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I am Shock

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he explains to Bob, he listened...

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Then, Shock felt it again. The world started turning red for his eyes. His vision blurred and he can’t make sense of the sound the people inside the room was making. Then, he spoke the words he never knew he could say. Latin, Greek, whatever the language was, he never understood it. Then, nothingness…

He woke up slowly and painfully. I noticed that the back of his neck has a large scar that stretched into his back. “Are you alright?” I asked as he caught sight of me.
“Yeah, where am I?” he asked as he made sense of the bunk.
I ignored his question and proceeded with mine, “What happened? I mean, awhile ago?”
He touched his head and a look of bewilderment spread across his face. He didn’t answer me.
He did not dare answer his question for what Dave had said to keep it a secret meant to never reveal who he is. For that matter, a question swam in his mind: Where is Dave?
As if his cue, the ghost appeared beside Bob. “Where have you been?” asked Shock in which he regretted because Bob gave him a puzzled look. He realized that he could not see the ghost. “I mean, never mind,” he quickly said.
“Do you mind answering my question?” Bob asked again.
He looked at Dave who smiled and said, “Bob Bryar is a man who could understand almost anything in life. Put your explanation in the right words and never keep your eyes away from his, believe me, he’ll believe you.”
Shock nodded and proceeded with the story starting from the girl to the time he passed out. True to the ghost’s words, he believed him. He never even uttered a sound during the boy’s narration, thus he nodded to make him know he’s listening.
“Now, tell me. What happened according to your point of view?” asked Shock.
“Uhh, for me? The room started to feel cold, you spoke in a strange language and we shouted at you to stop whatever you’re doing, I’m not sure what happened next then you passed out, that’s all,” he answered.
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