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Chapter 14

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That night I decided to spend the night at Tara’s house, just to surprise Gerard in the morning, and to get help styling my hair. I could really feel myself changing and it felt good.
The loud buzzing of the alarm woke me in the morning. It was 5:30 A.M. I hade never been up this early, ever in my life! I plugged my ears trying to block the sound, but it didn’t work, I got up and rubbed my head. I had really loved what they did to my hair, instead of a deep black I was now a golden brown, my hideous eye brows had been taken care of, and my hair was shorter. Tara turned on the light and was running around.
“morning sleepy head” she said
“morning” I mumbled back
“uh if you want you can just grab some clothes and throw ‘em on. My curling irons on if you wanna use it” she said running into the bath room. I did as she said, grabbing a light gray shirt, and a pair of jeans. I was nervous as I picked up the curling iron, I had never used one before. I held it up to my hair, flinched and put it back down, I didn’t want to risk anything.
Tara got out of the shower, we did our make up, and we were off. When we got to school every one was staring at me, and not the bad kind of staring. I told Tara I would see her later and headed for the back entrance. Gerard was sitting on the step, he looked pretty out of it.
“hey” I said startling him a little
“hey” he said still not turning around, so I sat down next to him.
“what are you thinking about”
“nothing” he turned to me and his eyes widened and his jaw dropped “uhh I…I…”
“you look…uh…very pretty today”
“thank you” I said smiling and he just sat there with a dumb look on his face “what?” I asked
“nothing, you just seem…different today”
“is that a bad thing” I questioned getting a little offended
“no, of course not, I’m sorry, you look beautiful” he said kissing me on the forehead. I smiled and grabbed his hand.
We just sat there for a while, it was actually pretty cold, I could see my breath. The first bell rang we grabbed our stuff and walked hand in hand to study hall. We sat with Frank and Ray, and they gave us a funny kind of look. It was silent for the longest time, ontill finally Frankie broke it.
“what the hell happened to you” he asked me and Gerard shot him a look “im serious, you’ve like morphed”
“Frank shut up, she looks fine” Gerard growled at him
“of course she looks fine, she just looks like…like…I don’t know how to put it” Ray stammered
“she fucking looks like one of them” frank yelled
“shut up Frank, its not like she’s changed on the inside” Gerard hissed at him
“what ever” he rolled his eyes, crossed his arms, and huffed loudly
“so are you guys still going to the dance together?” Ray asked trying to shut out the awkward feeling.
“uh yeah why wouldn’t we?” I snapped, I had had enough
“I uh don’t know…” I cut him off
“do you think that just because I look like one of them I’m gonna turn into one of them…hmm…” he looked so blasted away, but I was so angry I couldn’t help myself to continue “yeah that’s it, because I’ve made a change I want to be one of them, but golly the only way I can do that is if I dump Gerard, oh but its worth it, NO I would NEVER fucking do that, it’s nice to know what people think about me” I said standing up grabbing my bag, and I left.


“Frank what the fuck was that about?” Gerard yelled at him
“Dude, you know what it was about. She’s not going to be the same, shes turning into a fucking stuck up bitch with a giant stick up her ass”
“She hasn’t changed, and she’s not going to!”
“This is just going to blow up in your face, she’s going to hurt you!”
“No she wont, she’s still the same old Jackie, the one person I LOVE!”
“I just want to let you know that I wont say I told you so”


“Jackie” Gerard called to me
“hey” I said giving him a hug
“what’s wrong” he asked tipping my chin up so I could look him in the eyes
“nothing” I looked away
“listen, don’t believe what those jack ass’s say, they don’t know anything”
“Gerard its not that”
“then what is it?”
“I am changing, and I like it, but at the same time I’m confused, I mean I don’t feel welcome anymore around our friends because of the way I look, and I don’t feel welcome around them because of the way I act, Gerard I don’t belong anywhere anymore” tears brimmed my eye lids
“Jack’s it doesn’t matter, as long as we have each other” I still couldn’t look at him
“it matters to me” I sighed “look I’ll meet you at the dance, I’m going to Tara’s to get ready”
“Jackie, just remember what I said, okay?” he pleaded
“I have some thinking to do” I said and walked away
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