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Oite Koigokoro motte ato Konpaku

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Akira has a secret but she can't tell Zack, What will Happen when they end up in the place of her Childhood?

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Please Reveiw

Seconds past till my brain had registered what just happened, Tears were swelling in my eyes, I should be in pain, but I wasn’t….
I ran my hand over my severed arm covered in fresh blood, but it took a moment to realize that this wasn’t just my blood,
I looked around to see why I was alive, I felt hopeful but that did little, I realized that this was his blood, I looked at his lifeless face but the irregular movement of his chest told me he was still alive,
but seeing him this way was painful it should be me there not him, I needed him so much he was just like that boy… the boy from my past I was trying so hard to forget,
My mind flew back to when the car hit us, the man must have been drunk he didn’t even stop to help,
I remember his face clearly, anger was I saw in his eyes,
Rolling down the hill must be where I got most of injuries from. His beautiful face kept me mesmerized it reminded be again of that boy,
I couldn’t climb back up the hill, I could tell by the unnatural way my leg twisted it was broken but where was the pain?
He looked to have to have the worst of it; it looked like most of the blood came from the deep cut on his head,
even in a situation like this I was still amazed by the way he looked. I don’t know why I’m so calm did I want to die? Yes…
But time was against me if I didn’t get help he would die… and I don’t want that, I quickly shuffled through my pockets with my useable arm, Damn where’s my phone?
I crawled over to him, He must have a phone on him, I went through his pockets till I found what I was looking for, I called the ambulance they should be here soon,
I wiped his face clean of Blood
“Everything is going to be okay now” I whispered
What I’m about to do is risky but I have to it might fill the emptiness in my heart I leant down to his face and pressed my lips lightly to his,
I don’t know what I was expecting but his lips stayed still underneath mine I raised myself off of him and sighed
“I love you… as much as I loved him” I said quietly,
but this silence was disturbed when blue light and sirens rang, Relief rushed through me he would be safe.
I waited for the men to reach us, If he heard me I would have to explain the reasons later but I don’t know why I did it,
I was sure I loved that boy but what I’m feeling now is different,
I’ll make sure that kiss was our last… His lips had left a tingling sensation on mine, much better than I thought.
The men finally reached us and I lost my train of thought,
“Can you tell me where it hurts?” he asked,
My head drew a blank, clearly I should be in pain but I wasn’t,
“My leg is broken” I stated
he looked at it and then nodded
“Where does it hurt?” he asked again
“It doesn’t” I answered dully as he lifted me onto a stretcher
“Where’s Zack!?” I asked,
the man reassured me he was okay but it was not helping it made me anxious.
Zack... he’s beautiful even in his condition which mad me wonder what did I look like with my shoulder length hair clumped together with dry blood
I began to blush as the men continued to work on my arm why we were still moving in the van,
I drifted off into a deep sleep…

A/N: This is just the first Chapter I know it's short and all but this is my First story, I'm still writing it so tell me what you think ^^
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