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Guilty pleasure

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A/N: So people, quick warning - this entire chapter will be hot kinky man sex :] For those of you who don’t want to read it then please don’t, its not going to be important it is literally just going to be the sex scene, so that way if you don’t like it you can just skip it for the next chapter and not miss anything important.
For those of you who do like it (and I know you do :P) then ENJOY! XD
Ray ray xox

His mouth was hot against mine and I sucked at his lips with hungry passion, desperate to feel and taste all of him, intent on never letting him go. His fingers were tangled in my hair and his legs wrapped around my waist as I slipped his shirt off of him, his own hands coming down to remove my shirt and let our naked torso's press together. The feel of his warm skin against mine was electrifying and I released a shuddering breath as I pulled my tongue back from his mouth and broke the kiss. His eyes fluttered open and I looked down at his flushed face as he stared back at me.
"Frankie..." I whispered, I don’t know what I wanted to say, I just felt the need to say his name and he gave me a soft smile, twirling a strand of my hair around his finger.
"I love you." The words were barely audible but he heard me and he leant up to capture my mouth in a soft kiss, his silky lips working gently against mine.
"I love you too." He whispered against my lips and we pulled apart again, his hand still on the back of my head as we looked at each other. I couldn’t get enough of the site of him. His eyes were glazed with lust, and his lips were a deep crimson from the blood that had been drawn to the surface from our kissing. His cheeks and neck were flushed red and I was drawn to his throat like a vampire, massaging the flesh there with my lips and tongue, nibbling gently and making sure I left marks behind.
He kept one hand on the back of my neck, and the other he ran slowly down my back, caressing my skin with his fingertips as he tilted his head back, his breathing shuddery as he closed his eyes and gave me better access to his neck. I could have stayed like that all night, simply devouring him and feeling him against me, but the urge to move on was strong and I couldn’t resist but to run a hand down his torso, over his heated skin and down, down past his belly button, over his midriff before slipping my hand slowly beneath the waist line of his trousers and closing my fingers round his semi. Stroking his velvet length slowly and bringing him to a full erection.
"O - Oh...." He whimpered, tilting his head further back and allowing me to lick a wet trail down his neck, sucking at the flesh in the little dip where his collar bones met. There was no doubt in my mind that he trusted me, and my heart rate was soaring with the excitement of what we were about to do. I wanted him to be all mine, I wanted to take him slowly and gently and replace every time he had been with his father with beautiful memories of being with me. And I knew he wanted it too. It didn’t have to be rushed or frenzied. We could take all the time we needed, and I planned on savoring every last inch of him.
"Gerard..." The sound of my name passing his lips in a long exhale of breath caused my body to ache with need. Just hearing him say my name was enough to drive me crazy but I had to stay in control. I refused to do anything otherwise.
I sucked and licked a path up to his shoulder and continued gently stroking his erection as I sucked at the flesh in my mouth. His body was starting to get a layer of sweat from the way I was making him feel and I could taste the salt in my mouth. His hips bucked beneath my hand and I used my free hand to press them down, keeping them still so that I could continue to tease him uninterrupted.
His breathing was heavy and shallow, signaling how aroused he was and it only helped to increase my pleasure. It felt so right knowing I was making him feel so good, and I never wanted to stop. I licked down to his chest and nipped softly at his skin before going to his pert nipples and flicking my tongue over one. He gasped and I felt his cock twitch in my hand, causing me to smirk and take the small nub into my mouth, sucking softly and grazing it with my teeth. His hands were on my back and his nails were starting to dig into my flesh, but the pain only heightened my pleasure and I moved across to his other nipple, giving it the same treatment as the first and savoring the delicious gasps that were escaping Frankie’s mouth. He tried to buck his hips again but my hand kept them down and he whimpered with need, his member was fully erect and I could feel the vein throbbing against my palm. My own penis painfully restricted by my trousers.
I moved up his body and secured my mouth over his, stealing a deep kiss from him and allowing his tongue to push past my lips and massage the inside of my mouth. I pulled my hand out of his trousers and slowly slipped them off his hips, running my hands down his thighs as I removed the offending clothing. He kicked them off once they reached his shins and raised his hands, placing one on the back of my neck and the other on the back of my head as his tongue plundered my mouth, I quickly removed my own trousers and underwear, glad to free my aching erection from the tight confines.
The wet sounds of our kissing filled the silence of the room and aroused me further, I could feel Franks erection pressed against my own and I was throbbing with need, I didn’t dare move my hips incase the feeling became too much and I just ravished him quickly and desperately. It had to be slow and special, I couldn’t mess this up.
I broke the kiss slowly, our lips sticking for a second before gently prying apart. I looked down at Frank and drank in the image of him with his lips parted and his breathing labored. His hair was glistening with sweat already and his lips trembled slightly.
"Frankie... are you sure you want this?" I whispered and he nodded instantly, running the hand that was on my neck down my body to cup my hip.
"Yes..." He answered back, and I could hear the conviction in his voice, I knew I wouldn’t have to ask him again. I leaned back a little more so that I could look at his beautiful naked body as I slowly parted his thighs. His skin was flawless and slightly tanned, his body very slightly toned and his erection standing to attention between his legs, the head glistening with the first drops of pre-cum. My heart skipped a beat at the sight of him and I swear I had never seen anything more gorgeous in my life. I pushed his legs further apart and bent his knees up so that his back was raised. He put his arms beneath his body and lay on them to keep himself in the position and I leant down to kiss him softly as I used one hand to root around in my drawer for the lube and condom. I had had them in there for a week, just incase, but I had never really thought I would actually need them. Not that I was complaining.
I continued to kiss Frank as I snapped open the bottle and poured some of the cool liquid onto my fingers. It warmed up quickly due to my heightened body temperature and I slipped my hand between Frank’s legs and gently began probing one finger into his tight entrance. He made no sound as he continued kissing me and I slipped my finger in all the way, intrigued by his velvet heat which I had never experienced before. I pulled my finger back slowly and pushed it back in, when Frank made no sign of discomfort I began thrusting my finger in earnest, fast but gentle as I worked my lips eagerly against his. He wrapped his arms around me as I slipped in the second finger and I felt the stretch, he gasped a little but then continued to kiss me as if nothing was wrong and I thrust and scissored my fingers slowly, making sure he would be well prepped for what would come after.
I teased him with my fingers for a while before slipping in the third, the stretch was much more obvious this time and he pushed his lips harder against mine, spreading his legs even further and pushing his ass out. I cupped his face with my free hand and moved my fingers inside him, searching for the spot I had only heard stories about. It took me a while but I knew I found it as soon as he gave a surprised moan into my mouth and pushed his ass down onto my fingers, somehow bucking his hips up at the same time. I kissed him deeper and thrust and scissored my fingers for a while longer, wanting to make sure he would be ready.
Frank broke the kiss slowly and looked at me through shining hazel eyes.
"Gee... I'm ready..." He breathed and my cock twitched at the words. I pressed my forehead against his and closed my eyes, our lips just touching.
"I love you." I told him and he repeated the words back to me, our lips brushing softly and I pulled my fingers gently out of him. He gave a small sigh of disappointment at the loss of contact but he knew what was coming next and simply kissed me gently as I rolled on the condom and spread the lube over my erection. I used my hand to cover my entire length and gave a shuddering gasp as I pleasured myself, a large wave of pleasure crashing through me at the contact I was so desperate for. It was difficult to force myself to stop but I did, and I slowly guided my member to Frank’s entrance and paused with the head just poised to enter.
"You ready?" I asked. I knew the answer before he said it but I just had to check one last time, just so he would have the choice of saying no.
"Yes." He said earnestly and he pressed a soft kiss to the corner of my mouth, his eyes fluttering closed as I slowly, oh so slowly, pushed into him. The feeling was immense and I dropped my head to rest on his shoulder, gasping and clenching my teeth as I used all of my strength not to lose control. He was so tight, so hot, and I moved so slowly it was almost painful. But I wouldn’t go any faster, it was my main priority that he be comfortable and get as much pleasure out of this as I was.
Time seemed to drag by and it felt like an eternity before I was buried deep inside him, but once I was the feeling of him tight around my erection was enough to bring me dangerously close to the edge and I paused, not just so he could adjust to me, but so that I could allow my pleasure to subside a little. We waited in each others arms for a long while, just savoring the amazing feeling of completeness we were both feeling and sharing sweet and gentle kisses. But after a while the need to go one was too immense and I drew back slowly, pausing for a moment before gently sliding back in. Frank tipped his head back and his lips parted as he gave an almost silent moan. I held his hips in my hands and slowly pulled back and pushed back in again. Repeating the action until I had built up a soft and steady rhythm slow enough to be special and drive us gently closer and closer to the edge. Frank moved his hands from beneath his body and gripped my fore arms as I used my own arms to keep his lower body up right so I had a good angle to move into him with. I looked down at him with glazed eyes and stared at how his skin seemed to shine from sweat, his flesh turning a flushed red colour from the heat of the moment, and the way his mouth was the perfect 'o' of pleasure. His head tipped back and whole body open for me to gaze out, to adore.
I stroked into him again and again,, shifting a little each time as I searched for that special spot I knew would drive him over the edge. I knew neither of us could last long, the moment was just too perfect, the feeling of being complete too great, and it would send us over into the abyss of an orgasm swiftly, but I also knew that this didn’t need to last long. It was perfect as it was and I didn’t try to hold on as I thrust gently into him. This was all about our love for each other and the need to be together, lust filled sex could come another night, for now it was all about connecting, and my heart felt as if it could burst from the love I felt for him.
"F - Frankie... Oooh... I love you..." I panted, tilting my head back as I moved my hips back and forth, touching something inside him that caused his body to arch upward beautifully.
"Oooh... Gerard...Oh God..." He panted, rocking his hips upward to meet every thrust into him, tiny whimpers escaping his mouth each time I stroked into that delicious spot deep inside him.
"D - Don’t stop..." He panted, his grip on my arms tightening as his muscles began contracting around my cock. I groaned huskily at the feeling and rocked into him a little harder though no faster, intent on keeping it slow until the very end. He was incredibly close and so was I, and each time I pressed that little bundle of nerves inside him he would moan, whine, cry out my name and buck his hips, arch his back, and just watching him go crazy was enough to bring that feeling of warmth building in my abdomen.
"Frankie - unnh... I'm so close... I'm so close..." I gasped, gripping his hips as I thrust into him, rocking my hips into him as the clenching of his muscles became more extreme.
"Agh... me too... oh God... Gerard... I'm gonna... I'm gonna... ooooooh!" His nails dug into my arm as he arched his back far off the bed, his face contorting with pleasure as he came hard all over his and my stomachs, his whole body convulsing as his muscles clenched so tightly around me it became impossible to move. The noises he was making and the feeling of his tight heat around my cock was my undoing and I moaned deeply as I came inside him, my body shaking and trembling as I rocked my hips against his ass, reaching round to take his erection and pump it slowly, milking our orgasms and causing my head to go light and dizzy from the force of the pleasure. I kept myself upright for as long as I could before collapsing onto him, releasing his hips and panting heavily as his arms wrapped softly around me.
We stayed locked in a loose embrace as we continued to tremble from the after math of our orgasms, and I could feel Franks chest rising and falling as he caught his breath back.
It was the most intense orgasm I had ever had, and I rolled to the side of him still feeling high from it. He curled up into my side and gave me a lopsided smile, his hair damp with sweat and our bodies sticking.
"Gerard..." He breathed. "That was amazing..." He gave a shy giggle and I chuckled, pressing a tired kiss to his forehead. I used the duvet to clean us up and removed the condom before pulling Frank closer to me, allowing him to nuzzle into my side. I knew now would be a good time to tell him I loved him, again, but it was one of those moments where nothing had to be said. We knew exactly what the other was feeling and words would only taint the moment. We were both exhausted and totally spent, so I decided we would just shower tomorrow. For now we simply held tight to each other as we closed our eyes and drifted into a dreamless sleep. We didn’t need the covers over us, our body temperatures still above average, and in that moment I knew I would never be able to let him go. The whole world could hate us and it wouldn’t matter, just so long as I had him in my arms.

A/N: All together now - aaaaaaaaaawwww.... :3
Well kids, that is THE longest sex scene I think I have ever written O. o I tried really hard on it and really tried to make sure it stayed romantic and in character instead of straying off the story line. I hope you guys enjoyed it, and because I just love your fantastic reviews so much - ya' know I would love to be blessed with some more ^_^
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