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"Well, at least it can't get any worse!"

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Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru fight, the Inu-tachi show up, and Inuyasha gets un-blood-bound. Quite the busy chapter we have here, isn't it.

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An InuYasha Fanfic by Taberah Blanc

Warning: Yaoi, shounen-ai, incest, mpreg, strong language, blatant disregard of the events in the movies, manipulation of demonic past, historical involvement


Disclaimer by Tsuki-muse: Taberah Blanc and any of her various incarnations or muses do NOT, I repeat, do NOT own InuYasha or the idea of the Koorime. InuYasha is the property of one Rumiko Takahashi(boy am I glad, I have enough on my plate) and the idea of the Koorime(or the Ice Maidens, as they may be known) and the Forbidden Child we skived off of Niko-san(Sanjuno Shori Niko, specifically chapter 2(3 on FFNet) of her fic, Cry Wolf, which Taberah came across while beta-ing it. It's just a small mention, not at all important to the plot, but she got it from Yu Yu Hakusho, which is credited to Yoshihiro Togashi. Thanks, Ryuko!

Taberah: Which reminds me...Niko-san, if you want me to work on your giftfic, you better start putting up those beta-ed chapters. You'll probably have to bribe my muses too, they seem to extremely like this fic and are reluctant to give it up. Oh, a note:

Koorime - Ice Maidens
Yamini - Shadow demons, you'll see once you've read.
Forbidden Child - male child of the Koorime. Forbidden because the Ice Maidens are all female, they have incredible potential and are extremely rare, but are exposed on the mountaintop to die. Theories run that they are able to bear children because the Ice Maidens procreate with their own gender and because both parents are female.

Taberah, Tsuki-muse and Aviva-muse:in New York accent On wit da fic!(for real this time)


Inuyasha stood there for a few moments, gaping and shocked into silence. "Y-your mother?!" he managed to splutter when he had recovered enough to speak.

Sesshoumaru nodded once, a sharp down-and-up motion. "Yes, my mother. I was a Forbidden Child of the Queen. We are still related because Father cared for me when I was very young, so he "adopted" me, so to speak. His ki mixed with mine, which happens to all Koorime children and their caretakers."

Inuyasha stared for a few moments more, still in shock. He sat down again (he had leapt up in surprise) and composed himself. Sesshoumaru waited.

His brother cleared his throat. "What kind of abilities do you have, and from who?"

Sesshoumaru mentally ticked off one expected question. "The poison claws come from my Koorime blood. I got the light whip from Chichi-ue. I have other abilities, but the list is particularly boring. I will tell you as you discover them."

Inuyasha shrugged. "All right. Why the hell do you look like Tousan?"

Sesshoumaru ticked off another question. "I have told you already that his ki mixed with mine."

"Why do the Ice Maidens hate men?"

Sesshoumaru threw his head back and laughed. Inuyasha was startled; his laugh was unexpectedly warm and rich. He had heard it before. It was their father's laugh, he realized. "Inuyasha, aniki, I may be of Koorime blood, but I do not know all of their secrets. We have no genetic memory like the wolves. All that I know is rooted in legends and whispered secrets."

"Why do you have the inuyoukai senses?"

"Again, because the Inutaisho's ki mixed with mine."

Inuyasha was silent for a while, and Sesshoumaru supposed he had run out of questions. He snorted quietly to himself. Inuyasha never ran out of questions, he remembered that much.

"Why did you cast me out?" His voice was small, weak.

Sesshoumaru sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Because I was jealous. You were the true son of our father. You had a mother that loved you and didn't want to kill you at first sight."

Inuyasha leapt up. "Yes, but my mother died and you didn't care! You tried to kill me the next time you saw me! Did you believe I had gotten my just desserts? Huh?"

Sesshoumaru nodded, his expression once again frozen into the blank-faced mask. This only served to anger Inuyasha more, and things just went downhill from there.


It was three days later exactly when Inuyasha slunk into the tearoom, hoping to find his brother and make peace. He sat and waited for a few minutes before deciding Sesshoumaru wasn't going to come. Snorting, he got up and left.

Shortly thereafter, Sesshoumaru glided into the room. More patient than his brother, he sat for an hour before giving up.


The entire castle was walking around on eggshells. The lord's younger brother was angry, and the lord himself was, if possible, even angrier, which conclusion was drawn from the fact that he was showing signs of said emotion.

Mealtimes in the castle were downright scary. The tension was so thick, you could break a katana on it. All the servants scurried in and out as quickly as possible, and you could practically feel the bitter cold radiating from Sesshoumaru.

Any outside observer would have said things looked very bad and that they couldn't possibly get any worse. In fact, Kagome said later that it was very possible someone did, because as everyone knows, when someone says that it always got worse.


At this point in the story, it is necessary to note that while individually the members of the Inu-gumi had bad timing, as a group it was considerably worse. Given this information, it is not hard to figure out when, exactly, they showed up at Sesshoumaru's castle, whereupon they had to fight some of his guardians to get in. This was when Inuyasha came out and killed them all (the guardians, not the group). Anyway, to make a long story short, they ended up in Sesshoumaru's reception room discussing Inuyasha's Inheritance and the effects of it.

"Why don't you just leave, Inuyasha?" Kagome asked him worriedly.

Said youkai snorted. "I can't damn leave until he undoes the fucking enchantment. You think I want to go through life blood-bound?"

"Would you like me to take it off, little brother?"

All heads turned as Sesshoumaru slipped into the room. "Would you like me to allow your gifts to run rampant? To allow you to lose yourself? Yes? I concede. Give me your hand." Sesshoumaru ran his claw up the lifeline. His brother hissed, but allowed it. Then the taiyoukai withdrew Tokijin, and gracelessly tossed it, clenching his hand around the blade. He let the sword clatter to the ground, grasping Inuyasha's bloody hand with his own.

There was a flash of light, and Sesshoumaru turned away. "There. It is done. Now, you and your pathetic friends go, Inuyasha," here he sneered in contempt, "and leave me in peace."
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