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chapter 4

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Rough Start

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Chapter 5:
I think I’m finally getting the hang of how fan fiction changes the files lets see if this makes more sense, I’ll probably go change the others so they are easier to follow.

Atlanta opened her eyes and saw a beautiful sunrise peaking over the tree tops. It took her a few moments to realize where she was. Sitting up she noticed that her blankets were gone and she was now wrapped up in a cloak. She ran her hand along the cloak finding many patches that had been mended with care.

She heard small groan and looked over to see Archie lying about a foot away from her. He was shivering and clutching his side wincing in pain.

“He saved me…” she murmured as she got up quietly and draped the cloak over Archie. ‘I better return the favour’ she thought as she got to work.

Archie awoke to find himself covered with warm blankets; he looked around to see a fire crackling away warmly. It was almost midday and the forest was full of life, sitting up he turned to see a small plate of food left for him. As he turned to reach for it he felt a small twinge of pain in his side. Remembering what happened he looked down to see how badly he had been hurt only to find that his shirt had been removed and his side bandaged perfectly. His shirt lay folded next to him along with his bag containing all his belongings.

“Someone’s been busy.” He said chuckling to himself in amazement. “I must have been out pretty bad for her to do all that without me waking up.”

He had gotten dressed and just finished eating when Atlanta returned to the clearing carrying her bag that had been dropped the night before.

“You feeling alright?” she asked him as she sat down next to him placing her bag next to his.
“Oh yeah much better,” he smiled “Although, I don’t usually wake up already bandaged” he said jokingly.

Atlanta’s cheeks flushed slightly “You were in pain, and I knew it needed attention” she said stiffly not looking him in the eye. “Besides,” she added “You’ve helped me twice; I needed to return the favour.”

“You don’t owe me anything,” he said quietly “I helped you because you were in trouble.”
“I have been raised by dwarfs.” She explained “If a dwarfs life is ever saved by another they are indebted to that person until they can return the favour.” She said looking him firmly in the eye.

“But you’re not a dwarf” he argued “You’re an elf, you don’t have to follow their code”
“I may not be one of them but they took me in as one of their own. So it is only fair I honour the code they have taught me” she said dryly slightly irritated “I will stay with you until my debt is repaid, and then I will take my leave.”

“Well, I can see your stubborn mind is made up” he said giving in “I am headed to Olympia as I have a wedding to attend” he said with a sigh. Picking up his bag. “Were only a few days away but with you tagging along I assume it will take another week” he said with a smirk.

‘Ugh! I can’t believe this guy” she thought angrily, “He’s just like every other man, they think they’re the most amazing creatures on earth and that girls are below them!’

“I am plenty capable of keeping up with a boy like you, after all that big head of yours must slow you down a lot” she snapped back picking up her own bag and swinging in onto her back.

“Oh I see you think your funny don’t you? Well we’ll see who’s laughing when you break a nail or hurt yourself” He said heading towards the path. “Don’t think I’ll stop and wait for you either.” He said over his shoulder.

“All it’ll take is one day of travel with me and she’ll realize how unrealistic it is for a girl to live in the wild. Maybe then she’ll go back to where she came from and take up sewing like she’s supposed to.”

“Good, now I won’t feel bad not waiting for you either!” She shouted angrily at him, a look of determination in her eye. She was looking forward to showing up this guy. ‘He’ll soon think twice for judging a girl like me’ she muttered under her breath, as she caught up to Archie making sure she was always neck and neck with him.

“I’ll show you” they both thought together oblivious to the world.
Ha I forgot I had this chapter almost finished. So I decided to complete it for all what? 2 of you that might read this :P
I hope the characters didn’t get too annoying. But you know how those two can be. Especially when it comes to beating one another
Till next chapter: Korikian
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