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9311 - Glorious

by wordhammer

Holly gives Hermione a Glorious introduction to girl-love

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Disclaimer: Harry Potter and all related concepts are owned by someone who isn't me. I will never seek or accept money for the circulation of this work. Especially this work.

Spiral Tangent: Holly brings Hermione a night of Glorious pleasure

Placement: November 1993; Chapter 19 (read that first)

What you need to know: Holly Evans attends Hogwarts in place of Harry Potter. Hermione and she bonded over the Troll incident and other adventures. Holly is known to be much like her namesake- prickly and poisonous, but with Hermione she acts more normal. They have been sleeping next to each other at night due to the effect of Dementors laying siege to the castle by order of the Minister of Magic in hopes of catching the escaped convict Sirius Black. Holly has expressed a desire for Hermione recently that exceeds their close friendship despite Hermione's implied heterosexuality. However, Holly has also exhibited some strange biology as an after effect of the battle against the Basilisk the previous year.

Events beginning 23rd November, 1993 12:52 AM

Holly Evans and Hermione Granger are lying facing each other on Holly's four-posted bed in the Gryffindor 3rd year Girl's dorm. Hermione is dressed in a simple light blue button-front cotton short-sleeved nightgown. Holly is wearing a loose deep green satin night shirt with matching shorts. The room is unusually warm due to the over application of warming charms by Parvati Patil and Lavender Brown, so Holly and Hermione have pushed their covers to the foot of the bed. The other residents of their room are sharing Lavender's bed and covers to offset the chilling influence of Dementors circling the Hogwarts grounds which seem to affect Holly and Hermione less. The Wizarding Wireless on Lavender's bedside table is quietly playing a classical guitar piece to help everyone sleep.

Hermione reaches over to brush some of Holly's hair away from her face, causing Holly to close her eyes and smile slightly. Hermione retracts her hand once her task is done, then waits until Holly's eyes open again.

Hermione: Holly, have you considered wearing more dresses instead of just colored undershirts and dungarees under your robes?

Holly: What, you're channeling Lavender now?

Hermione: I was thinking about ...our kiss.

Holly smiles.

Holly: I like this topic at least.

Hermione: Well, you seem to have some specific feelings for me, and I know they have been present for some time, but I was wondering if you had even considered whether you might be happy dating a boy.

Holly: Well, Dean Thomas and I sort of hit it off on the train, but he hasn't approached me and I haven't cared.

Holly gives Hermione a meaningful look. Hermione starts to play with strands of Holly's hair.

Hermione: Well, yes, well, what I was thinking is that he may find your ...usual personality a bit intimidating. If you were to wear your skirts again, maybe with the thigh-high stockings Neville gave you, you might appear less threatening. You might even find that you enjoy the attention.

Holly: So, in your mind I might see them more favorably if they saw and treated me more like a typical girl.

Hermione: Well, yes. It might do for you to feel more feminine around boys, for yourself and so they wouldn't be frightened off so easily.

Holly: True. I think Neville may question his own manhood when he's around me most days. It's tough when you're out-macho'ed by a little girl.

Hermione giggles.

Holly: Tell me Hermione; does having Ron stare at your breasts through your blouse or at your thighs when the wind kicks up your skirt actually make you feel more attractive?

Hermione: Actually, yes. It might surprise you to know, but I was not always thought of as a girl to be desired.

Holly giggles.

Holly: Fools, the lot of them! And does it make you feel more attractive ...when I stare at your breasts through your blouse?

Hermione: I usually assume you're trying to discreetly inform me that I have too many buttons undone or a spot of food on my lapel.

Holly: Well, it's no wonder you always looked worried! I do that six or seven times a day.

Holly reaches over to Hermione's forehead and rubs with her thumb at the space above Hermione's eyebrows where worry lines are starting to form.

Hermione: We were talking about your fashion choices.

Holly looks down and away.

Holly: Hermione, I...I can't wear those things.

Hermione: Why not? You wore the uniform under your robes until this year. A dress would be lovely on you. You have great legs and toned arms. You're starting to develop into an attractive woman, at least your hips are. Mind, you haven't much on top yet but you can still draw some attention...

Holly: (suddenly angry) I know! Being almost raped again this summer pressed home that point quite succinctly!

Holly rolls out of the bed to stand away from her friend. Hermione rises up in the bed, reaching her hand to grip Holly's shoulder in sympathy. Holly moves to pull out of Hermione's grip, but Hermione holds her fast.

Hermione: Oh, Holly! I'm so sorry! When did this happen? What did you do?

Holly: I...

Hermione: How did you escape? Are you hurt at all?

Holly: Well...

Hermione: Who did it? Did they get caught? Have you seen a Healer?

Holly: Oooh!

In frustration, Holly turns around to the bed and jumps into Hermione, grabbing her head with both hands and kissing her solidly on the mouth until she stops protesting and just sits there agog. Holly leans back, still holding onto Hermione's head in her hands. Hermione is still looking a bit stunned but almost starts a new line of questioning that is interrupted with two fingers of Holly's hand applied on her lips. Hermione cocks an eyebrow in irritation.

Holly: I did that because you want answers but won't wait for them to be given before asking another question. If you continue to do this, I will insist upon kissing you like that in public. Often. It's a burden, but one I'm willing to shoulder.

Hermione: Cn I ssk uh qstyn nw?

Holly smiles and lets go of her friend's mouth.

Hermione: You really like me in that way, don't you?

Holly's cagey teasing expression melts into a look of longing.

Holly: (slowly and with careful enunciation) Breathlessly. Desperately. Unquestionably.

Hermione stops making little gasping noises at the extra syllables to put up a measure of protest, looking away from Holly as she does so.

Hermione: You know I don't...what I mean is you are...we aren't meant to...
Holly: I will not assume anything. You have proven you care for me, which means more to me than anything else in this world. I have killed a serpent for you. If all you can give me is an endless supply of your wonderful hugs ...and forgiveness when I steal a kiss or two like I just did, I would still be overwhelmed enough that you care for this...creature I am becoming to die happy. But I'd like to do more.

Hermione: I...I...I...

Holly: I love you, too.

Hermione: I ...wasn't going to say that. Not that I don't; I just don't want to give you the wrong impression. Do you know what I mean?

Holly: Maybe, maybe not. I just meant that in addition to everything else I said, I also love you.

Holly moves forward again to kiss Hermione. Hermione leans back, but then sees the hurt look on Holly's face. Hermione looks away and back at Holly. This time Hermione leans forward to the edge of the bed and they meet in the middle, with both girls moving their lips against the other's for a moment. Holly breaks off the kiss and stands back to arms length again.

Holly: I know you wouldn't do this with anyone else, any other girl that is. What I want to know is, would you open your mind to the possibility of enjoying something more with me?

Hermione: But that's not the way I think of you.

Holly: Why not?

Hermione: I'm sorry?

Holly: Don't be sorry, just think about why you feel that way. Look, let's lie back down and relax. I hope you can trust me that we aren't going to do anything that will make you want to leave. I couldn't bear it if you couldn't be my friend enough to stay.

Hermione: Alright. There is no one I trust more than you, Holly. I am impressed with your restraint, actually. You've nearly held back all term on this, haven't you?

Holly: Sleeping two feet or less away from the one I want to kiss to sleep each night? No, it hasn't taken too much willpower...

Holly and Hermione share a restrained giggling laugh and lay back down in the bed facing each other. Holly pulls out her wand from under her pillow and points it at the bed to her right where Parvati and Lavender are cuddled against the Dementor's chill.

Holly: Somnus. Silencioso. That should keep them from being disturbed.

Hermione looks at Holly suspiciously.

Hermione: What are you up to?

Holly's light-hearted demeanor returns.

Holly: I am trying to seduce you. I'm warning you ahead of time so we can't consider it underhanded. If after listening to me for a few minutes all you can do is laugh I'll leave you alone about it.

Hermione: That seems fair.

Holly: Maybe this would make a good Occlumency exercise. I'd like you to try and isolate your thoughts, specifically about the societal formula of man plus woman makes baby and is happy, if for no other reason than it's a lie.

Hermione: (giggling) What are you talking about?

Holly: For the most part, Man beds Woman, Man is happy. Woman beds Man to make Man happy, and begins to plot how to make Man more like a woman. To keep Man interested, Woman beds Man many times, eventually making a baby. Woman has a new project, also feels like a bloated spawning bio-machine and Man is unhappy because Woman doesn't want to bed Man when she feels like that. Man is pressured into staying around for the gruesome metamorphosis of girly girl into infested whale, then Woman pops out little ugly version of Man, which Man promptly picks up and declares "Look what I made!" If Woman doesn't kill Man or Child, Woman returns to the previous task of making Man into a woman using baby for leverage, and starts bedding Man again when things get difficult and Man starts to look at other women. Rinse and repeat.

Hermione: You have (giggle)...the worst seduction technique in history!

Holly: Thank you. I love you, too. Now, close your eyes. I want you to think on this.

Hermione closes her eyes with a disbelieving smirk.

Holly: I'd like you to envision a time and place where you don't need to think about the formula. You and I spend time together walking in empty sunlit fields.


Holly reaches out to gently grasp Hermione's hand in her own.

Holly: We share our plans, our thoughts, our feelings.


Holly shifts forward towards Hermione in the bed.

Holly: We allow our shared dreams to bring us together. We walk together, protecting each other from the uncaring world, because we care for each other.

Holly kisses Hermione once but slowly on her now slightly parted lips. Hermione's breath becomes audible. Holly licks her lips then continues in her low whisper

Holly: We touch each other in ways to bring pleasure, knowing to touch places in ways we like being touched.

Holly sees Hermione's lips anticipating her next movement, and applies her open mouth to Hermione's. Their lips come together seamlessly and Holly's tongue darts out to tease between Hermione's lips and teeth. Holly limits their french kiss to a fervent 10 seconds. Their clasped hands wrap together during the kiss, and Holly's other hand barely brushes against Hermione's knee at the end of the exchange.

Holly: Eyes stay closed.


We come together to express an appreciation of what one means to the other, and to give each other a gift of loving pleasure with no obligation but to honestly enjoy oneself.


Holly doesn't move, waiting for Hermione to make the next connection. A moment passes and Hermione's eyes open and lock onto Holly's. Holly connects with Hermione's mind in a Rapport for a long moment, long enough for Holly to send an emotional plea; 'let me love you'.

Hermione: Okay, let me think a minute.


Hermione rolls onto her back, closing her eyes to lay there in the moonlight. Holly stares as Hermione's breasts slowly rise and fall, pushing up the thin cotton at the unbuttoned opening of her nightdress. Hermione's eyes pop open suddenly.

Hermione: Right.

Holly is startled by Hermione's sudden movement to roll over Holly until she is lying on top of her with each of Holly's hands pinned under Hermione's grip. Hermione fairly shoves her tongue into Holly's mouth, causing the surprised girl to almost start giggling in joy, but Holly quickly responds in kind to Hermione's assault on her mouth, and the girls continue to snog passionately if clumsily for a good minute. Hermione then breaks the kiss and raises herself above Holly to gaze into her friend's green eyes. Hermione's arms are propping up her torso so that the opening in her nightdress reveals the curve of her breasts and the growing hardness in her nipples.

Hermione: I don't know if this is going to work out. I don't know if this is what I really want, but I see no reason not to explore these ...feelings we share for each other.

Holly smirks.

Holly: That's very reasonable of you.

Hermione's hair falls out of its loose plait to cascade around her head. The moonlight from the outside now lights the short space between their faces with shadows and filtered golden hues. Holly catches her breath in her throat. Their bodies are beginning to rest together comfortably, their legs resting between each other.

Hermione: Also, I'd like to point out that even if we do hit it off, I still want to explore this ...stuff with boys as well, and I think you should also.

Holly scowls slightly.

Holly: Me? Why?

Hermione: How can you say that you only want women if you've never tried it with a man? I don't mean the full monty, but you can at least explore if there is a boy out there that might 'rev your engine', otherwise your argument is only self-serving.

Holly smirks once more.

Holly: Hermione, it's sex, of course it's self-serving.

Hermione smiles and closes her eyes, nodding her head slightly at Holly's teasing. Holly takes that opportunity to rise from the mattress and presses her lips to Hermione's. Their kiss quickly grows deeper and Hermione lets her arms relax so that the two girls' bodies are able to intertwine in the heated embrace. This second extended kissing seems to flow better, with each girl allowing the other time to explore the kiss with their lips and tongue. Holly pulls away following a lingering pull on Hermione's lower lip.

Holly: And I don't 'only want women', I only want you.

Holly flips Hermione over to the side so that she can use her bare leg to wrap Hermione into a deeper tangle. Hermione leans in to recapture Holly's lips. Their arms shift and move over each other's body sustaining the close embrace. Their pelvises start rubbing against each other, eventually causing them to break from their passionate snog in a gasping duet of excitement.

Holly: Hermione, this is great and I want you to enjoy yourself, but I don't think you should try anything involving my vagina.

Hermione: What's wrong?

Holly reaches between their legs and pulls the remains of her pyjama shorts and knickers up between them and away, showing Hermione how they are rapidly falling apart due to Holly's excited secretions.

Hermione: I thought that things were getting unusually tingly. Oh, Holly this is so unfair!

Holly: Let me worry about that. I just want you to enjoy yourself. It makes me happy that way because I'm making you feel good.

Hermione sheds a single tear as Holly smiles and pushes Hermione flat on the bed. She starts to kiss her way down Hermione's body, unbuttoning the night dress until Hermione's young but full breasts are exposed to the moonlight. Holly licks and kisses her way around Hermione's tender chest as Hermione begins to breathe heavier again, causing her chest to rise into Holly's open mouth. Holly wraps her lips around Hermione's hardened left nipple and Hermione shrieks in a moment of surprised enjoyment. Holly's hands had been caressing Hermione's hips and flanks even as she rested her weight on her elbows, but now Holly moves her left hand up to cup Hermione's firm right breast as she continues to tease and lick the other breast to Hermione's pleasure. As Holly moves to kiss further down Hermione's body, she keeps her left hand caressing the outer curve of Hermione's right breast, using her thumb to tease the stiff nipple. Hermione's gasps indicate the motion is appreciated. Holly pushes her own chest down to splay out Hermione's legs beneath her. Holly uses her own hardened nipples poking beyond the opening in her satin nightshirt to tease Hermione's swollen crotch, twisting her torso so that her left nipple rubs against Hermione's clitoris as she concurrently bites gently on Hermione's lowest rib. Hermione yelps once more and her breathing comes shallow and quickens. Holly takes a moment to sit up enough to remove her nightshirt and pull away the broken up remains of Hermione's knickers using a flick of her sharpened quilltip finger to cut through the waistband. Hermione also pulls off her now-tattered night dress, exposing her naked body to Holly's appreciative gaze. Hermione stops, a feeling of embarrassment overcoming her that causes her to cover her breasts with her arms and let her head droop as she draws her legs up and knees together.

Hermione: Are you sure you want I'm not especially attractive. My breasts aren't that big and they're uneven. I have bushy hair...

Holly: Wild and untamed, but not where it matters. Did you forget having shorn yourself down here? There isn't a hair to be found!

Hermione: I mean it Holly! I'm...ohhhhh.

Holly interrupts Hermione's latest protest by slipping her hand down Hermione's belly and cupping her bare-skinned sex with her palm and then allowing her middle finger to slip easily into the moist folds and circle the entrance to Hermione's warmest areas.

Holly: No, not a hair out of place that I can tell. Perhaps a taste test is in order.

As Holly moves to push Hermione's knees further apart and return to her crouch in front of Hermione's exposed sex, Hermione's hands reach to cup Holly's face. Hermione pulls Holly up to give her a deep kiss. Holly smiles as she kisses her friend, reaching her free arm around Hermione's back while the other hand continues to grasp at Hermione's intersection between her thighs and rub the tender center lips with her fingers. Their lips and tongues keep crashing together as Holly continues to stimulate Hermione with her hand. Hermione continues her kisses holding Holly's head loosely with her arms, occasionally running her hands through her friend's burgundy locks.

Hermione: Honestly, I...(ooooohhmmmmm) ...I didn't have much hair there yet and...(Gasp)...I ...I just wanted you to know. (Ohh, just like that) That I want you (Ohhh how I want you) (GASP) ...I want you to do this. I want...

Holly breaks off the intermittent kisses with a smile to hop back down between Hermione's legs and give her friend's swollen clitoris the same sort of deep tongue kiss that had prompted the discussion in the first place. Hermione gasps and bucks at the sudden change, wrapping her legs loosely around Holly's shoulders to open herself more while throwing her head back into the bed with a loud gasp. With that encouragement, Holly begins to whisper in her secret language. Hermione can't feel or sense anything different at first, but she is quickly distracted as Holly starts to run her tongue along Hermione's inner lips, causing Hermione to squeal and buck once more.

Holly: Get ssset for assenssation!

Hermione starts to lift her head to ask what Holly means when she suddenly feels Holly's tongue enter her deeply. Somehow Holly has extended her tongue because Hermione can feel the thin but active muscle stretching deep into her until she feels it lick the opening of her uterus in the depths of her sex. Holly's split tip at the end of her tongue works in tandem to tease the deep recesses of Hermione's sexual path, sending Hermione's nerves into an overload of stimulated tremors. At the same time, Holly's hands sinuously caress their way back up Hermione's belly and ribcage to grasp and massage her breasts.

Hermione: OOOOHHHh GOD! AHHHhhh Ahhhh GOD!

Holly continues the emphatic assault on Hermione's inner chambers while nuzzling Hermione's clitoris with her nose. Hermione's whole body seizes up and then starts to writhe in place under Holly's forceful licking. Holly's hands move down from Hermione's breasts and around to grip and massage Hermione's arse, holding her in place for Holly's unusual tongue to bring Hermione untold heights of pleasure. Holly starts to focus her love and her magic into the serpentine tongue, roughly scribing runes on the inner walls of Hermione's vaginal chamber. With twirls of Holly's tongue pressing insistently on the rough surface close to the entrance of Hermione's sex, an orgasm rips through Hermione like wild fire. Her every nerve screams out in pleasurable overload, then starts to build up again to release a second burst of ecstasy seconds later. Hermione feels something more powerful building in her that begins to frighten her, but she realises she is quickly losing the ability to form words. Her hands keep trying to grip something; the bed, the headboard, Holly's hair. Another orgasm tears a scream from her as she begins to panic. Hermione tries digging her nails into the stronger girl's shoulders in an attempt to get some control over the rising brain-breaking euphoria.

Hermione: H-H-H-Holly, puh...please. Holly PLEASE. Oh GOD! Holly! HOLLY! Oh GOD! YES HOLLY I WANT YOU! I WANT THIS but PLEASE! PLEASE! (Gasp!) (Gasp!) (Gasp!) Please, you muuussssst STO-O-O-OP!

Holly stops her insistent work and freezes in place. Hermione senses the end of Holly's torturous pleasuring of her but then suddenly her whole abdomen starts clenching together in a hurricane of orgasmic waves. Holly slowly retracts her tongue from Hermione's clutching and spasming vagina, and then climbs up to embrace her dear friend as she continues to clench and shudder. Hermione's nerves throughout her body feel wave upon wave of overarching release rushing through them again and again, breaking like thunderous explosions of pleasure in her mind. Holly grins in enjoyment listening to Hermione's near continuous gasps as she clutches desperately around Holly's naked torso, nearly crushing Holly's leg where Hermione has wrapped her thighs around it. Holly's own sex is feeling heavily stimulated by Hermione's twitching against her leg and vulva, motivating Holly to rub her herself on her friend's spasming thigh. Hermione barely feels Holly's movements as she suffers painfully yet deliciously through a storm of orgasms. Holly's response to Hermione's convulsing rises to an enjoyable climax in just a few short moments, evidenced only by a long gasp and a short declaration by Holly.

Holly: Mmm! Mmmh! Mmmmmmh! MMMMmmaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAaaahhhhggh! OH Hermione! I love you!

Holly clutches carefully at her friend, afraid to accidently squeeze too hard and cause a broken rib or unintended bruising. Hermione continues to flex and clamp down on Holly's hip in uncontrolled orgiastic throes. As Holly relaxes from her own orgasm, she starts to stroke down Hermione's spine in a calming, reassuring way. Finally Hermione's ecstatic fit begins to subside and her body falls almost totally limp. Occasional afterbursts of oversensitized erotic feeling spark across her body, causing twitches here and there. Holly gently pulls her embrace closer over her stunned friend, holding her tenderly and whispering calming words into Hermione's ear. The bushy-haired girl just lays there limply in Holly's arms, feeling the occasional random firing of pleasure sensors throughout her body. After about twenty minutes, Hermione finally looks up into her friend's deep green eyes. Holly looks back down into Hermione's brown eyes and whispers.

Holly: I love you. I'm so sorry I overdid it, but I just wanted you to know just how strongly I feel for you.

Hermione says nothing, but tears start to stream out her eyes, and she clutches Holly tightly until she falls asleep a few minutes later, as exhausted as she has ever felt in her life. Holly keeps holding Hermione as she uses her wand to clean up the evidence of their lovemaking, though they are both naked as their bedclothes have been tossed or destroyed in the process. Holly finally closes the curtains on the four-posted bed with a quick spell and sticks her wand back under her pillow. Holly pulls Hermione to her warm embrace and kisses her forehead.

Holly: Oh, Hermione. I think maybe I broke you.

Several minutes pass as Holly relaxes into an exhausted slumber. Then Hermione's eyes open briefly with a sudden final shiver.

Hermione:(Gasp) Forty ...two.

The bushy-haired girl snuggles deep into her lover's embrace as she starts to cry again.

Hermione: (Sniff) You're going to kill me if we keep this up.


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