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Chapter 11

by aremont 4 Reviews

A Harry/Tonks romance story.

Category: Harry Potter - Rating: R - Genres: Romance - Characters: Harry,Tonks - Warnings: [!!] [?] - Published: 2009/05/19 - Updated: 2009/05/19 - 6791 words


  • Ordo Patroni

    (#) stick97 2009-05-19 12:53:09 PM

    Another great chapter. Interesting seeing the reaction of Tonks to Hermione kissing Harry. Are you planning on the wife for each house route? (although that would be at least 3) As long as she doesn't end up with the Ginger, I am ok with it.
    Keep up the great work, and looking forwards to more.
  • Ordo Patroni

    (#) Cateagle 2009-05-19 08:40:46 PM

    chuckle That was a fun chapter as Molly and Albus are learning the more difficult route that Harry's an adult and they'd best treat him as one; I foresee great stress for them in the near future until this finally sinks into their thick heads and behind their preconceived notions. Meanwhile, I rather suspect that Dumbles is going to find quite a split between those who follow him blindly and those who'd rather follow Harry Potter.
  • Ordo Patroni

    (#) Nautilus 2009-05-19 09:29:03 PM

    add hermione and luna... fun fun
  • Ordo Patroni

    (#) siledubhghlase 2009-05-21 08:10:10 PM

    Molly's a wonderful woman, but she's a bit over-the-top sometimes. When it comes to her children, she can smother like no other. She's smothering Harry...and Ron. No wonder Bill and Charlie left the country!

    Good on Harry! As usual, the Twins are in his camp. I see three possible scenarios here...

    1. Harry and Tonks
    2. Lupin and Hermione
    3. Harry, Tonks, and Hermione

    Now, we know Dumbles is liable to continue to interfere and he'll enlist Molly, Ginny, and Ron to do it once they're back to school. I wouldn't be surprised if he tries to get Tonks canned from the Auror Office either.

    It's a very severe thing in the Wizarding world to forcibly remove someone from your home. Dumbledore was escorted out by Dobby and asked not to return until he agreed to treat Harry like the adult he is and accept his relationship with Tonks. Until then, no Order, no Weasleys (except for the Twins), and no Dumbledore.

    I'm not surprised Ron took his mother's side. Of course he's going to do that. She's his mother and sons tend to defend and protect their mothers. Arthur doesn't suprise me. He knows Molly was in the wrong, but accepts that Harry is an adult, Grimmauld Place is his home, and what he does in it is his own business. Arthur really needs to stand up to Molly more.

    Ron also needs to deal with his jealousy and inadequacy issues if he hopes to land Hermione. At this rate, I don't see it happening. It's not a big surprise though. Young people in underprivileged homes tend to set a lot of store by money and possessions.

    In Ron's case, it's harder because his two best friends come from money. Harry's emancipated and independently wealthy, whereas Hermione comes from a well-to-do home with two dentists as parents. However, he needs to remember that his friends really do care about him. They don't care whether he has money or not, because money isn't everything.

    Ginny's attitude is born of jealousy--she's still crushing on Harry, so she can't accept Tonks as his girlfriend. No girl but her is good enough for Harry. That's what crushes are anyway, but it's more intense with Ginny because Harry saved her life. She's also a very strong little witch, which can be a detriment if exploited. And that's what Dumbledore and Molly are likely to do.

    I like Tonks in this story. She's genuinely in love with Harry and stands by him in all things. She treats him like the adult he is. I think we get an idea why she does the pink hair thing. She looks a lot like her mother, who could be twins to her own sister, Bellatrix Lestrange. I'd want to hide that too. But Harry doesn't care. He thinks she beautiful anyway and he's sensitive to her vulnerabilities.

    Hermione is a bit more clinical about the whole thing. Harry loves Tonks, Tonks loves Harry; if they're happy, she's happy. Same as Remus...but I think the wolf might be feeling a little pang of loneliness. I can see Hermione and Remus hooking up. That'd throw Dumbles and the Weasleys into a tizzy, wouldn't it?

    Good job!

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