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Ice Cream Denial

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Home Sweet Hospital. ;))

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"Dammit..." I mumbled to myself as I forced my tired eyes open. I could hardly remember a thing. My chronological order of what had happened recently: I met Bob and the others, I had coffee, there was sadness, then pain. Looots of pain.

Then now. Where the hell was "now" anyways? I glanced around and noticed the white walls, the little heart-beeper-whatsit, and an IV needle in my tattooed arm. Hospital, I guessed. I could feel an irritating, clenching pain in my side and a burning in my head. Or was it the other way around? I was too disoriented to tell.

I saw a window to my right that was letting an annoying bit of sunlight in. It was dotted with merry little Get Well Soon cards. Probably from Bob, Ray, Mikey, Gerard, and my mother. Or just my mother. Sigh...

There were chairs over on the right too. About five by the looks. One had a Superman comic book laying beneath it, one had an old Gameboy in the seat, one had an iPod and a Starbucks coffee cup underneath, and the fifth had a notebook slash drawing book(or whatever they're called) along with a second coffee cup, the book in the seat and the coffee on the floor. There was also a chair to my left. On it was a bouquet of flowers. COUGHmomCOUGH.

So where was everyone if their stuff was here? The door was closed and I was totally alone. I frowned. Now I was bored as well as injured?

Then the door opened and in walked Bob with a McDonald's ice cream cone. I guess I spoke to soon. Here was a friend with entertainment and sugar.

"I do hope that ice cream is for me." I stated demandingly, but with a British accent.

I swear Bob nearly jumped out of his own skin. "Wha-?!" he turned to face me, dumbfounded. "Frankie??"

I half-frowned. "Yes, that is my name..."

He forgot his ice cream cone and dropped it to the floor. I whined in protest. "Frank... YOU'RE AWAKE!"

"Thanks, Mr.I-State-The-Obvious. How about getting me one of those cones?" But my request went unnoticed and Bob raced out of the room.

I sighed. "Now who'll get me ice cream?" I asked myself as my abused tummy growled.

My internal struggle on whether or not to get up myself and get some didn't rage long, because soon the room was nearly destroyed as the immense disaster known as my mother ran in to scoop me up and hug me to her uncomfortable bosom. "Oh, Frankie dear!Oh, You're awake! Oh, I was just so worried, and-and- OH!" That's the thing with my mother. She always says 'oh' when she's worked up, which she is now.

Bob and the other homies came in soon after, all smiling happily. It was only when I saw Gerard did I remember the incident which had got me into this white, clean hell-hole.

"Mom... Mom, I'm fine. Please let me go." I muttered and she finally released me.

"Oh, I'm sorry, dear. It's just... Oh, I was so scared for my baby boy!" She cried.

I raised a confused eyebrow. "Worried? How long has it been?"

Ray saddened. "Almost a week, man."

Bob nodded. "They said you probably wouldn't wake up..."

"Yeah. When you hit the pavement you were concussed real bad." Mikey added.

I waited for Gerard to say something, but he kept silent, head down and face covered by his beautiful hair.

I was awestruck. "Seriously? It's been that long?" I questioned.

My mother nodded as a stray tear slipped down her face. "Oh, yes, Frankie..."

I looked up at the guys. "Uh, sorry for getting all defensive earlier..."

I noticed Gerard glance up slightly but everyone else just gave me annoyed looks.

"What the hell are you sorry for?" Bob demanded. "You were almost killed and you're sorry??"

I nodded. "I...- I sort of lied." I paused and everyone(except my mother who was looking at me with an encouraging smile) just stared expectantly. "I'm g-gay... I dunno why I was so defensive, but I shouldn't have been. So, y-yeah. Sorry..."

Gerard was smirking that evil 'I totally knew it' smirk and the others just stared.

"But, why? You knew we didn't care." Ray asked.

I shrugged. "I guess I was just scared."

Everything was silent. Then my belly growled. "I'm hungry."

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