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Too Little Too Late

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Trent is back...too little too late?

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Drama,Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way - Published: 2009-05-30 - Updated: 2009-05-30 - 737 words

The night was fun. Me and Frankie watched horror movies together, the crappy B movie kind, just for laughs. Then we made love which was amazing. I woke up in his arms. Pure Pleasure. When I was with him everything that was wrong: me, my life, Trent, everything just melted into peaceful bliss. "Gee, I love you" He whispers every morning and night in my ear, and he just does. Its not lust. We really just click. Like puzzle pieces. We are like Bonnie and Clyde. We are never seperate, if you want me you get Frankie too.
We are on the couch, sitting listining to the alternative music channel, while we drink our coffee. Im just soo happy. I look into Frankies pretty eyes, and everything gets silent.
He gets up "I have to go to the bathroom". I sit there, lonely. Im so used to being by his side that it almost hurts to be away from him. The door bell rings. I sigh. Get it lazy! I think to myself.
I open the door to see an all too fimilar face, Trent.
"Gerard I need you back" He begs.
You take my hand you say you've changed but boy you know your begging dont fool me
"No!" Im about to turn away, but he takes my hand and cuddles against me.
"Im sorry, baby Im sober. I will never ever hurt you again, please?"
I close my eyes, He has'nt held me like this in years. I feel tears slide down my cheek.
This time has made me strong Im starting to move on your chance has come and gone
"No no no" I cry softly. Its not fair. Why do I feel bad? Why do I have to think about this He hurt me! So, why am I thinking of taking him back. No, No I love Frankie.
"Its okay, babe, I love you" He kisses me softly. I pull away. No.
You know its just too little too late a little to wrong. Energy wave
"Gee, I care and Im sorry. Im not the man I want to be. I need you" He whispers the last part
But you know all the right things to say. You know its just to little to late.
"Trent, I love Frankie He Loves me, Okay. and part of me just thinks that you just want the only stable thing that was in your life!"
"Im sorry Gee" He gets on his knees and is truely begging for forgiveness. I cant. I just cant.
You say you dream of my face but you dont like me you just like the chase. Its just too little too late
"I tried to love you past the alcohol and the drugs, Trent, even past the rape and beatings you gave me, but I cant forgive you. I cant. Im not a fool" I yell
"Baby Gee please, I need a second chance at happiness"
I was young and in love, I gave you everything but it wasnt enough
"Cant you just leave. im happy now for the first time in 2 years, Trent, 2 long fucking years" I feel bad. He might have changed. Frankie.
Go find someone else. letting you go Im loving myself. You got a problem, but dont come asking me for help
"Gee, Im begging I'll do anything" Trent said careingly. Maybe...
You know its too little to late, a little to wrong. Energy wave, but you know all the right things to say. You know its just too little to late
"You dont care, cause if you did you wouldnt have hurt me!"
"I wasnt sober then, I deserve to get you back"
You say you dream of my face, but you dont like me you just like the chase. I can love with all my heart I know I have so much to give
"Take him back" Frankie says What?" But the sudden he hurts you drop that fucker like a rock!"
"Frankie?" I say. "I know but if he thinks he can make you happy then fine lets see how he does, but if he hurts you.."he sighs. Trent smiles. He hugs me tight and grabs my hand to lead me out.
I look back eyes full of tears to see Frankie look so depressed. He mouths the words "I love you" and I burst into sobs.
Its just too little too late
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