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Words 63 to 70

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More fun with Fujin and the posse!

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A Few Words

Word 63: Jade

She wasn't one for jewelry, though sapphires and silver fitted her well. Jade was not her color and it was not Rinoa's color either, but Squall and Seifer didn't care. Rinoa only smiled, occasionally cheering for Squall as he bided higher, much to the traveling merchant's content.

Fujin on the other hand, shook her head, while Raijin did the cheering for Seifer and his bids. It was a coincidence that the five ex-classmates should meet, and if it was a coincidence or a conspiracy that a traveling merchant passed by peddling jade decorated ornaments, Squall and Seifer did not care, they just knew they had to win the bid, because they were rivals.

It was not a bid that won, it was a death threat, though Seifer still paid a high price for the jade hairclip, which he later almost begged Fujin to wear, since he couldn't very well wear it himself, and it would be the only way to show off his victory. With a look in her eyes that conveyed more than thoughts could, Fujin complied, even if jade wasn't quite her color.

Seifer, feeling an odd sense of satisfaction in the entire situation, later got Fujin a sapphire and silver hairclip to show off his victory over Squall, in a color that complimented his ally more, never mind that Squall had not been involved in the purchase of the new hairclip. It was about Squall, Seifer would say, but Fujin knew that it was all about her.

Word 64: Kaleidoscope

It was his favorite toy long ago, and the chicken wuss would always try to steal it, claiming that he only wanted to borrow it and would give it back. Seifer did not trust Zell, no one but he could look through the kaleidoscope matron gave him, so little Seifer hid the toy. He later forgot where he hid the kaleidoscope and assumed Zell stole it and lost it.

Years passed and the little box of random old belongings containing the kaleidoscope hidden deep inside, was taken to the Garden by Seifer, and tossed in the bottom of his closet. He meant to open it and see what forgotten things were in it, but he never got around to it.

More time passed and a box arrived at Seifer's new home, the sender was anonymous and it would remain a relative secret that Squall had been tasked with cleaning out the disciplinary committee's old rooms and Rinoa offered to help. It was Rinoa who decided that they should mail the things to their owners.

Several boxes had arrived, a few days apart as if trying to be inconspicuous, and though whose idea it was to send them remained officially unknown, the posse imagined it had to be Rinoa's idea, because that's something she would do, given that Squall was the one cleaning the rooms, because that's something Quistis would make him do.

It was Fujin who received the box this time, when the mailman came by and, since it was merely addressed to "the posse" and Seifer did not remember it being his, he asked her to go ahead and open it, to see who it belonged to judging by its contents.

Seifer recognized the contents of the box, but didn't really care for most of those things any longer. He threw away the pair of socks that have not fit in years, tossed the old candy in the trash, and gave Raijin the bag of marbles he liked so much. Then he saw the kaleidoscope he thought Zell had stolen long ago, the chicken wuss was innocent.

"Look," Fujin requested, and without a second thought, Seifer gave her his treasure, which he would entrust to no one else.

Word 65: Leaning

Seifer was leaning to the side at the docks, though he wasn't actually leaning on anything, just leaning in perfect balance with his feet firmly planted on the edge of the dock. "Gull," Fujin spoke, and the word was followed by the arrival of a clumsy seagull flying low. Seifer managed to duck out of the way, but he lost his balance and fell into the sea, grabbing Raijin's helping hand at the last moment, and dragging him along after Raijin slipped on the wet docks.

Word 66: Melted

Melted ice-cream was a disaster; it was dangerous and even deadly. Such was the lesson Seifer learned when he focused on the football game on TV so much, that he let his ice-cream cone melt in his hand. Then, when he got up during a commercial, he slipped on the drops he left in his path, and fell on Fujin, smashing what was left of his ice-cream on her face. Melted ice-cream was dangerous and deadly, as Seifer soon learned.

Word 67: Neverland

It was the story of the boy who didn't want to grow up, the posse knew it well, as did most people in the world. Though Fujin did not say it, and for once Seifer and Raijin were as quiet as her, if only about this one thing, the posse lived in their own Neverland. They grew, experienced different things and went on living together, but in a sense they stayed the same. They knew they would always be close to each other, and such things were so certain, they didn't even need to be spoken.

Word 68: Ox

It was all Raijin's fault, Seifer asserted, though he was the one with the attitude that brought the final disaster and only the request of a trip to the place where it happened was Raijin's mistake. In truth, Seifer knew it was not Raijin's fault completely, hence why other than being blamed, he received no punishment. Fujin didn't care whose fault it was, all she knew was that going out to the farmland countryside for the weekend had certainly not been her idea and ending up being chased by an ox was not her fault either.

Word 69: Pixie

It had been a firefly, all three knew this, but when Fujin commented on is resemblance to a pixie, saying only that one word, in that tone only Fujin could manage, Seifer and Raijin, although perfectly understanding that Fujin was only pointing out a similarity, almost believed that pixies could be real.

Word 70: Quicksilver

The blur was fast and they could hardly distinguish a hint of short silver hair. That was all they saw before they regretted challenging her to a spar.

To be Continued

J and K ran away with me and I had to break them into paragraphs. For those who asked before, yes, I am accepting requests, tell me what you want me to write about and I'll try to write about your suggested word when I reach it on the alphabet. Disclaimer, I don't own Final Fantasy VIII or Peter Pan.
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