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CAT CLANS feat. Panic at some disco, Fall Out Boy (or woman?), and The Used.

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There are four cat clans.

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There were five clans.

My Chemical Romance clan, Fall Out Boy clan, The Used clan, Wilson Pickett clan and Panic! At The Disco clan of cats!

They were known as the four clans and Willy Clan.

Panic! At The Disco clan made a suprising visit.

"Gerard there's a P at D clan cat outside!" Frank informed Gerard, the clan leader and Frank was the deputy. Mikey was a nursing cat, Ray was a training warrior, and Bob was a warrior. Bob was a very big orange cat.

"Gerard," Brendon, clan leader of Panic! At The Disco, greeted. He was with Ryan.

"Brendon and Ryan, hello," Gerard greeted. Suddenly Ryan stuck his ass in the air at Brendon.

"Sorry, Ryan is in heat," Brendon excused.

"That's okay, Frank was in heat last week," Gerard said.

"Excuse me," Brendon said as Ryan kept his ass nicely presented in the air at Brendon. He approached Ryan while Gerard and Frank witnessed two cats making love, turning both the MCR Clan cats on. Suddenly Frank, who was getting over his 'in heat', and Gerard got frisky and even ore suddenly The Used clan came running in, ready for attack. They were planning an ambush!

Suddenly all The Used cats got really turned on and they all started having sex while Mikey came in and had sex, too, with ray. Bob came out and felt left out as even Wilson had found a tree to make love to.


I got the money, if you got the nip.
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