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Always making moves without thinking, Rufus...

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Rufus came in to the veterinarian’s the next morning to explain where the men had headed and to check on Dark Nation. He was worried and he didn’t like to admit it at all to anyone. Tseng followed quietly behind him, his phone bleeping away with various updates on positions from the on-board navigations and the systems filtering the days news for anything he might need to deflect.

“Good morning President.” Tifa slid to her feet; he looked so much older when he was worried and tired.

“Good morning Miss Lockheart.” He smiled a little and then spotted Ada coming around. “Good morning Miss Wong.”

Ada smiled and stood up and headed to look at the cage where Dark Nation was sweating heavily and growling under his breath. Tseng moved forward and ignoring the danger put his hand through the bars, the old boy didn’t deserve this. Dark Nation gave him a warning growl but didn’t move as Tseng’s hand ran over his body.

“Sorry old boy…” Tseng looked at Rufus who nodded and turned away to head outside.

“NO!” Tifa grabbed at Tseng’s hand. “Don’t you dare hurt him!”

“He’s going to suffer more in the long run. We can’t get the antidote… he’s dying already Tifa.” Tseng’s resolve was absolute. “Rufus can’t watch him suffer any longer.”

“Tseng.” Ada moved a little closer to him, her hand going to his gun side. “Why not give the boys just a little longer? They are working to save him.” Her eyes were soft, seductive and Tseng looked at her for the briefest moment. “Thank you.” She smirked as she took his gun.

“You’ll only ever pull that trick on me once woman.” Tseng’s expression hardened for a second before softening again. “But I guess once is enough for the hound.”

“Thank you.” Tifa nodded. “If he turns and they can’t save him I’ll even load the bullets but Rufus is doing this because he can’t cope with not having control of the situation and it scares him. You know that’s why.”

Rufus didn’t hear the gun, he wondered if Tseng had pulled out when his head Turk came to tell him the news and that the women had a good point. Rufus sighed, he headed back in and ignoring Tseng’s advice to keep his hand free put it in the cage door. If he was honest it was suicidal but that was fine.

“How long does it take the virus if you are human?”

“About two days I thin…” Ada knew the second she answered she’d made a mistake. Rufus yanked hard on Dark Nation’s tendril, the already bothered hound did something he’d never have done before and bit his master.

“Now you have a better timeline.” Rufus muttered as he walked out.
Tseng wanted to shout and yell but he knew Rufus so well, the arrogant stubborn man would never let him do that in public without a severe reprimand. Tifa looked to Ada and sighed, Rufus just didn’t seem to care about anything, anyone or himself at times. Ada took her hand and checking the cage one last time came out to follow the two men.

“Rufus?” Tifa called to him and the blond turned around rubbing his hand. “Why did you have to do that?”

“I didn’t have to. I wanted to. My Turks will rally faster and maybe Dark Nation will get what he needs but either way they will be incensed to stop Hojo. Nothing else matters.”

“Hojo?” Tifa looked into his eyes, no smug and jovial signs of him enjoying the trials as usual, he was seriously worried. “Oh Rufus…” She sighed.

“Don’t spare sympathy or pretend to care about me.” Rufus opened his phone up and looked at her. “Because if you do that will only make it harder for me.”

“I understand.” Tifa turned away but kept close to Ada as Rufus made his call.

“Reno,” Rufus took a breath, “I have the T-Virus. You have forty eight hours to find Hojo and the antidote. I don’t care how you do it, just do it.”

“Sir!” Reno’s voice carried out in shock over the room. “How?”

“Dark Nation bit me. It was my own fault I am sorry to worry you.”

“Rufus you idiot.” Reno muttered. “See you in thirty six.” He hung up and looked to Cloud. “I think I’m suddenly awake.”

“I hear you.” Cloud nodded. “He did that on purpose didn’t he?”

“Of course.” Reno landed them. “Now we have to find the blasted stuff even faster and he knows it.”

“Clever man.” Leon injected his thoughts.

“Yeah you try working for the so-called genius.” Elena said sarcastically.

“Well if he survives maybe I will.” Leon waited until the chopper landed before hopping down.
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