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Chapter 3

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Meeting the guys...

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The first time I meet Ryan Ross I knew it was destined to be. He was my male counterpart, wrapped up in an impossibly thin and rather tall body, with bright honey brown eyes that were hidden beneath the light brown bangs of a very, very emotastic hair cut.

To say I'm nervous about meeting Brendon's friends would be a major understatement. See, I'm horrible at first impressions. I always say the wrong thing, trying to be funny and failing completely; or just getting so freaked out that I stumble over my words so much that people end the conversation as quickly as possible. Trust me, I would love to say that I'm exaggerating but I'm honestly giving myself too much credit.

We just pulled up in front of a very standard issue suburban house: two story, creepy little lawn gnomes, fenced in get the picture.

I hadn't realized until now that I was gripping the edge of my seat so hard that my knuckles where white. And in case you wanted to know, a twenty minute drive gripping your seat that tightly makes your hands hurt like you wouldn't believe once you let go.

"Are you sure I can't just stay in the car or something?"

Brendon just shook his head and laughed at me before getting out of the car. Once he walked around the front of the car to my door, he pulled it open, extending his hand to help me out.

"Trust me Kae you are going to be fine. The guys are going to love you."

Ugh, I think in the five day span we have know each other he has already realized the effect that damn smile has on me.

Grudgingly, I unbuckle my seatbelt and take the proffered hand.

Well here goes nothing...

Once we reached the front door Brendon just walked in, calling out "Honey, I'm home! Where's my dinner?"

Before I could question his grand entrance, the drummer from our band class walked out of what I'm assuming is the kitchen.

"Shut the hell up Brendon! You're usual. Now get your ass downstairs."

I looked up at Brendon who now had a sheepish grin on his face.

"Aw, come on Spence! I'm not always late. There was that one time when I showed up five minutes early. Besides, I have a good reason today!"

"You only showed up early because you didn't remember that practice got pushed back an you were technically still late."

"Yeah, well...Um...I'm...Ugh, fine! It doesn't matter anyways. It's not like you could start without me."

With that being said he stepped behind me, pushing me forward to where Spencer was standing.

"Anyways, Spencer this is Kadence. You know, from our band class."

Spencer chuckled slightly at Brendon's lack of a witty retort and reached out to shake my hand.

"How could I forget, after that sickeningly cutesy display on the first day of school."

I shook his hand briefly before looking at the floor, hopefully hiding the fact that I just turned about fifty shades of red.

After a slightly awkward moment of silence with me staring at the floor and Brendon glaring at Spencer, Spencer left to join the rest of the band downstairs.

Brendon, who was still standing behind me, grabbed my hand and turned me to face him.

"So was that as bad as you thought it would be?"

Letting out a small sigh I replied "Well, he doesn't count considering I've met him already. But if the awkward silence was any indication as to how the others are going to react, then I would like to submit my request of leaving now..."

I tried to give a small smile so that that could possibly be considered a joke. I'm guessing it worked since Brendon laughed before pulling me into him for a hug. And can I just say that if he never let me go that would be way too soon...

Unfortunately he did pull away, but just enough so he could look down and give me a reassuring grin.

"Come on. This really won't be as bad as you're thinking...Just be yourself. Oh and if you can deliver a verbal smack down to Spence at any point during the evening, there will be, like, at leastfive guys trying to steal you from me."

"Ha...I'm sure. But if that were true, you have nothing to worry about, I'm pretty happy with you for the moment and I'm not quite ready for a trade in."

With that being said I leaned up and kissed his check before turning towards the stairs. Pulling Brendon along behind me, I call over my shoulder

"Let's go assess my future prospects, shall we."


I remember all the times we would tease each other like that. There was always an effortlessness about the way we would talk to each other. Even in the beginning it was like we had known each other forever. And we always knew the other was joking, even when everyone else thought we where fighting or intentionally being hurtful.

That is one thing that will never be lost between us, the ease with which we could talk to each other. Even when we really where fighting we knew what the other person was going to say before it was spoken. Which led to very short lived fights; and not so short lived making up...


Before we reach the bottom of the stairs I stop to let Brendon lead the rest of the way. I'm starting to feel some form of confidence about this whole thing, but not enough to walk into the basement before Brendon does.

Reaching the bottom of the stairs, Brendon pulls me to the left through a set of French doors. Entering the room, I notice first that the entire wall opposite the doors is gone. Well, not gone; the wall looks like it has been replaced by a garage door. Quite handy if you ask me, considering all the people that I have just noticed wandering around in the back yard. There is no way they would all fit in this room.

Now that I really look around there is only enough space for the band equipment and the couch that is taking up most of the wall to the right. Of course with my randomness, I see all the people outside before I notice the few that are actually in the room.

Brendon pulls me further into the room toward the closest person, who is currently bent over an amp. As we get closer I hear the boy curse under his breathe as he continues to try to figure out which wires go where. Brendon chuckles before clearing his throat and addressing him.

"Hey, Jon. I have someone I would like you to meet."

The boy, Jon, whirls around and grabs Brendon before turning back to the amp. He spun around so fast he was just a blur.

"Brendon," Jon whined "I can't figure out where this wire with the metal thingy attached to it goes."

"Well, Jon, I would have to guess that it goes in the same place that I showed you last time. Which happens to be the same place that I have shown you for about...oh a year."

Brendon laughed before taking the wire and plugging it in. Jon stood up and turned back around so that he was now facing me, and the pouty face combined with the exaggerated poked out lip was too funny not to laugh at. Which had Brendon turning his attention back to me.

"Jon, this is Kadence."

Jon's expression changed almost instantaneously to a huge grin and almost as quickly he was right in front of me giving me the biggest bear hug known to man. I mean that quite literally...I think I might have a few bruises later. But he let go before I could get enough air back in my lungs to complain.

Turning back to Brendon he said, "So this is the girl that you just will NOT shut up about?"

Looking to Brendon I was surprised to see a blush before he proceeded to punch Jon in the arm...playfully of course. Well maybe not since Jon is back to pouting.

Rubbing his arm, Jon turned back to me and I swear he must be bi-polar or something because he is smiling again like nothing just happened.

"Well, It's really good to finally meet you. And to have a face to put with the reason Brenny Boy here has been so distracted lately."

Now it is my turn to blush. And it's getting worse since Brendon decided that this is the perfect time to come back to where I'm standing and kiss me in front of everyone! It was very brief but still everyone in the room and the people that had been standing close by outside now had their eyes on me...My worst nightmare is starting to come true.

To avoid the gazes of about fifteen people I turned to face the opposite wall that was occupied solely by the couch I noticed when we entered the room earlier. Which turned out to be a mistake considering there was someone now sitting on that couch staring at me with an enormous amount of intensity.

If he didn't look so innocent I would be really afraid for my life right now...Ok not really, but I tend to freak out when people stare at me so blatantly.

This boy doesn't look like he could do damage to anything except maybe a piece of paper...that he found in a puddle of water.

I mean I know I'm skinny but he is skinny. I guess maybe his height has something to do with it. Even sitting down I can tell that he has a few inches on Brendon. And the way his bangs fall across his face in complete disarray, contrasting with the styled perfection of the rest of his hair, adds to the growing fascination I have in this unknown person.

Even after what seems to be several minutes of staring his honey eyes are still holding my gaze...almost as if I couldn't look away whether I wanted to or not.

Brendon must have noticed my distraction because he turned and leaning in next to my ear he said "That's Ryan. Why don't you go talk to him while I help finish setting up."


Walking towards the old coffee shop, cleverly named The Café, I'm surprised with myself to find that not only am I extremely nervous about seeing Ryan, I'm actually happy. I honestly never thought I would feel any amount of happiness again.

The closer I get to what use to be our favorite place, the more I start to realize how much I have probably hurt Ryan over the past few months. I've been so focused on how much it hurts that Brendon is gone, I haven't noticed until now the pain of losing Ryan as well.

And I've made it even worse by refusing to let him in, refusing to let him help me, refusing to let him see how much I have been suffering.

So much for that small shred of happiness...


I don't know how this is possible but in the time that it has taken me to walk the short distance across this room I have gained a mass amount of confidence. Not really a self assuring confidence that I can talk to this guy and not make a fool of myself, but more a knowledge that no matter what is said between us we are going to have a friendship that others can only dream of having.

It's strange that with one look we both know this at the exact same time.

Stopping in front of the couch, Ryan stands up and reaches out to shake my hand.

"Hey. Um, I'm Ryan" he mumbles, while continuing to stare at me. I just look at his hand for a moment before I laugh and shake my head, choosing to step closer and hug him instead.

It's a brief friendly hug and as I step back I realize I probably should have introduced myself first. But I'm sure he knew who I was the second I walked into the room considering Brendon has apparently been unable to talk of anything but me...ugh.

"I'm Kadence by the way."

Ryan is the one to laugh this time as he says "Yeah, I know. I'm sure I would have known who you where even if you hadn't walked in with Brendon. The day he met you he spent about an hour of our practice time giving us a detailed description of you and everything the two of you talked about..."

All of this was said as Ryan sat back down on the couch, pulling me down to sit beside him.

Being enlightened with this rather embarrassing information, I turned about every shade of red imaginable and glared in Brendon's general direction. Of course Ryan started laughing again, and before spotting Brendon I realized that everyone was now staring at us.

I guess Ryan noticed this as well.

"Don't worry. They are just freaking out because you hugged me."

Um, did I hear that right...

"Why would that freak them out?"

"Well probably because I try to keep to myself around so many people...and the last time some girl tried to get too close to me I pushed her away yelling something about how if I wanted a whore to touch me I would go buy one..."

That sounds exactly like something I would do, because trust me when I say that I hate when random people do that to me.

Did I mention that this guy is my new best friend, because if I haven't...he most definitely is!

"You sound just like me." I said laughing again.

A few minutes later Brendon walked over to join us...well it was more like half walking, half skipping; and he had a huge grin on his face.

"It seems like the two of you are getting along...I told you there was nothing to worry about."

Brendon didn't even try to hide the underlying I told you so...

"Fine, fine. I admit that I over reacted a little."

"A little? You practically begged me to let you stay in the car... but it doesn't matter now that you know I was right! And Ryan, it's almost time to lets go now before she has a chance to yell at me."

Alone now, I looked outside to watch the crowd gather closer to the house, situating on the ground or various chairs that where scattered around the yard.

Spencer started tapping out a random rhythm on his drums and sighed in an over exaggerated manor.

"You guys are seriously slow! Please for the love of my sanity hurry up so we get started."

"Will you chill Spencer? It's going to be like...two minutes. Talk to Kae and calm down with the bitch fest."

Brendon obviously doesn't like Spencer's attitude. And from the muffled laughter, Ryan and Jon feel the same. With that Spencer turned his attention to me and the only good point in this current situation is the fact that he finally stopped drumming. Don't get me wrong, I normally don't mind people playing random beats and rhythms...but seriously, the same obnoxious beat over and over on a snare would drive anyone crazy.

"So Kadence, do you hear a lot of jokes about your name? You know, considering you're in band, a percussionist no less, and your name is a drum cadence."

If this question would have come about ten seconds sooner I would have answered...well I would have heard him at least. But I currently find myself extremely distracted.

"Hey, are you even listening to me?"

Man, this kid really does have an attitude. I mean is it really my fault that Brendon happened to drop his guitar cord, and he happened to bend down with his back toward me to pick it up, and it just so happens that he has the most amazing ass I've even seen? Yeah, totally not my fault that I got distracted.

"Yeah, of course I was listening..." Lie, complete obvious lie.

Oh well, I can afford to make a bad impression on one out of three...right?

"Really? So considering you haven't answered yet, but you were paying attention, you can repeat verbatim what I just said?"

Oh wow, the arched eyebrow, the bitchy attitude, and the condescending tone in his's all too much for me to deal with right now; I refuse to let him ruin my good mood.

So, with the sweetest smile I could manage I respond, "Of course Spencer...You said, and I quote 'Blah. Blah...Blah, blah, blah. I'm a bitch.' Oh wait, but you were asking a question right...So I should rephrase that to 'I'm a bitch, right?'"

The silence was deafening. Oh and Shit are the only two words coming to mind at the moment.

Why did I open my mouth? I knew I was going to do something like this. I have officially made an ass of myself and in the process I have probably just ruined whatever it is that I have with Brendon.

Speaking of...

Glancing towards Brendon I barely have time to read his face before he is literally doubled over with laughter.

And soon everyone else is joining in. Except for me...and Spencer.

He looks completely blank. Like a serial killer contemplating murder, void of emotion. Help.

Slowly but surely the laughter dies down and Brendon is in an upright position again.

Ryan is the first to speak. "Priceless. Fucking Hilarious. You are my new hero. I don't think anyone has ever shut him up like that."

Turning to Brendon he adds, "If you weren't my best friend dude..." and he just shakes his head before going back to hooking up his guitar.

"Stay away Ryan! She is mine and I'm totally not into sharing."

I finally tear my gaze from the floor...I swear this carpet is really interesting, yeah I'm going to stick with that. I look up to see Brendon right in front of me, literally maybe three inches away.

"Whoa. Um, hey there."

"That was...ugh, I don't even know how to describe how awesome that was!"

And before I can make any super awesomely witty remark Brendon leans in and kisses me...did I mention that everyone was still staring at me? Awkward.

Fortunately, and unfortunately, Brendon pulls away somewhat quickly.

Falling beside me on the couch, he throws his arm over my shoulder and turns us so that we are now facing the one person who has yet to comment.

I'm hoping that the lack of concern from Brendon means that Spencer's reaction is normal...well normal for Spencer.

"See Spence, I told you she was great. I mean, I haven't seen a complete shut down like that since that one time when Ry..."

"Shut it Brendon!" Spencer interjected. "We get the point. Your little girlfriend is competent even to make a somewhat decent come back."

Looking back to Brendon it was clearly obvious that he was enjoying this way too much.

"Get over yourself Spencer. You know it was funny."

After a moment of silence, to my complete amazement, Spencer started laughing. Laughing? I honestly didn't think he was capable.

"Fine" he said, still chuckling "It was pretty funny. Even if it was at my expense."

Oh no, he's walking towards me. Hide. I need to hide.

Looking around there is nowhere to go, so I scoot closer to Brendon. But the bastard must have it out for me for some reason; when Spencer stopped right in front of me, Brendon pushed me off the couch toward him. My first thought is that I'm now dead because there is no way that Spencer, bitch-boy extraordinaire, just hugged me.

"You, little Kae, are going to fit right in."

And then he was gone.

I opened my eyes when Brendon pulled me back down to his side. Spencer was back at his drums. Huh, I wonder how long I was standing there...

Looking around I saw Ryan just sort of standing there with his guitar looking around aimlessly, Jon was staring at me with this huge smile on his face giving me a thumbs up, and everyone else was getting resettled outside.

Ok, that little episode is officially over and no one has given me the 'why are you still here?' look. That's a first.

Bringing his arms around me for a hug, Brendon whispers "I'm so glad I met you" before he leans in to kiss me one last time.

Then he is gone as well, back to his guitar. The music starts and to my surprise it's Brendon that steps up to the mic and sings... What he sings I couldn't tell you because I'm too shocked by how absolutely amazing his voice is to really absorb the lyrics.

I hoped you enjoyed this chapter.

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