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We're Sorry *Wipes Away Tear*

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Frank and Gerard talk to Steph about the previous night and she has to make a decision.

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Okay so this is my second post for the night. Since I have yet to put writing programs on my laptop i have to use a notebook to write my stories in but I live in fear that my parents will find it and read it. And if they do so I am officially fucked. I would never be allowed to hear an MCR song again if they thought that it was making me write dirty fan fictions. So yeah i have ideas so ima post them. thanks for reading xx

My eyelids fluttered open and I realized i was still in the bathroom. Sunlight shone on my face from a window on the opposite wall and I heard a faint knocking at the door
"Gerard hurry up or i'll pee-pee my pants" whined Frank from outside the door. I sighed and stood up then remembered the events from the previous night. I took a deep breath and opened the door to reveal Frank bouncing around almost holding his crotch, he really did look like he was gonna 'pee-pee' his pants
"Sorry Frank" I mumbled and pushed past him. He ran into the room and slammed the door behind himself. I was still wearing only Franks shirt so I went into my room, rummaged through the boxes until I found some clothes for the day. I took another deep breath and went into the living room where gerard was siting drinking a coffee and reading the news paper
"Good morning, Steph" he said brightly
"Hi" I said softly then hurried into the kitchen
"Help yourself to anything" came his voice again right behind me, making me jump. He wrapped his arms around my middle and moved his hands up and down my stomach until he began to touch my breasts and i pushed him off
"No Gerard" I said sternly "I came here for a home not to do that all the time. If your involved with frank then I have no need to get in your pants"
"I don't have a thing with frank" Gerard laughed "We're best friends, sure, but we aren't like lovers or anything"
'Then what was last night about?" I cried
"Listen... We're really sorry about that" started Gerard and Frank entered the room
"Yeah we really are" said Frank
"We just... Got a little carried away... The whole a girl in the house thing... We got... Excited I suppose" Gerard apologized again. They looked at each other and the way they did so made me wanna hug them and run away at the same time
"Please don't leave... We are really sorry... But if you don't wanna stay Im sure Mikey and Alicia will take care of you" Frank said
"I'll stay... It just scared me is all" I said slowly
"Well just so you know... We aren't together but..." Gerard started
"Don't get surprised if things like last night happen again" said frank
"Hey if you two are together or if you feel the need to Im fine with that" I reassured them
"Thanks" they both said, looking releived. The day passed slowly and I knew that no matter how confrunting their acts seemed to me now I would end up being part of them eventually even though the thought scared and disgusted me. Gerard went to the store to buy some food and shit like that for and Frank and I sat together on the couch
"So..." began Frank
"Frankie... Did Gerard tell you about last night when we uh..." I trailed off
"Oh yeah, he did. I liked the panties bit, no girl has ever done that to me before" he smiled
"Why exactly did he tell you?" I asked trying to keep an even mind
"We don't keep secrets in this house" he said flatly
"So... You tell each other everything?" I asked, surprised
"Yes we do" he smiled
"So if I asked you a question right now you would answer truthfully?" I asked
"I sure would" he answered, still smiling
"Frank, why do you do it? I mean Gerard says your not together but why do you just randomly..." I again trailed off
"Bang?" he finished for me
"Well it's not that we're attracted to each other we just... Want to I suppose... Like you eventually might do the same. We don't have a personal sexual relationship, we sleep with whoever we want, whenever we want simply cause we want to" he said
"But how can you live your life like that?" I asked, shocked at their lifestyle
"We manage I suppose. It's not like it would make someone a whore to sleep with us we are just simply serving human needs, like Im sure you enjoyed your bathroom encounter last night?" he asked
"Well... Yeah" I said
"Thats how we live our lives... And we love it" he said simply
"Welcome to our lifestyle" Gerard said from behind us.

Sorry that was shit... and boring but... Yeah
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