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The World Has It's Shine, But I Would Drop It On A Dime For You

by reversethiscurse 6 Reviews

Brendon's/Ryn's POV.

Category: Panic! At The Disco - Rating: R - Genres: Drama,Fantasy,Romance - Characters:  - Published: 2009/06/20 - Updated: 2009/06/20 - 1940 words


  • I Wanna Be The Fucking Savior

    (#) CaroBECKETT 2009-06-20 05:07:25 PM

    I wanna leave a long review but I can't cause I got like really long nails and its hard

    This was great.
    Very fluffy :)

    I can't wait for more.
  • I Wanna Be The Fucking Savior

    (#) let_it_go 2009-06-20 06:59:46 PM

    I swear, Jon was almost as bad as some of the kids here, what with the way he talked and his passion for a good gossip. He was so obviously gay, it was funny.

    AHAHA. so good. i love it.

    and i love this chapter, it was pretty sweet, and amazing, and adorable... -sigh- so cute.

    and on the note of needing a discripton...
    i'm going to post it here, since i'm not able to be on for much longer... ech.

    Name: Harper. As we all know.
    Appearance: i'm five five, and i LIKE my height. probably because if i was as skinny as i am, and taller... i'd probably be considered anorexic. I've got BLONDE hair now, it goes down just past my shoulder blades, and it has caramel, and honey highlights in it. [i'm keeping it like this for a while, i've decided] my hair tends to have a personality of its own, because it's wavy, and likes to be all ridiculous some times. majority of the time, it's wavy, and i straighten my bangs, and make them all nice, and flippy off to my left. My eyes, as we all know, are two colors. Granted, both are blue, but my left eye is greenish. And I tend to wear black mascara, and a hint of liner on my top lid, and a hint in the outer corner of my eyes to make them look bigger. =] I'm pretty pale, as my friend Casey likes to repeat to me. I pretty much don't tan, so I'm kinda a glowstick in bright sun. ha. i HATE fake baking... thanks to my fambly history of 'melanoma' moles... i'm not stupid. xD For dress? I suppose i wear what everyone else wears... skinny jeans, v-neck tees... erm. i do like my shorts though, now that its summer. weee. i have a love for bright colored clothing, like my awesome yellow shorts... and stuff. shoes, i've got my flats, in zebra print, and with ducks... and then i have my low top converse... =] sunglasses, are always white wayfarers. ohhh yes. and so choo know, i took out my septum... xD
    Personality: FUN! VIVACIOUS! BLUNT! RIDICULOUSLY ADD! Ha, no. I'm pretty... interesting, I suppose. I have amultitude of characteristics that make up my personality, and most of them insist upon my sarcasm. ( i'm wicked sarcastic. haha) that, and my love for being in a happy mood... and joking around. i like to have FUN, and in serious situations, i will be serious, cause i can be... i can actually be a bitch at times... i do have a temper on occasion... as you might have read in my story? lollls.

    -stoled from caro's audition... xD-

    and not that note... i'm going to go to bed, because i have to be up uuber early tomorrow... xD laterrrr. and loooove the update. =]
  • I Wanna Be The Fucking Savior

    (#) ixamxnotxaxnugget 2009-06-21 09:31:00 AM

    Very cute. :)

    I wuvedi it, and I laughed pretty loud reading that Brendon needed to apply spf 10,200 (I think) with not even being a redhead. :P

    Jon and Spence gay is always hilarious and adorable too.

    Ahhh loved it. :)
    Update soon.
  • I Wanna Be The Fucking Savior

    (#) frankismyhomefry 2009-06-21 01:33:52 PM

    i couldve so used spf 10,200 yesterday. im like burnt to a crisp right now. amazing chapter as the rest have been. cant wait for more!
  • I Wanna Be The Fucking Savior

    (#) webba141 2009-06-23 11:15:16 PM

    just wanted to pop in and say

    awesome story! :)
    yay, please update soon.

  • I Wanna Be The Fucking Savior

    (#) MyChemicalFangirl 2009-07-01 10:12:45 AM

    Loved iitt! ;D

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