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Chapter One- Bye Bye, Black Bird

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Saying goodbye & moving in

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Elizabeth Mason lay on a hardwood floor in an empty room. Yesterday this room had been hers. Beside her Topher Collins sighed. “What’s wrong?” She asked looking over at the boy who’d been her best friend since she was two. “You’re leaving forever….” He was watching the ceiling fan and hoping she didn’t see the tears coming from his eyes. “Oh Toph, they can’t keep us apart forever, and I promise to call you everyday and write you every week. It’ll be just like I’m here.” She rolled over onto her stomach and placed her hand in his. “Will you miss me?” She asked him quietly. “More than you could ever imagine. Promise you won’t forget me?” She smiled then and raised her fingers over his open palm and drew a heart. “Do you know what I just did?” He shook his head ‘no.’ “I just gave you my heart, and that way I can’t forget you because no girl can live without their heart.” He smiled at this. At fifteen years old he was sure he’d found the love of his life, and if having her meant waiting he would wait forever. “I love you Elizabeth Jade Mason.” He whispered. “I love you too Christopher Alexander Collins.” And then they both fell asleep laying on the floor, holding hands.

“Dad, I hate New Jersey.” Elizabeth Mason leaned against the window. “Sweetheart, we just got here. We’re not even at the house or out of the car yet.” Daniel Mason was a lawyer, one of the best, he’d started at a little firm in North Carolina and was now part of Edwards, Lloyd, and Mason based in Newark, New Jersey. ‘Why do we have to move to Belleville anyways? It’s not even where your firm is and you won’t even be there! You travel to your clients.”
“Elizabeth, please don’t fight with me. I really think this is for the best. Just think you get to start high school in a brand new place and make new friends. It’s like starting all over, isn’t that exciting?”
“Not really. Are we there yet?”
Her father sighed. “We’re almost there dear.” Elizabeth watched as they passed the cookie cutter houses… They pulled up to a two story brick house. “We’re here.” Her dad said getting out of the car. “Fantastic dad, it looks like a lawyer lives here.” Elizabeth added following behind him. The front door was bright red and Elizabeth liked that. The bottom floor consisted of a living room, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom, and bathroom with a laundry room attached. The top floor had three other rooms and two more bathrooms. There was also a huge basement which they had decided would be a game room. The house was filled with boxes which the movers had already brought in. Elizabeth rushed upstairs to pick a room. Two of the rooms shared a bathroom and she didn’t want that so she picked the room that had its own bathroom. It was big, like a second master bedroom. “This place is huge dude.” She called from upstairs. “I know, it’ll be nice if we ever have guests.” Her dad said from somewhere downstairs. Elizabeth sighed. Yes, if they had guests it would be nice but, with just the two of them it was going to be rather creepy. All of Elizabeth’s brothers were all old enough to live away from home and her mother had been killed by a drunk driver when she was ten so, it was just her and her dad. She sat down in the doorway of her new room. Trying to picture it as hers… “Would it help if we set the bed up?” Her dad was standing behind her. “Yeah, maybe it would…”
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