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Auditions!!!!!! CAB/FOB/PATD/TAI

by puddangclaner 12 Reviews

This is a Cab Story but since there is no category from them, I figured I put it here (FOB are main characters as well)

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  • Auditions!!!!!! CAB/FOB/PATD/TAI

    (#) IceQueenz 2009-07-09 06:53:59 PM

    Name:Madeleine Astley prefers Maddie


    Hair color:brown

    Eye color:dark brown

    Piercings/tattoos:a purple bow on her wrist


    Appearance:round face, chubby cheeks, big but cute smile, hypnotizing eyes, experiments with make-up. 5'5, a pretty nice figure, c sized chest, long legs, a scar above her hip bone. dresses pretty girly, usually wears dresses, skirts, high heels, chucks, vans, ballet flats, tights, leggings, skinny jeans, hoodies, trench coats, always has some kind of necklace on, and headbands all the time. never sticks to one style

    Personality/Interests: outgoing, sarcastic, truthful, blunt, not afraid to speak her mind, may come across as a bitch the first time u meet her, but is actually really sweet, opinionated, at times dorky, doesn't let people know when she's upset or sad, afraid of rejection. Loves fashion and animals.

    Preferred partner:gabe saporta, but not complaining about any of the guys on the list

    Anything else I should know about you: wants to open her own clothing store and has a jack russel terrier named Harley

    Why I should pick you: I'm not the normal kind of girl that will want this and be like oh I only wear skinny jeans and band tees and my hair is teased and i hate girly girls.
  • Auditions!!!!!! CAB/FOB/PATD/TAI

    (#) let_it_go 2009-07-09 07:07:21 PM

    Name: Harper

    Age: 18

    Hair color: Blonde.

    Eye color: Blue Green.

    Piercings/tattoos: I have my ears pierced... that's about it.

    Smoking/alcohol: I drink... on occasion... xD

    Appearance: i'm five five, and i LIKE my height. probably because if i was as skinny as i am, and taller... i'd probably be considered anorexic. I've got BLONDE hair now, it goes down just past my shoulder blades, and it has caramel, and honey highlights in it. [i'm keeping it like this for a while, i've decided] my hair tends to have a personality of its own, because it's wavy, and likes to be all ridiculous some times. majority of the time, it's wavy, and i straighten my bangs, and make them all nice, and flippy off to my left. My eyes, as we all know, are two colors. Granted, both are blue, but my left eye is greenish. And I tend to wear black mascara, and a hint of liner on my top lid, and a hint in the outer corner of my eyes to make them look bigger. =] I'm pretty pale, as my friend Casey likes to repeat to me. I pretty much don't tan, so I'm kinda a glowstick in bright sun. ha. i HATE fake baking... thanks to my fambly history of 'melanoma' moles... i'm not stupid. xD For dress? I suppose i wear what everyone else wears... skinny jeans, v-neck tees... erm. i do like my shorts though, now that its summer. weee. i have a love for bright colored clothing, like my awesome yellow shorts... and stuff. shoes, i've got my flats, in zebra print, and with ducks... and then i have my low top converse... =] sunglasses, are always white wayfarers. ohhh yes...

    Personality/Interests: FUN! VIVACIOUS! BLUNT! RIDICULOUSLY ADD! Ha, no. I'm pretty... interesting, I suppose. I have amultitude of characteristics that make up my personality, and most of them insist upon my sarcasm. ( i'm wicked sarcastic. haha) that, and my love for being in a happy mood... and joking around. i like to have FUN, and in serious situations, i will be serious, cause i can be... i can actually be a bitch at times... i do have a temper on occasion.... Intrests would have to be along the lines of photography, and music. xD the usual. i'm pretty lame. haha. but i'm a lovable person... and i love having an interest of being a people person and such.

    Preferred partner: Erm...
    In order of liking...
    Brendon Urie
    Ryan Ross
    Cash Colligan
    William Backett
    Andy Mrotek

    Anything else I should know about you: erm. I'm a photo major, and i love my dog zoey... xD

    Why I should pick you: because ... i don't know. it's really up to you who you would pick, but i feel like as a character in your story i could add a beneficial entertainment value to your story... yeah, that's about it. xD
  • Auditions!!!!!! CAB/FOB/PATD/TAI

    (#) ohhai 2009-07-09 07:43:39 PM

    oh cool this sounds like a great story :D

    Name: Brooke (or B) (feel free to make a last name.

    Age: 15 (you may alter for the story purpose)

    Hair color: orange and cropped at my shoulders. It is also naturally straight, but there is a stubborn piece mocking my flat iron in the back that enjoys flipping up.

    Eye color: blue

    Piercings/tattoos: None, I am absolutely terrified of needles. Terrified.

    Smoking/alcohol: Ocassional weed or beer. Nothing all that heavy. Only at parties or shows.

    Appearance: 5'7/5'8, I'm all legs haha. I'm mostly pale =/
    I wear the norm I guess. Skinnies, hoodies, v necks, tanks, shorts. Except in summer I prefer dresses because to me, summer = no pants. So yeah, simple stuff. I've always got a rubber band on my wrist though, cause ya never know. And I usually wear a couple rings, out of habit.

    Personality/Interests: Wild, random, daring, fun-loving, thrill-seeking. Sometimes to the point of it being completely obnoxious. I can be an asshole sometimes and offensive. I don't really think before I talk. I lie a lot. I'm really good at it. Only a couple close friends can/will call me out on my shit. I will admit drama is intriguing and fun. I prefer curious to nosy. I'm not vegan, but I find most meat disgusting.

    Preferred partner: eee so many good ones! how about top 3? Carden, Trohman, or Wentz please :D

    Anything else I should know about you: Ultimate goal in life is to be an artist living in Nolita. I am a dog person.

    Why I should pick you: I can be both the party girl or the bitch. Or both even. Plus I always rate and review stories I'm in, you know you know ;]

    k all done :D
  • Auditions!!!!!! CAB/FOB/PATD/TAI

    (#) Chicago-Kid 2009-07-09 08:39:30 PM

    I need Girlfriends for:
    Alex DeLeon - Taken
    Alex Marshall
    Ian Crawford
    Cash Colligan
    Alex Johnson
    Mike Gentile
    Alex Lipshaw
    Elliot James
    Andy Mrotek
    William Beckett
    Gabe Saporta
    Michael "Jersey" Moriarty
    Zack Farro
    Jeremy Davis
    Taylor York
    Travis McCoy
    Patrick Stump
    Andy Hurley
    Joe Trohman
    Ryan Ross
    Brendon Urie
    Spencer Smith
    Jon Walker

    (you've found the right place!)

    Name: Crystal

    Age: 14 (make up the age, idc :)

    Hair color: It's actually burgundy right now. I just had an attempt at making it like Hayley Williams' hair color but it kind of faded. Hehe.

    Eye color: Hazel. Yeah, I'm one of those idiots who sort of says that everyhwere and it sounds weirdly fake. sorry

    Piercings/tattoos: My ears have decorations. I'd really like to get a lip piercing. No tattoo's as of yet...

    Smoking/alcohol: I like to drink but I never tamper with nicotine/tobacco or whatever. That's just terrible. DRUGS ARE NOT COOL.

    Appearance: Freckles. um. i'll just send you a link, is that okay?

    Just about to go to a party in that. Yay!

    Well. I do like to play guitar. I spend a lot of spare time writing music and crap like that. i try and play guitar everyday. i also do drums (terribly. trust me!) and I like to sing a little. that makes me feel happy. I also like playing dree-up and crap. you know, getting all dressed up, experimenting with make-up. what a fucking girl!

    Preferred partner:
    Um.. you've made it a difficult decision.
    Top 5 (lol):
    1. Sisky (yay.)
    2. Alex Marshall
    3. Andy Hurley
    4. Chislett
    5. Gabriel (more yay!)
    I do really like all the other guys, but still. anyways. didn't want to pick all like pete and william because i thought everyone else would. gabriel is the exception however :)

    Anything else I should know about you: My pinky toe is double jointed. I'd like to visit Chicago (but can I be from there in this?). Uh, my mom is Filipino. Just because!

    Why I should pick you:
    I think that you should pick me because...............................

    you want to. I mean, this is your story. Even if I don't make it, can I be like a total town drunk or something who throws up everywhere at parties because I get too wasted and then streak naked with Pete and Gabe. Because that would be weird.

    P.S It may give you a slight idea of my mentality if you read my story (Clandestine's School for the Strange). It's weird, like my kinda weird. Well, I wrote it so... yeah. this is pointless, but do it if you have the time please! XD

  • Auditions!!!!!! CAB/FOB/PATD/TAI

    (#) xoconverse 2009-07-09 09:25:02 PM

    First Name: Hannah

    Age: 18

    hair color: dark brown.

    eye color: goldish brown

    piercings/tattoos: my ears are pierced...and that's it. for now (: haha

    smoking/alcohol: i hate smoking, so none of that. occasional drink.

    Appearance: long, choppy layered, dark brown hair with bangs. big goldsigh brown eyes (people always tend to notice them first lol) that usually are outlined in eyeliner and long eyelashes. i kinda love mascara ahha. im short (5'2'') and skinny (which i dont understand because i eat like 24/7 hahaha) i wear skinny jeans all the time like everyone else hahaa, own a lot of band t-shirts, hoodies are my favorite. shorts in the summer cause it gets freaking hot! haha i shop any where cause i find cool stuff sometimes...i guess that's pretty much it!

    Personality:im always laughing and always making people laugh. im really sarcastic and i dont even notice it half the time. i don't care what people say about it me, i'm a really chill person. i usually dont say 'im the most random person ever''s kinda true. i have ADD. im usually always hyper and a nice person and have trouble not feeling guilty after im mean to someone, which usually isn't often. i say 'that's what she said' whenever the opportunity comes up ahaha, i'm kinda perverted and goofy. . i'm really into photography and collect polaroid cameras and love my nikon that i have. i enjoy naming every electronic i know. i actually love golf and play quite often. i'm alright at it. trying to get better.

    my preferred partner: William Beckett.
    but if a million people already ask for him, i would happily be paried with:
    ian crawford
    gabe saporta
    ryan ross
    brendon urie
    whichever available.

    Anything else I should know about you: i'm truely terrified of spiders. it's pretty horrible. one was on my leg once, and i don't have asthma, but i needed to use my cousin's inhaler... yeah... ahhaa. i'm a real girly girl at times and other times i'm really tomboy-ish. the yankees are my favorite baseball team, and i watch baseball constantly. i watch golf, despite my friends whining about how boring it is. i love animals and for some reason i've always wanted a pug. my favorite movies are comedy, and i'm always quoting them. constantly.

    why should i pick you: hmm... well, it's all up to you about whether or not you should pick me, but i'm not that interesting...hahaa. i am quite different from most girls though, at least that's what people tell me, and i promise to review this no matter what! i'm very interested already since i have never seen a cab story on here.

    so i guess that's it..ahaha
    i reallllyy cant wait toread though! looking forward to it (:
  • Auditions!!!!!! CAB/FOB/PATD/TAI

    (#) xStabxMyxBackx 2009-07-10 08:05:38 AM

    Name: Niki

    Age: 17 but you can change it

    Hair color: Blonde

    Eye color: Blue

    Piercings/tattoos: my ears are pierced and i want snake bite lip rings

    Smoking/alcohol: i occaisionally drink

    Appearance:shoulder length blonde hair, deep blue eyes, slender, i love wearing skinny jeans, band tees and hoodies...i always have a ponytail holder on my wrist and im attached to my cell phone, but thats not appearance xD...i like wearing makeup but can go au-natural sometimes...i have sideswept bangs and a few freckles, im 5'6

    Personality/Interests: I love musiccc!!! i cant live without coffee, my iPod or my phone

    Preferred partner: Brendon, Ryan Ross, Patrick Stump, William Beckett, Gabe Saporta, Chislett or Carden xD

    Anything else I should know about you: I hate spiders, i love romance and comedy...i can sing pretty good and I'm obsessed with quoting Napoleon Dynamite GOSH!

    Why I should pick you: Because you waaant toooooo(sends jedi brain waves), lol...nah, just pick me b/c u want to...oh, and by the way I'm AWESOME!!!!!
  • Auditions!!!!!! CAB/FOB/PATD/TAI

    (#) CaroBECKETT 2009-07-10 12:32:59 PM

    Name: Carolyn
    Age (Between 18-29 to match the guys): 20
    Hair color: slate black, its like six inches down my back, but its extremely choppy
    Eye color: dark brown
    Piercings/tattoos: snake bites, a tattoo that read Believe on left wrist, and Peace In Pieces on her right wrist.
    Smoking/alcohol: doesn't smoke, drinks every once in awhile
    Appearance: short, thin, hour glass shape. Always wears eyeliner and some eyeshadow, but never over the top. Dresses in the usual skinny jeans/flannel get up.
    Personality/Interests: loud, obnoxious to some point, childish, sarcastic, intents at being comical, smart, thoughtful honest to a fault, sincere. I get emotionally involved easily with other people, and on the outside im kinda like the crazy outgoing one, but I tend to be retracted when im angry or sad. When im mad at someone I set my distances, and im a bit paranoid about things. Im random,like not obnoxiously random just random enough to keep a conversation. I get really into whatever im doing, and im totally giving person. I can come off as a bitch at first but if yyou take your time to get to know me, im really giving.
    Preferred partner: William Beckett (like you couldn't comprehend, im the worlds worst bill beckett fangirl (while being the best, proven))
    Ryan Ross
    Alex Marshall
    Anything else I should know about you: I want to be a writer, and I want to get into the music business even though I can't sing or play any instruments. I love photography. I talk really fast sometimes and I don't handle compliments well.
    Why I should pick you: I think you should pick me for your story because, I don't know, I guess id be a fun addition. Plus, id really enjoy it.
  • Auditions!!!!!! CAB/FOB/PATD/TAI

    (#) blackparadegirl15 2009-07-12 01:40:19 PM

    need Girlfriends for:

    Sisky - Chicago-Kid/ Crystal
    Jeremy Davis
    Taylor York
    Travis McCoy
    Patrick Stump
    Andy Hurley
    Joe Trohman
    Ryan Ross
    Brendon Urie - xStabxMyxBackx/ Niki
    Spencer Smith
    Jon Walker


    Age (Between 18-29 to match the guys):21

    Hair color: black and Brown mixed

    Eye color:greenish gray

    Piercings/tattoos: she has double earrings, used to have a snake bite but got rid of it, hates needles but has a airbrushed tattoo that lies on her shoulder.

    Smoking/alcohol:No and yes loves to drink cocktails and margaritas

    Appearance:She is about 5'3 and petite, she has shoulder lenght brown and black mixed hair. She has pale skin. and greenish eyes. Heres a picture:

    -Down to earth. Tells you like it is. Very protective of her and her friends. has a mind that likes to go to the gutter alot. But other times she is the smart, witty, and sassy leader like figure.Also she can make anyone laugh even during the worst situations. Note to all no caffiene before bed because it will turn her into a hyper demon.
    -lollipops, chocalate, banging her head to awesome rock music, reading manga,converses, tattoos, drawing, her iphone, dancing, karate, writing poetry and lyrics, taking pictures, shopping for vintage clothes, paint ball, puppies, her mini laptop, strawberries and vintage guitars

    Preferred partner:
    Ryan Ross, Patrick Stump, Jon Walker, and Spencer Smith
    Anything else I should know about you: Cant stand people who are stuck in their own worlds, people who try to look better by making people feel bad about themselves, backstabbers,intolerant people and people who pretend to be someone they aren't

    Why I should pick you: cause I always wanted to be apart of a story and this seems like its going to be a awesome story.
  • Auditions!!!!!! CAB/FOB/PATD/TAI

    (#) SimpleEnoughxo 2009-07-12 01:54:24 PM


    Age (Between 18-29 to match the guys): i'm 14, but change it to whatever the heeck you want.

    Hair color:light brown.

    Eye color:hazel/gold. usually lined with dark brown eyeliner and mascara.

    Piercings/tattoos:just ears, sadly. i want a lip piercing desperately, but, you know how parents are.


    Appearance:i usually wear skinny jeans, and t-shirts, but i dress up once in a while. sometimes i just wear whatever's comfortable.

    Personality/Interests: awkward, random, perverted. i have alot of thoughts about life. i don't like to admit to anything. i sing and have talked about starting a band with some friends, but nothing yet. i play volleyball and tennis, and run track.

    Preferred partner:MIKE. GENTILE.

    Anything else I should know about you:i love bracelets, i can't live without my ipod, bunnies are amazing, and i'm very talkative.

    Why I should pick you:welll.. i've never beeen picked, and not many people would choose mike gentile as their "preferred partner", so i'd have that space filled up for ya. (:
  • Auditions!!!!!! CAB/FOB/PATD/TAI

    (#) xStabxMyxBackx 2009-07-14 04:58:19 PM

    OMGOMGOMG THANKS FOR PICKING MEEHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! i love bden!!! he's luscious lmao...xoxo yoyoyo

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