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The World Is Ugly

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Who was it in the bathroom?

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I fell to my knees in horror, not taking my eyes off Alicia's body on the floor before me. I saw various empty pill bottles surrounding her body, and noticed a pool of vomit near her right arm. Gerard stumbled into the room groggily
“What the fuck are you screaming about?... Oh shit” he said when he saw Alicia's body. I came to my senses and stood, balling up my hand into a fist and punching him as hard as I could in the face. He stumbled back and held his nose, a look of pure anger crossed his face as I looked in horror at what I had done. He brought his hand back and slapped me hard across the face, then kicked my leg hard. I fell to the floor in pain and he pushed stepped over me to check her pulse. I stood up and pushed passed him and took the phone.
“Hello, this is 911 emergency services, which service do you require? Police, Ambulance or Fire brigade?” came a calm voice from the other end of the phone
“Ambulance” I chocked out
“Okay ma'am I'll put you through” she said. I stood there waiting until I heard a gruff mans voice
“Hello miss. What's happened?” he asked, calmly
“My... My friend she's... I think she overdosed on pills” I stuttered into the receiver
“What pills?” he asked
“I don't know” I replied, starting to cry “Please can you come”
“Of course we can. Can I just have your name and where abouts?” I gave him the required information and he told me that there would be someone there soon. I hung up and sat down in the corner
“You better not have called the cops” Gerard's threatening voice came through the dark
“I called the ambulance, Gerard” I spat, tears streaming down my face
“Why? She's dead Steph there's nothing an ambulance can do” he said sharply. My jaw dropped at his emotionless voice
“And you don't care at all? Your brothers fiancée is lying dead on your bathroom floor and you don't fucking care?” I yelled and he smirked, he fucking smirked!
“It's her own fault” he said and my jaw dropped again
“Fuck you!” I screamed
“Now?” he asked and I clenched my fists again, running up and slamming it into his face for the second time that night
“I fucking hate your guts” I yelled and he snarled
“Why the fuck do you keep hitting me?” he asked and I shot daggers at him
“I hit you because you just killed Alicia!” I screamed. I herd sirens rounding the corner and getting closer. Two men came and slammed on the door, the taller of the two holding a first aid bag. Gerard showed them to the bathroom where they immediately set up and started trying to revive her. I broke down again, looking at the phone on the table and picked it up. I dialled Mikey's number and waited for him to pick up
“Hello?” came a groggy voice from the other end of the line
“M-Mikey?” I said, trying to choke back the tears
“Steph? What's up? Are you okay? Did Gerard do something to you?” he asked, sounding worried, it broke my heart, he had no idea at all what was going on
“No... Im fine...” I said and I could almost heard his eyes go wide
“Is Gerard okay? Is... Is Alicia okay?” he asked and I began to cry uncontrollably again
“No... She isn't” I sobbed
“Hang on Im coming over right now... Tell her Im coming” he said quickly, the hung up. I couldn't tell her he was coming... No one could... She was gone.
“Um... Excuse me miss?” came a male voice from behind me. I turned to see one of the ambulance men and swallowed hard
“Uh... Yeah... Call me Steph” I said, running a hand through my hair
“Uh...Steph? Uh... Im sorry we couldn't do anything, she's gone. May we use your phone to call the coroners office?” he asked and I looked at him blankly, handing him the phone still in my hand
“Go ahead...” I almost whispered. The door flew open and Mikey stormed in
“Where is she? Is she okay? What happened?” Mikey cried, coming towards me. I stood and grabbed onto his chest, crying uncontrollably
“Uh... Who are you?” asked the paramedic
“Im the fiancée” he said, proudly
“Well... We're sorry, sir” he said and Mikey looked at him in shock
“No... She can't... No” Mikey gaped, his eyes filling with tears
“There is one other thing.” said the paramedic
“What?” I asked
“In our fight to revive her my partner noticed a swelling in the abdomen” he said looking down sympathetically on both of us. I felt sick, knowing what was coming next “She was pregnant” he finished and Mikey's eyes went wide
“She was pregnant with... A baby... My baby...” He said in shock. He stumbled back and fell onto the couch, his hands covering his mouth. To my relief I knew that the baby was Mikey's but to my dismay I also knew that Mikey's child would never be born. The paramedic dialled a number and began talking
“Who is he talking to?” asked Gerard, as he came into the room
“The coroner” I said slowly
“Gerard... She... She was pregnant, Gerard... I was gonna be a daddy... And I didn't even know” cried Mikey. Gerard sighed and sat down next to his kid brother, patting him on the back and doing his best to comfort him. The way he comforted his brother made him look so kind, so sweet. It was nothing like the last time I saw them meet. I snapped back into reality and stopped seeing Gerard and Mikey as the close brothers getting through a hard time but as a poor man who's fiancée was lying dead on the bathroom floor being comforted by a sick fuck wit who's fault it was that she was dead in the first place. I stood and gave Gerard a disgusted look
“What the fuck is wrong with you Gerard?” I asked and Mikey looked up at me in shock but Gerard just looked like he was going to kill me. The coroners came and sorted things. My heart broke as he saw her for the last time, placing one hand on their unborn child and kissing her forehead gently
“I love you Liche...” he said, as she was taken from him. He looked back at Gerard
“Mikes if you wanna stay here Im sure Steph wouldn't mind sleeping on the couch” Gerard offered. I ignored his suggestion and took Mikey's hand
“Mikey if you even need anything you know Im right here” I offered and he smiled faintly
“Thank you both so much... But I think there are things that have to be done at the office” he said, gesturing to the coroners
“No Mikey you don't have to do that on your own. Wait till tomorrow and I will come with you” I said and he shook his head.
“I want to do it now” he said, kissing me on the cheek and walking out behind the coroner. I gave a sorrowful look before turning to see Gerard
“How could you Gerard?” I asked and he looked at me
“What?!” he asked and I snapped
“This is all your fucking fault!! If it weren't for you she, and he baby would still be alive!!” I yelled
“You telling me this is my fault?” he asked
“Of course this is your fucking fault!! She told you she loved you, you told her you thought she was nothing to you! Maybe a heartless fuck wit like you doesn't understand that it hurts to be rejected like that. Have you heard of that before? Pain not physical pain but emotional pain. Do you even know what emotion is? Do you even have feelings?” I asked and he looked ready to kill
“You know, Steph, I really hate you” he said and I snorted
“I hate you too Gerard” I smiled
“What would it take for you to love me?” he asked, taking me off guard
“What?” I asked
“If you loved me then that would hurt and maybe you would do us all a favour and kill yourself too” he yelled and my jaw dropped
“What did you just say?” I asked and he smirked
“Nothing. Now go to bed, whore” he snapped
“You cannot tell me what to do” I yelled “Im leaving”
“No your not” he moved in front of me “Your stay as only just began” he smirked.

Okay can you say SHIT? I hate this chapter... It kinda disintegrated towards the end but maybe it jerked some tears
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