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Chapter 3 - Tracking the Beast

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Chapter 3

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It had been 2 days since the group started through the forest and there was still no sign of anything. No monsters, no creatures, no living beings except themselves. They still had a weeks worth of ratios left and were starting to get anxious and annoyed at the fact that they had found nothing in their trek through the forest.
“I'm so tired. My feet hurt, I smell like dung and I haven't seen daylight for days,” complained Fin, “Can't we just go home? It's not like we're going to find anything if we keep looking. The tracks could have been made by beasts that hide in the lake for all we know.”
“For your sakes, lets hope your wrong,” said Thort, “the town uses the lake for water and cleaning. If there were beasts dwelling in it, we might as well find a new place to live. And stop complaining, we've only been out here a couple of days, it'll do you good to toughen you up into a real man.”
“And what makes you think I'm not a man already?” Replied Fin, obviously offended, “you know, I ha...”
“Shhh! I think I hear something,” Dirk whispered loudly. “It's coming from over there.” Dirk pointed at a cluster of trees and bushes just ahead of the group. “I’m going to get a closer look” was the last thing Dirk said when a long tongue that was bubbling and had slimy green purple liquid dripping off it darted out of the bushes and struck Dirk in the neck. Dirk collapsed almost instantly.
“What the? Dirk are you ok!” Fin yelled as he got on his knees and cradled Dirks head in his hands trying to wake him, “Open your eyes!”
“Stand your ground boy! Whatever just struck him might still be lurking around.” Thort warned.
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