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Sakura's life is turned upside down when she and Syaoran are hit by a car. She survives, but Syaoran is dead. In her grief, a new enemy appears...and offers her a life-altering choice. Read to find...

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Sea Glass: The Broken Memories

Author’s Note: Here it is! Chapter two! Those of you with death complexes may want to get out your box of tissues…you’ll notice that there’s a lot of dialogue in this chapter…sorries. xD That’s the way it is.

Disclaimer: I OWN NOTHING. (Except the plot.)

Chapter Two: Shattered


“Huh…whaaa??” Sakura thought.

Daring to open her eyes a crack, she found herself staring a blank expanse of white. Her gaze traveled downward to reveal a starched white bedspread, and a window overlooking the park. She was in the hospital.

Investigating a stinging sensation in her hand, she found an I.V. attached to her arm, leading to a bag of clear liquid. She also had a nasal tube, and her right arm was encased in a cast. Several patches of skin were covered by white bandages. Suddenly, a loud voice from the hallway jolted her back to reality.

“She’s awake!” the voice said, and suddenly her room was filled with a rush of people. Toya, Yukito, her father, Tomoyo, and Tomoyo’s mother surrounded her bed, chattering excitedly. She entirely missed the fact that Syaoran wasn’t there. Toya addressed her first.

“Hey, monster,” he said. “How’re you feeling?”

“I’m NOT a monster,” she said, with as much force as she could muster, causing everyone to laugh. “But I’m feeling okay. What happened, anyways?”

They all exchanged glances, but her father was the one who spoke.

“You were hit by a car walking home from school. Despite the fact that you only had a broken arm, a slight concussion, and numerous scrapes and bruises, you’ve been unconscious for a week.”

Sakura nodded. A nagging thought kept nudging the back of her mind, but she banished it for now. Suddenly, she noticed Tomoyo. The girl was pointing to her bag, then miming stuffing her mouth with food. Sakura got the message. Kero-chan was in Tomoyo’s bag.

“Dad, why don’t you, Toya, and Sonomi-san go down to the cafeteria,” she said. “I need to talk to Tomoyo and Yukito-san.”

She knew that leaving her father with Tomoyo’s mother was a bad idea, but at least Toya could act as mediator. Besides, she was sure Kero-chan and Yue wanted to talk to her. Toya knew about Yue, and so did Yukito, but she wasn’t about to reveal Kero-chan to her brother yet.

The adults nodded their assent, and headed out. The second she was sure they were gone, she said to Yukito,

“Yukito-san, would you mind letting your other self out for a bit?”

“Sure, Sakura-chan,” he replied, and Tomoyo stepped back as wings opened on his back. Within moments, Yue was standing there, folding his wings in.

“Kero-chan, you can come out now,” Tomoyo said. Kero’s head popped out of the bag, gasping melodramatically.

“Honestly, Tomoyo,” he said. “Were you trying to kill me? I could have suffocated!”

Suddenly, he caught sight of the large basket of candy sitting on Sakura’s window sill.

“SWEETS!” he shrieked, and rushed over to stuff his mouth.

“Kero-chan!” Sakura rebuked him. “Save some for the girl who’s actually in the hospital!”

“Oh yeah,” he mumbled. “Sorry.” It seemed as though he had just remembered the reason he was here, for he suddenly shouted,

“SAKURA!!” and launched himself at her, tumbling to a stop in her lap. “How you doing, kid?” he asked, grinning lopsidedly.

“I’m fine,” she said. “Have you been okay with food in the week that I was gone?”

“Yup!” he said cheerfully. “I just snuck downstairs every night and helped myself to some stuff from the fridge. Your dad and your bro couldn’t figure out what was happening to it…”

Sakura giggled, imagining her brother’s perplexed expression. She turned to Yue, who has been unsurprisingly quiet this whole time.

“Yue,” she stated, in a serious tone.

“Yes, mistress?” he replied.

“Must you be the strong and silent type all the time?” she asked, giggling again. “I’m just kidding, how are you?”

“Fine,” he replied stiffly. Then his expression softened. “The better question is, how are you, Sakura?”

“I’m just fine,” she replied. “No need to be so formal, Yue-san. We all know that you’re just a big softie underneath the stoic exterior. If you weren’t, Yukito-san wouldn’t be Yukito-san.”

Yue harrumphed a little, while Kero-chan rolled around her lap, laughing hysterically.

Sakura turned to Tomoyo, who had been videotaping the whole scene with her camera.

“Tomoyo-chan,” she said. “Do you videotape everything?”

“Yes,” her friend replied, giggling and moving to give her friend a hug. “Besides, how could I miss Sakura’s reunion?”

Suddenly, the thought that had been nagging at the back of her mind burst in with full force.

“Where’s Syaoran?” she asked, remembering that he had been hit by the car too. “Is he alright?”

Tomoyo exchanged furtive glances with Yue and Kero-chan before answering.

“He’s fine,” she said.

“Oh, good!” Sakura said, so ecstatic over the news that Syaoran was alright to notice the hesitation and sadness that surrounded Tomoyo’s reply.

“So,” she continued. “Any clue on when I can get out of here?”

“The doctor said that you could be released tomorrow,” Tomoyo replied.

“Good,” Sakura said, relieved. “Alright, do you guys think I could sleep now?”

“Of course,” was the reply, and with that Kero flew back into Tomoyo’s bag, Yue turned back into Yukito-san, and they all left.

Sighing, she closed her eyes, and instantly fell asleep.


The next day, after several examinations, Sakura was finally released from the hospital. Of course, she wanted to see Syaoran before she left, but her father insisted that she rest at home first. She reluctantly agreed, and, dressed in an outfit Tomoyo had made specifically for the occasion, she was rolled out of the hospital in a wheelchair.

“I’ll call you later, Tomoyo-chan,” she said as she climbed into the car, wincing as her cast hit the door.

“Okay, Sakura-chan,” the girl replied. She waved as the car pulled away, wondering when Sakura’s father and Toya would tell her the truth about Syaoran. She hoped her best friend was prepared for it.


When Sakura arrived home, she was instantly ushered upstairs to rest, which she did gratefully. She awoke several hours later, feeling completely refreshed. Making her way downstairs, she was surprised to see both her father and her brother sitting at the table, apparently doing nothing.

“Sakura-san, sit,” her father said, motioning to a chair. “There’s something we need to tell you.”

Warily, she sat, shifting her gaze from one to the other. They sat there for a few moments, until Sakura finally said,

“Okay, what is it?”

“We didn’t want to tell you earlier…” her father began.

“…While you were still in the hospital,” her brother continued.

“But you were going to find out sooner or later,” her father said.

“And we thought it best that you hear it from us,” Toya finished.

“Syaoran…” her father said, in a voice so gentle it almost hurt.

“What?” Sakura said, though deep down, she already knew the answer. “What about Syaoran? Tomoyo-chan said he was fine.”

“She said that because that’s what we told her to say if you asked about the brat,” Toya said, although the ‘brat’ part seemed half-hearted.

“Sakura…” her father said. “Syaoran died.”

Sakura didn’t respond. She only sat there, as still as ice. Her father rambled on, unable to stop.

“His injuries from the crash were too severe. According to his doctors, even if he had lived, he probably would have been in a coma for the rest of his life.”

His words finally seemed to reach Sakura.

“ gone?” she whispered, in a voice so sad and lost that it caused her brother to instantly stand and come around the table to hug her.

“Yes,” her father answered.

“I’m sorry, monster,” Toya said.

Sakura didn’t even have the heart, or the strength, to tell him off for calling her a monster. She simply stood, like a robot, and walked out of the room. Only when she was safely in her room, lying on her bed, with the door locked, did she allow herself to cry. She sobbed into her pillow, all her memories of Syaoran playing through her mind.

Kero was at a loss. He knew there was no way he could comfort her, so he simply curled up in the crook of her elbow, and waited for the torrent to stop.

Below, Toya listened to his sister sob, as at a loss of what to do as Kero was. The sound of her tears was like being stabbed repeatedly in the heart.

But if he had been able to listen to the sound of her emotions…

It would have been more like being tortured into insanity.

Because what he would have heard would have been like shattering glass, twisting steel, and a horribly out of tune orchestra all at once.

It would have been the sound of a shattered heart.

And a broken soul.

Author’s Note: Sheesh! I never realized I could write such tear-wrenching chapters. Hope my parents never read that…they’d probably drag me to a psychiatrist. xD So, how many of you cried during this chapter? Cliffy, huh? Okay, not really. Might be a while till the next chapter…I have no clue what to write next. Suggestions that follow the summary? Put them in your reviews. Oh, yeah. REVIEW, PLEASE!
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