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The reunion (repost)

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Shannon try's to make Jared face up to his past by making him attend his high school reunion

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The reunion

Its funny how you can be two people at the same time, like how you have one person you show to the world and one that nobody but the closest people to you ever really see. But me being an actor I take to the split personality better then most, I have more personas then most have hot dinners and I enjoy playing the part of each and everyone. The rock star, actor, brother, friend even rebel but there is one that I don’t even like to think about let alone revisit, and that’s the geeky awkward teenage boy that had his teenage years made miserable by a bunch of arrogant jocks, cheerleaders and your run of the mill high school bullies. I don’t even think I would have made it into adulthood if it had not been for a few close friends and Shannon, and I can’t believe it’s him that’s making me dredge up my past and relive all this shit from my youth when he knows just how bad it was for me. Who needs enemies when you have a brother like mine?

“I’m not going Shannon and nothing you say can change my mind so get that through that fucking thick scull of yours. Shannon are you even fucking listening to me or has all that drumming made you deaf as well as dumb?” God he was really pissing me off he just stood there with this stupid grin that I just wanted to wipe off his face.

“What Jar you are really telling me that you don’t want to go and show all those stuck up chicks and bullies what you made of your self? Take a look at your self bro there will not be one person in that room that wont want to be you, or be with you. Come on man I bet it will be fun plus we will get to see all the old gang again please bro.” So things had come to this flattery, Boosting my already large enough ego and good old fashioned blackmail and guilt. And if all else failed Shannon knew me well enough to know when it was just right to bring out the big guns and hit me with his well practiced puppy dog eyes, God I hate him sometimes.

“Shannon they made my life miserable the whole time we where in high school I can’t go back to that, you may have been there but you will never know how bad it was or how hard I have fought to move on you can’t expect me to go back to that even if it is just for one day.”

“A weekend actually.” Shannon butted in and I almost laughed when I saw him visibly cower as he waited for my reaction. I am known for many things and I bet my temper is one of those things I can go from calm to exploding fury in 30 seconds and my brother knows this better then anyone.

“Shannon just let me sleep on it ok.” I could see a smile creeping its way onto his face he thought he had won.

“I do mean sleep on it Shannon you do realise that don’t you?”

“Yeah Jar just remember when you do think about it that you ain’t the kid you was back then.” I just smiled as I walked up to my room and as I slept that night I dreamt about people I had not thought about in years.

My dreams where so vivid I almost felt like I was back reliving my childhood but with the memories and the attitude of a fully grown man. Things started off peaceful enough with me Shannon, Jet, Rob and Chris hanging out under the bleachers eating lunch all comfortable and enjoying each others company. We must have been having a good day because me and Jet where singing something we usually saved until we where in the safety of my garage why give the bullies the ammunition? It was bad enough that we had to spend all our free time hiding out there.

“So Jar are we coming around to your to practice tonight then or what?” Jet asked looking the young me in the eyes with such intensity. Intensity I hadn’t noticed back then.

“Yeah you can do but I don’t know why we always go to so much trouble, it isn’t like anyone is ever going to hear us play is it?” And there within seconds was the Jet I remembered, even loved back in high school. With just that one look I knew I had stared her passion for music and a way to find something better.

“Jared!” oh god even the adult me I knew I was in for one hell of a lecture and a balling at.
“Do you remember your promise Jared Joseph Leto?” Oh god now I was in trouble.
“Yes!” Was all young dream me could say and I think that was for the best.

“Well would you care to repeat it one last time for the rest of the band?”

“Guys if we can get our set together in time I think we should audition for the prom.” Jet just sat there looking at me with a smug grin on her face. I had never told the rest of the band about my idea I think that was because deep down I thought if I kept it a secret between Jet and I that I would be able to weasel out of it before the prom. I know it’s a hard thing to imagine but back then I was such a coward I hated to stand out and be different which is one of the things about myself I love now. But back then I tried to step back and blend in with the crowd but the more I tried that the more I drew attention to myself, the thought of getting up on stage in front of all the people that had made my life a living hell was my worst nightmare, but now the rest of the band knew there would be no going back.
“Wow awesome!” the rest of the band said in unison while I just wanted to crawl in a hole and hide. I guess it was really unfair to want to hold the rest of the guys back especially with what I have made of myself now, why hadn’t I made more of an effort to bring them with me. Maybe when I left that god forsaken hole and my old friends behind I thought I could forget all that had happened, and what a crock of shit that was ,as my dream was showing me I had never forgotten anything. It was all as fresh in my mind as if it had happened yesterday.

“So are we going to do it Jar?” Could we end high school with all those bullies paying us attention for another reason other then beating us down? I didn’t know but because the guys wanted this so badly I was going to try my dam hardest to make their dream come true.

“Sure we are guys and we are going to show all those stuck up pricks what they have been missing all these years”
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