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That's gonna leave a mark

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“Who the hell are you?” I asked. “Wouldn’t you like to know.” His voice was getting to me.

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“I think I need to tell you s-something.” I chocked. Should I tell him or not?! Dammit! I need an answer. We’ve only known each other for a few weeks now and I still thinks it’s too early.
“Yeah?” He placed a hand over mine and I looked down at our hands and gulped.
“I can’t wait. I’m sure we’ll work something out on the not eating thing.” I acted as best as I could. And he bought it!
“Great! How about I come and get you at seven thirty and we can go from here?” He asked, slowly rubbing my hand with his thumb.
“Yeah.” I smiled.
“Cool. I am going to go and see you at seven thirty.” He got up and left. I just sighed and laid back on the couch. I need to shower.
After showering I decided I should wear something casual. I just slipped on a tight pair of black skinny jeans, a skin tight long sleeve with black and white stripes and put on my checkered Off The Wall Vans slip-on’s. Once dressed I made my way to the bathroom again to do my make up. Just some heavy black eyeliner. I brushed my short dark brown hair and made a last inspection on myself. Now zipping up my Avenged Sevenfold sweater someone knocked. Already knowing it was Michael I grabbed my iPod and my cell phone. I opened the door and smiled. Michael was wearing tight denim skinny jeans and a Black Flag band tee. “Well, you look nice.” He complimented me as I stepped out of my apartment and locked the door before walking down the steps.
“Thanks. I want to impress your wife.” I smirked. He just giggled as I followed him to the cab that was waiting for us.
“So,” Michael spoke once we were in the car, “I did some thinking about you not eating and switched our plans around a little bit. We are actually going to a roller rink.” He smiled. I just stared in confusion. He glanced at me weirdly.
“What the hell is a roller rink?” I asked in confusion. Because I really had no clue what the fuck it was.
“You don’t know what a roller rink is?” He asked in disbelief, his eyes wide.
“Well, I don’t really go out much.” I admitted a little embarrassed.
“It’s a place where you go and skate.” He said like it was so obvious.
“I thought those were called skate parks?” I asked still utterly confused.
“You don’t skateboard, you roller skate. You know, those shoes that have wheels at the bottom?” He laughed.
“Don’t laugh at me! I’m sorry. I just never been to a roller rink.” I smiled shyly.
“Well, there’s a first for everything.” He said getting out of the cab and running over to open my door and paying the driver. “C’mon.” I gestured for me to follow. I did and he led me to a table inside. There were people skating all around. There was an oval rink in the center of the place. “Alicia is over here.” I heard Michael call out, breaking me from my thoughts.
“Sorry.” I kept following him till Alicia came into view. “Hi, I’m sorry about last time.” I shook Alicia’s hand and smiled.
“It’s okay. It was my fault as well, not just yours.” It was all yours. God, not again. I’m reading minds and it’s going to give me headache. This bitch better stay a good distance from my Mikey. I really didn’t want to here this the whole time I was here. I knew she was going to act again, I think she’s just jealous her husband wants to spent time with me than her. I’ve seen her type and if her act is blown then the marriage has a high possibility of ending. No guy wants some bitch. I think I should know in my own experience.
“So, why don’t we sit? Phoenix, have you ever skated? Besides skateboarding.” Michael asked.
“No,” I looked down, embarrassed.
“Are you shittin’ me right now?” He asked in disbelief. I just shook my head still looking down. “Well, let’s go get you some skates and teach you. This will be fun.” He smiled. He jus got up and headed to get my skates. I just waited there with his wife. I could gear every fucking thing she thought it was unhealthy. And let me tell you, she didn’t have a holy mouth there. “Here are your guys’ skates.” He handed me shoes with four wheels at the bottom in a rectangle. “Need help putting them on?” Michael laughed.
“I don’t know. Don’t you just put them on like regular shoes?” I asked as I inspected the weird shoes. He nodded. “Okay.” I shrugged and slipped them on. They had no padding at the bottom and I could feel where they stapled the shoe in place. “I don’t know about this, Michael. I don’t know how to skate like this.” I stood up and looked down at the skates.
“I’ll teach you. It’s not hard.” He simply smiled.
“Easy for you to say, you know how.” I sighed glancing up at him and then averting my eyes back to the skates. “They feel weird.” I whined. “I really don’t want to do this.” I pouted. This was going to be hard.
“C’mon, let’s get to the rink so I can show. The sooner I show you how the sooner we can have fun.” I glanced at Alicia. She looked pissed. She just sat there, arms folded across her big chest, sending me a death glare I knew well. “Follow me, dude.” Michael smacked my arm. I just nodded and moved my foot a bit letting the wheels roll underneath. But they rolled too fast I lost my balance and landed flat on my back. “Shit! Are you okay?” Michael laughed, standing over me looking down.
“That fucking hurt.” I took his extended hand and he helped me up. “I can’t do this.” I said once up on my feet. Michael just grabbed my rubber bracelet and snapped in on my hand. “Fuck! What was that for?” I asked rubbing my hand where the rubber hit my flesh.
“Every time you say, ‘I can’t’ then I’ll snap your bracelet. Got it?” He smiled. I just nodded and kept rubbing my hand.
“That’s gonna leave a mark.” I muttered.
“C’mon, let’s get this over with.” Michael said, skating behind me and taking my hand. “Just move your feet one by one. Like walking, but rolling instead.” He started as I watched his feet and mimicked them Before I knew it I was roller skating. And it was fun. He left me to get his wife out on the rink and we could skate together. Soon, we were all skating to Green Day’s Boulevard of Broken Dreams. “I’ll be right back. I have to piss.” Michael left me and his wife alone to skate around the rink.
We didn’t say a word to one another. I knew she didn’t want to talk to me. I knew what she thought and she didn’t really like me. We were skating along side each other when some douche bag tries a move and collides with Alicia. He completely rammed her into the cement wall. “Shit!” I skated over to where she lay on the floor. “Are you okay? Can you move?” I asked in panic.
“I’m fine, I can’t move me leg though.” She sat up against the wall. I nodded and started inspecting her leg. Pinching from the top of her thigh to the knee. I started form the knee and went down. I squeezed the mid section of her leg and she whimpered. “There?” I asked looking up at her as I waited for her to nod. She nodded and I kept squeezing. She just whimpered and grunted as I tried to find any sign of it being broken. Finally, I felt the back of the leg where she screamed out in pain. I felt around and felt the bone sticking from it’s place. I rolled up her pants and looked at the back. No penetration of the skin, and there was no blood. But she needed to get to the hospital. “You need to get to the hospital.” I kept inspecting her leg. She just nodded and sighed.
“I’m sorry. I was a bitch to you. You’re actually really nice.” She half smiled.
“It’s okay. I know you’re position. And I would never put anyone through that. I had my heart broken far too many times to count, I don’t want any woman going through the same shit. I don’t love anymore.” I tried to hold back my tears. My eyes stung and a lump grew in my throat.
“I’m sorry. I just don’t want to loose Michael. He’s all I have.” She smiled. I nodded. But I wanted him too. He’s all I had as well.
“Michael is all I have too. He’s really nice. You’re lucky to have him. He’s just helping me heal that’s all. All my family is long gone. Buried six feet under.” I let a tear slip.
“Alicia!” I heard Michael call. I turned around and found him skating to us. “Are you okay, babe? What happened?” He sat kneeled next to me.
“I’m fine.” She smiled at her husband.
“She needs medical attention. She broke her leg.” I informed Michael. He just nodded and lifted Alicia bridal style.
We headed to the exit after returning our skates and putting out shoes on. I held the door open as Michael carried his wife to their car. I just started home, walking. “Where are you going?” I heard Michael ask.
“Home. I have work tomorrow. Thanks for the fun.” I smiled and just walked back to the house with my iPod full blast to Chasing Cars-Snow Patrol. Once I got home I unlocked the door and flopped down onto the couch. I was tired and wanted sleep. I was on the verge of blissful darkness till my phone rang. Damned thing. I pulled it from my hoddie and answered it without checking the caller id. “Hello?” I groaned.
“Hey, thanks.” It was Alicia.
“No problem.” I suddenly felt less sleepy now. An awkward silence filled the conversation till I said.
“I gotta go. I have work tomorrow. See ya.” I didn’t mean to be rude, but the silence was getting to me.
“Yeah, sorry. Bye.” She disconnected as did I. Now I had time to sleep for tomorrow.

I woke at five and was ready by six. I grabbed my bag and headed to work. Every time I head to work I remember Michael and the day we first met. But questions were swirling in my mind. Why did he help me? What if he was some sort of stalker or murderer and I trusted him? Why I did I don’t know. He just seemed harmless. I was at the entrance before I knew it. Entering I felt good to be back and keeping busy. “Phoenix, you have an interview with a band at twelve, then you have,” Irene scanned the notes in front of her on her clipboard. Irene was my assistant.. She planned everything and handled everything. I use to be in her place, and it sucked. That’s why I take some home with me. Just to lighten her load and not go crazy and stressed with work. I take it easy on her. “Meeting with Phil. No wait, those are my plans.” She said. I just laughed.
“Irene, just put the notes on my desk and I’ll go through them. You’re not my slave and not my husband so you don’t have to be with me every waking moment. Go and have fun. Play computer games. Don’t over work yourself.” I giggled.
“Okay.” Irene gave me the notes and left back to her cubicle. I just shook my head and laughed. She always worked too hard. She needed to let loose and have fun. She was barley twenty and was already letting a job take over her life. I should take her out and have fun.
The interview was fucking great! I interviewed Green Day. One of my favorite bands in the whole world. They even gave me their numbers and told me to stay in touch. Just as long as I promised on my mother’s grave I wouldn’t give them out like balloons. I wouldn’t do that to anyone. It’s so not cool, even for cool people it’s not cool.
After work I headed to the store to get some more meat. I had just ran out this morning. With my iPod on to Funny Little Feeling by the Rock ‘N’ Roll Soldiers I didn’t hear anything or anyone. I just kept to myself, but couldn’t shake the feeling I was being watched. I just thought it was another stalker among the rest in New York. I could smell them and they weren’t at all familiar. I just bought whatever and headed back to the apartment. But the feeling didn’t go away. I tried to ignore it the best I could, but this was nothing I should ignore. And I knew it, but it was just some stalker wanting something I wouldn’t give them.
As I walked I was walking by a dark alley way. Even in the partly cloudy weather it looked dark and sinister. It definitely rushed a chill up my spine. And whatever was in there was drawing me in. I removed one of the ear phones from my ear and listened intently. I stared into the darkness and the mist there, looking for any sing of life or anything moving. I took a step forward into the alley and felt a hand grip my throat. Taking me in the shade I found myself being shoved to the wall. Lifted from the grimy street floor I saw red glowing eyes. If this punk was trying to scare me it wasn’t working. I didn’t even shake. I just laughed out loud at this punk’s tricks. I saw the eyes tilt to the side in wonder. “You’re not scary, dude.” Nice try.” I patted the hand gripping my throat. I’m really already dead, so I don’t need oxygen.
“You should be.” A hoarse voice came form the shadows. I just nodded and smiled. God, could this dick be anymore cheezy.
“Hey, can you let go so I can put my iPod away. I don’t want to break it. It was very expensive and I would hate to see it ruined.” I smiled. The eyes shook back and forth as to say no. “Please. Music is very important to me, and I hate to have it taken from me.” In one swift movement the thing released me and tore my iPod from me. I heard it break into pieces as it hit against a wall somewhere. “Dude, so not cool I -” I was cut off by the hand at my throat again. “I’m gonna need to buy a new one. You know how much that cost?” I complained. This hot head wasn’t going to get away with this. I made a swift kick to the thing that held me against my will. Once the hand was removed I ran to the light up ahead. But felt someone pull me back. I struggled against the death grip on my shoulder.
I felt nails dig into my shoulder and rip at my flesh. I screamed, even though the wound would heal fast it still hurt like a bitch. “Who are you?” I asked through my pain.
“You don’t need to know. All you need to know is I’m the enemy.” The guy hissed in my ear. He twisted my arm behind my back. I heard it crack then a deep voice boom.
“Let her go!” I looked back from where the voice had come from. The guy immediately let go and I stood up. My eyes finally adjusted to the darkness. I haven’t used my night vision in a while. There, a yard in front of me, stood a slender man. Wearing a dark trench coat, his blonde hair hung over his eyes. He kept his head down as he walked towards me. “What is your name, sugar?” He asked.
“Why the fuck do you want my name?” I spat as I felt me arm heal rapidly.
“Oh, I hate to see such a pretty mouth go to waste with foul language.” He snickered. There was something about this dude that sent red flags flying in the air. “I just want to know. No need to get angry.” He hushed as he stopped in front of me, inches away. I could feel his hot breath on my face. “I hope I don’t scare you. This look is just for looks.” He said plainly.
“Who the hell are you?” I asked.
“Wouldn’t you like to know.” His voice was getting to me. I knew I heard it from somewhere but just couldn’t place it. “It’s time.” I heard him say. More to the other than to me. And in an instant the darkness was gone and light was replaced to the alley. I stood there, confused. What the fuck just happened?
I finally got home and safely prepared dinner for a night alone. Now after dinner I sat and watched T.V. when there was a knock at my door. I got up and answered it. As I opened the door there stood the same man in the alley.

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