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Chapter 6... (:

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This one as a little frerard. Nothing full on though. (:

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Me and Frankie were walking hand in hand back to my house. This was like a dream come true, Frankie was everything I ever wanted and more. I didn't deserve him in the slightest. But I was too selfish to tell him that. I wondor if he noticed how we were both walking all over the place like we had been drinking. We were walking in silence, but silence with Frankie was different to any other silence. I could of walked for hours with him without saying a word and it would feel just as nice as talking for the whole time. I squeezed his hand and he squeazed mine in return. I smiled, this was all the communication we needed.
We got to my house and I tried to open the door, but it was locked. "Shit." I muttered. Frankie looked up at me trying to hold back another giggle fit. I looked just behind him and saw that the front window was slightly open. I started walking over to it and tugged on his hand so he would come with me. I got to the window then opened it fully, then i turned to Frank and let go off his hand and wrapped my arms around his waist instead. Then I lifted him and sat him on the windowsill. He was smiling and looking straight into my eyes. Now he was sitting on a windowsill he was the same height as me. He put his arms around my neck and leaned forward to kiss my lips. I wrapped my arms around his waist. This kiss was longer than the other one, but was still just a peck. I grinned at him and then took my arms away from his body and he let go of me too. Then he stood up on the windowsill then turned around, crouched and jumped into the house. I climbed in after him. As soon as my feet touched the floor he dived into another hug. This time I wasn't as fast to get my balance and fell backwards. Luckily there was a sofa behind me. Frankie landed ontop of me, then he turned red and tried to get up off me. I laughed and pulled him onto my lap so he was sitting sideways on my lap with his legs falling over the side of the one seater sofa. I smiled at him, he smiled too. "Sorry." He giggled.
"It's not your fault I have no balance." I joked, then hugged him into my chest. "What you want to do until 2?" I asked him.
"I want to talk." He smiled, then looked at me to see if that was okay.
"Sure." I grinned. We needed to get to know eachother better anyway. I pulled back from the hug a bit but kept my arms around him. "What shall we talk about?"
"How about, life stories and stuff?" He suggested. I nodded. "You start.." he said then rested his head on my chest.
"Sure, what you wana know?" I said questioningly.
"Please don't get angry. But I'de like to know about, I don't want to upset you. But sometimes it helps to talk." Frankie whispered caringly and looked up at my eyes pleadingly. I didn't get what he ment at first, then it hit me. He wanted to know about my brother, Benjy wasn't a subject I wanted to talk about.
"Uh, I'm not sure." I said, trying not to start crying again. Even thinking about my once supportive older brother made me want to burst out in tears. But then Frankie smiled at me and I was okay. "Alright. I'll tell you. Only because I love you, I can trust you. But sorry if I start crying hysterically." I added and he took a deep breath,
"Thank you Gee." Then he rested his head on my chest. I got ready to tell him all about Benjy and bring up things I never wanted to think about ever again.
"Okay, here goes." I said takeing a breath. I paused for a few moments, thinking where to start.
"I know it's hard for you Gee," Frankie whispered. "Why don't you start with things like, his name and age.." He suggested.
"Thanks." I was glad he had given me a place to start. "He was called Benjy. He was about two years older than me and was always very supportive." I tried to pull back tears but I couldn't manage it, a tear fell down my cheek and landed on Frankie's head.
"If you need to cry, let it out." Frank said softly. "Holding tears in just makes you feel worse." I held him close to me and let another tear fall.
"Thank you for everything. What else shall I say about Benjy?" I said into Frankie's hair as I rested my head on his.
"What hapened leading up to his death.. if you want to have a break, then go ahead." He said hugging me a little tighter.
"I'm fine." I lied, "Well, it was three years ago, so I don't remember much."
"It's okay Gerard," He whispered.
"Benjy, was a great brother. He was always there for me. And when I thought that I might of been gay, he was one of the first people I went to." It was really really hard to talk about Benjy, but I felt like Frankie had a right to know. And mabye it might help me if he knew. So I carried on, "So, I told Mikey and Benjy that I was homosexual. Firstly, Benjy freaked, he was really homophobic." I looked down at Frankie to see whether he was judging Benjy for being homophobic. He met my gaze and looked sypathetic. There was no sign of him judging Benjy so I went on, "He tried to keep quiet in school but one lunch, Mikey, Benjy and myself were sitting at a table and we started talking about sexualities. So Mikey brought up my unsure sexuality again and someone walking past over-heard. The boy, Jim, looked at us then walked away.." I burst into tears again.
"Break time now I think Gee." Frankie said softly, then hugged me. I rested my head ontop of his head and he stroked my hair as I cried. He was trying to comfort me and it was working. After a while I took a deep breath and attempted to pull myself together. A moment later I wasn't crying as much so I took another breath,
"So Jim had heard us. He told all his mates, load of fucking jocks. And they came onto us the next day. They asked us which one of us was the faggot. And I was about to reply then Benjy jumped infront of my and said he was the homosexual one and told them to leave us alone." It was hurting me to remember all this, so I stared into space and didn't meet Frankie's careing gaze. "Jim and a couple of his mates pushed Benjy, Mikey and myself up against some lockers and started hitting us. Benjy called to them, and told them to let me and Mikey leave because we hadn't done anything. I tried to stay but two of the jocks dragged me and Mikey to the yard. We tried to fight to get back to Benjy but they wouldn't let us. I could see him, being hit over and over. There was blood everywhere, I wanted to help, but the jocks.." I broke down into tears again, I couldn't help it. All the memories were comeing back to me. Frankie held me close, it helped me a lot. "Thanks." I whimpered.
"Gee, it's okay. And let it out. It's good to cry. I'm so so sorry about Benjy." He said carefully and careingly. I smiled, he was so loveing.
"Thank you Frankie. I owe you my life." I cried for a bit longer, then I felt like I had ran out of tears. He noticed I had stopped crying, then run a hand down my cheek. His face had brightened and I couldn't help but smile back.
"I owe you mine too Gee. Have my heart instead.." He giggled. Then gestured passing me something. I took the invisable heart then motioned pulling mine out and passed it too him. He took it and then giggled more.
"Have mine too Frankie.." I laughed. I checked the time, it was almost 1. We only had an hour or so left then we had to leave to go to the forest so we could walk back like we had been to school. Just then, the phone ringed. "Awh man." I muttered, then Frankie jumped off my lap. I got up and stretched my arms then plodded over to the reciever.

I was so sorry for Gee, Benjy seemed so close to him. Atleast I'de managed to cheer him up. Darn phone, ruining a near perfect moment. Gee answered it,
"Hello, Way family."... "Yes. He is ill in bed with flu.".... "Not sure. Probably not sorry."... "I'll let him know, thanks." Then he hung up.
"Who?" I said walking over to Gee's side.
"It was the school. Asking where I was." He said smiling at me.
"Oh, I hope your flu gets better soon." He giggled. I laughed too.
"Not for a few days probably." He walked back over to the sofa and sat down, then tapped his lap. I walked over and sat back on his lap sideways again, throwing my legs over the side of the chair. "What shall we do for the last hour?"
"How about.." I couldn't think of anything, so I looked around the room for ideas.
"Talk?" Gee suggested. I nodded. "I told a story. I guess it's your turn.."
"Hmm.. I have a pretty boring life, I had a pet goldfish once.." I began.
"What happened to it?" Gee said trying to sound interested.
"My dad ate it to be honest." I said plainly. Then Gerard started laughing and I had another giggle fit.
"Stop giggling!" Gerard said through his laughter.
"Whyy?" I whined,
"Because, you're makeing my lap shake, and it's tickling." He laughed. I blushed, and tried to stop giggling, but I couldn't help but giggle more. I noticed how much I was shakeing while I giggled. It must of been really akward for Gee. But he laughed more.
"Sorry." I giggled. He shifted around a bit in the sofa.
"Frankie, seriously. Stop giggling." He said, a little more serious.
"Awh, but why?" I giggled and hugged him, "I'm happy here."
"But, Frankie.." He moaned. Then laughed and I burst into a giggle fit as I hugged him. He hugged me back but he seemed very uncomfortable.
"Want me to get up?" I suggested, still not able to control my giggles.
"That wouldn't be such a good idea." He grinned. And let go of the hug. I sat up and looked at his eyes, trying to read his face.
"Imagine this right," I began, I wanted to cheer him up because he looked really akward, "What if Santa just like, walked in."
"Santa?" Gee repeated, raising an eyebrow.
"Yeah. Santa. If he walked in here and started throwing little reindeer at us." I continued. Gee looked at me for a few seconds then started laughing. Seeing him laugh set me off into a giggle fit again. He shifted around in the chair again.
"Uh, Frankie?" He said in a serious voice. I kept on giggling, but looked into his eyes.
"Yes Gee?" I asked then smiled.
"I think, you, uh better get up." He said.
"Awh, why? Fine." I said and got up and almost fell over. Then I turned to Gee who had grabbed a cusion and had put it on his lap. "Oh." I said, then giggled more. I didn't realise my giggles had made me move about on his lap that much. I went and sat on the floor next to the sofa Gee was sat on and tried hiding my giggles.
"It's not funny." Gerard said after a bit, then laughed.
"Oh, it is." I said. I looked at the time and saw it was about 20 to 2. "Damn. Look at the time." I muttered.
"Oh yeah, we'de better leave then." He added, "I'm going to go to the loo first." He yawned and got up to stretch then walked out of the room. I got up and sat on the sofa, I can't believe my giggling made Gerard, ya'know. I giggled a bit more then got up from the sofa and walked around the room. Soon, Gee came back into the room, "You need to go before we leave?" He asked. I realised I actually did need to go and nodded then walked out, and wondored trying to find the toilet. I opened a door, and walked face first into a clothes wardrobe. I heard Gee laugh as he heard me curse. "Need escorting?" He joked, then walked up to me, took my hand and tugged me to a different door, opened it for me and sure enough, it was the bathroom. "Need anymore help?" He laughed.
"Mabye, actually no. I'll be fine. We don't need you getting excited again, now do we?" I giggled. Gerard looked at me sternly, then laughed and kissed my cheek then let go of my hand and walked away. I didn't bother closeing the bathroom door because only Gerard was home. Once I had finished I walked back to the living room, but got lost again on the way. "Gerard?" I called out. He walked to my side again,
"Lost?" He said jokingly, then took my hand again. He tugged me into the front room and up to the window we had climbed into.

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