting? Incredible?

    Basically in that order.

    Thank you for writing these different kinds of stories. You are probably my favorite fanfiction writer out of everyone I've read so far covering various genres.

  • Harry Potter and the Distaff Side

    (#) jjracer24 2009-05-08 01:23:24 AM

    Good stuff but like most of the updates to this story, I find myself wanting more. I like the way Harri and friends handled the order of the chickens but was kind of sad about Black's & Lupin's reaction to Harry, understandable how they reacted but I'm still saddened by it. Please update this along with the rest of your stories. I love reading your stuff.
  • Harry Potter and the Distaff Side

    (#) DrT 2009-05-08 03:13:48 AM

    Not a pleasant way to end the chapter, but believable. Also believable were Padfoot and Moonie -- too self-involved to understand and not really wanting to

    Thanks for the update, I do like this story, even if my brain hurts trying to keep the new names straight!
  • Harry Potter and the Distaff Side

    (#) SmokinDragon 2009-05-08 03:30:26 AM

    Yaaahoooo. A new chapter to one of my favourite stories. Thank you so much.

    Now, update Sun Source and Incredible :D
  • Harry Potter and the Distaff Side

    (#) dennisud 2009-05-08 05:52:56 AM

    Damn good update! I wonder with both HTarri & harry having a cursed scar why didn't harry feel anything of what was going on with Riddle?

    Also great job pairing Harry/Harri with my favorite characters! What a powerful Foursome they make!

    Finally I hope these mauraders learned a lesson I mean even Snape was having a good time at their expense, thats wrong!

  • Harry Potter and the Distaff Side

    (#) Cateagle 2009-05-08 02:52:28 PM

    -chuckle- The scenes with the Marauders were excellent; I do believe they've now learned to think more. The scene at the end was not pleasant but it gives us a much better understanding of the Dark Lady; I wonder if any of the power she's taking in "bleeds over" the connection between her and Harri? I'm going to make the assumption that Harry's scar doesn't hurt because he's "tuned" to the Riddle of his home universe, not the one he's in.

    I rather imagine it's a challenge to write this kind of mirror-image universe, but you're doing a right fine job of it and 'tis enjoyable reading.
  • Harry Potter and the Distaff Side

    (#) PerfesserN 2009-05-08 07:54:10 PM

    I, for one, have been looking forward to an update of this story and you did not disappoint.
    I especially like how the feminine versions of Remus and Sirius are fallible, as were their male versions. The one thing they all seem to have in common is the hubris that results from 'knowing' that whatever they do is for the greater good.
    Write on,
    write on!
  • Harry Potter and the Distaff Side

    (#) rtc5873 2009-05-10 03:32:27 AM

    Great story. Is my imagination or did you change Black and Lupin's names.

    Author's response

    - I changed them. The names I chose when I first blocked out the story didn't feel right when I actually started writing the characters. I think these are better.
  • Harry Potter and the Distaff Side

    (#) Voldemert 2009-05-23 01:41:16 AM

    While i loved your characterization of padfoot and moonie, i want them to suffer a little more - they both have earned it many times over...

    great story, looking forward to another update =)
  • Harry Potter and the Distaff Side

    (#) AKindOfMagic78 2009-07-18 03:36:10 AM

    Interesting! Quite interesting and exciting! I really am looking forward for more of this universe.
    I can imagine, it's difficult but PLEASE pay attention on the personal pronouns; i.e. here: "...Orestes could see her friend sitting up." It was not the only time - it was the last.
    Don't panic, like I said, I really want more of this ;)

    "Mischief mangaged"

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