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Struck Down, Before Our Prime

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Cait's POV

"You're going on tour with MCR?!MY .. MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE?! THE ONES YOU'VE LIKED SINCE BEFORE YOU EVEN STARTED THE BAND AND PLAYING AND-?!THEM?!" Meghan exclaimed, her eyes wide as her jaw dropped. I laughed at her inability to form coherant sentences. It was a few hours after the gig and Meghan, Lexi and I were in our living room eating some snacks, not that we needed the sugar rush. I'd expected Meghan to pretty happy about our news but not quite so enthuasiastic.

When I nodded, Meghan shrieked "Ohmigawd, ohmigawd, OH MY GAWD!" She said over and over again, grinning. She bounced up and down on the armchair across from me. "That is BRILLIANT! You're going on tour! With My Chem!Wow!You'll get to meet the and get to know them and everything!"Her eyes glistened as she babbled on.

Lexi just chuckled from her place on the couch. She rolled her eyes at Meghan's overreaction but she was obviously just as psyched as her. I smirked slightly and started teasing Meghan. "What? Is it really that amazing that such a great band would wanna tour with us?" I tried to sound appalled but Meghan caught the mocking edge in my voice. She raised her eyebrows and eyed me like I'd just declared that Joe Jonas had good hair. To her mind, my QUESTION probably had been that outrageous. "No. I just mean IT'S MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE! HELLO!", she replied in exasperation. I giggled at her response, I couldn't help it. I felt more more buoyant and joyous then I ever had in my life.

As soon as we'd agreed to go on tour, we'd had sign a lot of contracts and sort out all of the details. The reality of what we'd acheived had only hit us like a brick in the head once we'd left the heavy atmosphere and unfamiliar setting of the hall we'd played at. In the mellow and cosy space of mine and Lexi's apartment, the tour suddenly seemed very real. Relief had flooded through me when I realised what it meant for us as a band. We didn't have to worry about continuing to try and join a tour or grow our fanbase. We didn't have to keep impressing people every single night, fearing that we'd be dropped by our label. We didn't have to keep attracting attention to ourselves in the hope of being noticed.

My head was spinning from it all but I was deliriously happy. My cheeks hurt from smiling for so long. I'd called Meghan after Lexi and I had spent a few minutes dancing around our hall and clapping our hands ecstatically. She'd been at work, training to be a beauty therapist, when she answered. Sean hadn't managed to get through to her before us so we insisted she come over to our flat to tell her in person.

I got up from the couch and made my way into the kitchen while Meghan continued to talk about the brilliance of My Chemical Romance. An expression of amusement graced Lexi's delicate features as she watched Meghan rave. She seemed like she was entertained yet wanted to throw popcorn at Meghan to shut her up. I smiled even more at my friends, if that was even possible. They really made life interesting.

I was searching in the back of the fridge for Lex's stash of Pringles when my phone went off. Nirvana blared from the speakers as the sound of Kurt Cobain shrieking filled the small kitchen. In my haste to answer the infernal contraption I whacked my head off the top of the fridge. A sharp pain shot through my skull; I hadn't realised that they made fridges so hard. "FXCK!", I whined and rubbed my head and while I yanked the device up to my ear. In the background I could hear Lexi yelling "Miley Cyrus on the radio again, Cait?" but ignored her.

"Hello? You better have a damn good reason for calling coz I just received a blow to the head, courtesy of the fridge, thanks to you", I half snarled to the person on the phone. I started moving things around in the fridge in search of icecubes for my head. Why anyone would put ice in a fridge was beyond me, but I wouldn't put it past Lexi.

"Have you stolen my girlfriend again?", Sean's voice demanded, straight to the point, as usual. He sounded slightly annoyed and concerned. His voice was a bit too loud for my painful head to handle.
"No, Pete Wentz whisked her off to get married", I replied irritably, my voice dripping with sarcasm. "Yeah, Meg's here. And what do you mean 'again'? That was one time! How was I to know that you wouldn't realise that we'd gone for pizza, and you called the cops?" I muttered as the memory of that night came back to me. Sean had almost strangled me when we'd brought Meghan back and all I could do was laugh.

"Can you please tell me when you bring her back to yours next time, okay? I was worried. You've told her about the tour, though, yeah?" Sean asked, sounding relieved and tense at the same time. It seemed to be a Ford family family trait to be able to display two emotions at the same time.
"Yeah, yeah, yeah, we will, Mr Out-Drunk-And-Partying-Every-Other-Night", I grumbled and mentally shook my head at his hypocritical attitude. "Yeah, she knows about the tour, too. AHA!" I exclaimed victoriously, pulling a try of dolphin-shaped ice cubes out of the top shelf of the fridge.

"Fine" Sean replied and exhaled deeply. "But Cait, listen. I wasn't just calling to ask about Megs. Zeke called me a few minutes ago"
"Oh, I meant to call him. How is he?" I asked while hitting the ice cube tray off the countertop. It'd been days since we'd heard from our cheerful manager, though the label had been in touch with him. He'd decided to come on tour with us, apparently saying that he needed the experience. But I figured it was just an excuse to hangout with MCR.
"He's got bad news" Sean groaned. He paused and I could hear sounds of a drink being poured in the background. It sounded like a shot of something. My stomach clenched; the only time that Sean drank alcohol at home was when something bad had happening. "His mother had a stroke, and --"

"Oh man, is she okay?" I interrupted and leant against the counter for support. The concern for one of the band's closest friends overrode my desire to soothe the ache in my head. In the living room, I could hear Lexi and Meghan go silent.
"She should be fine, the docs aren't sure yet, but she probably will be". I could hear Sean gulping something down on the other end of the phone before he continued. "Basically, Zeke's gone home, to support her, you know? So he can't come with us on tour". He sounded miserable. Zeke's mum was like a second mother to him. I knew he'd been looking forward to having Zeke, one of his best friends, on the road with us, as well as guiding us, too.
"Oh, that's good. But seriously? Bummer! I understand, but still, that sucks.." I muttered. Sean sighed quietly on the other end of the line.
"Yeah, I know, right? But it's not like there aren't other managers. MCR's tour one is gonna look after us instead, so I guess it's not so bad", Sean said, trying to be hopeful.
"Yeah, maybe he'll be really good", I replied optimistically. "Maybe more experienced, which'll be useful"
"Hope so. Listen, I gotta go",Sean muttered, "I've still got to call Matt, so . . Tell Megs I love her. Seeya".

The phone went dead and I looked up to see Meghan and Lexi standing in the doorway, looking curious. They both stared at me and waited patiently for an explanation. I answered their questioning gazes as I broke up some ice.
"That was Sean. Zeke's mum's had a stroke, so he's staying with his family her to look after her and not coming on tour.", I said distractedly as I popped some ice out of the tray. Even with my back turned away from them, I could just imagine their matching looks of concern.
"Is she going to be okay?" Meghan asked anxiously. Trust her to be the concerned one.
"Yeah, she'll be fine, probably . . do we have any towels?", I asked, and turned around with a handful of ice.
"In the cupboard next to you", Meghan replied. I didn't bat an eyelid at her prompt response; she spent most of her time at our apartment.
"So, what about our tour manager?", Lexi inquired. I shrugged and yanked a towel out of the cupboard.
"MCR's one is looking after us, so we'll be fine." I shoved some ice onto the towel and placed it on my head. Lexi and I shared an unsure look. Zeke had been our friend from the start, and was as much a part of the band as Lexi or I was. Whoever this new guy was, he was going to have big boots to fill. With these thoughts flying around in my head, I wandering past Lexi and Meghan to my bedroom. Idly, I wondered if this bad luck with a sign of things to come. I really hoped not.
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