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Waking Up In Vegas

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Secret bus-mates aren't as cracked up as they sound. It sucks. Especially when you are a certain 10 foot Latin giant's bunk mate.

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Waking Up In Vegas

“Would I Lie To You?”

The colors were unreal; greens, blues reds, and the white lights flashing out into the audience. I wasn’t out in the audience, I was to the side. Don’t get me wrong, they were good seats, my mom did well, but I wanted to be in the crowd, feel the liveliness and their energy. I wasn’t feeling it with my brother and the Snore Twins beside me. It really wasn’t much to feed off of, so I had to reach out.

Yeah, that sounds lame, but I fancy myself empathic. Deal with it.

It was the greatest night of my life, then it was over. Bam! O-V-E-R. Done and finished, and I wasn’t ready. So I wobbled out of the venue, bought a shirt, and dragged my brother to wait for band members. He said an hour. I said no in my mind.

Finally he said ‘lets go’, and I followed him about halfway to the car before running away from him and hiding. It wasn’t very smart, but it was worth it because after another hour I left my hide-out and snuck back to the buses. Everyone of the fans had left, and the bands were in their buses.

“Fuck,” I said. Fuck was a one word definition for what I was thinking. 1) was “fuck Charlotte people are very relentless. Not.” and 2) “fuck I missed them all.” I sighed and kicked the dirt at my feet (less dirt, more red clay.).

“Are they gone?” someone said. My head shot up and I looked around wildly. “Yeah, you. Are they gone?”

“Uh, yeah.” Someone stepped out from behind a bus, and, to narrow it down they were tall. I squinted in the half dark.

“Who are you?”

“Zoë. Who are you?” He stepped out further into the light, and I almost fainted. Swear to God.

“Gabe. What are you doing here?” Now here’s where I make a stupid decision. I’m about to lie. This is my very first lie to these people. I make it good.

“I want to tag along.” Actually that wasn’t a lie. I had just never considered it.


“Yeah. I hate Charlotte, and I can help you out. I’m eighteen, and… and… you won’t regret it?” Gabe scratched his head.

“Uhh. Uh.” I walked closer and got down on my knees.

“Please. Sneak me onto your bus. Please. Please. I won’t get you into trouble.” If nobody found out. I wasn’t eighteen-yet. It wasn’t very far off, two years was nothing. I widened my eyes at Gabe, a look I got from my EX best friend. He sighed and pulled me up.

“Be really fucking quiet okay.” I nodded and followed him onto the bus. It was really quiet. He showed me to his bunk, and I had to raise my eyebrows at him. “You’re sleeping with me. Cause I ain’t sleeping on the damn couch, and neither are you if you’re staying a secret.”

“Like, secret-secret? NO ONE is gonna know about me?”

“Yeah, cause you might not be eighteen.”

“Why would I lie to you?” I asked.

“Why wouldn’t you?” he shot back.

“Touché,” I said crossing my arms. “But… I don’t think we’ll both fit.” I nodded at the bunk.

“What? I’m over six feet and I can smoosh in there. And you’re what? Three feet?” I cocked my head at him, confused. Wanna know why? Well, If you haven’t noticed, I’m fat. Uh, duh.

Oh, then I glared. “I am four-foot eleven. Thank you very much.” Gabe rolled his eyes before opening the curtain.

“Whatever. Hop up there while I go finish what I was doing. And BE QUIET.” I looked at him. “What.”

“Give me a boost.” He rolled his eyes at me, but he did it anyway. I crawled into the bunk and flattened myself against the wall. I slipped under the sheet and kicked my shoes to the bottom of the bunk. I could hear the rest of the band breathing, and I didn’t know if I should be excited or cry.

I waited for Gabe silently. It seemed to take him forever to come back, but he did. He opened the curtain and jumped in, hitting me in the face with an elbow.

“Ow,” I hissed.

“Sorry.” We were silent for a moment.

“Hey, um. Where are you guys going tomorrow?”


“Oh.” Pause. “Where can I put my glasses?” He grabed them off my face and stashed them somewhere, then he pulled the sheet over my head.

“That’s exactly how it happened,” I finished, crossing my arms. My mother raised her eyebrows at me.

“And you stayed like that until the got to Las Vegas?” she asked. I met her eyes.

“Yes. Nothing else happened.” But I was lying through my teeth. And she’ll never know.

A longer one in the next post. But first: I'M SORRY!!! And ToY WILL be finished.
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