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123 Returns

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Franks mom gets mad at Willy.

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Me and Willy were best brothers forever. People always laughed when we say that, but it's true.

"Frank, Willy is not your brother." My mom said.

"Fuck your bitchface." I screamed.

"1...2...3..." Willy screamed at her.

"Willy don't use that language near me."

"123." he screamed louder.

Recently we found out that 123 was the only words he could say.

"You upset him mom!" I yelled

"Frank he's black and you're white." my mom said.

"You fuckin racist goat." I screamed

"1..2..3..." Willy suddenly screamed.

I pushed Willy into the wall.

"123" He moaned while my mom joined us.

I started singing.

My black brother we do things together. like 123 and being happy.

(Willies solo)

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