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The one where it all kicks off

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As for the title, I was listening to "I'll be there for you" so I put it in a F.R.I.E.N.D.S format. Enjoy.

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“That… film… was… immense” Mikey exaggerated his words.
“Yeah, there was SO much sexual tension between Spock and Captain Kirk” Frank smiled, he loved any film with male on male sexual tension.
“Frank think of stuff other than gay, gay, gay… stuff” Mikey said, not being able to think of a good way to put it. Frank just glared at him and threw the rest of his popcorn in the bin. Gerard was talking to Ryan on e-buddy on his mobile. says:Hey sexy baby boy, yummy kid! Does anyone get this? Ryan’s email I mean???)Hey babe, where u at? says:just out frm the movies with my bro and my m8. seen star trek! Brilliant babe, need 2 c it says:babe… Ive seen it lyk… 3 times! It’s pretty hot! Not as hot u says:wow, uve reached a WHOLE new level of LAME! says:fuk u, im going to bed. Night sexy arse xoxoxoxoxoxox says:night sleepy head. Kisses, lovee yuh! Baby boi xox

“Is that him” Frank whispered, Gerard solemnly nodded, and put his arm around Frank’s back,
“He’s gone now, all attention on you and Mikester… where is that kid anyway?” Gerard spun around searching for Mikey desperately among the crowed street.
“Mikey?” Gerard raised his voice slightly, “MIKEY” He said louder, he carried on shouting louder and louder until his throat became very sore and his voice hoarse.
“Oh my God, Frank! He’s only 12! This is New Jersey, anything could have happened to him” Gerard whispered frantically.
“Split up and search” Frank said over his shoulder to Gerard.
“Oh no you don’t, I already have one missing boy on my hands, I don’t need another to add to the collection” He pulled Frank towards him, Frank leaned in and whispered,
“You are so cute when you are all stressed and flustered” He smiled and lent up to kiss Gerard, Gerard kissed him back for about a second then pulled away,
“time and a place, Frank” he whispered, voice still sore and crackly.
“What do you mean? You’ll willingly kiss me in privet? Or when we don’t have a missing Mikey? Or What?” Frank’s eyes glittered and reflected Gerard’s annoyed expression.
“FRANK! Talk later, right now we HAVE TO FIND MIKEY!” He yelled, and then realized his throat was sore and rubbed it, he and Frank ran off, looking down alleyways in shop doorways, everywhere and anywhere basically. Gerard finally stopped and turned around to an exhausted Frank and breaks down in tears,
“What if he’s been kidnapped, Frankie? What if he’s dead? Been raped? Frankie” He started crying and slid down onto the pavement, leaning against a wall with his head in his hand, Frank crouched beside him and lifted his chin so he could look into his eyes,
“We’ll find him babe, trust me” Frank stroked his matted hair and put his arm on his shoulders.
“Do you really believe that?” Gerard sniffed,
“Of course I do, I wouldn’t lie to you princess”
“Princess?” Gerard questioned,
“Yeah” Frank giggled, helping Gerard up off of the floor. They began looking again when they saw a small kid being pushed into the back of a van, struggling and crying. He was wearing thick-rimmed glasses and had light brown hair. Gerard narrowed his eyes at the scene.
“SHIT THAT’S FUCKING MIKEY!” He screamed, running across the road, nearly being run over.
“Mikey! MIKEY!” He yelled after the van. He dragged Frank into a car that was parked on the side of the road, doors open and engine running, the owner of the car was in the bakers doorway, chatting to the owner,
“Follow that van” Frank encouraged,
“I’m going to get in SOO much shit for this” Gerard smirked, flooring the car, it skidded around the corner and Gerard could just about see the owner run out yelling, in the rear view mirror.
“I’m going down with you princess, all the way” He rested his hand on Gerard’s thigh and gripped it nervously,
“AHH! Frank, oh jeez, that’s nice, wait no, I’m trying to… FUCKKKK!” he yelled in pleasure as Frank began massaging his… growing tighter jeans so to speak. Frank smiled, he enjoyed being the one making Gerard… bigger.
“Frank, leave it for later, I’m trying to drive!” Gerard giggled, biting his lip. Then he realized that his little brother had just been abducted, so he concentrated fully on following the navy blue van in front.

Oooh, suspense… well probably not but Oh well. Even though it was a bit more… serious I still shoved some Frerard in here. DAMN I’M GOOD! Stop distracting Gee, Frank, unless you want to end up in a bush!
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