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Chapter 9

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a/n:okay before i start i want to apolgize for not writing earlier,it's just i'm so confused in life right now.Heck I'm still surprised that after all i went through these past few months,that i'm still alive,...well anyways i hope you guys are still interested in my story,and please do so review so i can know that someone out there is still interest in this. I would highly apperiate it:) [ps] this chapter is only going to be about gerard since this is what i've so far,have written :)
I was forced into going into this phonny doctor 'i need to see' ,honestly I don't know about nothing anymore.
My mother waited outside in the waiting room ,as i entered the doctor's office. It was a woman in her late 50's,page boy blonde hair,bog round glasses that cover her hazel eyes.
'Take a seat Mr.way," the woman finally spoke.
I sat,as I was told.
'So Mr. Way you think your gay? ",she asked as she stared and me with a stern look.
'Well...i guess ," I answered nervous, I have no idea why i said that.
'You guess?, what do you mean you guess,?
"Well I'm pretty sure,I'm inlove with my best friend,....we're even going out,and even before that i imagened boys....ways that 'proper boys' don't even think of boys like this"
I looked down,ashamed.
"well,have you been with any girls?"
"Yes I have a few."
"I mean have had sexual intercourse with."
"ah,okay is see' she kept writing down what i said in this small notebook pad she had in her lap,she kept a stern face as she wrote as while.
"Well I think your soulotion is to ....keep away from that friend of yours,and go out with girls and experiment,"
"but no!, why i'am gonna stay away from him!"
"don't you want to get better"
For a moment there i kept quite,and remember how our family used to be so closed together,with no fighting...well y'know now and then like any normal person...but ever since i came out to them espeacilly my mother she has looked at me in this disgusted way...Mikey is the only one who understands me.
'yes' I answered unsure of my answer,if i wanted to get my family back together than i'm gonna be strong and do this....
a/n:sorry for shortness but this is only what i came up with,please bare with me.
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