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Maddi's POV. Title has nothing to do with the story, just going through a phase with that song... Pretty much a filler chapter until the end. The end is good. :3

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Maddi’s Point Of View.

A Few Weeks Later:

I sat at my usual spot at the lunch table, one arm around Ryan’s skinnier-than-mine waist, the other hand texting away at my phone. As I sent my text, I wondered which arm to let go with so I could eat my hugemungeous Babe Ruth bar, since both things I was holding were precious to me. Finally I decided to slip my phone into the front pocket of my blue-grey Clandestine hoodie. But as I reached for the chocolate, a tanned hand reached down from behind my and plucked it up first. I looked behind me to see Paige standing next to Kyle, a smirk on her face, munching happily away at my lunch.

“Paige! You’re back,” I smiled. I got up and pulled her into a hug.

See, Paige and her boyfriend Kyle had gotten suspended for the first few weeks of school, because Paige had taken over the morning announcements on the last day of school, which were broadcast by television, and blasted Bring Me The Horizon to a video of Kyle drumming topless. (which, if you haven’t seen video of Kyle drumming topless, it’s pretty damn epic.) I thought it was hilarious, but apparently that wasn’t school appropriate.

“Yush,” she smiled, hugging me back. “Unfortunately.”
“Meh, you know me missed me like a motherfucker.”
“Yeah, I know.” She pulled out of the embrace, handing me my chocolate back, half devoured.
“Gee, thanks,” I said sarcastically, rolling my eyes.
“Very welcome,” she smirked. “So, what all did I miss?”

“Well, that’s Ryn. Brendon’s new girlfriend,” I said, pointing to the happy couple. Ryn had her head resting on Brendon’s shoulder, looking up into his eyes, smiling. As we watched Brendon leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips.

“AHHHH! MINE EYES!” She screamed theatrically, running to Kyle and burying her face into his chest.

“Don’t be such a drama queen Paige,” Caro said, rolling her eyes.

Paige backed out of Kyle’s hug, sending her a glare that would explode your head if directed at you for too long. “What did you say, /Carolyn/?” she asked menacingly, putting emphasis on Caro’s full name.

“I said, don’t be such a drama queen.”
“Ohh, don’t even go there sister.”
“Oh I will go there. Don’t even try me.”

“YOU WANNA GO?! YOU WANNA GO, SON?!” Paige screamed at her.
“YES YOU DO! YOU DO SO WANNA GO!” Paige screamed again, a fist flying forwards and connecting pitifully with Caro’s cheek.

“Bitch fight!” I yelled, backing up. Caro stood and walked over to Paige, pushing her back a few feet. Paige retaliated with another push. Caro whipped a foot up and to the side, connecting solidly with Paige’s stomach. By now, a pretty good side crowd had gathered around them, chanting ‘fight! Fight! Fight!’ Me being one of them. Paige growled and tackled Caro to the tile floor, grabbing fistfuls of her blue-black hair.

“Let go, you whore!” Caro shouted, grabbing fistfuls of Paige’s dark brown hair and pulling on it as well.
“BITCH PLEASE! I’LL SHOOT YOU IN THE FACE!” Paige started to shake her, but Caro rolled so that she had Paige pinned to the floor.

It went on like that for a good half hour or so before Paige started inflicting real damage to Caro, her black-blue hair spread in bits and pieces on the floor, and a good sized bruise on her cheek, her nose bleeding. Paige was basically unharmed, except for a gash on her lip where it had been bashed into her braces. Kyle appeared behind Paige and lifted her off Caro. Paige clamped onto Kyle and started fake crying. “Kyle did you see what that mean nasty girl did to me? I’m bleeding.” She sniffled for effect, sticking her bottom lip out to display the “wound”.

“Aww, poor Paigie,” Kyle crooned in mock sympathy. He carried her off through the masses of kids hoping for another fight.

At the same time, William picked Caro up, sitting down at the table and setting her on his lap. I don’t know how he did it, there couldn’t have been any muscle on his frame, since he was pretty much skin and bones. She wound her arms around his waist and pressed her face into his chest, and he hugged her back.

“Breathe,” he commanded, seeing as she was basically hyperventilating.

“I… am… breathing.” She managed.

“Caro, I hate to interrupt yours and Billium’s oh-so-tender hug, but your nose is bleeding all over his shirt, which is not attractive, I believe,” Natalie pointed out.

Caro pulled back, and to her dismay, Natalie was right, and crimson blood now decorated the front of William’s shirt. She sighed, “Meh, I’m sorry hun.”

“Don’t worry about it,” he smiled, pulling up the hem of his shirt to clamp it around Caro’s nose.

I sat down at the table next to Ryan again, leaning against him. “She is exhausting.” I whined.
“She should be lucky that she has a friend that can put up with her antics.” Ryan responded, draping an arm around my shoulders. I kissed his cheek and put my arms around his waist.

“I think Paige needs some Ritalin,” Chelsea commented.

“She used to take it, but then it turned her into a vegetable. It was actually really funny, because she really wanted to start weed, but the Ritalin made her too lazy to actually start. She just ended up sitting in her room sniffing Sharpies,” I laughed, remembering.

“Still. It keeps her from randomly attacking people for no reason.”

“Not really, she just attacks you more lazily. She doesn’t really have the willpower to do anything when she’s on Ritalin. I’d rather have screaming violent crazy Paige than apathetic quiet lazy ass Paige.”

“I’d rather there was no Paige. The whore,” Caro chimed in, speaking rather nasally since William was still attempting to stop her bloody nose.
“Oh shut up. You know you love her.”
“Yeah, I do, but she’s still a whore. Meh.”
“If you say so,” I sighed.

After a few minutes, Paige came back and sat on the other side of me, Kyle sat next to her.
“I hate people,” she told me, as she often did.
“Sure you do, Paige. Sure you do.” I rolled my eyes.
“I do! You don’t even know. There are not words.”
“Okay Paige. Just, okay.”

“Oh, so have you guys seen the new chick yet?” William asked. “Demi, something.”

“Ah, I know who you’re talking about,” I said. “Demi Lovato. She’s a whore.”

“I thought she seemed really nice,” William said.
“Nope,” I disagreed. “Total whore.”

“I agree with Maddi,” Natalie cut in. “She just got here today, and already has all the guys swooning over her and her oversized smile. If that doesn’t scream whore, I don’t know what does.”

“But I already talked to her, and she was really nice. I was gonna ask her to sit with us at lunch.”

“NO!” Everyone screamed at him.

“Meh, you guys are bitches.”
“Not really hun, we just don’t want a whore sitting with us at lunch. Although, there already is a whore sitting with us.” Caro glared at Paige.
“Oh, shut your face,” she responded.

“Anyway,” William cut in, “I noticed that like, every guy she’s “friends” with is just cause they think she’s hot.”

“Which she’s not,” Gabe pointed out.

“Shut up Gabriel. So if she can’t sit here, then I was thinking about going to sit with her, cause she needs a friend that doesn’t look at her like just another piece of ass.”

“No, you are staying here and sitting with me. I won’t have you hanging around such a whore,” Caro demanded.

“You can’t tell me who I can and can’t hang out with Carolyn,” William snapped.

“Meh, fine then. Go sit with the whore,” Caro pouted, pulling his fingers away from her still-bleeding nose. She crossed her arms.

“Okay, I will.” William slid out from under her, standing up and walking across the lunch room.

“Ooohhh, disssssss.” Paige said with a grin.

“Shut up Paige.”
“Make me, Carolyn.”

“Okay, come on, let’s not get in another fight. Paige, just text or something. Caro, get into a heated discussion with Natalie about something that doesn’t really matter,” Ryan directed.

Then there was no need for either of them to do anything, because the bell rang, and everyone mumbled byes and kind of scattered. I sighed and walked off with Ryan, but not before I saw something bad.

Back at the table, Ryn and Brendon were saying their goodbyes. Ryn leaned up and hugged him, and something in Brendon seemed to snap. The brown of his eyes disappeared, revealing crimson red. I could see his mouth fall open, two sharp white fangs extending from his teeth. He was bent over Ryn’s neck, poised for the kill. I let go of Ryan, running back towards the table.

“Brendon don’t!”

But it was too late. Brendon leaned down and sank his teeth into her throat.


Yeah, this was pretty much filler, until the cliffie at the end ^_^ muahahahahahahahahahhhaaaa.
Yeah. So.
let_it_go: i'll insert you in the story, you just weren't in this one. don't be worryful. ^^

Once again, sorry that the story doesn't center on every single person a whole lot, i promise there will be more with all of you later. Okay? ^^

xo Maddi.
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